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  1. Maybe try gates like everyone else who wants to keep stuff out? Seriously lad, did you see them in your crafting options and just go "nah"?
  2. Not all games are easy. Not all games are going to be a relaxing walk in the park. Look at the soulsborne series, look at the original monster hunter, look at the less forgiving maps in Ark. Is it a job? Lol, god no. But it's not meant to be a cake walk. And ah yes, the community. The community of pillar spamming beach bob hunting savages that like to block off vital resources and obelisks and seem to adore trying to make it nigh impossible to play. The community on official is as much as cesspit on official as it is unofficial and it's the rare or dedicated server that avoids that. In additi
  3. Imagine thinking this is an actual issue in a game all about grinding and surviving on basically scraps until you've put in enough work to take what you want no questions asked. You pay lip service to the essence of ark but then turn around and whine about something that flies in the face of that very essence. If you don't want hard work then play unofficial. Look at it this way: would you take a construction job if you were adversed to having to lift heavy things and heights or would you take the cushy desk job that offers more pay in a safe insulated ground floor office? Think man, THINK.
  4. Except the crux of the original issue here is people mewling at not having boosted rates every CC. Should actual game breaking issues be fixed? Absolutely; but you are in no way owed a nonessential asset. It isn't defending a company to point out that the alternative option that may have what you desire (this being higher rates) is exactly a mouse/controller scroll and maybe two button clicks away.
  5. Anyone calling for the removal of dunkleos, mosas, or scorpions is legally required to face me in a trial by combat. In honor of fairness any and all combatants will be allowed to choose the weapons used provided I get to choose the location.
  6. See, I know this wasn't directed at any group in particular but as a long time warframe hosta- I mean player, that stung a bit, lol.
  7. Welcome to the food chain. This is what you get when you throw a naked human into a very hostile environment filled with predators and territorial beasts masquerading as people. Official is meant to be your mad fight to claw your way up to the top of the heap. Everything with pointy teeth wants to kill you, the weather is an uncaring and cruel force that will debilitate or outright annihilate you depending on the map, and unless you're playing PvE even other humans view you as little more than meat, slave labor, or a potential threat to be crushed. If you want to survive then do as our early m
  8. Please defer to the image posted thusly. Well what would you have suggested? The ideas posted seemed pretty well geared for pvp.
  9. If you want (not need mind you; want) a buff to resources and breeding that badly then don't play official, find a unofficial server with rate boosts to your liking or rent one. There's practically no reason at all to sit around being angry that a game company isn't constantly handing out something that literally is not required for game functionality in the slightest. You have the tools at your disposal to exit the situation you find unfavorable, use them. Seriously, watching you guys harp on this all the time is like watching someone get mad that the supermarket's not selling the exact amoun
  10. This. I watch a dude on youtube who does some pretty neat animations for his gaming videos and the amount of time and effort it takes for him to get even a second of animation done borders on mindnumbing. Dude routinely has 12+ hour streams over the course of DAYS to make things look good and animate smoothly and realistically for clips that very rarely exceed three minutes in length. Keep in mind the guy does it for skits and bits and is using preestablished models that aren't being made to function too differently, the effort it takes to retool a model for actual usage in a game and not jus
  11. To be fair this is still hotly contested, though recent data leans more towards them being featherless or at least very sparsely feathered if memory serves.
  12. The real hilarity is them talking about a lack of realism considering the in game abilities of creatures in game. I mean as an example last I checked nothing in the fossil record indicated that Amargasaurus could shoot hot and cold quills out of its body and regrow them.
  13. How would that fix the other issues or address the fact that people didn't vote for an onyc rework?
  14. If memory serves the actual map devs are still on the fence about the fenrir's introduction proper
  15. That still wouldn't address the host of other issues outlined. TLCs have not to my knowledge given a whole walk cycle animation, level up animation or anything of the such. That aside the desmo won the vote, saying "well we're just gonna tlc the creature we already have rather than give you what you voted for" would've been about the worst move WC could make. People wanted desmodus so they voted for it, they didn't vote for an onyc rework. That'd be like telling people they should tame a raptor after they clearly state they want a deinonychus. They simply aren't the same creatures regardless o
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