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  1. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos (except for whales and shark, they'll wait), retrieved the dust from yesterday's run (good thing I remembered! Sure, only 2 stacks this time, but still, would be bad to lose that), put fertilizer into crop plots, loaded dung beetles up with more feces. Also, gacha trough down to 4 stacks of mushrooms, gonna have to get more soon (pretty sure they didn't eat them that fast before).
  2. (Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base, replaced 4 pillars and 1 ceiling that autodecayed for some reason despite being definitely attached to the rest of my house. (Official, Extinction) Fed carnivores, did a little dust run, went to try and get a dust gacha, tamed 7 gachas, none of them dust so all of them were told to go give a friendly hug to wild therizinos and other strong dinos that happened nearby. Returned to the base tired and angry, fed herbivores, logged off.
  3. (Official, Valguero) Filled the waterpen trough for the basilos and the shark. Unpodded fire wyverns. Checked around for alpha dinos - nope, none nearby. Went for a beaver dam run, got plenty of cementing paste. Made some polymer. Gave gachas some stone and sand so that they'll make me some obsidian - I'm starting to run low on it. Also took the mining drill and went to to a proper obsidian run with my gasbags... Should have done a metal run instead - when it comes to obsidian, gachas are still the best for me. I mean, okay, the mining drill I have (considering that I don't have Genesis, likel
  4. Since in September I'll need all three of my bases to be able to last with no refreshing for 10 days (well, 2 bases technically, because main, Valg one, is already all stone, metal and a bit of TEK, so I only need to upgrade the sidebases), I decided to start on upgrading my sidebases today, because let's be honest here: if I don't start today, I won't do it ever. I'll just get distracted, or lazy, or something, and the bases will stay wooden right until there's no time to upgrade them. Wouldn't be the first time my "eh, a bit later" turned into "oops, delayed it by half a year". (Officia
  5. (Official, Extinction) Did a dust run (14 full stacks, plus a bit more), uploaded the dust. (Official, Valguero) Got the dust, made full stacks into element, rest into shards, gave gachas a ton of arrows to eat, unpodded fire wyverns for a bit of raising, made more polymer, some narcotic, picked up gacha crystals, made more polymer, a few replacement ACs (and installed them), since I already had 200 shards, turned on replicator, made 10 pods and couple hundred tranq darts, and 2 pieces of element from the shards (a rule of mine: no using replicator unless I have enough shards to make at l
  6. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, hunted alphas (1 rex, 1 carno), unpodded fire wyverns, did a milk run to feed them, loaded gachas up with food to get some obsidian, then real bad lag started, I even died because of it (twice) and my wyvern lost half her health because of a fall that was supposed to be a nice landing. Then it turned out that it was my connection being crap, apparently, since when I disconnected from/reconnected to WiFi everything started to work fine, but I'm still to annoyed by it to go check on the sidebases right now. They'll have to wait an hour or two. Also, tamed a c
  7. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos. Raised wyvern some, imprinted them, too. Didn't do a milk run because they're good on food for now. Made some cementing paste, then some polymer. Did a small metal run. Killed a few alpha rexes. Podded the wyverns. (Official, Extinction) Fed dinos. (Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base.
  8. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos. Also, demolished lamp pillars (basically, just pillars with a lamp post on top), only leaving illumination on the cliff, near the stable, and, of course, on all the buildings. Did that because 1. Lamps often get destroyed if a wild bronto fights something too close to the fence, and 2. Game was stuttering really badly today, so I thought that maybe it'll help if I remove some of the lamps and wires (it didn't).
  9. Today I was downloading the update, and downloading the update, and downloading the update, and downloading the update, and I'm still downloading it because Steam is being Steam, so, basically, today in ARK I did nothing. Fun fact is I don't even HAVE Genesis, I just want to try the few things that are for everyone: see how my dinos would bite an ARMORED training dummy, check out the enhanced epic settings, paint my cryofridges maybe... But even that little bit I can't do because it's. Taking. FOREVER! ... Okay, it finally downloaded so: (Official, Valguero): Logged on to f
  10. (Official, Valguero) Unpodded wyverns for raising, put eggs in the hatchery. Went for milk. Got milk without much problem (well, in the beginning an elemental really wanted to follow me into the milking trap, and the female wyvern took a while to get into there, but that's not a problem compared to how disastrous things can get. Fed wyverns. Eggs hatched, rex had wrong color and wrong melee, wyvern was averagely colored. I mean, dark red wing edges are kinda cool, but not cool enough. Killed. Killed 2 alpha rexes, 1 carno, 1 raptor. Tamed a terror bird. Low level, but found noth
  11. (Official, Valguero) Unpodded wyverns for raising, went to try and get another egg, but the best I could get was a 50 (hope at least colors will be good). Bred Cinder and Gertrude, put their egg and the wyvern one into the hatchery. Made a lot of cementing paste. Fed basilos and shark. Gave bees more flowers. FINALLY FOUND A GOOD ARGENT BP!!! Never before found one over 48, but this one is 79! Immediately made a new saddle for Sapphire. Repodded wyverns (they were 5% grown at that point), picked up eggs. (Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base. (Official, Extinc
  12. (Official, Valguero) Put wyvern egg back into the hatchery. All tek rex eggs and the lone spino egg went there as well. Took Bat and went to get more fire wyvern eggs. Just as previous time, lured wyverns away, killed some, then went looking. 170! Brought it home, put it in the hatchery. Went back for another... That's when the problems started. You see, Ice wyverns are (heh) chill. You fly far enough, even if you stole an egg, and they forget about you. Fire wyverns, as it turns out, are not. Three angry males (one a gorgeous mostly-black. Pity he was a male - I would
  13. I only saw a bit of old system, and I was really, really glad when it was changed for the new one. I was finally able to start kibble-taming things! I didn't need to check what wants what anymore, and yes, I had to check every time - I don't have good enough memory to just keep all of that in my mind. I'm glad to only need 5 recipes now: for 2 dishes and 3 kibbles (third one is for Basic - I use it when leaving juveniles/adolescents out at night in case the trough isn't enough).
