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  1. Your personal agreements and disagreements on the matter are irrelevant, what's required here is statistical data. Shooting out an incredibly disproportionate number like that comes off as ludicrous unless you have a credible and non biased source to back it. If you really want to quibble about dealing with consequences then like it or not abortion is in fact a form of dealing with a consequence, it's simply not a way of dealing with it that matches to your particular point of view. As an aside I don't think a woman that has a run in with ol' Cosby and his special sleepy time puddin pops is going to consider the aftermath of said run in as a miracle. -- Facepalming every post I make that runs counter to your belief system doesn't invalidate what I've said. Just so you know.
  2. The thing with that though is you're trying to lump every circumstance that doesn't involve some chick getting more trains run on her than a New York railway into .1% which is pretty disingenuous. Condoms can break, birth control can fail or be missed (granted the miss is on the fault of the user if they aren't keeping track), and someone may just decide "no means no" more of a suggestion. Trying to condense all of these instances into .1% is kinda crazy.
  3. This is also a good option, I'm just kinda rooted in the old ways
  4. Kicked in fenrisúlfr's door for a fifth time to beat it up, this time for a friend. Bred another andrewsarchus, cleared out some fencing some jaggoff was trying to use to block of a natural land bridge that wasn't near enough to his base in one of the prebuilt villages to be justifiable (seriously if you do this kind of garbage you deserve to have soggy cereal for life), frothed at the mouth at the fact fenrir aren't breedable, scoured the map for beavers and dams after a player was struggling to find them, frothed at the mouth because people were building so close to all of their spawn points on Midgard that it was messing with their spawns, offered him paste from my personal storage and told him to tame a frog or snail, cleared more structures, drug friend around with my desmodus to find alpha creatures because she wanted to level her chibis to reach 190 for mjolnir
  5. Ark is a cruel mistress. She giveth; she taketh away
  6. Scientists quibble about this sort of stuff all the time dude. It's never been universally agreed upon what constitutes life in the gestational sense. Where extraterrestrial singlecelled organisms are concerned it's still kind of up in the air too unless we get definitive testing that can prove those microbes match all criteria for being considered life. It's just that in the latter case saying you found life on mars sounds better for netting research funding than going "we might've found something that maybe holds the qualities of life as we currently understand it". Eggheads gotta learn to word things good if they want papa gubmint to open his wallet.
  7. A bit harsh to lump this group in alongside the people that just want entertainment with the "maybe people will do the same bit" don't you think? There are times when the political sphere can genuinely need to take a backseat to ones personal issues. Lords knows if I were facing something like imminent homelessness or cancer the last thing on my mind would be a Supreme Court ruling unless it was directly linked to my housing or illness situation. Despite what the Nyrin said silence isn't necessarily assent; sometimes it's just a focus on other matters. Granted if that's the case the person in the hypothetical probably shouldn't be waffling about in game forums, but still.
  8. We made a machine that can theoretically kill us all in a black hole by speeding particles near or to the speed of light. Not sure about you but personally I think that's more impressive than doing what literally every non singlecelled species can do.
  9. I watch him here and there but he kinda pads his videos so I tend to zone out after a while. I've the attention span of a coked up spaniel at the best of time.
  10. Kind of jumping the gun and assuming everyone wanted to avoid the political stuff in favor of in game stuff are American don't you think? That aside, personally when it comes to games I just gloss over anything political unless it's actively tied to something in the medium I enjoy or is entirely past my personal viewpoints. Others may not hold the same ideology and may solely want the forum to focus purely on the game rather than things in the real world. Different strokes, different folks.
  11. Right, even though o still hold firm to my beliefs on carcharadontasaurus I've got to ask: has anyone seen any news on it? I don't use twitter so I've not checked there and the players on my server are driving me up the wall since I'm the de facto information broker. Please tell me they've said it's an ark2 thing so I can make it stop.
  12. Ah yes, just disable all of the wyverns primary feature that prevents everyone and their nan from just scooping up eggs wholsesale for MONTHS because one person and their tribe had a hard time. Of all the silly requests I've seen for this game that one by far takes the cake.
  13. Gonna have to disagree with you on that. When the desmodus was announced as the vote winner quite a few people- myself included- were adamantly opposed to the idea of a day/night cycle changing how it operated. As a flier the one of the original ideas flying around (pardon the pun there) was for it to be uniquely brawling oriented flier. I would maybe only tolerate a damage nerf because it makes blood harvesting more efficient if the creature being attacked doesn't get demolished in a few nips. Speed wise though I'd say keep it as is.
  14. Not sure if it'll work exactly but you can try Cheat destroywilddino. This will nuke EVERYTHING wild and allow for fresh spawns all around. It may apply to the beehives as well seeing as they and queens are intrinsically linked.
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