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  1. as having experience with tamed gigas up close, it depends what u have acess to. i use rockets al pumps. grenades and other explosives are alos good. i tend to grapple to something and have him caome after me, i then inflict him with fire arrows and start fireing the pump at him, after bout. i use pumps as they can also harm a rider, i use metal arrows after some pump rounds are put in, when he is low on health i use rockets or grenades to do mass damage
  2. i doubt it will have same mechanics as titan, i mean it u build on this guy u gonna lose it also, if he is in the water that makes him more dangerous. if u have your tames on their they dead meat
  3. srry guys, my friend changed the serer to private a while ago, i forgot about this thread, the server is now only for friends in our little circle.
  4. Kodking194

    TLC pass 3

    i watched a vid recently showing a cool carno TLC, so here is what the carno should have .ram attack (not for the horns but because carno's skulls were heavily built and supposed to be hard) . raptors dont head on attack them but rather run away, will run up an nip carnos in the rear, this of course would work to some extent with tamed raptors, all depending on carnos lvl and raptors lvl (if carno is higher lvl than raptor it is more likely to cowar and flee . a sort of ego buff would be cool, where it gains a melee and defence buff for a short amount of time i dont know how many times i have said this but i feel like it should be added since they have made grappling and wall climbing a thing. spider should have these abilities . can deploy a webbed grapple hook -can attach to large creatures and attack them . can do a blood sucking attack that slowly heals the spider or if bloud packs are in it inventory it refills them with the blood, also by attcking webbed creatures they also gain a small healing buff . can deploy a zipline that only allies can use, enemies that mount onto the zipline are stuck for a short amount of time, then they drop off of it . can climb up walls and on ceilings, can also drop from above with a web line also a cool way to make the spiders more diverse is u have to find a female spider and kill it, then it will have have an egg in its inventory, u hatch the egg and raise the spider inside by feeding it blood packs or dead corpses. either that or to tame it u have to knock it out or passive tame it by feeding it blood packs. it will give the blood packs a use. also make it a bit bigger in size. i like the idea of a giant ridable spider, and it has been arks oldest and most underatted tames, simply cause it has no use, i mean who even knew the spider was tamable aside form oOG ark players
  5. dude u dont have to beat the bosses to be a great addittion to a tribe, just find a group of friends to play with and play with them, u will learn the ropes, i got good by playin with friends, honestly i do better with others.
  6. point is people will spam these things with turrets and have fleets of them around the map
  7. oh trust me if u have read the what did u do today on ark thread u will see me and my friends are good at pvp, we have our own server but we like to find public servers to join to interect with others, this seems like good pvp server to join.
  8. hey i will be getting a better internet soon along with PSN, is their room for another tribe of possibly bout 3-5, bty we like to breed and build, we like to make community markets at our base, we sell tames and other stuff we dont use or people ask for. i am a breeder aswell as builder. i have done pvp and love the sound of this server, also is it only rag and valg, if so do dlc creatures spawn on the maps?
