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  1. Presumably all but aberration and perhaps the genesis maps. The warcry bit is also applicable to shadowmanes and to a species limited extent wolves and dinopithecus. A lot of overlaps in this creature that people were against seeing in others.
  2. Haven't watched it, are their complaints just complaints or actual criticisms?
  3. Personally I'd say they need a tlc with their own gnash/bleed ability. Smilodon's teeth weren't just there for show, they were theorized to bleed their prey by slashing with their fangs since they were too brittle to be used in a killing bite. A pounce would be nice too, it's a feline behavior that transcends species after all.
  4. I don't think that's really an minority opinion. Most people simply don't bother talking about the art, doesn't necessarily mean they dislike it
  5. Give it till this Friday or next. SOP is usually dossier first followed by a video reveal.
  6. Pretty sure they're done making or adding maps. Also do remember that they didn't really make new maps for dinos, they made dinos for new maps.
  7. Huh. Yeah it sorta does now that you point it out. It's just a slightly more spikey giga design wise, honestly wouldn't have been surprised to see it implemented as a skin like the brachy skin for the brontosaurus. I think this is one of those instances where they'd have been better off contacting the fanmade design's creator for the right to use it rather than making a new one. Not to discredit the designer who made the art but it kinda just makes me think of what happens when you let a kid design a dinosaur as it is now.
  8. The only large theropod on ab since its introduction was the spino, I doubt they'd change it any time soon. Crazy how people harped on sinomacrops and dinopithecus overshadowing other creatures abilities but most are silent about this creature innit? It's basically a pack lead allo, giga, and yuty rolled into one creature but there's not been a peep from the people who once fussed. Really activates the almonds.
  9. That more or less what some people said it would be all the way back to last year's vote. Going by the dossier it's essentially a giga with a yuty roar and stego style tail sweep attack.
  10. Pretty sure the last or second to last cc said the EVO had ended on the 22nd. At the time of my post it wasn't particularly long ago.
  11. Personally I lean towards them just pulling events and nonessential general support rather than pulling the plug entirely. Some believe they'll be outright dropped however that'd be a boneheaded move on WC's part since people would see that as a greedy attempt to rake in cash by forcing players to accept ark2. It'd kill what goodwill the players have outright.
  12. Oh don't even get me started with the ocean aggro. You have to use a basilosaurus if you want to move more than ten feet without an eel or Cnidaria deciding that your existence is a sin they can no longer tolerate and stun locking you into oblivion even if you're riding on the back of a mosasaur that eclipses their size to the point of hilarity. For that matter the chain stunning is intolerable. If there's to be a cooldown for each creature's stun then maybe don't have massive groups of them or lengthen the time so that by the time the last one zaps you the first is ready to do it again. That or give the larger oceanic life a bit of resistance that gets worn down before they get the taser treatment.
  13. Probably Dino aggro mechanics. If I'm strolling around on a large enough mount like a shadowmane or fenrir then realistically nothing but the largest carnivores should want to beef with me. And yet without fail a raptor will spot me, go "cowabunga it is" and run over to get reduced to a red mist. Now this wouldn't be so confusing were it not for the fact that said raptor will take one look at me on a dinopithecus and keep strolling on by. Why is the massive teleporting venomous thorn covered murder cat less scary to you than the above average sized funky monkey, mister raptor? While on the subject why are pegos so diddlydamn aggro on everything? You're the size of a corgi at best, stop trying to pilfer things from the guy riding a tyrannosaurus or wyvern.
  14. Baryonyx for me. Since I always enjoyed setting up shop in cramped locations near large water sources I always enjoyed having a tame that could smoothly transition between water and land but didn't handle like boxcars on two wheels like the spino pre-two leg tlc. If I wanted a quick jaunt somewhere with water but needed speed more than muscle the bary was my go to. Once the shadowmane dropped it became a lot harder to justify using baryonyx because they were simply outclassed in everything from mobility to damage. Even their fairly unique ability to stun was outclassed since the shadowmane could do it over a wider range to hit spaced out targets. This on top of being able to eat more than just fish simply made my once trusty water steed an outdated creature. Still use em though. God himself could come down from the heavens and say quit it and I'd tell him to knuckle up and get ready to throw hands.
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