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  1. helped some dudes do a dragon fight. they were using bred rexes with full muts. as we entered one of them was called to go have dinner. as we fough this dudes afk body is standing their. so i rush over to cover him. i am on my red and cyan thyla. i saved him and threw some ghillie on him to reduce aggro range. did not really work. he arrived to see the dragon kicking their a**. i am riley were sitting in the back. we were like the back up. if thye fail then we go in their and finish it off. just as they were to die the afk dude throws out a freakin giga, the others also use cryo pods aswell. i did not even know that was possible. all of a sudden their is a giga, mana, velano and two bronts fighting the dragon, i decided to grab some food. i just sit there on my thyla watching as they kick a**. as they seem like they win the dragon glithes into the tames, stopping them from attacks while it is breathing on them. the minnions killed the dudes leaving their tames on passive. i said srew this. i threw out rexy and went and finished it off. while my friend whistles the dinos out. in the end it went well. i am doin cave runs right now collecting artifacts with my otters, winston and buzel (pokemon). i am holding a gun game event tomorrow. i am building a giant cube like structure. inside r artifacts. depending on the artifacts affects your scores. but there is a twist. u start off with a bow. you gotta weapons to kill the others with. if you get a kill you are allowed to recieve the next tier of weapons, a cross bow and so on. you get a stack of ammo and acs cloth armour for lols. we got the entire server joining us. i will be holding multiple rounds. the reward for the winning team is a hand full of artifacts and a mating pair of either rexes, megatheriums, theriz or rhinos. all for boss battle.
  2. go to the most recent crunch and you will learn there
  3. quite true my friend. a perfectly viable way to protect your base is to have spike walls set around your base with small sentry posts in certain ares allowing for you to scout out and snipe any alphas or other things trying to attack you.
  4. what the hell wildcard. so rag get wyverns and all that but val cant. also if you r so concerned about people getting paid dlc content from free dlc's why did you add SE creatures to rag then. heres an idea. make a poll asking us what we want, after all we are the ones who buy and play the game. not you.
  5. nice job @Cymas, i to am doing a syntac aswell. i am doing his cluster series pretty much going to different servers. i am on rag right now on singal player. just tamed myself a nice little 150 ptera to use as a lure for my permenant bird cage. i am located on the plautue above the beaver dam, across from the castle iond above the area where u will find bronts, rexes and other nasty things. i have a trike, raptor, parasaur, stego, carno, icthyornis, pego, compy, dimorph, ptera and a lvl 10 griffin. tamed for colours. i mass tamed a horde for protection. i keep having bat swarms aggro all the way from the castle. i scared to go by with my ptera incase i get swarmed. i really need plant X's. my parasuar is the radar. i said screw grinding for tools. i went to viking bay and swam down and got myself the tools. went and killed a lvl 60 tek rex with camobird (ptera) and went into ice cave to get a few early drops. i now got an asc rifle and an asc shoty. both not OP but nothing to sneeze at either. i foiund a max lvl basilo in the bay. gonna mutton tame it and go for toxin soon. so far so good. i plan on moving to highlands to set up a base there soon, but their is a lvl 145 giga on the shores, a lvl 140 near wyvern area where i wanna build, and a lvl 150 (max lvl) near the red woods side. i gotta tame all of them as i got nothing to kill them with. i snuck into the cravas and got a lvl 180 egg. is that max lvl bty for max dino lvl 150. i not sure. anyway i sicked the giga on the wyverns and alpha wyvern. that thing chewd them in a matter of mins. i now have the egg in preserving bin. i am making the stuff needed to hatch it, it is a poison one bty. honestly i may have those gigas tamed by the end of the month at my pace. i am heading off to my friedns to hang out with him again. we are gonna help out some dudes on the server we done the raid on.
  6. honestly i dont care whether we got bug fixes or new content, all i want to do now is play val
  7. just wanting to know, will this map be constantly updated or have the same fate as rag and the center? hope it does not have the same fate as them.
  8. thx u soooo much wildcard. i have been dying for a new map. and why would you keep consoles for later, PC can already use this map. also love that new dino is breedable and ridable. also will crystal isles come to ark?
