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  1. (Official, Valguero) Missed the giga egg, because I forgot it's x2 breeding, so I didn't think to check on it. Well, it probably was yet another wrong melee and/or color anyway. (Sigleplayer, Extinction) Thanks to a 145 alpha carno, reached the tape saddle level. But turns out immersive flight tapejaras are buggy (character sits below/partially inside the bird instead of on it), so I only used the tape to get to The City, where I tamed, saddled up, and converted into an Immersive Flier a level 50 argent. I named her Kaira. Also, lost all my dimorphs. They're alive, they just weren't able
  2. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, bred gigas. (Official, Crystal Isles) Wyverns still have plenty of crystals, it'll take weeks for them to run out, so just quickly logged on to check if they're still in their place (they are) and reset decay. (Official, Extinction) Fed the dinos, finally got the wyvern to 1000 stamina, should be enough for any travels tha might happen in the future. (Singleplayer, Extinction) Tamed two parasaurs, made a saddle for one (Explorer saddle, from Saddle Emporium mod) and halters for both, from the same mod. Completely replaced the house's parts with th
  3. (Singleplayer-_) Downloaded a couple mods I don't normally use (Sci-Fi CKF, Tek Decor, and some other, also modern decor stuff), put them in load order, removed tech disabler and couple other ones I use for my normal, low-or-no-tech singleplayer saves, and started a new save. And this is how it went: (-Extinction) was the map I settled on, and I started in Sunken Forest, as it's easiest. I decided to avoid cheating for most part, no escaping death with -fly, no spawning pre-tamed dinos. I did, however, put a box with a glider somewhere (without memorizing where - if I find it, I find it.
  4. (Official, Valguero) 1. If I logged on a mere hour later, I would have missed the giga egg, becase an hour is what's left on it. 2. Turns out I forgot to close hatchery's gate yesterday. It was open the whole time. No other news, since I literally just logged on. Gonna feed the dinos now, I guess. ... Fed the dinos, got Frostbite another level, wanted to get some paste from the beaver dams but had to clear out wood-only ones instead because someone always leaves them after taking paste. Giga egg hatched, female, all-wrong colors, wrong stats as well. Picked up a dimorph, ki
  5. (Official, Valguero) Bred tek rexes, put new and both old batches into the hatchery (that's 15 eggs!), put old giga egg into the hatchery, bred velonas (used Ratteki instead of Gatling this time). Did a crystal run, tried to finish the roof, turned out it's impossible to do with no gaps, so took it down, and started rebuilding in a different way, one that'll leave roof pieces no choise but to align correctly, since they'll be snapped to a ring of ceilings rather than right to the walls (because walls are snapped some to ceilings some to foundations, and there's a bit of difference in height be
  6. (Official, Extinction) Fed the dinos. Checked the smithy and the parasaur in case I have any saddles worth sending to the main base (since I now have two more kinds of dinos, but only ever remember saddles I considered worthy when they were acquired), but nope. (Singleplayer, modded map Tropical Island, DLCs The Center and Scorched Earth) Tried to start a new modded singleplayer save, but couldn't decide on a place to build a base despite trying three different maps. Pretty typical for me. (Official, Valguero) Planted rockarrots. Fed dinos. Tried to kill a wild quetzal, in flight, wi
  7. (Official, Valguero) Fed the dinos. KIlled off a few babies I had podded and definitely don't plan on raising. Checked on the giga egg. Used Snow (the unicorn) to gather some berries, except when I was taking her out of the stable I had to dismount, got stuck in the ceiling, and had to destroy a part of it. Thinking about maybe taking the stable down entirely and building a new one, smaller and with less chance of getting stuck in the ceiling when dismounting in the stable.
