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  1. At least WC is remaining consistently inconsistent. I admire that
  2. Ok so I didn't have the 007 of death message however I did have a similar that someone else here had. I transferred from Extinction, to Crystal Isles, to the Island, all within about an 8 minute time period. When I got to the Island, I selected a bed to spawn on and I got stuck on the "Downloading Survivor" message for about two minutes. I tried to relog and download survivor. Nothing. I back tracked to Crystal Isles, same thing, wanted me to create a new character and nothing had shown up in the "Download Survivor" data. I then went back to our extinction server, same thing at first, wa
  3. I'm not angry that they did this, I understand why. But not giving the players a 15 minute warning to go home or cryo their babies is a low blow to your community.
  4. Here I was, debating if the season pass was going to be worth it. I appreciate the feedback WC and will be looking forward to playing Iceborne and Borderlands 3. Cheers
  5. Can you guys maybe look into a way of making taming wild creatures on official pve a little easier? I know flyer carry is disabled and for good reason. But with the ever increasing amount of pillars being built around my map it's making it harder and harder to build a small, temporary, trap to safely tame a creature. I've been entertaining the idea of being able to cryo a creature once it's unconscious, however, people would still abuse that method. Maybe adjust the wild creatures in a way that if they were to wake up(after being knocked out, cryo'd, then un-cryo'd) they'd be set to passiv
  6. Forgive me if this comes off as a little whiny but this is my first time on Ark during the Easter event and I don't quite get it. We collect and paint eggs? That'd be cool and all if I were still like 7 and playing Minecraft. The costumes/bunny ears aren't very enticing either. I thought this was a survival game, not a costume simulator. Give us 3x breeding so those who lost their tames during rollbacks/glitches can rebuild and so I can help new players out.
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