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  1. (Official PVE, Valguero) Unpodded wyverns and the drake. Hatched a wyvern from last time, put that with the rest to raise. Toxic Rage (carcharo) is grown up now, put a saddle on him. Too bad I can't properly match saddle's colors to his, since no coloring is exactly right, and carcha saddles have that scratched, old look to them, always a bit less bright than you'd expect, and with bits of saddle's natural color peeking through. Logged off and on to (Official PVE, Fjordur) to get venom for the drake, but no nodes. So he's not eating today. Since I logged onto Fjordur anyway, fed dinos. (Official PVE, Valguero) Podded drake. Bred wyverns, rexes, gigas and carchas. Rex stays as carcha bait, wrong stats again. One carcha stays, Sandstorm's son, melee inherited. It's just 20, but it's my best, so of course it stays. One wyvern stays, and the drake! Drake stays! He's perfect. All the right colors. Took Toxic Rage and went hunting. Killed an alpha rex, 2 alpha raptors, an alpha carno, and a ton of non-alpha things, too. Returned home, podded wyverns and that's all for today.
  2. (Official PVE, Valguero) Unpodded wyverns and drake. Imprinted carcha. Podded previous ones I raised, since I'm not doing anything with them. Bred wyverns, drakes, rexes, gigas and carchars, one wyvern stays because good, rex stays as carcha bait, one carcha stays because I think he's all the colors I want, everything else cracked. Went to check spawns, nothing on Weather Top, 135 giga in the snow, got lagged hard while flying low near the loot cave, first thing I heard upon starting to stop lagging were sounds of a carchar biting. It was biting my wyvern. For once it's a good thing that the carchar was low-level (only 25) - didn't do much damage at all, so I flew away fine as soon as I was able to. Uploaded a 298% crossbow, three stacks of tranq arrows, 20+ nets and a harpoon launcher. (Official PVE, Crystal Isles) downloaded the stuff. Found a wyvern as low as there was - 25. Netted, tranqed, harvested, killed. Not hard, as it turns out. Uploaded crystals. (Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded crystals, fed wyverns. Fed gachas for a while, most went into generators, as always. Podded drake. Force-fed the older wyvern remaining crystal and podded wyverns, too. That's all for today (unless later I remember to log back on to give carchar his last imprint). ... Imprinted carchar and now that's absolutely all for today.
  3. Couldn't get them into pre-existing ones (they spawn too far), and though I can look up how to build a proper amarga trap, one that people claim works 100%, my experience with one was that getting the amarga inside is pretty much impossible. Also, there's still their damn pickiness about what prey even works. Having to hope that a carnivore happens nearby is, like, 50% of why amarga taming is so bad. So there's getting the stupid long lizard into the trap, getting a carnivore near, hurting the carnivore, NOT KILLING the carnivore... So, yeah. I'm giving up on amargas. Not worth it.
  4. (Official PVE, Valguero) Checked on the carchar (growing fine, doesn't need a trough refill. Imprinted him and named him Toxic Rage). Uploaded a saddled podded owl, and more kibble and soups. (Official PVE, Lost Island) Downloaded the stuff. Went to try for amarga again. First i found was yesterday's 45, still alive (guess nobody rendered the zone in. Can't see any other way for an amarga to live that long). Tried to tame. The owl allowed me to keep her alive until 8%, then wolves happened. Couldn't fight them off with the owl (I'd hit amarga. HARD), couldn't shoot them really either (I'm not exactly what you could call a sharpshooter). Then tried another, level 90. Things were fine, then a high-level daeodon happened. Too tough for me to kill, even if I healed the amarga as much as possible. Two others - didn't even get to sync, only watched them die. Tried my luck near the volcano. Level 100 male - got him to over 20% Things were FINE! I got to feed him two whole times! Ran out of things to kill, went to a lone thorny dragon stuck on a rock in the water, fell in water, used my sino to get out, hard lag because turns out there was a MASSIVE base just a few meters away and it chose to start loading it. So I uncontrollably flew out of taming range. Dammit. But while sino-parachuting back to the ground I saw an even better one! A 130 female! Got her to 2.9%, there was nothing left to kill, every single creature around either a herbivore, or some tiny piece of that I couldn't shoot either without hitting amarga, or at all. So I gave up, went home, and that's it. No more amargas. Carchars do the "hunt with it to tame it" thing so much better! With carchars it's like "okay, tiny bald monkey. I'll work for you for a bit, if it's more fun than running alone - I'll stick with you", which is nice and reasonable. Amarga taming makes me question who is taming who, exactly? Because damn lizard clearly wants to be in charge. And the lizard in question is an idiot, which is bad. Between me and the dino I'm taming there should be only one idiot, and that place is taken. ... (Official PVE, Fjordur) Fed dinos and decided that it's enough for today.
