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  1. Preserving Salts Can someone please fix this already? Still can't put preserving salts in preserving bin or troughs. I'm playing on official pve servers on Ps4
  2. I use the tek helmets night vision. Night time is never an issue
  3. So far I've ran the cave with both Baryonyx and frogs. The baryonyx makes quick work of everything along with making you a harder target to hit for the arthros. The frog however, I've level two wild tamed 145s. One male and one female. Equipped them with an ascendant 101 armor saddle. Their health was around 4500 and melee was around 320. It took much longer to clear, even with taking two in for the mate boost. I had to stop a few times to force feed them to heal. They encumber much quicker than the bary. I took three sets of scuba/ghillie and an asc shotgun to try to shoot the arthros. I broke all sets of gear and died. Spawned at my sleeping bag outside the cave alongside my baryonyx with a spare set of gear on it. The frogs would probably be better off if I were to breed them and get the imprint. But I think I'll just stick to the baryonyx method for now. With frogs you'll go through more ammo and gear. Baryonyx is probably more efficient.
  4. Or gas if its an industrial cooker. I made that mistake before
  5. Level 10 necro poster here ^. We don't need a three page essay on how to tame a hyaenodon. trap it, eat a cactus broth, pet, profit.
  6. And from what I've gathered from some of the feedback here is that everyone seems ok with spamming pillars. Even their own moderator said it's not against the rules when it clearly states it is in their code of conduct.
  7. This is misleading. Prior to making this post I was sure to re-read their code of conduct. If I misunderstood anything please correct me. > Structure Spamming - placing structures down such as pipes or wires for the purpose of disrupting others gameplay is against our code of conduct. Directly quoted from their official rules here https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/code-of-conduct/ Excessively spamming structures is in fact against the rules. The grey area lies in whether or not it disrupts the gameplay of others. If the only place for me to build is beginner spawn beaches because everything else is pillared off then yes, that's disrupting not just my gameplay but any newcomers who may potentially make this server their home. I'll submit my ticket to support and let a GM dictate whether or not these people are disrupting our gameplay.
  8. I've been insided, cheated, lied to, offlined a dozen times, meshed and foundation wiped twice. Heck there was even this one chick in my tribe who wanted to meet me irl, when I turned her down I logged in to an empty cryofridge. Now I just fool around out of a 4x4 with only a wild tamed argy, anky, and a few pteras. It's all you really need to be honest. I hop back and forth between pvp and pve so I can experience the other side when I get bored with the current game. You don't need tek turrets or gigas. You can do way more damage with a grappling hook, a good shield, and some c4
  9. 2000 hours is only 83 days, now that may have been accumulated over the course of 5-6 months, but this isn't a d**k measuring contest of who's played the most. Not to mention 83 days of play time doesn't mean you're more credible than someone with only 1000 hours of play time. If you've truly played for 2000 hours then how about offering some constructive advice to us peasants on the topic at hand, otherwise go derail other topics. Ty And no! Pipping someone elses base was never an option for me. Seems like a waste of time and materials. I can get a lot more done when I'm getting along with everyone on my server instead of trying to kite them or piping their base and fighting....on a pve server nonetheless but that's a different topic. I don't really want to see people get dev wiped for something they could have easily prevented. Can a dev wipe a structure of a certain type? Can they delete only pillars? Or would it just be a total structure wipe and their entire bases would just error 404?
  10. On an official pve server, to what extent would someone have to go, in terms of claiming property, before you would report them? I'm ok if someone pillars around their base a little or if they put pillars in areas where beaver damns may spawn or where the oil nodes spawn. But currently my server has two guys who probably take up about 40% of the map between the two. Ive been trying to move more north on my map and eventually build a water pen for my mosas and tusos however they literally have every beach pillared. Any section that isnt pillared is taken up by another tribe. My only option is to find a spot under water with vacuum chambers. I've asked both guys if they could remove some pillars for me, idk why, I knew they were going to say no but I was willing to try to work with them. I dont think the one guy speaks english because it took him forever to respond and all he said was "ty". The other one wants me to give him 50k metal ingots for a spot. I offered to trade some dinos, gigas, wyverns, a pheonix and reaper but he said no. So I'm curious what you guys think I should do. Should I suck it up and build underwater(which may not be good for basilos depending on how deep I want to build) or should I actually report this and remain persistent until they do something about it?
  11. Thank you for the easy explanation. I'm sure mutations are a lot easier to understand once you do it a few times. It's like one of those things that seems difficult to understand at first, when you don't know anything about it. But once you learn how it works it's probably so simple you kick yourself in the butt for not being able to figure it out on your own. I used to breed a lot in pokemon. Was all about IVs in pokemon and finding the right ones to breed with and blah blah blah. I thought I'd be able to grasp how the muts work in Ark, seems like a similar concept. The biggest thing that threw me off and confused me is how the mutation counter explodes and sometimes I see like 1932847573/20 and I'm like "what the ****?". I once thought that the higher that number gets the stronger the dino so I went into sp once and tested it with theris. I saw that each time I'd inbreed a new generation of theris that mutation number would multiply by 2 each time but the stats were staying the same. Sometimes I'd see a different color here and there but the stats were barely changing. Since then I quit messing around with breeding until I learned more and then this thread happened and now I think it's time for more testing. Thank you
  12. I appreciate all this info however I'm still confused here. I need it dumbed down a bit without all the math and numbers. Lets say I have a bunch of argys. One male and four females for example. I want to mutate the weight stat. All my argys are the same level. All have 0/20. All have similar weight stat. I breed a bunch, pop a few hundred eggs. BOOM! I get 1/20 on a male baby that has slightly higher weight than the babies with 0/20. So it now shows 1/20 on paternal side, meaning it was the fathers mutation. Baby grows up. Baby is now ready to pass the stat on for more muts. How do I do that? Do I breed the 1/20 paternal male with 0/20 paternal females or do I need 1/20, weight stat, paternal females?
  13. Can you guys maybe look into a way of making taming wild creatures on official pve a little easier? I know flyer carry is disabled and for good reason. But with the ever increasing amount of pillars being built around my map it's making it harder and harder to build a small, temporary, trap to safely tame a creature. I've been entertaining the idea of being able to cryo a creature once it's unconscious, however, people would still abuse that method. Maybe adjust the wild creatures in a way that if they were to wake up(after being knocked out, cryo'd, then un-cryo'd) they'd be set to passive wild animal to prevent people from knocking out a wild giga and letting it loose inside someones base. It wouldn't make it a tame per say but more like a "Claimed Tame". idk just an idea. people in this game are irresponsible and will somehow find a way to grief and ruin it for everyone. One of my favorite tames is the Tusoteuthis but it's entirely useless on official pve due to not being able to carry wild dinos. Unofficial would be a good route to go if I really wanted to play with flyer carry enabled but it kinda kills the game for me when all the rates are jacked up.
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