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Community Crunch 304: Community Corner and More!


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Welcome to another edition of the Community Crunch!

This week we'll take a look at some community highlights, including the introduction to #ARKADIA2  from the Spanish-speaking ARK community!

In the coming weeks, we'll be sharing more visuals and information about Andrewsarchus, Fjordhawk, and Desmodus leading up to the Fjordur rollout!




There will be no EVO event this week.




Creator: Nexxuz World

It's the return of one of the most-watched ARK series, ARKADIA! Some of the biggest Spanish-speaking ARK creators join together with a custom ARK experience to create an amazing series for the ARK community!


The Gigantopithecus Village by MayaPatch


Raptor by DeadlyKittyy


Untitled by GIOLEGENDS#4940


Freedom by JackyTheMoo


Managarmr by WhiteSkally


Winter Wyvern by syyylvia#5541


Hunted by the Queen by Muku








See you next week!
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This is simply hilarious!

"Welcome to another Community Crunch. Soon we will tell you about some things. No Evo. Bye"


Sooo..... no info? At all? Nothing about the transfers being opened? It's been 2 months (Dec 14th + 2 months = Feb 14th) and as 2 months is now the time period servers remain closed for after their release people are expecting to see them open. 


Honestly, the continuation of this farcical "weekly info update" is now nothing more than:
"Hey, here is yet more stuff people have done that we have had absolutely nothing to do with but will use to pad out the complete nothing it has taken us a whole week to not do".

The fact that someone really does get paid actual money to avoid doing anything other than repost fan-art is genuinely shocking.

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OMG, all there's here is:

"Blablabla 3x is too few, why not 50x, do it every week, oh why not everyday"

"Oh god why transfers are not open, it's already been 2 months, even if the transfer only open at 3 months, why aren't they open why why why"

Geez guys, get a life.

On the community crunch sidenote, we need more informations yes, but even putting the patch notes in a part of it would already feel like we are not "stopped in time", just to feel that the team is working on something. That is my suggestion. We know a lot of things happen in the background, we just need to feel that too.

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woohoo NO EVO -.-

& no information about whats going on atm................

fudging hell..... WC really keeps up their "we dont care about the playerbase atall" attitude!  why is it so hard to just give us 2x weekends?!

i guess, if you got the same initials as a water closet, you need to behave like it -.-

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Guys.. guys... GUYS!!! Remember this: WildCard is only focused most for ARK 2 than the original Ark... we gonnna be left aside when  ARK 2 will be released... so start getting the acceptation about been dumped. I started to enjoy very much playing Singleplayer often than  Oficial... i just got ot reset stuff and to fed dinos. Official Servers are screwed since a long time ago... at least in Singleplayer you dont have Server Save neither struggle with Dupers, no Gacha towers even in Gen 2, and so on... Also... a lot of free space in every whole maps just for u. Singleplayer, you best choice. :)

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Numero uno…guys how many times has it been said that transfers don’t usually open until 3 months. Not 2.  Don’t even think about transfers opening for lost island until AT LEAST middle of March, and they might not even be opened until the Easter event ( wouldn’t put it past ‘em).

Wildcard, what in the world are ya doing?  Is your goal to piss everyone off??  Because you’re excelling at it right now!  You keep this up there won’t be anyone to play Ark 2, or even finish out Ark 1 for that matter.  We all get that there’s gonna be some light crunches but wow guys.  Not even so much as an acknowledgment of ANYTHING in the Ark world good, bad or indifferent.  Over the past year (yeah a pandemic is still ongoing) the crunches have been more light, if anything at all, compared to previous years.  Ark 2 is being developed and it’s coming, we understand that, but don’t forget about the mess you got in front of you for the next 10months, year or 2 years (the latter is what it should be).  Why not do your best to send Ark 1 out with a bang, even though a lot of us will probably still be playing it after the sequel drops.  I’m just hopeful that there’s some sort of great information overload that y’all are holding back and everything makes sense in the end.  I mean there isn’t even enough in the crunch for YouTubers to talk about in a video!  It’s kinda sad more than anything.

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1 hour ago, CosmicSkeleton said:

Sparse though the CC may be at times it's comforting to know that there's always a healthy dose of salt from entitled players screaming for more boosted rates rather than just leaving official to look forward to in these threads.

I agree about the rates, I don’t even care about the rates that much anymore.  Gen 2 servers are just barely slightly stable without boosted rates, and I use that term loosely.  I care more about the stability of servers and the QOL aspect.  Boosted rates don’t mean squat if the servers can’t stay up and running.

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Would be nice if some expectations were set on the Ark 2 progress, the rest.. meh, it's the same old same old, but having some information would be grand.   Unofficial server information would be nice to have, maybe a sneak peek of progress,  preemptive announcement of the Ark 2 delays would even be welcome. :P


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