  5. Hmmm. That might work. When choosing creatures for use on sidebases I always end up disregarding snowls despite several of them always being in my sight thanks to my gachas. Guess I might give amargas another try - with an owl this time.
  6. (Official PVE, Lost Island) Fed dinos. (Official PVE, Valguero) Older carchars adult, younger doing fine. Imprinted him. Bred blood wyverns, one egg stays. Decided to give amargas another try, so made soups, a good pistol, bullets, uploaded that +some kibble, a few empty cryopods and podded bat that's better than one already on LI (for elixirs). (Official PVE, Lost Island) Downloaded all that, went to try and get amagras. in the desert. 150 female! Got killed by a thyla right before my eyes like an idiot. 50 male! Also got himself killed. Nobody taught him not to bite arthros. And they were the only ones near the traps (and yes, parts or tools for building my own were the only damn thing I forgot). 50, 50 and 50 - two killed, got third 50 (a female) 5% tamed thanks to a stuck yuty, but then yuty's carno pack finished her off. 45 - abandoned her after running out of stuff to hunt. Only 2% and she was nearly dead anyway. Once again decided that amargas aren't for me (I'm all about murderlizards anyway. They're more like suicidelizards), returned home, threw out remaining soups, ate kibble since I can't send it back anyway and i don't need it on LI for anything else, and that's all for today.
  7. (Official PVE, Valguero) Carchars nearly adult. Unpodded blood wyvern for a bit of raising. Hatched drake and carchar. Not sure about drake, stays for now but still might kill him later. Carcha's definitely good, though. Mut's Cyan on body made a wonderful combination with inherited Black Sands on back and WyvernBlue on stripes and webbing. Filled a maewing and put the carcha with it. Left drake out for a bit of raising. Bred blood wyverns and drakes, nothing worth keeping. FINALLY remembered to move the new sino breeder female to the others. Podded one of the older ones. Checked spawns, nothing, nothing and nothing. Hunted, topped up tek troughs - carcha should be fine with mae until juvenile, so he stays out. Podded drake and wyvern and that's all for today.
  8. Why wouldn't I hate them? I don't like their looks. I tested them in singleplayer, and guess what? I don't like their abilities either. And the few times I happened to be near one on official while it was being used, I got lagged to hell and back whenever it harvested things, so they're disgusting lag machines.