  14. (Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base, made some tranq darts, killed a few dinos. (Official, Valguero) Big day, big day! Went for a fire egg today, and was successful at it, too! Not right away, though: first I had to lure ice wyverns out of the trench, kill some, too. Then do the same to fire ones nearest to their cave's exit. Then I checked, and checked, and checked, but all nests were by one very active level 20. Bleh. Then I found 60, but decided to keep searching, but keep that one in mind in case I don't find anything better. But then... 160! Hell. Yes. Also, during the luri
  15. Stat boost (extra health, melee, speed and such) applies regardless, no matter who's riding and if the dino is ridden at all. It's the up-to-30% damage and defense status effect that only appears if the dino is ridden by its imprinter.
  16. Unless friendly fire is on (and when it comes to official PVE, it IS on) - then you can kill and harvest your own dinos just fine, to the point where it's rather typical for players to have a high-damage shotgun or sword that's only used for killing breedjects. It's when a baby dies unclaimed when the problems start, because they just lie there like an useless, unharvestable pile of meat.
  17. You mean the one about Genesis 2? That's about ARK's storyline coming to its end with Genesis part 2. The game isn't closing, it's just getting its final story map.
  18. The yuty I do bosses with is named 20 Birds In A Trenchcoat. Her mother's name is Loud Chicken. My phiomia is God of Crops, dung beetles are Khepri, Kabuto and Scarab. My two beelzebufos are Dolores Leapfrog and Daniel Leapfrog. A light red with turquoise belly jerboa is named Watermelon Mint. And, of course, I have my light-red basilo, whose name matches his color, shape, and, of course, his ability to bite pretty hard: his name is Killer Sausage.
  19. (Official, Valguero) Wanted to take a megatherium and go for some chitin, but saw a very rare thing: normal, non-tek rex with colors that actually look good (a combination of black, white and gray). So instead i trapped the rex, and started tranqing, but he managed to get out of the trap, and after I tranqed him, some deinons wanted to eat me, but hit him instead. Had to let him wake up and retranq. Second attempt went fine. So, I tamed him, put a saddle on him, named him Cinder, and even used him for today's meatrun! He won't become one of my main rides, though - level 60 pre-tame,
  20. (Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base.
  21. (Official, Extinction) Fed dinos. Saw a drop in the distance, but didn't even get to see what kind - someone got it first. Probably was too difficult anyway - I wouldn't dare to try anything higher than blue. For now that's all. ... (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos. Wouldn't have been able to do more even if I wanted to - crazy lag today. (Offcila, Crystal Isles) Was offline when I wanted to check on it, so nothing done there today, refreshing the base will have to wait until tomorrow.
  22. (Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base. (Official, Valguero) Took Ulfric (the bear) and went for a meat/berry run. He got a new level. I even hunted coels a bit to feed Raf (pela). And that's all for today. Oh, also, it's very funny when a wounded dino tries to run away from you, but you're on a bear so the longer it runs the less chances it has to escape.
  23. (Official, Valguero) Uploaded Biter and armor again. Also, killed a level 25 alpha rex. (Official, Extinction) Got Biter and armor. Went to the forest cave. Killed things. Loot sucked. Got dismounted by a micro, then killed by a purlovia and some arthros. Respawned back at the base. (Official, Valguero) Took few more spare pieces of armor, podded Lana (one of my breeder females), uploaded that and an empty pod. (Official, Extinction) Retrieved Lana, pod and armor, went back to the cave, rescued Biter, podded them both, returned to the base, uploaded Lana, unpodded Biter, fed din
  24. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos. Took a Biter in a pod and a few pieces of spare armor to send to (Official, Extinction) for se in Forest Cave. Uploaded them, logged off Valg. (Official, Exti... Nope!) Server crashed while I was logging onto it. Glad I'm using separate characters for sidebases - if I was using main for all and merely server-hopping, that would mean trouble. (Official, Valguero) Downloaded back the rex and the armor. I'll send them some time later, when I feel like it. (Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base. Also, by that time Ext was back online, but I already
  25. (Official. Valguero) Spent about 2 minutes running around the base, searching for my bear. The bear, meanwhile, was standing by the stables EXACTLY WHERE I LEFT HIM. I am not very smart. Took the bear, did a meat/berry run, fed dinos, killed some tek parasaurs and raptors while hunting, made their dust into shards, logged off.
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