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  1. " A message from our Product Manager: While gamers can sometimes squabble over the little things, like which console is better, the ARK community is nonetheless tightly-knit. " This isn't the first time this has happened in Ark - there are a couple of player-built monuments/tributes to friends who have moved on, but the story on Reddit was touching too. I am happy - in a weirdly sad way - that Ark is the latest game to have put something like this in their environment to honour players no longer with us. It's a good thing and no doubt appreciated by many in the community.
  2. "We anticipate that the downtime could last up to 24 hours, and th..." Erm... Wut?
  3. LOL! It is around the time of the anniversary so there is that. Also - and I haven't watched it in some time so I may be wrong here but - I am pretty sure that it was a cyberpunk-motorbike film and not once did someone speed along the roads of NeoTokyo on a giant fish. But like I say, maybe I am wrong and the whiner above has something to prove that riding a big fish is somehow breaking some obscure copyright. Oh wait! They rode giant fish in One Piece! Hmmm... maybe the studios for both Akira and One Piece should team up and sue? Bc showing people walking and showing people having a
  4. A lot of things in this game look a LOT like other things - you think this is the first thing WC have ripped off for this game? It's like games companies think that games never get played by people who read manga/watch anime.
  5. Yeah cool on the colours- BUT - DILO with no harvesting rate increase? You shafted us on the "it's x2 standard now even though it isn't" and now we don't even get something on an Event? Seriously?
  6. So... more details than "it is on the old x1 rates" and "CI server 854"? Not entirely sure what else you would require short of my popping the lid off and going through it to find the root issue myself... But yes, thanks for your oh-so-helpful input on this matter. Actually, I have no idea why I am even bothering to continue to reply. Good day.
  7. Ok, firstly, you will see that I said in my post "the old style x1" not "the old style boosted x2 rates that were being subjected to an almost-permanent-Evo-Event boost". Because that would have been "they are the same as the old style boosted x2 rates" and NOT "they are the same as the old style x1 rates" due to my not being a moron. Secondly, for you to think you are in any way in possession of enough of the facts, or indeed intelligence, to question me on this is not only pretentious in the extreme but laughable. Thirdly, "yesterday" would indicate, to anyone with a modicum of intellig
  8. No, they have not. This is just a plain and outright lie. The rates are operating as "previous version" x1 and not the "new x1 which is how the x2 was up to a few weeks ago". They have not been "baked in" at all. You have broken the rates, as well as sundry other things, and your refusal to admit this is, quite frankly, offensive. For example, how is it that something that took 40 kibble to tame on "old style x1" yesterday took 43 kibble? x2 my backside. Additionally, the CI servers are now crashing with alarming regularity - 854 is still currently offline yet again - and you are trying to p
  9. PC version is updating now, the version obtained through Win10 is available as of 20:00 PDT (in theory) and consoles are something or other but that's for them so w/e :'D
  10. Very fair points. It isn't hard to work out so I guess they just don't care...
  11. You are missing the point here. The Easter event was x4 across the board and let's be honest here - things are barely "chugging along" as it is now during 'normal' times. Every 2 mins we're getting a 14 second or more re-sync and that is if we are lucky. Things are barely working and you think increasing the rate is what will make it bad to play this? I raised a mana over the last few days and I made a note of the time it was due to be matured - the constant delays & pauses in the game added over 3 hours in real time to the process. And yet putting the rates up will make it worse? Hone
  12. Read the little bit they hid - the event now starts TOMORROW at this time!!! Are they fkn kidding now or just trolling us?
  13. Translation: We really really badly screwed something up and have jumped onto this lame, and in itself offensive, excuse in order to buy ourselves time to fix what we have broken. Verdict: Pathetic.
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