  9. honestly i like the turtle, but i can see a bit of a problem, people spamming these things in the oceans with turrets on them, so they kill any and all rafts and other sea mounts, i knwo turrets cant work under water but they can certainly shoot into the water and if u have their range set to high it can be impossible to go in ocean
  10. what? how does that work, they are passive flee creatures
  11. from my large experience with deinos and how they work (i even made thread on how they work it can be possible, keep in mind they cant make nests in any other places aside from white cliffs
  12. so i lost internet on the weekend meaning could not update, so here are two updates, went over to riley's, we hung out screwed around like teenage boys do, we prank called a few people and got onto ark, we log on and hornet joins us, my friend springosaurus joined us, he is a real good pvp player, anyway he tamed a bunch of pegos, pavlovas, mircocraptors, basicly anything that pill piss of raiders, i tame some velanos that are hangin close by the white cliffs, (basically on the beach) and breed them up, guess who i find making a pen right where the main deino spawn is, swarm, he plans on hording the deinos for him self, i say screw that, and tear through his pen with my carno friend i tamed, he was building with wood so he aint the sharpest tool in the shed. i said our tribe will be building a community pen once we have the resources to do so, anyway the pen is totally legit way to farm the eggs, i have a step by step instruction on my discord server, anyway he runs off, i know this was a rude thing to do but i followed him to his base, he was in the redwoods with layers apon layers of spiuke walls covering him, he even had pilaar thing with ceilings covered in spike walls so flying into his base was hard. i returned back and told the tribe what his base was like. i said should we try to raid him, we voted to leave him be, but if he decides to try and raid us we wont hold back, i went jellyfish farming, came back with 1000+ bio toxin, riley had been grindin to lvl and was able to make tranqs, he mass crafted us the shock darts and we decided it was time to get some tamin goin. i went to find some battle mounts. riley wanted to tame some owls and other exticntion creatures to breed and spring just continued to tame pvp related tames. i found a max lvl rex on the cliffs (where i found the but tons of them before, and once again my luck has struck, i was piling on the rexes, after a few hours of killin them off and leaving and all the borin crap i had come with 4 174s and managed to tame 7 180s before i ran out of mutton. i gotta tell riley to lower down spawn rates. i got back and started breedin the ones with best stats, left the other 6 duds for disposal use. while they were breeding up i started cnstrction on the community market, i had all the stuff ready and waiting to be used to build when text on the screen came up saying riley has been killed by swarm. i ask riley what happened, he said he was riding back on his new thyla he tamed when he just randomly died, i figured swarm had head sniped riley, i rush over to see swarm slowly tryin to kill the thyla with a metal pike, i insta kill him with aerodactyle, riley grabs his thyla and we rush back to base, the tribe assembled in the meeting room and we disscussed about swarm, riley and i wanted to raid him, while hornet said no, spring said we should wait to see it he reacts any further, so we continue with our chores, it is bout 8PM for riley and i, as we bout to watch godzilla on his tv i am poison naded and killed, then all my babies die and guess who it was? swarm, i was real ticked and called everyone into chat, now we are gonna raid him, so we start preperations and ready for war, honesly i though we had over prepped but once wait till u hear bout the raid, so it was now bout 1AM in morning and i was so beat, but i was worried swarm woud raid us again if we all left, so i was relying on tea and sugar, we were ready and waiting on riley to finish crafting our remaining weapons, we had a small portion or grenades and a layout of weapons. we charged to his base dragging our swarm of tames behind us, we had nothin too strong aside from 2 rexes i had brought, we mounted on the high ground above his base, he had all metal now and turrets along with metal spikes, we guessed he had found a rare structure drop, they were hard to find drops that contained butt tons of loot and supplies for bases, i threw down some nades and blew a small hole in his base, i managed to widen it enough for a gas bag to come in handy. i mount on caterpie and we slowly float in tanking the bullets as we go, he dies just as we get onto the hole, i rsh to his main building and set it with C4, swarm runs out and asks us to stop, i say u should not have killed all my babies, then i blow up his base. i run in and destroy the gen and walk out and give the all clear, riley drops in to be killed by the turrets, he had a second one somewhere, i see swarm respawning, i shoty him and continue lookin, a few mins pass and i am suddenly being attacked by dilos. swarm had whistled them on me, using my pump shoty i blow their brains out then kill him, i found the gen and destroy is, now the turrets arre offline, we drop in the rest of our raid tame sand tear his base to the ground. aftr that riley and i were so tired we passes out while still playing ark, hornet said he and spring heard us snoring into the mics.
