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  1. Very fair points. It isn't hard to work out so I guess they just don't care...
  2. You are missing the point here. The Easter event was x4 across the board and let's be honest here - things are barely "chugging along" as it is now during 'normal' times. Every 2 mins we're getting a 14 second or more re-sync and that is if we are lucky. Things are barely working and you think increasing the rate is what will make it bad to play this? I raised a mana over the last few days and I made a note of the time it was due to be matured - the constant delays & pauses in the game added over 3 hours in real time to the process. And yet putting the rates up will make it worse? Honestly, tell me how it could be any worse...
  3. Read the little bit they hid - the event now starts TOMORROW at this time!!! Are they fkn kidding now or just trolling us?
  4. Translation: We really really badly screwed something up and have jumped onto this lame, and in itself offensive, excuse in order to buy ourselves time to fix what we have broken. Verdict: Pathetic.
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