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  1. It is shown in the image for the turtle.
  2. Am i the only one who is more interested in the upside down sloped walls than in the map and creatures?
  3. Because they are on sale. If you buy them without a discount it is cheaper to buy it with the season pass. And what if you only want Aberration? You can buy it for 10$, while you pay 64$ for the season pass, which includes DLCs, you might not like. That would be wasted money. Why pay more for things you dont even like, when you can just buy the one thing that is much cheaper.
  4. Beehives are a structure but can house a bee queen. Which means, the real question would be: "Is there a way to increase the creature spawning rates?" As far as I know, there isnt. But they are also a structure, so maybe increase them by adjusting the spawning radius. Resources or beacons dont spawn anymore, if there are structures nearby. But it also depends on the map itself.
  5. They probably have these nerfed growth rates, because of their utiliy and abilities. The Ravager has a pretty good damage output, good stamina, good weight and it can climb vines. With normal growth rates it would be a bit OP(?) The Mantis can be equipped with tools, as you mentioned above, and deals 120 damage with the secondary attack. Thats a lot. The Gigantopithecus also has a good damage with a high knockback and attack speed. And it can be equipped with hats, which means it can be equipped with 11 "saddles". And now imagine finding a MC Flak helmet or AC chitin helmet, and you have a tank with high damage output, that is tameable when you reach lvl30. Let that sink in a bit.
  6. You are confusing me a bit. What exactly are you talking about? That creatures like the mantis get less melee on top of the melee they had at the wild state, or that they actually lose melee, like the Giga. So like from 100% to 75% post tame?
  7. On the island are always 4 WILD megalos, but they are not like the titan. Once you are able to tame one, a new wild one spawns. But taming them on the island is not really the best place, because there are only 4 on the whole map. Taming them is much easier on Aberration or on The Center. The last time i tamed some was the Jungle Cave on the Center. Go to the cave entrance near the pond and build a trap around them during day. Then you can just shoot them. And you can find very easily high level ones on The Center.
  8. I actually like them more than Raptors, because they have less stamina, but it drains much slower. Other than that they also have a good damage with a decent attack speed. But taming them is a bit more difficult than taming a Raptor. Probably why alomst nobody tames them. I think they are a VERY underrated creature.
  9. Polar bears are the untameable cave variant of the normal bear. Stats are the same. But taming a normal bear is more useful, because it is tameable, compared to the polar variant.
  10. IF the multiverse theory is real, then there has to be a universe, where it isnt real, which would be a paradox. Except in the universe where it isnt a paradox. let that sink in for a minute.
  11. No. The wild titanosaur wins a 1v1 battle, but it is very close.
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