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  1. BlueberryJackal

    Island Swamp Cave solo

    Tame a Basilo. Go try to find some tusos. Kill the tusos. Get the substrate. Craft some gas masks. Go to the cave with some good ghillie armor and the gas masks. As a mount i would recommend a Bary or a Megatherium (havent tried it though), if you have some Cryopods. Take care when going to the cave. When I tried to do the cave the first time, the stupid Microraptors and Purlovias shredded half of my armor. The best way would be flying with an Argie over the woods, until you are above the entrance. Then just fly to the ground.
  2. BlueberryJackal

    Tek Dino Element Farm?

    I guess gathering element dust is the same as gathering meat, because its their inside, so a giga would be the best dino for farming dust. But I am not sure. It can be different.
  3. BlueberryJackal

    Need Guidance for underwater exploring

    Tame a Baryonyx. It can stun Megs and the Leedsichtys doesnt care about you. You can also use the Bary for caves.
  4. BlueberryJackal

    Need Guidance for underwater exploring

    They spawn around herbivore island, close to the surface. You can spot the easily, because of the mantas. But if you need oil, you can just kill them. They give a lot. But you need to be careful, as your creature can get encumbered very quickly.
  5. BlueberryJackal

    Unicorns, current rule.

    They spawn in SP. But its hard to find a single creature on the whole map.
  6. BlueberryJackal

    Need Guidance for underwater exploring

    If you just want oil, go to the northwest of the island in the snow biome. There are some oil rocks. But a Bary is a good mount for underwater exploring, as it can stun small to medium creatures. With this tail swing you can tame a basilo. When approaching a basilo, it is surrounded by mantas. With the stun attack from the Bary you can stun and kill all the mantas and tame a basilo safely. But when you feed it, blood is coming out of its mouth and thi could attract some creatures, like a Meg or other mantas. But as soon as you have a Basilo, you are safe from pretty much everything. You still get attacked, but you are safe to stuns and the tuso grab. And it also produces oil in its inventory.
  7. BlueberryJackal

    Argy mutations

    good to know then.
  8. BlueberryJackal

    Argy mutations

  9. BlueberryJackal

    Rex stats advised to take on A Giga

    Its not that easy for a noob whose best dino is a lvl 250 carno. Just saying. But i guess, i will fight one at some point.
  10. BlueberryJackal

    Rex stats advised to take on A Giga

    Fighting a giga is never a good idea.
  11. BlueberryJackal

    How to get Rex/Spinos/Drakes saddle BP?

    If you need some imformation for other BP like an Allo saddle or riot gear, you can look it up on https://ark.gamepedia.com/Beacon for normal loot drops, https://ark.gamepedia.com/Loot_Crates for cave loot crates, including some exceptions and https://ark.gamepedia.com/Deep_Sea_Loot_Crates for deep sea loot crates.
  12. BlueberryJackal

    Cant find therizinosaurus anywhere!

    In terms of the Alpha raptor, a high level Carno could easily kill it. Just do the Obi Wan tactic and find some high ground. When approaching the Alpha raptor, just do the head bash. With the knockback you can kill it without getting hit. But you have to find the perfect rhythm. So you might get hit some times, but if you have good HP and Stam, it would be an easy kill.
  13. What i forgot to mention. ARK is a game with many extinct or fantasy creatures and dinos. And since i was a little boy, dinosaurs fascinated me. I watched many movies from the "The Land before time" series. And many years later, with the addition of ARK and all its dinosaurs, dinosaurs fascinated me, again. Another hobby I had since i was little, was drawing. And with ARK, I started to "invent" new dinosaurs. First they werent that great, but i got better with the time and really enjoy drawing them. And with the "fake Theropods and another creatures" i got into contact with a girl from my new class and we became friends. Thanks WildCard, for making my life a little bit brighter.
  14. My best memories so far were, when I started ARK and i wanted to tame a Parasaur. It was a really low level, level 16 or something like that. And when i first tamed one, i was killed by a carno. And i knew, i would never get back to my Parasaur. So I respawned somewhere else and tamed a Dilo, a Moschops and a Parasaur. Which were killed again, by a Theri. So i respawned a second time on the west side of the island and i tamed a Parasaur, again, and again it was killed by a Dilo. The urge for the blue drop was too strong. But when i respawned a forth time, i found an Iguanodon Lvl 21, or something like that and it became my new favourite dino for ages. God, i miss Usain Bolt. Unfortunately he was a victim of unexpected console restart, like everything else i had tamed at that moment. My second best memory was when i wanted to tame one of the big guys and tried to tame a Yuty. After i died several times, i found a lv 46 Yuty. Although it killed me several times, i succeded. I still remember the stupid benny hill situation, when it started to run away. When it was finally down it fell into the water and I was pretty upset, because i thought it was going to drown, but luckily it survived. From that moment on, Fluffy and I were best buddies. But unfortunately, Fluffy, his girlfriend, Usain Bolt and all the other great dinos i had tamed, were a victim of the console restart. RIP Fluffy, Yutah, Mompfred (carno), Eddie the eagle (Argy), Usain Bolt, Rudolf (Deer), Harley Quinn (Raptor)
  15. BlueberryJackal


    On Dododex is a list with all the creatures that can be carried.