  8. (Official, Crystal Isles) Tamed a level 20 tropical, leveled her a bit and uploaded. (Official, Extinction) Downloaded the tropical and brought her to my base. Fed the dinos. (Official, Valguero) Made and installed a bunch of large crop plots. Put narcoberries in one, stimberries in other, longrass in third, rest aren't seeded yet because I ran out of fertilizer and don't want to use pellets. Loaded one of the dung beetles with some dino feces. Finished hatching giga egg, wrong color, killed. Bred gigas again. Bred rexes, incubated new and old eggs for a bit, then put them in the ref
  9. (Official, Valguero) Checked on the giga egg in the morning. Now gonna check on it again, then set Generous to produce stone, because I want to upgrade kitchen/greenhouse to be more in line with the workshop and the new hatchery. ... Upgraded. Well, more like completely rebuilt - the only piece left from the old one is where the bridge to the hatchery is connected. The new building is a whole row of triangle foundations/ceilings larger, dodo coop is bigger now, dung beetles got their own place on the second floor which is the greenhouse, and there are two refrigerators now - one for
  10. (Official, Valguero) Tamed a pair of dimorphs. Both 130 pre-tame, female tamed on mutton and prime, male on prime and normal meat. Named female Swarmother and male Drone, since a swarm is what I'm planning to make out of them. Bred them, waiting for the egg currently. Bred gigas and rexes.
  11. (Official, Crystal Isles) Checked on the wyverns. (Official, Extinction) Fed the dinos. (Official, Valguero) Realized that I missed the giga egg I had in the hatchery by about 3 hours. Didn't feel like breeding again, though. Went on a little meatrun with Ratteki (the fully imprinted velona I raised during the crazy rates), got another level on him. Soon, soon he'll have 600% melee! Fed the dinos. Took down the pipes that used to lead to the old hatchery (Due to my habit of staying near the eggs, I prefer to have a tap in the hatchery. There's one in the new one, too). Logged off.
  12. (Official, Valguero) Did a bit of alpha hunting, 1 raptor and two carnos. Tamed a mammoth, new abilities - awesome! New looks - awesome! New saddle - extremely dumb. Well, the saddle itself is fine, but the bridle... Why there even is a bridle if reins are connected only to the tusks? And what's up with the bit being a leather belt (as well as with the bit being there at all. If the mammoth is somehow controlled by pulling on the tusks, then the bit serves no purpose other than blocking its mouth)? Stupid saddle aside, though, getting a mammoth (his name is Atlas, by the way, and his
  13. "Dino" in the context of ARK typically refers to any creature. Dinosaur is a dino. Horse is a dino. Bird is a dino. If it's not a human, it's a dino.
  14. (Official, Extinction) Did the Forest Cave (no good loot) decided to try Ice Cave. It went fine... Until I finished and went outside. Since there's no safe place to park a wyvern, I had it podded with me. As I was going outside, game froze, which gave bears an opportunity to push my rex into a corner, so it wasn't possible to turn in a way that'd allow me to attack back. So, I'm dead, Jotunn's dead, and I no longer have a wyvern on Extinction because I can't retrieve the pod from there. It's not terrible - I have an argent left, I'll get another rex at some point (I'm not taming a separat
  15. (Official, Valguero) Did a lot of breeding (well, my kind of "a lot", so, twenty eggs, maybe? As in through the whole event. Plus attempts at gachas and one at managarmr). Gigas, as usual, gave me no 125% melee black-dark brown-light brown male baby. Only useless (and mostly 70% melee) wrong color and/or wrong gender babies. Blood wyverns ended up giving me exactly what I wanted: a perfectly colored male, with dad's stats. I named him Dracula, and he's already grown. Apocalypse the Ember wyvern isn't going to replace Wildfire because he's real pretty, but colors so bright it starts to hur
  16. (Official, Valguero) Logged on, checked on insects, bred them, found out that their eggs are immovable, so I had to very quickly make 8 ACs, 2 thatch foundations (the part of the base where I bred moths is too uneven to put ACs on the ground), some wires and a pair of outlets. Bred gachas, upon finding how quick gestation is right now, unpodded Deimos and Elisabeth, as well as Skysoul (the only female crystal wyvern I have at the moment), bred gigas, bred Skysoul to Mojito, bred rexes. Now just waiting for gachas and for all the eggs (moth already hatched). ... Gacha was born. Black
  17. (Official, Extinction) Briefly went through several servers because the one I have a side base on wasn't showing up in favorites and I didn't remember its name (I found it, and wrote its number down in case it happens again) Did the Forest Cave. No Ext-specific BPs. Rex low on health because due to a combination of mild lags and my internet connection disconnecting for a few seconds (not enough for the game to kick me out), I failed to respond to some attacks, as well as bite in time to knock allos and carnos back before they put "Bleeding" on my rex. So, yeah. Not the greatest cave run I
  18. (Official, Valguero) Made a mindwipe tonic. Took it. Rearranged the stats a bit (I don't remember why did I once put a few point into stamina when I don't really use it, but I fixed it now). Now I have: 200 health, 300 weight, 150% melee, 30 fortitude, and 600% crafting skill. Rest of stats is left basic. Mostly learned necessary engrams this time: no craft stations, since I have everything, no saddles, ammo but no guns, vault. Well, and also fishing pole because I like fishing sometimes, and mirror+shag rug because I want to make the house look nicer (even though I'll probably never get to ac
  19. (Official, Valguero) Midnight is adult now, fully imprinted, pretty strong, and looks exactly as awesome as a full-black allo can, which is very. Made a ton of cementing paste, and then a ton of polymer. Went to The Abyss, only found 3 actual underwater crates with appropriate loot, and 3 DAMN HALLOWEEN CANDYCORNS in the place of underwater crates, how the hell is it okay to replace awesome loot crates with "vegetable and maybe candy if you're lucky" lame event crates? Seriously. Didn't breed anything today.