  13. honestly i like the look of the map, and i would love to play it but honestly knowing wildcard, it will be a half done job and in their minds another money grab, i am all fine with making new ways to get money, but at least make them worth while to pay for, also in about 2 months after the release of the first part it will be abandoned by wildcard, then when second part comes out it too will eventually be abondoned, i am not being negative, i am just sayin it is wildcard here, and we all knwo what they are like. anyway i love the sea lookin thing, although honestly i can see people having them filled with turrets and scattered around the ocean, also love the jerboa lookin thing. alot of people were saying it has hands for knee caps, obvs it has four arms and two are just above the legs, also does anyone thing the jeboa looking thing could have like a special ability were it rages and turns into the werewolf thing. love the fire titan thing, "i am gonna call it a titan for reasons". anyway i will be suprised if wildcard actually change their act and this is the first step of it.
  14. i logged on yesterday afternoon over at rileys to find our base all gone and we were dead, turns out swarm was not happy with me, turns out he alseeo tried to raid hornet as well, so anyway we respawn and run bvack to our base, i find blue knocked out asleep, he mustn't have been here too long ago, we wajke her up with stims and look around, he left me my 4 good pteras long with the one i plan on using for the time being, he killed all of hornets tames accept for his cool stego he tamed when we were building the other day, he riley was online aswell in the room across from me, he came to our base and tribed up with us, we decided it was war with swarm, we moved what we had left onto u huge raft build hornet had made after o logged off, he even had a ballistic turret on each corner. we moved to the chalk cliffs and made our way up to the base location, if not for rileys trike we would be dead from deinos. we made it too the new location and guess who had gotten there, swarm had spammed the place with pillars (wooden), we spent at around 1 and a half braking the pillars, we established a base and surrounded ourselves in spiked walls, i set the pteras to breed while i take my dud ptera to go get deino eggs, 180 straight off the batch, next was 168, 174, 162, 180, 156, 174, 180 etc etc etc. after an hour of just killing the low lvls and harming the eggs i had so many that even i was weighed down, i hatched the eggs and saved the good ones, all of them were 180s so that is good, i left the rest to act as spares for other uses, i raised them up and then bred out the good stats and got my self a pair of twins that will breed for mutations, i bred hatched three eggs from them and gave riley and hornet one each. we went out to test them and guess who wee find trying to find eggs, swarm, he was on a parasaur trying to fight some deinos, we stood and watched as his parasaur was killed, we finished off the deinos and surrounded swarm, i tranqed him and we dragged him back to bases, we made a cluster of cages so he cant get out by glitching, and since food and water drain suuuuuuuper slow on the cluster he will be there for days, we logged off with the pteras on aggro near the cages, if he does try to escape he wont get far.
  15. ok so my friend has returned and he has decided to make his server private now, after an incident i dont wanna get into, so he has destroyed all bases who's tribe was no longer on, the space is 20 for what we call of little gamers club. anyway he added a second val map but as a pvp map, so i decided to get on their first, the rules are u can tribe but only maximum of 3, so i am goin alone for now as i dont want to have to share my resources and lvling with other (allows me to progress faster). i spawn on the beaches, keep in mind riley is on the xbox in the room across from me playin aswell. i spawn on beach and quickly lvl to 15, i make a spear and hunt some dodos, make hide a bow arrows and a few other things, i find a raptor half stuck in a rock, i bola him and knock him out, a 174 female, i kill a low lvl stego for prime, tame it up and saddle her up, she also had blue so obs i am calling her blue, we harvest up the turtles and organic poly and head on our way, an