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  1. I'd like to point out that the Volcanic eruptions are great and all, but if you are going to allow all these jerks dupe, lag the server to hell and back and crash our servers, it would be nice if the eruptions didn't dismount and kill you instantly. I lost a full load out 3 dinos and gear because these idiots are duping on our server and the volcano was erupting when they crashed us. I'm getting tired of this bull, its your responsibility to take care of these idiots not ours. Take care of it. No more BS excuses, no more wringing your hands like a bunch of nervous teenagers during a school dance, put the hammer down and start banning these jerks. Better yet, fix your dang code, this wouldn't even be an issue if you hadn't screwed up in the first place and allowed them the ability to dupe. This is ALL your fault Wildcard, bad programming is what enabled these people to do this in the first place.
  2. This ENTIRE DLC is one big BUG. Element nerf by 33%? Seriously? Metal trap on the back of a turtle, guess what, EVERYTHING swims through it as if it doesn't have physics at all. /FAIL Try hitting anything with a Basil, it's complete and total luck that you even hit it. 3 friggin eels on me for over an hour because I couldn't land a solid hit on one. Ocean Platforms that can be instantly destroyed and that for whatever reason, destroy the structures on adjoining platforms if demolished. There's a winner. Blueprints? Yeah.. whatever Wildcard. Titanosaur saddles in triplets off missions (this one makes me want to smack all of you.) Ocean Platform height issues, another swimmingly thought out design. smh.. maybe you should call them kiddy pool platforms since you can only build them in waste high water. Magmasaur Den, seriously? we killed around 60 Magmasaurs just to get to the element nodes in that pool and you have the gall to nerf element? After all that? Creature spawns are a complete sham and seem to work when they want to. Looking for a Basilisk? good luck, I combed the entire volcano area on our server and found (2). Dupers gone wild, Wildcard needs to grow a pair and region lock these idiots, or send the legal team after whoever. Griefing, yes its still a thing geniuses, pillaring, boxing in people's oil wells, etc etc. I'm seriously just about over Ark and this game studio, I was really hoping to see an improved game with a fresh new direction, we got a somewhat different but just as broken release new release, conceptually it sounds fun and was fun to play, but now the issues outweigh the entertainment. I'm calling it like I see it, and this expansion sucks.
  3. lol Lunar farming is a wasted effort not worth even visiting. I'm pretty sure those Ferox drop more element on your shoulder than you'll get in a run of lunar.
  4. It's absolutely absurd, OPEC all over again, here we are relying heavily on element ESPECIALLY because there's no gas alternative to Tek Troughs, trying to raise dinos to play this stupid DLC and they go and jerk us around. I'm really ticked this time, it was hard enough even finding a pool in the den that hadn't been picked clean, now it's gonna be twice as bad.
  5. Reduced the amount of element received by Red Crystals on Genesis by 33% Have you guys completely lost your minds? Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to get element right now on Genesis? Go to a populated server and see just how far you get farming it with 300 other dang tribes also trying to get at it. Either switch it back or at least reduce the times between node respawns. That's utter nonsense. #disgusted #wonderswhothehellmakesthesedecisions #wondersifthedevsevenplayofficial...
  6. Or maybe just the extreme respawn rate of the coelcanrh.
  7. I know it is on 601, it's unplayable at the moment.
  8. Genesis: Node respawn rate I'd like to suggest an increase in the node respawn rates on the Genesis map, with as many people as we have on our server particularly, you are hard pressed to get some of the more important resources like metal and element. I literally have to make several trips to various places where you can get these resources and hope that someone hasn't come by on one of those Magmasaurs and completely strip mined the entire area. Unfortunately, it takes a very long investment of time and patience and can get quite frustrating.
  9. Personally, I'd like to see the ability to take anything off a player's corpse changed. The way I programmed our loot system for corpses in one of my earlier game development projects was to place a timer of 30 minutes on the player object (the body) for 30 minutes, giving the dead player time to get back to the corpse or rally friends to help recover it. Once that 30 minutes passes, then the corpse is able to be looted by other players. This gives you as a player a fair chance at recovery of your items. After 45 minutes, the corpse decays and is lost period.
  10. Or it could be that they are doing kibble farms, Rex eggs, Yuty eggs, etc etc. I don't keep 500 dinos out but I do usually keep at least 20 good animals out for that purpose. If they could come up with a better way to handle kibble production I'd be more than happy to keep most my dinos podded except during breeding.
  11. Please: For the love of all that is holy Please put a failsafe in for ocean platform deletions, a way to admin lock them from deletion or at the very least a prompt that ask you if you are sure. People are building massive bases on these things and one misclick during lag and all their crap is hitting the bottom of the ocean.
  12. Rio4201


    Don't expect jack diddly crap from Wildcard, that's not how this game studio rolls. Lost a virtual dino? "Bummer, go find another one."
  13. it's a ground floor approach, get a spot you can build in. Forage for material, build a few hand tools, and start working on storage. Then, once you are ready to go further, a mortar and pestle, start working on getting a crossbow, stone arrows and narcotics made so you can go out and knock out dinos to tame. The key for dinos is to go low, don't try to go get the biggest baddest highest level dinos you can, a level 20 anky is just as helpful as a 150 when you are starting out. I recommend an anky, doedi and a mammoth. Gather stone, thatch, wood, metal, flint etc.
  14. A Ryzen 3 chip makes me cringe, you are better off if you are insisting on going with AMD, going with at minimum a Ryzen 7 chipset the 2700X is awesome and runs everything and then some. I run 16gb for memory and do just fine with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6gb video card and have no issues at all. I wouldn't bother with a Ryzen 3 aka i3, less cores, less performance, and it's a really delicate balance between cpu / mobo / memory and a good video card. Also, be careful from ordering from Amazon, we did a few unboxings and got computers with the wrong parts in em, sometimes missing parts altogether, they shouldn't be trusted. I've had better luck with Newegg and Best Buy. For a 100% satisfaction, I always recommend having it built at a local computer shop or building it yourself tho.
  15. Welcome to the disappointment zone. I posted this same issue a few days ago, the metal ocean platform is trash. Just wait till you accidentally destroy one and it destroys all your builds on the other platforms near it, or better yet, when it decides you can no longer build in patchy spots all over it because it's magically obstructed. The height thing, yep, the response I got was "it's been an issue since the base game and will never get fixed." Go figure, a half arsed feature structure for an ocean biome that isn't reliable enough to build on. LOL.
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