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  1. I don't think that's how that works bud. God implies there's a form of deference or worship. You can't worship nothing in the manner you describe it. You can worship NOTHING but you can't WORSHIP nothing. Get my meaning?
  2. Oh joy, guess I'll just throw myself into this blender and get it over with. Pray for me everybody because I'm probably about to get cancelled. As a member of the black community I don't particularly care for seeing it brought up for the reasons we're seeing in the comments now. It just devolves into...whatever you'd call this mess. On another note in the olden days it actually felt as though it meant something, but in modern iterations of the month's celebrations it feels as though some just want to celebrate the ethnicity of someone that accomplished something rather than focus on what was accomplished and celebrating the individual who happened to be black. I don't really see it necessary to place race before the deed. Let's say I cure cancer and someone says "he's the black man that cured cancer!", I'd be offended by the fact that what I am warranted attention at all. Can't I just be the person that cured a horrid disease? Remember what happened and celebrate achievements yes, but don't water them down by bringing my ethnicity into it. It makes it seem like what's done is somehow more impressive because it came from a particular group. That itself is ironically racist because it implies it's special because that group managed to do it. As if it were a deed that was assumed impossible for that group. This goes for any group: men, women, veteran, civilian, black, white, etc. It just feels...watered down once you bring up physical characteristics. That or I'm just old and jaded and screaming into the aether like a senior citizen who hasn't gotten his tapioca pudding yet. Right, rant/commentary over. Rake me over the coals now.
  3. I'm inclined to agree on this. Having to deal with random wild creatures raids seems like it'd get downright annoying after a while. For players without an established and defensible base it'd also be an absolute nightmare. Imagine just getting into stone era and having a giga roll up unprovoked to wreck everything because you tamed cattle for their milk.
  4. If a player kills you and you have a fjordhawk they can just follow the hawk to your base. As an aside there's supposed to be a limit to its range.
  5. Being able to track doesn't make it OP. A scent hound can track a wild boar, doesn't mean the hound and the hunter can easily kill the boar.
  6. The key word there was "most". Things like crystal isles and crystal wyverns made it as official yes but on the other side of things you have the acro and deinosuchus whom, if memory serves, stayed mods because that was the wish of the mod maker when they were brought up for the very first vote. As to your other point: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bison_latifrons https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acinonyx_pardinensis Yes, they were. Google is a powerful tool. If you wish to quibble about their names do keep in mind that the species names of the creatures of the ark do not line up 1 to 1 with real world counterparts (i.e. Tyrannosaurus dominium, Utah raptor prime, spinosaurus aquareliga) Regarding the haast eagle I've not heard that name used for it before. A cursory glance here: https://nzbirdsonline.org.nz/species/haasts-eagle lists common names. Regarding the maori, Pouakai translates to "old glutton" where as hōkioi (better know as Te Hōkioi) doesn't seem to have a translation that I've found and seems to function more akin to a name.
  7. It's generally agreed upon that most mod creatures remain just that: mod creatures. Unless wildcard is willing to shell out the cash to pay for the rights to use them it would basically be stealing the works of others for their profit. As far as your suggestion is concerned, it wasn't ever brought up in the vote, even if it were it would've been disqualified as it's not a real world prehistoric creature. The closest you'd have to it would be the haast eagle which while submitted received very little support.
  8. Hoping for gorgon but I wouldn't mind the beetle, bison, or goat making it. They've definitely given a good push as time has gone on, especially in the case of the beetle seeing as gorgon was winning pretty handily till a few days ago. In truth the only creature I flat out wouldn't care for taking the win would be the lion. As satisfying as the meltdown to follow would be to watch, I'd prefer a creature both not surrounded by controversy and that I'd actually want to use making it.
  9. I suppose you're right that in the end the votes are what matters, but now that you've brought up the we v. them statement I can't help but feel like things will only get worse unless that sort of mentality gets curbed.
  10. Don't you know that making it the counter to a single creature doesn't automatically make it worth a vote? Seriously, hanging onto the "but it counter shadowmane" argument is tired. It won't change the fact that by and large it's the most boring of the final contenders. The bison and goat offered some rather nice pve aspects to them that made them a palette cleanser of sorts after multiple pvp creatures getting in. That aside I really don't want to point this out but I've seen it mentioned enough now that I gotta ask: Why is it always the Spanish community that gets caught up in the scandals with outside/streamer influence? Make no mistake I've seen other communities here in the same boat but to my memory none of them ever got as raucous or at least had a passing interest in the game.
  11. By that logic sea lions are cats and not pinnipeds because they have lion in the name. Lion fish are also cats too by that line of logic. It's okay to admit you're wrong rather than doubling down you know.
  12. If you really wanna get into the technicalities of it there are roughly 6 (a hard maybe for 7 with the bloodstalkers) insects given the araneo and scorpius are arachnids.
  13. Next question? Or are you going to pretend this doesn't send a strong implication? Feigning ignorance and acting as though the beetle wasn't a prehistoric creature doesn't exactly do you a solid you know, after all, if it wasn't then it's submission wouldn't have even been allowed.
  14. I'm thinking one head for the boss given Quetzalcoatl isn't typically depicted with multiple heads. A giant serpent with wings a "crown" of feathers is about the standard depiction if you can manage to make a model in game. Easiest way to go about that may be to use the basilisk model scaled up in size and add argentavis wings and drake plumes, though it would need some tweaks to look decent. The xibalba addition definitely has some weight to it as it encourages cave exploration with or without the mini boss requirement. The lead up to the boss fight while thematically quite nice in theory may drag a bit long for a non story map. Perhaps spawning in the center of some ruins and having the serpent drop in from the sky and screech at the player should be sufficient .
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