hour later and we have made a nice little house on the beach that extends over onto the water, i built a raft bay on the small extension, i found a nice looking 156 stego, i made some tranqs and knocked it out, tamed it up, and saddled it, made a saddle and collected some berries, made 500+ narcs. i found an alpha raptor on the beach and figured there are some good lvls. i bolad it and surrounded it in stone, i just kept hittin it with arrows till it died. u get ele dust and bio toxin from alphas, depending on lvl affects how much for some reason, anyway it was a 174, got 300+ bio toxin, i stored it in a preserving bin, i dont want to get a good flier till i need one, how ever i made a raft and went over to near the white cliffs where the youtuber syntac had his bas eon valguero, he is right, there are so many high lvl pteras there, i got bout 13 max lvls from just an hour there of killing them and leaving and re-entering, i named the ones with best stats, i used on which surprisingly had and of the second best stats, so he would supply me for now till i want to breed them. i returned to my base to find swarm raiding it, for those who live under a rock swarm is one of my friends who plays on the server. anyway he has grenades and is attacking my base, i sick my ptera swarm on him and tear him apart, i start working on a taming pen when i am killed by a rex, it takes five mins for me to spawn due to a timer thing, by the time i spawn it has killed the stego and torn down my base along with the raft, blue killed it as she was about to die, i feed her to heal, a make a small wood base on the raft and get the essentials back. i decided living on a raft will be better for now, swarm also looted my stuff when the whole rex attack was happening, i think he dragged it down to me to raid my base, well played my good sir, anyway i went further into the river to protect myself, i am making flak when the boat is being attacked, i look to find a leeds attacking me, the raft brakes and blue is plungged in, a min later we are bein devoured by sharks, we manage to kill them and i collect allt he stuff, i whistled onto my pteras so they followed, i was now completely homeless, i figured i should just stick to the road till i get to my desired location, after an hour of misery i get to the location to find hornet there and has built a base, he has a deino rasing up and a ptera, i go up to him and ask him what he was doing, he said he was building our base, we tribbed up and built our base, we plan to later go tame utility creatures. also we had riley try to raid us with a hord of pteras, they broke the ceilling but died to my swarm.
  16. yeah, i just deal with it alot of the time, only just the other day i was out tamin some argents to breed for stats, i killed everything in the radius, i knew everything was dead as i had my owls with me and i was using heat vision, i make the trap, knock out the first perfect tame argent, it had better melee and health that what i have, like seriously good melee, anyway i give him mutton, i afk for one min, one freakin min to go empty the sack (if ya know what i mean, and come back to seeing the owl being chomped by a freakin giga, now keep in mind i was on a high area where a giga can not just shimmy up and get u, also i know for a fact that i would have seen a huge giga, anyway rip articuno, i decide to run and drag the giga away, he does not want me and goes straight for the bird, so i say srew you and drag out my rocket launcher, i blow him in the but and he still wont come for me, he has killed the bird and now wants me, i jump and glide off the edge.
  17. what is the deal with the count down, ideas and suggestions so this count down, does anyone have any ideas as to what it could be, i have not solid good ideas so i want to hear u guys. i feel as though it will be either over hyped and then just turn out to be plain and boring, or it could be a decent update yet knowing wildcard will be half hearted, but give me ideas as to what will happen when the timer runs out, will another timer appear, will the forums go down, willl a purge event happen, will ark undergo a major needed reboot/ revamp, fixing everything wrong with it, will they add another map to suck out our cash, will they add new creatures, what could it be?, all ideas are welcome.