  9. No. I don't have Genesis. And I hate tek stryders.
  10. (Official PVE, Crystal Isles) Decided to try and get better blood wyverns. So. First I found was level 90. Female. Tamed without trouble, uploaded. Then after some time saw a 130. Male, which is great. Started taming. Things were fine-fine-fine, he steered clear of cliffs and the base with plants. Then he flew into the wall of a big metal base and threw me off by doing so. And I couldn't enable parachute in time, so I died. Respawned on a sleeping bag, took my second tropical, got back... Almost. A disconnect happened. Died. Respawned on another sleeping bag, took tropeo (good thing I had both second wyvern AND tropeo left there form last taming!), went back, got my stuff, mounted a wyvern, went back to the one I was taming, got onto his back, fed some more, he threw me off. And in my attempts to get back to him I got my wyvern stuck between the cliff and the railing. Managed to get close enough to spyglass-whistle my other wyvern, one that was left hovering from first death, went back to the blood wyv I was taming... Well, now I know how the taming drop happens. You know, that thing when progress goes down faster than you can feed it. Looks like it's caused by the wyvern getting too hungry and deciding that it'd rather not join the player who clearly doesn't care enough to keep it fed. Well, I suppose it's better and more believable than the sino approach to the issue of overly large pause between taming feedings, which is basically "guess I'll starve to death". So I waited for taming to drop all the way to zero, and his food got back to full. I started taming him again, got to about 70%, got thrown off on a cliff, got back to him, and finished tame. And the other wyvern got unstuck at some point during that, so that's good, too. Uploaded him. Returned home. (Official PVE, Valguero) Checked on the carchars, looks like they'll do just fine with no refills. Downloaded wyverns. Bred the new male to the yesterday's female, since she was ready already. Bred drakes and carchars, too. And it's a mut day! One of the carcha eggs, drake egg and wyvern egg are all mut, wyvern's double! Carcha and drake staying just because I want to see if they'll look any good, the wyvern is definitely for raising, though. Got the good melee (36 points) and good stam with one of the muts on it. Colors not too bad, either - white fins and WyvernPurple0 highlights, with inherited black on body. Would be actually good if it wasn't for Light Red belly. Bred rexes, just the pair. Egg isn't any good. Hatched the one form last time and podded for carcha bait. Fed gachas, most ele went into gens. Hatched wyvern, yep, looking good. Podded for later. And that's all for today.
  11. Yep, it was max, but that doesn't matter since those points didn't go anywhere good.
  12. (Official PVE, Valguero) Checked on the carchars, doing fine. Moved remaining meat form maewing to the trough. Checked spawns, nothing, nothing and nothing. Decided to get soem blood wyverns for use as disposables, since they're the easiest to heal back up if they get hurt, so after returning home off Valg I logged and on to (Official PVE, Crystal Isles). Harvested some crystals, lowered resolution because there's That One Base near blood wyvern spawns, a real FPS killer, and to a wyvern hunt I went. So I find a wyv, it's 50-ish level, male. Not great, but I'll take what I can. I tame that, upload. Second one, about same, male too. Tamed, uploaded. And then there's Her. A 140 female. So I start taming. But as I was waiting for her second feeding, she headed towards a small, low-tech base... And now defensive plants are on my list of things that are Awful and I Want Them Gone. Yep, she was killed by them. And I fell and died because I forgot parachutes. So I respawned, went back, got my loot bag. Spotted another female, 55. Started taming. Dear readers, can you guess where the damn thing went? Eyup, another wyvern not tamed, another trip back for my bag. Third time's the charm! Parachutes. Sleeping bags. Another 55. Tamed! Phew! For once a wyvern smart enough not to fly to the deadly base of death. Uploaded. Returned home. Fed dinos. (Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded wyverns. And that's all for now. ... Topped up tek troughs for the carchars, took the worse of two male blood wyverns for a bit of a hunt to shape him into something somewhat usable. So far I got him to a bit over 1000 stam which is... Not good. Checked spawns while I was at it, nothing. Returned home and that's all for today.
  13. (Official PVE, Valguero) Checked spawns, nothing. Took Furious on a hunt, got him a few levels. Even went to the wyvern trench and killed wyverns there! Easy. Also, thanks to all the tek dinos I've encountered, I returned from my hunt with a bit over 600 shards. Returned home, filled a maewing with meat, unpodded three baby carchars. Hatched carcha bait rexes and podded them. Hatched drake, turns out I was mistaken about color regions AGAIN. Killed. Bred carchars, this time using Furious, because I want one with his colors for most part, and Wendigo's webbing color (since she has blue webbing, and Furious is gray with blue spots/stripes and red spikes, and his greenish-yellow webbing clashes with that). No success. Checked spawns again, found a 130 male giga. Left that alone. Aside from that - nothing interesting. Bred rexes (only the pair. Still trying to get that new health onto a male), nnnope. For now that's all, will check on baby carchars later. ... Carchars doing fine, 7% grown already. Restacked meat in the maewing and did a meatrun to fill the tek troughs. Checked spawns again, no carchars. Weather Top had a level 20 giga. Went back home, grabbed a saddled giga (As always, not one I'm attached to, but merely one of the females. In case things go wrong), returned, killed the wildie. Bleed worked for real this time, but that didn't save it - my giga was only down to about half health in the time it took to kill the wild one. And that's eighth heart for my collection. Pity I didn't have a taxidermy tool on me, though - it was a fairly pretty giga. Orange, rather bright, but not unpleasantly so. Returned home, put the giga back in her place. Checked spawns again, nothing, returned home and that's all for today.
