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  1. No evo + a really dry cc. Sprinkle a little more disappointment on top with no news on the vday event, gen 2, and the fear that WC is going to stop caring about their first game after gen 2 is released to focus all attention on Ark 2 and their animated series and you may have one less customer. But who cares! I like the gasbag art though
  2. I like raptor claus. Provides me with some good entertainment. I generally avoid getting the packages for one because I already have good bps and two I'd rather not fight with the people on my server. The server that provides the most entertainment is ab. People think the drops give rock drake bps. Afaik, it doesnt. I also remember people blocking off the entrances to the surface a few years ago lol
  3. I was going to write something similar to this earlier but erased it. I dont like when game companies use big names like Keanu Reeves or Vin Oil to hype up their games. At first, when I saw Vin with the tattoos and the tribal attire I thought it might have been some sort of god of war spinoff or something with the hand to hand combat with whatever that thing was, an ogre? An orc? Idk but it was weird. Then I saw the rex and thought...please tell me this like a new Turok or something, please dont be ark. But nope. The trailer was pretty much "urrrrr look we got vin diesel to
  4. Come back later and we can discuss how that's a better idea than whatever it is they already have planned. It's nothing but hype
  5. Let us transfer element. Not dust, but element. Anything outside of that is meh.
  6. I've tried everything. Pillar inside foundation, that didnt work so I put a ceiling on top of the pillar. Still didnt work. Then I tried snapping multiple foundations together. Doesn't work. Now I'm forced to build a proper water pen and add structures to our official map and create more lag. I've searched the web for theories and answers but I cannot get those little water chompers to stop spawning. Theres a few other theories I wanted to try like baryonyx on aggressive inside a leash, maybe some otters or a few sarcos but I kind of gave up
  7. At least WC is remaining consistently inconsistent. I admire that
  8. Ok so I didn't have the 007 of death message however I did have a similar that someone else here had. I transferred from Extinction, to Crystal Isles, to the Island, all within about an 8 minute time period. When I got to the Island, I selected a bed to spawn on and I got stuck on the "Downloading Survivor" message for about two minutes. I tried to relog and download survivor. Nothing. I back tracked to Crystal Isles, same thing, wanted me to create a new character and nothing had shown up in the "Download Survivor" data. I then went back to our extinction server, same thing at first, wa
  9. Can you guys maybe look into a way of making taming wild creatures on official pve a little easier? I know flyer carry is disabled and for good reason. But with the ever increasing amount of pillars being built around my map it's making it harder and harder to build a small, temporary, trap to safely tame a creature. I've been entertaining the idea of being able to cryo a creature once it's unconscious, however, people would still abuse that method. Maybe adjust the wild creatures in a way that if they were to wake up(after being knocked out, cryo'd, then un-cryo'd) they'd be set to passiv
  10. Forgive me if this comes off as a little whiny but this is my first time on Ark during the Easter event and I don't quite get it. We collect and paint eggs? That'd be cool and all if I were still like 7 and playing Minecraft. The costumes/bunny ears aren't very enticing either. I thought this was a survival game, not a costume simulator. Give us 3x breeding so those who lost their tames during rollbacks/glitches can rebuild and so I can help new players out.
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