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  1. The reasons not to purchase ark 2 just keep piling up each and every week apparently none of the teams play ark official anymore and it definitely shows
  2. Personally believe the the Current lead team of devs are horrendous be it the lack of evo events and the current state of ark 1, I am quite certain that nobody in WC plays official console servers weather it be PvP or PvE and it shows you multitudes of servers plagued by duper’s pvp is almost impossible to play with out running into cheaters with aim bots and etc. What it shows me and should be a huge concern to everyone else is that they do not care about ark 1 nor will they care about ark 2 period. Don’t buy it with the current staff building this game it will be a huge mess just look at their track record
  3. All I see is a huge fix that will probably create havoc and break the game even worse than it is now and I also see no evo event yet again I can honestly say it is a huge disappointment. I can honestly say that I believe the devs has stopped caring about ark and the people that play it
  4. Well you guys just love putting the screws to us a short event only 3x instead of 4 and now no evo smh you do know this a old game most games this age have events each and every weekend. What happened did the person who does the evo quit? I don’t blame them
  5. Wow a very disappointing event coming up with the lack of evo events you would think it would be 2 weeks long what a joke
  6. I am very happy for the kids and the amount raised but I am very disappointed with ark as a whole 1 the ended the event early and most Gen 2 servers have been and continues to be nearly unplayable, many of us were expecting fixes on the QOL update but only got nerfs. I and many others wonder if Ark 2 is going to be worthy of purchasing, I say no as you see on Gen 2 which is a dlc you purchase they have done nothing to rectify the situation
  7. No evo event you’ve got to be kidding me, who’s the ultra tightwad in charge does it hurt their little finger and can’t press the little button that is #2 wow how incredibly lame
  8. I think it’s ridiculous that there isn’t a bloody breeding event again really just remember this when you want us to buy ark 2 I know I will
  9. I think it’s ridiculous that there isn’t a bloody breeding event again really DILO
  10. Why aren’t we getting breeding events it is the absolute least you can do to marginally make up for the horrendous Gen 2 servers that WE PAID FOR!!!
  11. Wondering if it is 2x maturation as well
  12. I’m wondering why I have to see these kiters on the trading sites and why hasn’t Wildcard permanently banned these players
  13. I would love to see maybe 4 breeding events a year but it will never happen besides if they had a breeding event you wouldn’t have a 2x taming
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