  14. (Official PVE, Extinction) Fed dinos, uploaded some dust left over form the last time. (Official PVE, Lost Island) Fed dinos. (Official PVE, Crystal Isles) Fed dinos. (Official PVE, Valguero) Fed dinos, bred gigas, rexes, carchars and drakes. Rexes staying for carcha bait, drake stays because he's good, rest cracked. Downloaded dust, made it into element, some went into gens, rest into vault. That's all for today. Couldn't do much because by the time I decided to play ARK my Wi-Fi connection became dreadfully unstable. Like "don't use a sino, you might end up flying up, up, up uncontrollably and falling to your death" kind of unstable.
  15. (Official PVE, Fjordur) Fed dinos. Took hazard suit and bat, went to Asgard for a drake egg. Found a 190! Uploaded, returned home, put the hazard suit away. (Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded the egg, checked the egg, ate the egg. Same melee as what I have, worse health, stam not better than what I have by enough points to bother raising it. Filled a maewing with meat, hatched carchars from the last time and put them with the mae. Went to check spawns... A 145 female carcha! Back, ammo, baby rexes, elixir, to the carcha again. With lots of killing and an elixir got her to 98%, then she raged. Bit me once, but I got away and... Well. The fact that she bit me and didn't hurt me much (I mean, I'm in good armor. But it was a full rage carcha!) should have raised my suspicion, but I was too excited about my first good level carcha. So, another rex baby, fed, mounted, killed a few things, tamed, died (THANKS, naming prompt! Preventing me from using my sino in time is JUST what I need!). Respawned, took bat, went to get my carchar and stuff, got disconnected half way to it. Reconnected, alive, fortunately, and my bat low enough to whistle. Got stuff, got carchar (named Sandstorm). She has 120% melee. That's 20 points. Just 1 point better than best I had before her. And her highest stat is stam, 40 in it. Brought her home anyway, a female carchar is good to have, but taming that level and getting that melee feels like a waste of time and resources anyway. Checked on the babies, they're doing well. Fed gachas a lot, most went into gens. Podded baby carchars and that's all for today.
  16. (Official PVE, Lost Island) Fed dinos. (Official PVE, Crystal Isles) Fed dinos, saw a tropeo right outside, but it was level 15, so killed. (Official, PVE, Extinction) Took part of the dust, uploaded. Then another part, then another, then gathered some. Hit the uploaded item limit, I actually have a bit more left. (Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded dust and made it into element. Eighth stack finished, ninth started! Checked spawns, Weather Top had a 135 female giga. Left her alone. I don't need her, and even if I could (I'm really not sure I could), I'm not nasty enough to kill something like that. Someone's probably been looking for such a good level forever. The snow spawn had a carchar, but it was level 20. left that alone, too, but for a different reason. I just don't feel like bothering with it. Took Furious on a hunt, all the way to Tundra. Killed lots of stuff, even a few alpha dinos. Got him a few levels. Killed some turkeys, too. Returned home, took Abaddon, hunted turkeys some more. Nearly 200 bones by now! I want to try and save for Dodorex. Bred carchars, 2 eggs staying - one male, one female, both 19 melee. And that's all for now. ... More turkey hunting. Got 400 bones, made dodorex, rode it around. Not impressed, my gigas are stronger. I mean, I only got it to a bit under 40 levels, if I found lots of strong stuff to slaughter it'd probably be better, but still, not all that great. That's all for today.