  20. (Official, Valguero) Made a rex saddle (80 armor), made an argy saddle. Unpodded one of my older argents, saddled her up, podded again. Took bone costume off Bitey, saddled him up, podded him. Uploaded them. (Official, Scorched Earth) Created a new survivor because I wasn't able to get the one I left on Aberration to a drop. With great difficulty and at least five deaths got to the red Obelisk. Took pods, unpodded Bitey, went to the desert, found a worm, killed it (not all that hard!), built a stone trap, unpodded argent, used her to lure a level 15 female mantis into the trap, podded the
  21. (Official, Valguero) Expanded the base. About +6 foundations wide strip of land was added to my territory. It was the final expansion, because another tribe's pillars are preventing me from going even bigger. Took down the breeding stand and built a new one, better. It even (sometimes) allows eggs to fall onto the ground. Placed rexes on it. Podded deinons because I'm kinda tired of them already. Tek rexes grown, bred, male with the good melee and the my new best (above 10000) health hatched, so I raised him for a bit until he could hold a whole stack of meat, then killed his parent
  22. (Official, Valguero) Allo's raised, named Coals, and bred. Egg hatched, Actual Black-Black-Black on first try, female. Named Midnight, after my first full black allo (who was also the only full black allo I ever found in the wild). Raised to juvenile. Tamed a new diplo, green back, yellowish spines, rest is Actual Black. Named Toxic. Wanted to make a saddle for him, but turned out the BP I have is impossible, at least until my argent reaches her maximum possible weight - the damn BP requires over 3000 wood, more than 10000 hide, metal and fiber also in hideously large amounts - she can't
  23. (Official, Valguero) Killed a 145 skeletal rex! Highest alpha rex I've ever killed, and the first one I killed while riding Deimos - and Deimos did great, as expected from a full-imprinted giga, even if it's a full imprinted 70% base melee giga. The bone rex costume I got for that will from now on be worn by my male breeder tek rex (at the moment that's Bitey). Hatched a full black male allo. Well, 14-14-14, so full black but can be made even blacker by breeding with Actual Black spined female, and that's exactly what I'll do once he's grown. Bred gachas, no dust. Tried out that sw
  24. (Official, Valguero) Remembered that aside from verry useful obsidian, in which I'm pretty much swimming by now (over a hundred stacks!), Generous can also make... Stone! And that means I can get huge amounts of it, without having to carry a doed around, in the form of nice, lightweight gacha crystals. So I gave Generous some thatch doors, and hide, and whatever other non-valuables I had laying around, and got a ton of stone, and made some cementing paste. And since I now remember that he can make stone, I'll now b able to make paste whenever I want, with barely any effort. I think I'll keep
  25. (Official, Valguero) Got a health mutation on a tek rex (a male one!), but he inherited bad melee and I, in a moment of stupid, killed off all the non-mutants in that batch including the good melee female, so I'll have to wait for a next batch, then pick a good melee female out of it, then raise it and the health male, then breed them until they give me a melee+health male and only after THAT'S grown I'll be able to rel=place my old breeder male. Bred gasbags, another male, killed it because I already have one for breeding, and one I'm raising to imprint, so no need in new ones. Unless on
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