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  1. Pretty sure all aberrant dinos ARE immune to radiation, I think you're mistaking "Aberrant dino" for "creatures on aberration"
  2. It's not. Their breeding style is so uniquely specific that it simply can't be done unless they suddenly allow queen birthing and allow people to throw the traditional acquisition method (I.e. Fight a queen to near death) out of the window afterwards. As to griffins being "useless" they still see a fair deal of action and are only really held back by the fact that they're the only flying creature incapable of receiving an imprint boost from breeding. Reapers by nature of their gestation leveling AND imprint bonuses are already powerful enough as is which justifies the difficulty of acquiring
  3. Pretty sure it was Drakes and Griffins. Reapers as mentioned have such a specific breeding mechanic that it's just not feasible. Drakes meanwhile are the only non breedable member of the draconis genus (seriously, wyverns, manas, AND mags all do it so they stick out like a sore thumb) in the game while players where utterly robbed of the chance for imprintable griffins in Crystal Isles and rather aggressively voiced their malcontent on the matter. WC likes to shoot themselves in the foot a lot but I don't think they're THAT tone deaf as to ignore these glaring opportunities.
  4. You mean an ultrasound machine? I'd be down for it, just make it the live bearing equivalent of the incubator so we can see stats mutations and gender.
  5. You don't NEED Carcharadontosaurus; you want it. It's been months now, people need to get over the fact that it's not getting added to the new map and just wait until the next vote for the next map. Continued harping on it will only result in players either spite voting for other creatures during the next competition or the devs saying to hell with it entirely.
  6. I'm not certain if it applies to all platforms but in PS4 at least there's a gauge for decisions like that which gives you at least two seconds as it fills up to finalize a decision.
  7. Unless you get hold of an admin you're pretty screwed. My question is why would you make and then leave a tribe?
  8. You'd think that people would realize by now that monetary support only entitles you to input on game decisions when A: the developers tell you that said support gives you the right, or B: you're a legitimate investor and not just some schmuck donating.
  9. Oof, boy tried using appeal to authority and couldn't even be bothered to look up the game's age before he went and made an ass of himself. Ya love to see it.
  10. Not to be a stickler on you, but that's not really what power creep is. The term you're looking for is called "anhedonia" or maybe "ennui". The brain stops kicking up that good ol' dopamine rush when you have constant access to rewarding stimuli. Basically you adapt to it and view it as common place while the brain more or less realizes it can save resources and not fry your pleasure center by not loading you up on happy juice all the time. Accomplishment is replaced by expectancy, sactisfaction is replaced by disinterest, your curious drive to see the upper limits of your projects is replaced
  11. If everything goes to hell on you I can assure you being denied a breeding event isn't what caused it. As it stands you and everyone that keeps screeching about breeding are acting like children being denied a boon that isn't even explicitly necessary. You play official for the no training wheels no holds barred grind and challenge, not to live on event boosts from the devs like some sort of beggar. You want a perpetual breeding boost rate? Go on unofficial, elsewise put on the adult pants and make the time to breed the old fashioned way. If you can't find said time then you shouldn't be breed
  12. Provided you mean solo mode, it could probably afford to stay the same. If you mean solo players in servers however then that's tough luck. It's beyond insipid that players can just up and poof and everyone else loses a potential spot for a grueling length of time because the storage boxes last for so long. If players want to leave then they should destroy their structures, if not then the time needs to be cut or the player in question needs to get the hell on to justify their encampment being there. I refuse to believe someone can't find five minutes out of a day to log in for at least a refr
  13. Well to be fair dinopithecus could definitely aid in exploration what with it being able to climb. It's viability as a caver is a bit in question given its size but beyond that the sky's the limit.
  14. Only issue with that is we don't have a lot of prehistoric vulpines, less so ones that can dredge up real interest. The best we've got is V.qiuzhudingi which doesn't have a lot of wow factor. Now if we were to stick to looking at caniforma for candidates I'd argue that Amphicyonids could fit the bill.
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