  9. really, i swear at one point they were able to be bola. might have been a while ago. i do remember when they first came out we bola them and kill the for XP, might be because to many people were killing them, anyway they need a few cool new abilities. like maybe they can call their own kind to fight for them. that would be cool
  10. i freakin killed i giga on foot today. so since our tribe lead the fight to kill the alphas, we have been made the alpha admin tribe, meaning we handle disputes and fights and other problems, a dude only in flak caame to us on a terra saying he needed help with giga that was closing in on his base. i went over there on my thyla to scout out i saw nothing, then out of nowhere it started attacking me. so i run away and come back on foot, it was too far to go back and get a thyla and i was not going to risk my thyla, so i take out my shoty and start pelting it with shells. after bout 100 possibly more i killed it, the beach bob had dissapeared. i was flying back home when a tribe on owls approached me saying that i had killed their giga. i said i dealt with a giga that was terrorizing a noob. they said that noob onpurposly wanted it dead cause they did not recruit him to their tribe. i apoligised and went to find the beach bob. i found him punching sheep. i went down and talked to him. he adi that yes he tricked me into killing their giga cause he wanter revenge. i kncocked him out and put him in the, he has o stay their for a week. i know it dounds harsh but on our server gigas go fo a high price. and that giga was max lvl. anyway i tamed some raptors and bred out blue (from jurrasic world). we went and lvled then i logged off. my friend was busy on somehting so he could not play and none of my Friends were online. i am going on this afternoon to help a tribe through the caves on each map, the i am going to help that tribe find another giga, honestly in these times i fell like i only play online to help others, i barley do my own thing now. ah well i like helping
  11. i would just make a spike walls around my base, while having stone watch towers in the corners, if i saw am]n alpha i would bow shoot them. remember you can bola the raptors, carnos and rexes are rare for me. raptors are my problem. once i get a rifle or some kind of firearm i always go alpha hunting. i do think they need an update, but to make more of them and make them cooler.
  12. holy crap did i have a great weekend. so we were preeping for the king titan, taming the titans killing them all that good stuff. we had the entire server pitching in. so we summoned the king titan to fight it and holy crap, it looks bigger in game then when ya watch a vid. anyway we form M.O.M and decided to use only meks and titans, we had our a*** handed to us, 2nd try, we used tames, we had a squad of gigas, an army of rexes and brontos along with a swarm of owls and argents (about 100) we sent them all in with a few mighty hit the gigas raged, we called the bronts and rexes out and left the gigas, after they died we sent them back in to finish it off. when all of them were dead we sent in out 30 man mek army led by M.O.M and holy damn. they were all acs meks and we got hammered hard, only M.O.M made it out alive, we sent in the titans, we managed to kill it with only the desert and ice titan along with M.O.M remianing. we had about 50 odd people. now we are goin to be doing a special event where we summon multiple bosses in to fight at once. i know it sounds like cheating but we managed to get the admin to aallow us to do so for the entire server.
  13. g-portal r pretty cheap, and some youtubers have a link in their channel that give you discounts, and what i like about them is say u get over conan, u can swithc the server to an ark server or pixark server,
  14. o know G-portal or what ever its name is is trying to work something out on xbox
  15. seriously, so what is this about a big announcement that will apear at E3 for ark. i cant watch E3 so i dont know what going on
  16. seriously i swear u people dont even play the game
  17. @Cymasmake a small cage out of 3-4 dino gates. palce them so just enough space to fit an argent, make each gap small enough for the bird to not get or glitch out but big enough for you to get out, plalce a gate on each side, just lead hi in one side and close the gate, wala, and it is easy to make, can be done with wood and stone aswell. and since you have a bird u can test it to see if it will work. i learnt this off of syntac, so much easier than those ibg cages and just running on foot
  18. hehehe lol. with structures like thatch and metal it is hard to find a door in to dark, honestly the sun in ark can sometimes be brighter than our sun, no kiddin either.
  19. o love the night time, but on console it can be a pain in the a**. i usually just love to sit on a cliff with my basic kibble and and watch the night sky, i wish there was shooting stars though, that would be cool
  20. they actually have quite big differences. one is mor efeather and realistic and dinosaur looking.
  21. he said that way we would not need to worry about its torpor. what i dont get is if he wanted to tame it why did he go off instead of going to knock it out. anyway gigabyte did come in handy in the raid, he ended up raging and killing alot of enemies. we used the gigas first so they would rage and do more damage to the enimies. pretty nift till someone lead one on an owl up to us
  22. well, riley first of all tried trapping it in stone, and made the trap right next to base. he said it had been a long time since he had used let alone tame a giga
  23. we are planning on doin the king titan later tonight. we are havign the entire server join us. if anyone want to join in u can send me a message. but yeah, we are doing a challenge of no tames, only meks, titans and weapons. if we fail we will use tames
  24. i am a pro at ark, and i just dont like ignorance, it usually ends up with me needing to fix something. and btw when i said i strangled Riley, i more grabed him by the shirt and shook him. i am pretty chill, but i take things like raids seriously. i am like the friend that always has to clean up my friends messes because they cant think ahead. @SnowboundGem. riley to went nuts at his brother, he even actually shook him back and forth. as for the giga scenario i had a pretty good reason, i was tired and riley was not even thinkng before he acted. i could make a book about all the times riley has messed up in ark. he means well, he just dont think alot.
  25. no, is that on mobile, no offence but the graphics look so rough it looks like it is on mobile, also damn good base.
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