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  1. Gigant - a small nerf for wilds, a new model and possibly roar buff that makes smaller dinos run away Dodo - acts as an air conditioner to nearby small eggs Carno - new model and possible stun Therezino - definetly a new model
  2. I use parasaurs in sp to detect raptors by my base because raptors spawn all over next to it and I don't have gates yet, and I also use it to detect when my Ovis have given birth. They aren't just used in pvp you know, and we have other uses for them, you can't just get rid of them or make them manual.
  3. There could be a mechanic like in Minecraft on servers, where it says "(player) is sleeping in a bed, all players be in a bed to skip to dawn"
  4. Come on Wildcard, its July* and there's still no release date for console. I really want to play Valguero and with deinonychus!
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