  17. (Official PVE, Extinction) First I gathered some dust. Then I learned that transfers are currently disabled, so I can't send it to main base. Then I gathered more dust, built a box, put dust into it, and gathered even more dust, so that when transfers are back I'll have a nice amount ready. (Official PVE, Valguero) Checked on the babies, everything's fine. Made a saddle for new carcha, since he'll be grown soon. Bred carchars, gigas and rexes. Carchars and gigas all fails, rexes all, well, also fails, but they're staying. No such thing as too many carcha baits! Did a bit of a rare mushroom run in the swamp. Checked spawns, no carchars whatsoever, but Weather Top had a level 20 giga, so I decided to try something I wanted for a long time. So I came back home, unpodded a quetz, made a platform saddle, put 4 wooden foundations on it to get a bit more space there, and a trough. Put meat in the trough. And then I deposited my favorite (and best, of course) velona, Ratteki, on to the platform. And like that I went back to Weather Top. Stopped quetz, dismounted, mounted Ratteki, and started shooting. The giga got a bit bloody right away. Just a bit (Ratteki isn't some super-bred velona, or even just good. He's simply a full imprint leveled to somewhere around 600% melee). I kept shooting. The giga tried to escape into water. I kept chasing, kept shooting. The giga ran into the Abb cave's entrance and got stuck. I couldn't get the quetz into a good enough position, so I rode Ratteki off the platform and continued shooting form the ground. And soon the giga was dead, seventh heart added into my collection, and since I, for once, had an unharvested giga corpse, I took its dermis, too. Returned home, and that's all for now. ... Checked on the babies again, drake (now named Sylvia) is adult, gave her a saddle. Older carcha adult, moved her to the rest and bred (egg stays, clean female). Checked spawns, nothing again. Returned home, took Sylvia on a hunt to get her some levels. A few points went into health, just to bring it to 10000, more - into stam, until it was a bit over 2000, and the rest will be melee. Podded spinos since I'm not all that interested in them anymore, and moved carchars in their place (except for Copperscale - podded him, as he's only god for colors, and that can wait). The younger carchar is 97.5% grown, so I'll log back on after some time to finally ride him. For now that's all. ... Carcha (named Furious) is finally grown! Saddled him, tested damage no rage, no leveling (I remind you, 19 points melee, full imprint) 422 per bite. Full rage, no levels - 1162. Then I took him for a nice long hunt pretty much all over the map - even nearly to the wyvern trench! Got him 56 levels by the time I returned home. Tested at full rage - 1716 damage, no rage - 624. Then checked how much damage my main giga, Abaddon (full imprint, 36 points melee at hatch, plus 69 leveled points at the moment) does - 2111 per bite, so Furious, despite being, stat wise, MUCH worse, isn't that far behind when angry enough. So, yeah. Now I'm absolutely sure that carchars are awesome. And that's all for today.
  18. (Official PVE, Extinction) Did a bit of a dust run, uploaded most of it. Also killed a level 5 wild giga, just because it was there, it was stuck, and I liked that one time when I burned a stuck wild giga to death, so this wasn't an opportunity to miss. Fed dinos (with the meat form killed giga). (Official PVE, Valguero) Retrieved dust, made it into ele. Carchars are adolescent now, around 60%, imprinted the younger one, so now both are fully imprinted. Drakes fully adult, so I decided to unpod the younger one and leave her out. Might do fine. For now that's all. ... Checked on the drake, doing fine, but won't for long. So logged off of Valg and on to (Official PVE, Fjordur), took chainsaw, went into the cave, found one node, harvested it and uploaded venom. Uploaded it, fed dinos, put the chainsaw away. (Official PVE, Valguero again) Downloaded venom, fed drake, and she'll be fine until adulthood now. And that's all for now (or, possibly, for today).
