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  1. I suppose it's really dependent on what you as a player want out of the map and what game mode your playing it in. For my wife and I we prefer PvE and we initially wanted to stay on Ragnarok but we had too many people crashing the server (not gonna say who), too much griefing, and entirely too much lag. When Crystal Isles came out we had been on Valguero and Genesis and the map had everything we wanted plus the Tropeos and Breedable wyverns. So, we packed up 3 different bases and consolidated to Crystal Isles. Granted, this map really is a breeding map for the most part, it's got plenty of p
  2. I took on a 2500 shard challenge and streamed it because we had players on our server telling others that it takes hours to get those shards. With Mantis and a 250% hatchet, i brought back 2700 shards in 10 minutes. While the gather rates still kind of sucks, it's doable. just have to make sure it's a hatchet and not a pick the Mantis uses and find the most optimal route for your style of farming.
  3. It's that way across all platforms it seems, we've got pockets of spawns and then you can go to certain areas and literally see nothing. Wyverns are one of my chief complaints if you want to call it such, seems like just in the progression of players finding places to set up shop, the spawns are being blocked. I've already voiced my concerns in another thread, and offered up a potential solution by putting wyvern spawns high in the air and setting the wyverns to fly when spawned. This however doesn't address the strange spawn behavior, we're built next to the ocean in the eastern side of th
  4. Karkinos is sketchy at best, one of my biggest complaints for years is that unless you hit the dang thing perfectly every time you end up killing it. It can still be done however, but it's an awkward process and still can result in a dead crab. I've tamed a few over the last few days.
  5. I feel ya, the element situation on Crystal Isles is dismal at best, but it isn't impossible, just very very time consuming. We're slowly building our stores up with it, but it takes a long time, and forget about building in Tek, best have it before you transfer in. It'll take weeks to get a decent base up and running with the rate of farming.
  6. on console probably not, on PC all ya gotta do is transfer the horns in, however finding one there is near impossible due to pillaring.
  7. So to verify, the Doed when we tried it last time didn't pick up shards at all just stone. I ran an Anky and it resulted in: 4 shards for small nodes, 8 shards for the medium, and 12 for the larger nodes. The Mantis with Pick was the same as the anky. The Mantis with the Ascendant hatchet, 16 - 32 shards on average for most nodes. Thank you again for the head's up, we were truly just over it at this point with the shard farming, this isn't great but a far cry better than the other way heh.. Still think they need to up the yield a hair tho to make it a little
  8. You're joking? The hatchet is getting the shards and not the pick? We tested this thoroughly and there was literally no change in yield with the pick versus the Ankylo. Grumpbear thank you for the head's up, I just did a small cluster and definitely saw massive improvement, usually this same cluster gives you maybe 400 shards, I'm up to 1k. Why in the world they changed it to the hatchet tho is beyond me, the pick is the traditional method..
  9. Thanks for responding, it's really a big issue but these posts have a tendency to get lost in the spam on these forums lol.
  10. It's not uncommon for the less honorable sort to kite corrupted into a base to rob it blind, happened to us on extinction before they changed the offline protection and after. Literally had a dude and his friend kite a corrupted giga into the base while my wife was standing there crafting with her headphones off, she turned around and caught them in the act, red handed, looting all the stuff the corrupted was destroying. If this wasn't on extinction though, it was decay.
  11. Actually, they are discussing it, but I'm not sure it's Ark 2. if you follow the founders of Wildcard and read through their interviews, they want a new concept and direction using what they've learned which is only reasonable for relatively young development studio.
  12. Removing pillars that are excessive is reasonable, however, the last time someone filed a ticket against our tribe, we had very little out there resulting in a large mega tribe building nearly right up to our base. To change that would mean they'd have to get it right the first time around otherwise it will result in disaster. I can already see the pillar removal causing anger, strife, griefing, massive amounts of tickets and chaos.
  13. Element, Element and did I say Element? Here's the issue: Element is required to run things like Tek Generators, Tek Teleporters, to build Tek equipment and gear. The yield on farming Element Shards is too low, it takes a huge amount of time to bring home even 5,000 shards which translates to 50 Element. Most of us would have logically deduced that when the transfers opened, that our better Ankies, Mantis with a Pick, or a Mining Drill would have yielded a better amount. Sadly, they do not. Here are my points: 1. We cannot transfer Element in PvE to other maps. Thi
  14. HLNA Integration to all maps. I know, I know I know, hear me out before anyone immediately throws a fit or goes into this long tirade about how it's not feasible or that's a feature meant only for Genesis, etc etc etc. So, the natural progression as an Ark player is to start on a map like the Island, and move your way up through the lore till you reach the end game. Simple design, however it's not so simple when that means having to back track occasionally to get materials/resources that are required to raise your tames. Transfers are dangerous and carry a heavy chance of losin
  15. Well if it is in fact not against the CoC it should be but I won't split hairs on what classifies as an easy tame, all dinos except for a small handful are imho, it's irresponsible, if you aren't using them, put em up, cryopods weren't put in so you could clog the server up with hundreds of dinos just sitting around doing nothing.
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