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  1. My Suggestion for the new map Fjordur By MonstersHunters Since the theme for the next map is based in Scandinavia and Nordic Mythology. I decided to pick the species Minomancalla, which is an ancient relative to the now extinct Great Auk that once flourished in Norway, the Faroe Islands, Great Britian and Ireland. Unlike the penguins found in the most southern continent of Antarctica, Auks flourish in the North of Eurasia and the Northern Atlantic where they evolved to fill the niches of penguins (unlike penguins, Auks can fly and swim). However, humans have had a massive effe
  2. I do agree that we need new and apex creatures for any future DLC's for Ark and for current maps such as the Island, Scorched Earth, Extinction and the Center. My first comment to your suggestion would be that the Cave bear or Ursus spelaeus could have been in Ark if it wasn't for the Arctodus species the Dire Bear, however. The cave bear could be added as a larger and bulkier species that opposes the Dire Bear and make for a new and great addition to any of Ark's current or future maps. Allodesmus would be a great addition to Ark Survival Evolved as there currently aren't any seals or se
  3. Common Name: Elephant Bird Species: Aepyornis praegrandis =(Great in Latin) = the Great Elephant Bird in Latin) Time: Early Pleistocene-Holocene Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Territorial Tameable: Yes Rideable: Yes Breedable: Yes Torpidity Immune: No Taming Method: Passive Preferred Kibble: Superior Kibble Preferred Food: Citronal Equipment: "Aepyornis Saddle” (Level 56) Rider Weaponry: Yes Humans Can Carry: No Wild: Being the largest avian to ever live and
  4. Common Name: Deinogalerix Species: Dineogalerix megaloiko = (megalo + iko (the ending of Predator in Ancient Greek) = Large Predator in Greek) Time: Late Miocene Diet: Omnivore Temperament: Territorial Tameable: Yes Rideable: Yes Breedable: Yes Torpidity Immune: No Taming Method: Violent Preferred Kibble: Regular Kibble Preferred Food: Raw Mutton Equipment: "Deinogalerix Saddle (Level 40) Rider Weaponry: No Humans Can Carry: No This suggestion is from my team's ideas,
  5. A shoulder mount amphibian, now that's something new! Just as a positive suggestion, maybe the Acanthostega could have a secondary role similar to the otter when it comes to hunting in aquatic environments as Acanthostega was actually primarily piscivorous and fed on small armoured fish. Maybe as another new ability for this unique creature, the Acanthostega could have it's own behaviour setting (that can be adjusted by the player) when it comes to gathering food. See Acanthostega actually was the first terrestrial creature to learn to grab prey with its teeth (this method is known as
  6. If the next Creature Submission Event is focused towards a more aquatic-based map, then Tylosaurus would be a great idea and would work perfectly. Great ideas you suggested. Here are just some of my team's suggestions for more concepts and ideas behind this creature. Technically the Tylosaurus should be a little bit larger than the Mosasaurus, as Tylosaurus bernardi is the largest species of Mosasaurid, but the subspecies found on the Ark should follow this concept of being one of most dangerous marine reptiles in the Cretaceous Period. The Tylosaurus would definitely be more
  7. I've seen the how the Deinosuchus has been implemented and used within the Ark Additions Mod, and has become a symbol and icon for the modpack, but Purussaurus is a great alternative. Purussaurus is the second largest crocodilian species and was about 2/3rds larger than the Sarcosuchus (the largest prehistoric crocodile species (the fifth largest crocodile species - Sarcosuchus)). Due to the size and shape of it's skull, Purussaurus could easily swallow smaller creatures whole such as capybaras, turtles and young Toxodon, however. Due to palaeontologist's own knowledge and speculation of the s
  8. Common Name: Websteroprion Species: Websteroprion serratiusium (serratius = Serrated in Latin + ium the Ending of Teeth in Latin) Time: Devonian Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Aggressive Tameable: Yes Rideable: Yes Breedable: No Torpidity Immune: Yes Taming Method: Passive Preferred Kibble: Superior Kibble Preferred Food: Raw Mutton Equipment: Level 64 (Webster Saddle) Rider Weaponry: No Humans Can Carry: No Wild: Scurrying through the sand and sediment on the Ocean floo
  9. It would be interesting if we got both a TLC and another creature vote as new designs (models) and special abilities towards specific animals are what I would like to see from either or both of these events. Also I have found more than 20 creatures that could have been added to Ark Survival Evolved in its expansion packs, so I really don't care if we get a TLC update for specific creatures such as the Kentrosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Carnotaurus, Araneo, Diplodocus, Giga, Quetz or Bronto, or some how get a new creature like Carcharodontosaurus, Arctodus, Onchopristis, Georgiacetus, Yanchungos
  10. Common Name: Titanotylopus (The Giant Camel) Species: Titanotylopus monosius (mónosi = Insulation in Greek) Time: Late Miocene - Pleistocene Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Reactive and Loyal Tameable: Yes Rideable: Yes Breedable: Yes Torpidity Immune: No Taming Method: Violent (or as an idea, the Camel could be the second creature in Ark that can be tamed both passively and violently) Preferred Kibble: Regular Kibble Preferred Food: Fresh Wheat (Primitive Plus) Equipment: "Camel Saddle (Level 35) R
  11. This concept has a lot of information and presents another species of Bat that is both appearance wise and behaviourally different than the already in game, Onychonycteris. This hybrid species of Vulcanops has a lot of potential towards a future DLC and could easily become a new and memorable species for Ark Survival Evolved (and the face of a future DLC). Also it has plenty of advantages and enough disadvantages for this species to be an iconic and uniquely aggressive, hematophagy bat species. Also the disadvantages that you described allow this species to not be overpowering (towards the sad
  12. I enjoy the idea for a Short Faced Bear species in Ark and just like many other creatures, Arctotherium has a lot of potential. It could present a new threat or mindset towards players on PVE and PVP servers and could present new solutions or methods towards resource gathering, protection, insulation or etc. Arctotherium could maybe even have a new type of taming process, different temperament and could be drastically different from that of the Dire Bear (in appearance and in abilities). I'm bring up the Dire Bear as an idea that could be applied to Arctotherium is similar to the concept behin
  13. The ocean's throughout Ark Survival Evolved are some what plain and simple, and aren't as vibrant or breath taking as the terrestrial environments (because of this, some fans have been suggesting for a complete Ocean-based DLC). I agree that we need a DLC creature that some how affects the Aquatic ecosystems and biomes of the Arks (or a specific expansion pack), or some how induces Thalassophobia, makes the Ocean habitats both harder or easier for certain players, and totally advance underwater capabilities on PVE and PVP servers. Also as other ideas for an aquatic species for a DLC (s).
  14. Found on the Crystal Isles, Basilisk's are large serpents who flourish on the Aberration, Genesis Part 1 and 2 and Crystal Isles Expansion Packs/Maps, and the only way to tame them is through passively feeding them either Magmasaur, Voidwyrm and/or Rock Drake Eggs. However, on the Crystal Isles (Free DLC Expansion Map) there are no Voidwyrms, Rock Drakes or Magmasaurs, this alone makes it where players have to either upload the eggs from other servers that have the other three Expansion Maps, or having to use cheat commands to obtain these eggs, or "forcetame" a basilisk. Just as a s
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