  19. (Official PVE, Valguero) Filled a maewing with meat, unpodded carchars. Hatched a new one, and damn he looks so good! Better than the previous, and since they're otherwise the same (same gender, same melee), killed the previous one. Bred carchars using the new carchar male, stats: inherited (not that it matters, he's not my best), colors: mostly inherited. Stays unless it turns out that color combination doesn't look as good as I think it does. Hatched the sinos and ovi, put them with the maewing (well, only two of the sinos. As I said before, out of the two same stat males I chose one that looked better). Unpodded drakes. Took Ekimma and went to the loot cave, nothing good. Checked spawns since two are on the way there and third not too far, nope, nothing. Spotted two alpha carnos, though. After returning home, took Forest Lord, got his kill counter up, and went to kill those carnos. Got him a couple of levels. And killed some kentros while at max rage, then watched him heal. That carchar regeneration still seems near-unbelievable to me. Back home again, took my hoversail, wandered around. Went by that gacha tower that I used as a safe spot for my wyvern during last carcha taming, turns out it's not JUST a gacha tower - it's a community center, with unlocked vaults for leaving what you don't need for someone else to take. So I went home, grabbed some BPs I have no use for, and put them into one of the vaults there. Did a thatch run and a MASSIVE flint run, made a lot of arrows for my gachas. Crafted a tek trough and added it to the two in my raising corner, also made some cryopods. Kinda low on crystal after that, guess I should make a crystal run at come point. Or unpod one of my crystal gachas and use it. Added MOAR meat to the maewing, and filled the tek troughs completely - carchars are staying out for now. Podded drakes, though. For now that's all, will play more later. ... This isn't "playing more" yet, just checked on the babies. Doing well, imprinted them. Can't wait for that newest carchar to grow up! ... And yes, I still count it as "today". Checked on carchars, doing great. New sino adult now, gave him a helmet, some chitin, took all fail gigas out of the fridge and slaughtered them to level him. Got him to over 3000 stam and over 300 weight - and he can still level more! That's my best sino yet. Unpodded drakes. Went wandering, saw another carchar. Again, stuck face-first in a cliff. Female, level 55. Returned home, took some baby rexes, some ammo, an a sanguine elixir, went back. befriended carchar, started taming, daamn, taming carchars on 3x is nice! Got her in one go, only used elixir because didn't want to just let it rot, could have done just as well without. Named her Wendigo. She has 50% melee, but who cares, she's my second tamed female carcha! Brought her home, bred her to Forest Lord. Baby stays, maybe as a carchar to raise, maybe as a carchar to use for leveling something. Depends on whether or not I like the way he looks. Logged off and on to (Official PVE, Fjordur), took chainsaw, got venom. Two nodes instead of usual one, because drakes are pretty hungry and I needed to build their food up to leave the older two out. Also grabbed a crate, 70-something basilo BP. Worse than what I already have, but uploaded it along with the venom anyway. Returned home, put the chainsaw away. (Official PVE, Valguero again) Downloaded venom, fed drakes. Imprinted carchars, older is full now, younger is 99%. Did a crystal run, with a mining drill. Now my crystal vault looks somewhat nicer. Hunted with my argent, got her a level and a half. Checked spawns again, just in case (nothing). Went into the loot cave, nothing great, best thing I found was a 50 armor diplo saddle. Fed gachas for a pretty long time. Topped up gens back to 30 in each and still had 12 ele left for the vault. Podded young drake and that's all for today. Other two should be fine.
  20. (Official PVE, Extinction) Fed dinos. Thought about checking for drops, but nah. (Official PVE, Crystal Isles) Fed dinos, checked for tropeos. Only found a blandly colored 45, so no taming happened, killed it for meat instead. Took ingots form the forge and made a few chain bolas. (Official PVE, Lost Island) Fed dinos, thought about going for a magma egg, but decided against it. That's all for today.
