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  1. Necro'ed I guess: What would really be nice is for them to put ActiveEvent back in, our group were considering a Christmas all year round map and decorating the entire map with christmas trees and what nots, however now that's not a possibility. Very disappointed we can't switch holiday events and have fun with them honestly. This is unofficial ya know, and we paid for the game, and pay to host the servers, seems like a small thing to ask to be able to control which events we want to load up and goof around with.
  2. @Original Poster: Clearly you do not understand how game studios function, this isn't anything new and certainly wasn't unexpected. This is a business that you can very easily scuttle the boat and sink with or you can evolve and grow. You have to understand that the gaming industry is getting highly competitive and with titles being so much more convenient to create by Indie developers, game studios have no choice but to develop or burn in fire. Plus, financially this makes perfect sense. As for the company resources, Studios don't just snatch up every Dev they have and turn focu
  3. Personally, I'd rather be under a strict NDA and be in a closed testing enviornment. Not going to go into my qualifications, suffice to say I do have extensive experience in testing and some in development. Would be interesting to test for Wildcard though, although I'm a bit shaky on my confidence that they'd listen to their testers enough to keep the game from launching early with a myriad of potentially reputation crushing bugs. Let's hope they steer clear of CD Project Red's most recent debacle and put someone with a brain in the decision maker's chair.
  4. Analyzing the last few months of Dev activity may help you come to some forgone conclusions. I particularly took notice in the surveys sent out by Cedric to the community involving questions that glaringly point at an MMORPG approach to the future Ark title, including questions about the crafting system and a few other things. That, and with the company expanding into the realms of Television, hiring big names for Rockwell, Santiago, etc, that tells me that they are upping the ante here and breaking into a different genre of gaming with Ark 2. Ark 1 was and is still great, we recently move
  5. Server stability is highly dependent on population, structure count, your personal ISP and your bandwidth/speeds, your hardware, and of course your settings. It's not uncommon to get a little stuttering from time to time followed by the well known 15 minute server saves which can last up to a minute. However, it also depends on the map you chose to play on, some maps are better than others. If I were to make any suggestions, I'd say you should trim down your graphics, drop the latest direct x for the latter, make sure you tweak your commandline if you are using a multi core pr
  6. ARK: Survival Evolved The Imminent Extinction Event by Rio Riordan Unity Gaming Group In 2014, Studio wildcard in collaboration with Instinct Games, Efecto Studios, and Virtual Basement began development on Ark Survival Evolved. The player(s), find themselves in a survival situation reminiscent of Jurassic Park and a popular TV show ‘Naked and Afraid.’ Players awake on an Island inhabited by prehistoric denizens with nothing but a loin cloth and innate desire to not be a hungry Raptor’s midday snack. During these adventures, players begin to unlock and discove
  7. Rio4201

    ARK 2!!

    What's more than likely happening at Studio Wildcard right now regarding Ark 2, is a shift in focus from what is more than likely the base approach they took for the original Ark game. I'd imagine the team was relatively inexperienced when it came to development in C++ exclusively, instead the initial project probably made heavy use of the Blueprint system in Unreal Engine. Unfortunately, you can only go so far with Blueprints before you have to write impactful code. This is of course speculation, nobody knows for sure what the source looks like for Ark unless you happen to be a Dev on thei
  8. Rio4201

    ARK 2!!

    I choose to remain hesitantly optimistic, I mean do we really know for certain it's going to be a repeat of the original? That's highly doubtful, their Devs are more experienced, if you've been paying attention to the patch notes, they've been consistently improving upon issues in the old game to a point that has me thinking they've acquired some new talent. Any Dev team out there will tell you the same thing I am, and that's simply that you can't learn if you don't make mistakes to learn from, if anything I'd say Ark 2 is going to be far more polished and much improved. Logically, that's how
  9. Rio4201

    ARK 2!!

    Game design revolves around a very complicated and well thought out initial design. That's the biggest pitfall for anyone in development, you may design the game with the vision you originally have, but as technology, player demands, and new ideas emerge, it's easy to look at your project and realize that these things you want to add later aren't possible without a complete tear down of the original game and re-design. Unfortunately, it's 99.9% probable that this was the case with Ark 1. The Unreal Engine itself isn't to blame for the woes of Ark 1, if anything is to blame, it's lack of ESP
  10. Rio4201

    ARK 2!!

    If we go by sheer speculation, Wildcard is working on an integrated engine with Unreal Engine and their own custom MMO code architecture, then I think the maps are probably not going to be released in the same fashion. I'd imagine, they'll be creating a level streaming algorithm and putting together seamless maps to keep to the idea of an open world environment. In some ways I like the idea, in some ways I don't. The mappers/modders in the Ark community are fantastic, passionate and dedicated to making Ark a better place, and to see them dis-included is a bit disheartening. Most of this is
  11. Rio4201

    ARK 2!!

    *ponders* last I looked we were at 4.26? So unless the Studio has their hand's on 5, it won't be that significant of a change. hrmm.
  12. Rio4201

    ARK 2!!

    With the radical changes Blizzard put into WoW I doubt we'll get another 5 years let alone 10 out of the title. If anything I'd expect Blizzard to be upgrading their tech and pounding keys to get World of Warcraft 2 out, or what would truly be amazing would be a World of Starcraft lol.
  13. Rio4201

    ARK 2!!

    Welp.. I can't say I'm overly impressed by the trailer, I mean "neato it's Vin Diesel" but yeah.. without the selling points as to why I'd give up years of collecting dinos, breeding, and building bases, it really had no effect on me at all. I don't care about who the voice actors are, I care about the gameplay and mechanics.. I also agree, we have Pt 2 coming out in what? March? Hopefully? So is this the end of the first franchise of Ark? Should we even bother playing Ark? I have ALOT of things flying around in my head at this point, what's gonna happen to the old Ark servers? Is breeding g
  14. Dunno, I was kind of looking forward to a 2x harvesting rate boost honestly, Crystal isles is still fairly dismal for Element Shard farming, but that's simply what *I* had hoped. Other than that, the event looks great, the Crunch was spectacular, and I'm excited! And yes, I know they already doubled it, but when it takes you an hour to come up with 100 element in farming, it's almost soul sucking boring and often times everyone else is out there farming it as well, meaning less to take back to base. lol.
  15. First you should go through the more obvious steps to fix the issue. 1. Update your drivers. 2. Download Speccy and monitor your temps. 3. Clean your fans if your temps are abnormally high. 4. Run Memtest or a memory testing application, make sure it's not a bad stick of memory. If none of those things work, this could be a bad installation of the game, may need to reinstall. I rarely ever crash, but I'm on PC and generally only crash when destroying large structures.
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