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  1. Fine then i was just asking for some help but whatever sorry for being salty but im 100% serious i just want to play ark with my friend and i fixed my mistake i was obviously wrong
  2. It was my own mistake. The xbox that she had was black (black controllers aswell), so i mistook it for an xbox 360. There, happy?
  3. Hey, I'd like to join but i don't have discord..
  4. Since then she's gotten an xbox one and installed ark, and it's still doing the same thing
  5. Almost a month and nothing? Well she'd gotten a new xbox one and hooked it up, everything was working just fine for a few hours. She randomly got disconnected with a message saying "Timed out" and now she's having the same problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. A pig or an owl with alot of meat will do just fine, the only thing the milk is needed for is imprint which if you're lucky milk might not be needed for.
  7. Help my friend please! Okay, so, i rented a Nitrado server on valguero for just me and my friend to play on, and all was good. We played for almost a month (the second payment isn't due yet) until one day she tried getting onto ark and the server list said "No Sessions Found!" for every filter and sort she put. No servers would show up at all including official servers. She tried unplugging her router and restarting her xbox numerous times which all failed. She then tried uninstalling Ark and reinstalling it, which still didn't help. When i try to invite her to my game it just says "this session no longer exists" or something like that, but i can get on the server and play just fine. She has an xbox 360 (i know) if that helps.
  8. Yeah they're breedable. Can't mutate em' though
  9. That white and red look really good together, and those stats are good to, youre pretty lucky
  10. Lure it with a corpse. There's a problem with their hitboxes where they can't harvest corpses and will just stand there trying to harvest it forever. Just make sure you're on the higher ground, preferably on a cliff where it can't get you, incase it does aggro. Highly unlikely if you stay your distance tho
  11. That is a nice reaper, what event is that from? Winter wonderland?
  12. I was flying on a ptero in the val wyvern trench (the underground portion thats super hot), already a big mistake, and ran out of stamina. You know what happened next. The most painful thing about it was that there were no wyverns in the cave. Another time i spawned in on a server on rag and the first creature i saw was a unicorn. It was like level 82 or something and so i decided i would 100% be taming that (being an experienced player) but with only mejos, since at the time there were allo packs next to all the carrot spawns. That tame took me an hour and a half and i couldn't look away for more than 3 seconds. But alas, i finally tamed a unicorn. I was going to run it to the obelisk to transfer to my home server, which, to my misfortune, went in a downward spiral. First, a purlovia jumped out at me, which aggro'd some carnos. I died, so i attempted to make my way back, only to run into a giga, then tried once again, and as soon as i came back, 3 terror f*****s killed it. Now, i have 3 unicorns ive all tamed myself and transferred. All of which are male. The unicorn i tamed then was female. I still hate myself for that.
  13. That would be cool, im also looking forward to the spooky decorations and maybe a comeback of zombie wyverns and such
  14. Halloween Event Any idea if the Halloween Event is coming back this year? I know they talked about it on the stream releasing info on valguero, and that they did want to do it again, but do you really think they'll get up to it?
  15. Chat box disabling Is there a way to disable or have the chat not show up on an unofficial server? Thanks
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