  21. And now about my day in ARK today! (Official PVE, Valguero) Hatched fail babies from the last time. One of the fail spino eggs yielded triplets, which is great (I should make more pods in the nearest future, though. Almost out of empty ones). And since I have so many sacrificeable baby dinos, I went to check for carchars. Nnnope, nothing. Killed stuff on the spawns, but all I've achieved was a level 25 giga. I could kill that, technically, but it's in the snow and I don't feel like bringing one of my gigas all the way there, even in a pod. And anyway, the snow spawn is my least favorite one. Returned home, took Forest Lord and went on a hunt. This time to the Redwoods. Killed plenty of stuff there, the number of dinos in there makes it really easy to keep rage at 100. Even found a level 145 alpha carno and killed that (and Forest Lord was entirely uninjured despite being a wild-tame in a prim saddle. Damn, that carcha regeneration is nice!) Went home, but not right away - first hunted rock elementals for fun. Once home - filled a maewing with meat, unpodded old baby carcha and hatched the new one, and put them with the mae. Did a thatch run with Cernunnos, while on it, spotted a lone 145 male raptor and decided that it's been a while since I tamed one of those. Also saw an 85 male oviraptor. So after getting back to my base, I grabbed a rifle, some kibble, a few giga unferts, two pods, made some bolas, and went to tame them. Not much to tell about that - bolaed the raptor (after luring him back to the shore. Dude seemed pretty intent on drowning), knocked him out, left him to starve, went to the ovi, killed everything aggressive around, bolaed, tranqed, left to starve. Then gave them both food, raptor got tamed, brought him home, and soon after that the ovi got tamed too and I retrieved him as well. Exported new raptor's stats... Yeeeeah, good thing I don't have any serious plans for raptors. Dude has oxygen as his highest stat. And it's seriously high - 48 points. A SCUBA raptor. A diversaurus. He probably dreamed of growing up to become a shark. So, yeah, I'll kill him next time I play. The ovi is alright, but that's only because his some purpose is being a second ovi. No stats can mess that up. Bred sinos, three eggs are staying, all same stats. Two males, I'll pick the better one to use as my next shoulder sino, and one female, which will become a new breeder. Repodded carchars and that's all for now. ... Unpodded carchars again (yeah, yeah, with a mae they could have lasted even without podding, but I prefer to make sure nothing happens). Drakes, too. Killed that SCUBA raptor. Logged off and on to (Official PVE, Fjordur). Took the chainsaw, got venom, uploaded it. Fed dinos. Put the chainsaw back in the smithy. (Official PVE, Valguero again) Downloaded venom, fed drakes. Went to check for carchars again, nothing. Just a 45 giga on Weather Top spawn. Took one of my female gigas, went there, killed the wildie. Returned my giga back to the breeding row. Looked for carchars again. Nothing. Fed gachas for a while, 10 element went to the vault. It was a pretty long gacha-feeding. Looked for carchars again. And again. And again. Nothing, nothing... Wait, that rex tail sticking out of the cliff is wrong color. Too bright, for such non-event times. Lemme take my spyglass... Carchar! Male, only level 50, but damn, that's some nice colors on that boy. Went back to the base, took a sanguine elixir, some baby rexes and spinos, returned to the carchar, lured him out of the cliff, put my wyvern on a nearby gacha tower for safety, left most babies and ammo in the wyvern's inventory in case things go wrong, only taking with me one rex and two spinos. Waited for carchar to kill everything and fed him a baby rex. Mounted, went hunting, by the way, titanomyrma apparently do work for taming. Got him to around 40%, dismounted on my own when he was 18 seconds away form friend mode's end. Took another baby from wyvern's inventory, just in case. Fed him a spino, but this time a baby spino wasn't enough for full friendliness. So I killed another, but it got stuck on the cliff and carchar couldn't get to it. I killed a rex, but carchar still wanted that spino. With my sino and some maneuvering I got the spino out, carchar lost friendliness in that time, carchar ate the spino, and that one was enough. Hunted more, got him to 71%, dismounted, used elixir, and that's another carchar in my small collection! I named him Copperscale. He tamed with 70% melee, not bad for his level. Podded him, returned home, put him with the other three. Repodded babies and that's all for today. Sidebases will wait until tomorrow.
  22. Sometimes same, but that wasn't about the difficulty of waking up, dude. More about waking up, going to the kitchen to eat something before a good few hours of ARK and finding that there's almost enough water on the floor to start building an IRL Ark (but only almost enough, thankfully, so a bucket and a towel were enough).
  23. Yeah. I'm alright now. It just wasn't a nice thing to wake up to, so after dealing with that I decided that it was enough effort for one day, and even a proper day of ARK would be a bit much to add on top of that. I'll play normally today.
  24. (Official PVE, Valguero) The plan was to do a good few hours of ARK right in the morning, but due to non-ARK-related reasons (had to mop up a bucket's worth of water off the kitchen floor. RIGHT after waking up.) I'm no longer in the mood, so just fed dinos, bred carchas and also the now-grown new mut rex female to a clean rex male (carcha stays, right melee. Rex fail, no mut stats inherited), and topped up gens back to 30 in each (from vault, not in the mood to feed gachas now, either). That's all for now, possibly even for today.
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