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  1. That's odd, considering it wasn't released on the 3rd at all. That was its intended release date but for those of us who remember it and didn't just Google something the delay was hideous. I mean, my calendar may be wrong but.... it isn't.
  2. See my above post 1) "Sparse" is very different to "completely empty"; 2) It's comforting to know that every single week you will spew forth some inanity with a terrible stink of self-righteousness; 3) I saw no screaming nor any demand for boosted rates. Honestly - scroll up! The ONLY mention of boosted rates is yet another clown criticising people for demanding those rates despite the FACT that nobody has done so here. But then, facts get in the way of internet-self-righteousness I guess.
  3. Erm.... no. It did indeed "used to be" 3 months but has not been that for.... 3(?) DLC's now. I can tell you for a fact that it was changed to 2 months quite some time ago. So no - transfers do NOT open after 3 months. But nice try at being superior on the internet! However, maybe next time you stop and find out the facts of a situation BEFORE you make an arse of yourself in public Anyway, I'll be off now to go get a life or find some meds in my mum's basement or something equally "edgy"....
  4. This is simply hilarious! "Welcome to another Community Crunch. Soon we will tell you about some things. No Evo. Bye" Seriously? Sooo..... no info? At all? Nothing about the transfers being opened? It's been 2 months (Dec 14th + 2 months = Feb 14th) and as 2 months is now the time period servers remain closed for after their release people are expecting to see them open. OR JUST SOME SORT OF HINT ABOUT WHEN IT WILL HAPPEN WOULD BE A MARKED IMPROVEMENT OVER THIS! Honestly, the continuation of this farcical "weekly info update" is now nothing more than: "Hey, here is yet more stuff people have done that we have had absolutely nothing to do with but will use to pad out the complete nothing it has taken us a whole week to not do". The fact that someone really does get paid actual money to avoid doing anything other than repost fan-art is genuinely shocking.
  5. Wow. Yet another TOTALLY EMPTY Crunch. This has stopped even being unintentionally funny now. Get a grip. It has now been 2 months since LI was released so where the hell are the transfers? Or even - and I know this is going to seem TOTALLY REVOLUTIONARY but - some bloody information about the date? Oh yeah I forgot - it's this shower so I'm just being ridiculous in my wild expectations of some actual communication with the playerbase. What a joke.
  6. So.... it's an onyc-noglin then? Wow. So impressed... And despite what has been said about riding it - you can fit a saddle to an onyc too. Oh wait. You still can't. Even though you can. But you can't cos there isn't one. Erm.... Yeah. SO an onyc-noglin. Great.
  7. Erm... that IS the complaint now. The "community manager" has put out multiple Crunches with NOTHING in them. Not a thing. It is in no way "damned if you do damned if you don't" cos there simply is NO "do". No. They're not.
  8. You didn't just make it into the Crunch - you are 9% of the whole Crunch!
  9. Adorable. You're clearly either trolling or Cedric. Well, one and the same rly. At least give us a bloody evo Cedric. And stop posting under aliases.
  10. Yet another week of absolutely nothing. No evo, no anything in the crunch at all. Nothing. "Here are some pictures we had nothing to do with creating and now go do yourselves. Oh, positive vibes and all that crap too". Going to go play minesweeper cos that is less tedious than getting continually fkn kicked out of LI for no reason at all.
  11. How is this Crunch even.... anything? This is just another example of Cedclown doing jack. No EVO, and then.... no anything else. No news, no updates on anything, no apologies for yet again not bothering to tackle the cheating that is becoming a bigger part of this game than the actual game now... The brainstorming session this week: "Hey - here's a GREAT idea for a Community Crunch... let's give them nothing and tell them nothing then just re-post some links to stuff we had nothing to do with creating and call it a win!" How this charlatan continues to draw a pay-cheque baffles me. You can't even ask him questions any more cos as soon as you do he ignores you then you're blocked for not sucking up like a fanboi...
  12. The "event" part is the turkeys etc; the "evo" part is the rates. This means that there will be coloured dino's, chibis etc and the rates during the event will be as posted (x3 on officials with x1.5 on hex's). How is this hard to grasp?
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