  18. here are a few ideas i would love to see in ark new weapons: i hate player combat on ark as it is so clunky and rough, also the weapon variety is so small, there are so many weapons in real life to allow in ark, .mini-gun: does not reload rather keeps going till it brakes or over heats, that being said these things break faster than other guns. they can be used for crowd control and dealing with heavy weight solutions, .battering ram: used by players to bash down doorways and walls. these are a one time use and deal massive damage to walls and doorways and gateways along with doors . tranq rifle: this thing specializes in taming, does more torpor damage than real damage making it highly effective it taming . new attatchments aswell like: .smoke thrower: can be attached to some weapons, deploys smoke that can allow for stealth . burst fire attatchments for the assult rifle and fab pistol, allows for burst fire shots i made a huge thread on tlc ideas for ark and people loved some of the ideas araneo: can deploy a grapple hook or zip-line web thread, can climb walls. gains a healing buff when attacks a webbed foe pteranodon: make it bigger and more intimidating, can pick up hostiles and drop them ankylosaurus: make it bigger, can cripple or brake bones when done a swing attack with its club, or do torpor damage, a saddle with a forge on it turtle: can retract into shell and harvest bio-toxin efficiently carno: can use a charging attack that can cause a stun or crippled attack
  19. oh srry my bad discord: Kodking194 or kodking194 (cant remember if k is caps) .or message me on here my friend has gone on holiday and for some reason turned it private for now, so only i and a few friends are allowed to play. he will be back by the end of the week and them he will unlock it again, i hope this does not disappoint u @Creepin6xdeath
  20. i figured he like pokemon by the images on his profile that he seems to change every month or so
  21. i dont have an xbox personally @M4cex, i am at my friends place frequently playing on his second xbox
  22. new cluster server, friendly communtiy and great settings a week ago my friend made a cluster server for xbox, being he does not have an account on here and does not want an account he asked me to make the advertisement on here for him server settings XP: 3-5x (varies depending on events and weekends) harvest rate: 3-5x (varies depending on events and weekends) food and water consumption is slow health: +50 per boot stam: +50 per boot oxygen: crazy high weight: +1000 per boot meleee: +25 per boot speed: +50 per boot players max lvl is 120 dino max lvl is 180 (on events 300) breeding is fast (we like to breed on the server) RULES . no spamming pillars . only build what u need unless u have permission from admins . it is set to pvp for reasons, but we do not allow random pvp, if a player has a red transmitter in there base they can not be raided . we love our community and help in any way we can . no griefing of trolling of any kind . help out others when possible . we hold events and other cool projects for our community to join in on . 90% of the time an event will be active on the server, at the end of evey two week we hold a vote to change the event for different colours . tek auto unlocks along with other engrams . beacons have good loot in, cave drops can give element and other rare resources. .killing a giga or titan gives u 100 element. .element only costs 100 dust to make . my base is a local community centre, where u can trade and do all that, there is a community center located somewhere that is under construction . we refrain from using commands unless needed eg. prizes and so forth . disrespect our rules and u will be thrown in jail for a period of time, gain three strikes and we wipe your base and auction your dinos, get five strikes and we permo kick u if u want more info just ping me on here and ask the question, to join the server either message me on here or friend me on discord, we suggest having a discord server as we like to talk there when not on the server. we are australian but my friend has fiddled with stuff to make it great for other countries like america, canada and so on, we preffer english player but welcome a diverse communtiy as that is what we aussies are known for. so come on in and hang out with us.
  23. so i am now able to post, i have done alot on val, i bred out my deinos some more to get some better mutations. i now have a pack with 10 melee, 17 health, 16 stam and 10 weight. they are so op that we killed the giga that greiffed the server for quite a bit, i decided i want to move to something else, i wanted a nice pair of rexes to breed, i went to chalk cliffs and the area flooded with argents, holy shiz 180 male first up, next up came a 174 female, then a 180 female, 180, 180, 174, 180, 174, 174. i had so many high lvl rexes i was wondering what was spawning them all, i was killing low levels and going back and forth. anyway i return back and combine all the stats into a pair of twins. i breed them for mutations and on the first egg i get wonderful bright red along with a health mut. on the 5th egg i got a cyan stripe, along with a melee mut, on my 13th. by 100 eggs i had all the colours i needed along with a few rexes with colour mutations that landed on unusable areas. so now i have just over 10 mutation stacked onto these guys. i also tamed and went to collect the argents we tamed on our way to the aberrant cave. i plan on breeding them next i plan on making the legandary kanto trio from pokemon, if anyone knows what i mean by that, moltress, articuno and zapdos, along with lugia and ho-oh as side additions, also @chris282 r u going to make the dilo avengers or the dilo league, i think that would be a good idea since u like dilos so much
  24. i use traps, not for the easy way of knocking them out but to prevent them from being killed. u cant say that new players can not use traps, if they desire to use traps let them use traps. again u cant call them usless for playing differently from u when u started off. so shut up and leave them alone
  25. what does the brood-mother give u on valg. it would give alot of xp wouldn't it?
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