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  1. The "event" part is the turkeys etc; the "evo" part is the rates. This means that there will be coloured dino's, chibis etc and the rates during the event will be as posted (x3 on officials with x1.5 on hex's). How is this hard to grasp?
  2. So do I. I currently have just under 200 of them (although that is dropping as now it is x3 they're getting squished) but our tribe cap currently shows 86/500. Know why? Bc cryopods and not selfish/spiteful. Who exactly can "play fine"? People.... on servers that are not G2? Well, as long as they aren't on Lagnaork / Extinction / Aber-render-hell of course. Yes. But then, that isn't the point despite your obvious attempt to sneer at someone with a genuine grievance. You see, the problem here is - it really and factually IS a fundamental flaw in the game itself. The numbers are re
  3. It is. Nope. "Some" players didn't like something. Very very different from "all the players were robbed" as you seem to be implying here. I mained CI and have several thousand hours on it - still could not care less about griffins. That is due to the fact they are utterly worthless. I was neither "malcontented" nor even slightly aggrieved by the apparent (and until now unknown to many including myself) "CI griffin robbery". On the other hand, reapers are actually both functionally useful and beneficial so, as a result, are worthwhile having.
  4. Sssooooooo...... Everything in this Crunch is, in essence, 100% worthless as the transfers are STILL locked, we are STILL waiting on the rollback/fix which means there is STILL no point playing as everything we have done for the last 28-odd hours and everything from now until they FINALLY fix what they broke and roll it all back again - EVERYTHING done in this period will not count or show up anywhere. WHY are people even bothering to cry about no Evo - you could have x100000 and it would mean absolutely nothing as it will all be as if none of it was ever done when it rolls back. Which m
  5. I guess breed-able will be noglin (bc G2 isn't broken enough...) and griffin. Why these 2? Because the 2 most wanted / longest asked for are rock drake and reaper - so OFC it will be noglin and griffin! Oh yeah, and "due to popular request" some sort of pointless monkey re-hash will no doubt magically appear somewhere while they're at it. Fix G2? Hard. Easier to just throw fluffy toys out at streamers instead. Meh... Having said that - I would like to thank whoever is responsible for the most recent server patch. Honestly - thank you for this one.
  6. Let's be frank here - you probably have the time to do a degree in micro-electronic design, hand-source the finest materials, design and then manufacture your own gfx card by the time Gen2 gets seen I paid just under £9 for Ark, roughly the same for the 'everything else' bundle and I will be damned if I spend more than that for Ark 2 - if I even bother; cos in all honesty, an Ark with no machines or tek etc is basically Prim+ with added extra Vin Diesel and while I enjoy his films (mostly) that just doesn't sway me. If I wanted to play Prim+ I would have done so already. Sod pay
  7. "We know that what you want is news on Genesis II, so let's not mince words and get straight to it: We have decided to push our final DLC release date to May 26th, for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Stadia. " Ok, so that is kind of terrible news. Yes I did just say "kind of". While I am sure almost everyone will be, completely justifiably, enraged by this I am personally quite happy. You see, some short while ago I was having a chat, a debate if you will, with someone in a Discord about the Gen2 release and I told them quite clearly it would not be in March. No way. As you can imagine, we
  8. " A message from our Product Manager: While gamers can sometimes squabble over the little things, like which console is better, the ARK community is nonetheless tightly-knit. " This isn't the first time this has happened in Ark - there are a couple of player-built monuments/tributes to friends who have moved on, but the story on Reddit was touching too. I am happy - in a weirdly sad way - that Ark is the latest game to have put something like this in their environment to honour players no longer with us. It's a good thing and no doubt appreciated by many in the community.
  9. "We anticipate that the downtime could last up to 24 hours, and th..." Erm... Wut?
  10. LOL! It is around the time of the anniversary so there is that. Also - and I haven't watched it in some time so I may be wrong here but - I am pretty sure that it was a cyberpunk-motorbike film and not once did someone speed along the roads of NeoTokyo on a giant fish. But like I say, maybe I am wrong and the whiner above has something to prove that riding a big fish is somehow breaking some obscure copyright. Oh wait! They rode giant fish in One Piece! Hmmm... maybe the studios for both Akira and One Piece should team up and sue? Bc showing people walking and showing people having a
  11. A lot of things in this game look a LOT like other things - you think this is the first thing WC have ripped off for this game? It's like games companies think that games never get played by people who read manga/watch anime.
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