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  1. Is it just me or is the comment section the same, everytime Cedric or another WildCard staff post something? Big part of the community: *complains Staff member: *tries to make things better by announcing more events, content and QoL changes Big part of the community: *still complains
  2. guess its time to learn the golden rule of buying videogames: NO PREORDERS!
  3. Somebody should try to understand the community. One part wants more updates, another part wants less updates. Guess it will always be a mystery Anyways, merry christmas and have nice holidays.
  4. Yes, Barys, Thylas and Argys are also good at killing alphas, but you get the saddles later than the carno saddle. And I would rather stick to the carno than to a thyla, whose saddle is only 5 levels higher and is a little bit demanding to tame. And i think its not really worth the time and resources, unless I really need a Thyla. Equus, Iguanodons and Ptera may be better, because they can attack, but Equus and Iguanodons are slower unless you pump up their speed. Galli is faster, but you can also tame it very late, because you would kill it with arrows. And the Ptera also might be faster, but it has to stop every 20 seconds and regenerate stam. The Diplo can be easy prey, because of its size and the lack of attacking, and i have to agree with you at that point, because i havent thought of that, but bringing up the Mana, which is one of the most unbalanced creatures in the game, is not a very good argument. It can be the answer to everything. Why should you tame a Rex, if you can tame a Mana? Why should you tame Wyverns, when you can have a Mana? And thats the thing. The Mana is the weakest argument you can bring up in a conversation, because it is definition of unbalanced.
  5. The setting also affects wild dinos. So your dinos eat slower, but you have to wait longer with taming. I would rather let my tames starve to death.
  6. Am i the only one who is more interested in the upside down sloped walls than in the map and creatures?
  7. Maybe i am blind, but i couldnt find anything here or in the summer bash announcement post.
  8. As far as i know, its coming to the ARK Additions mod. But i am not sure. Dont blame me, if it isnt coming.
  9. A mantis is probably one of the most useful creatures. You can use them to harvest almost everything. Depending on the equipment, it serves several utility roles.
  10. I dont think a charging attack would work, because its neck muscels could absorb some impact energy, but the head would still get damaged. And the Carno was a fast (top speed 50-60 km/h, 30-35 mph) dino that was hunting small prey mostly. This means, that a future TLC of the Carno could be a boost of the movement speed a damage buff for everything smaller than a Dilo and more silent footsteps. Since it was good at hunting, make it the first dino to crouch to give the creatures around a smaller aggro range, but a slower movement speed. An animation and design rework would also be great.
  11. Im glad, you implemented the Fanart Friday. Its good to see some things made by the community, and it is good to see a post without all the hate and the aggressive people.
  12. One reworked creature per month. WC is not a very big company, the only have about 30 employees. Isnt one creature per month a bit too much?
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