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  1. If you look at the game design, and you follow the pathways to progression and how the mechanics are initialized, used, and then maintained, I think you'll see the problem. When you design a system that relies on a certain amount of dependability by other core systems in order to function properly and deliver that game experience everyone wants, it makes sense that the priority should be to making sure those core systems work. Trough bugs, food bugs, this is a huge huge aspect of Ark. Not only is it huge but it's also treading dangerously over the top of "player investment" which is and will always be a factor that any smart game studio will recognize and respect. Fact is, if I invest a week of game time into raising 40 Rexes and on the final day they all starve because they've stopped eating, I'm gonna be pissed, especially after I spent all that time raising em, making sure I logged in and did the babysitting, etc. While I don't intend this to sound arrogant or egotistical, my time is valuable. period. So yeah, if you take a steamy dump all over my time and show a total lack of respect in it by not making this game run the way it should, I think it's quite reasonable to be perturbed by it. P.S - I personally believe this is a mix between hardware instability and reliability and the programming. Server counts down... food consumption event fires .. Server rolls back 20 seconds due to latency .. Server counts down, food consumption event fires.. Eventually all the performance issues are gonna cause mayhem.
  2. There was a time when release dates or targeted months for release were scripture, if a company said "December" then it dang well better happen in December, but that was a different time, a time where clever wording by legal teams wasn't so predominant, a time when companies didn't strip down their teams so thin to try and squeeze every creative drop of essence out of the few developers they have, a time when a title formed the community that would be supporting it and that community had the power to make or break the game and held the company responsible. Things have have clearly changed, or at least Wildcard would like you to believe they have. This trend however isn't something Wildcard invented, it's something many giants in the gaming industry have created and ultimately what we as gamers have allowed to take hold and spread. Fact is, I think 90% of us expected to be disappointed on some level, not because it's Wildcard per say, but because the way gaming has been just sets you up to expect that. I remember being just "giddy" about Battlefront II, it was supposedly going to be so much better than the original and I remember the roller coaster ride leading to nearly imploding the development due to the micro transactions they tried to slip into the game against the agreement. It's a dirty business with silver tongued devils, legal teams who find new ways to break rules, and corporate bottom lines. I really miss the days when the developers made games they stood behind, companies like Sierra took care of their developers and held to their word on things, but I fear we've all but lost those days.
  3. <-- Still butthurt that the event decorations don't STAY or can't be picked up after the event at the very least. Nothing makes me more willing to play a game like this then having the ability to decorate, christmas lights around the inside of the base was awesome even if the lights didn't glow or emit well enough, my wife and I both believe that sometimes its better to keep a little sprinkle of Christmas up all year round to remind us of happier times in our lives.
  4. Oh it's most definitely worse on a pve server, I only exclusively play pve these days and that's actually a good point to springboard off of. PvE servers should have better hardware and system specs because it is a matter of massive amounts of dinos, structures and in a lot of cases pillars. If we aren't gonna have active enforcement monitoring things, the pillar problem will always be a problem, but with better system specs/memory/etc, at least it would be bearable. I've been on a few pvp servers and have seen how quick they function with little to no lag except the 15 min save lag, so I stick with my original point, pve servers need to have upgraded specs and memory. @Scarekrow The reason "I" play a PvE server is because toxicity is a real thing in the realm of pvp titles and servers, I'm an old man who likes to collect things, being able to raise/breed/tame and enjoy the other aspects of the game without having to worry about some 13 year old with a shoulder mounted rocket launcher killing my tame or myself is a nice convenience.
  5. Not gonna lie, i'm just saddened/disheartened by the whole thing. Conceptually, this game is fun as hell, it really is. But when it comes to actual working mechanics, it isn't even close to what it should be after being out for over 4 years.
  6. I just can't disagree with any of what was posted to be honest, this game is completely taking a nose dive lately. We've got so many issues that are important that aren't being handled, we've got server performance that's so terrible that the game is literally unplayable for days at a time unless you wanna risk the transfer to another map/server. We spent the entirety of our day with disconnects on 458, lag, more lag, more DCs, rinse and repeat, all.. darn.. day... Yet we got this "Gee guys we couldnt' figure out what's causing it" message on twitter.. Seriously? Let's not even go into the fact that many Ark players paid for a DLC that was supposedly going to launch in December, it got delayed to January, and don't get me wrong, I'd rather they keep delaying it until it's ready, but hell we don't even really know what we paid for. Nobody in the player community has a clue what is inside that mystery flee market bag we just bought, it could have an expansion in it, or it could have a "thanks for the donations" note in the bottom of it. Who knows. Where's the marketing, where's the hype, hell where's the sneak peeks one would expect from the Devs? I've got friends who are looking for other titles to play citing those very same issues, my wife told me tonight, she wants to find a title with a real development team and management, so yeah not only am I losing friends i've been playing this game with for months/years, even my WIFE is fed up, and she's a heck of a lot more patient than I am. So many issues, all of which have been pointed out thousands of times in the forums, on twitter, during their twitch streams, by social media, gaming news sites, and yet, the only answer to that we seem to be getting is continued disappointment. I've about had it myself, no game is worth the irritation, frustration and overall aggravation that this one has been bringing to my screen the last few months.
  7. The answer to that is simple. No, no it's not. Wildcard practically admits that a few thousand forum discussions ago and it all comes back to subscription based game play with better or servers or what we currently have.Lousy servers with limited gameplay. Yay for us.. (stares at host connection timeout AGAIN today)
  8. Wish they would enable and allow pick up for all official PVE servers. One of, if not the most despised limitations for pve builders especially when the servers aren't reliable.
  9. OMG you have to record that and put in on youtube, that would be EPIC lolZ! I hope you backed up your save file somewhere, if ya did you can just restore it when/if they fix it lolololol
  10. LOL.. this has been a subject that has been beaten half to death several times with no real constructive or hopeful response from Studio Wildcard unfortunately. Why fix what's only half broken? (Wildcard's stance, not mine.) lol.
  11. Wow an actual currency system in Ark would be interesting, but it scares me to some degree as with currency comes many other evil corruptions to a seemingly simple system lol. Corporate greed, Gold Sellers, microooooo transactions. *faceplant*
  12. I think in some instances you are right, but there's always a good and bad to both sides. Official rates, official issues, they suck, private servers, having the game put in a state of super easy mode, extortion by server admins for real life cash, losing thousands of hours of work because the admins decided they were no longer interested, not such a great experience. Guess it really depends on what you are looking for, i'll take a sense of security over vanity mods and what not any day, but i'm one side of a coin in that.
  13. Why choose official vs unofficial? Seems like lately all I see is "Don't play official, play unofficial." Folks, there's a reason why players choose official servers. i'm going to go off of "MY" reasoning for choosing official first, but I think it'll hold true to why many others also choose official servers over unofficial servers. First, a bit of background: My wife and I started on private unofficial servers, we eventually went from players to server admins/hosts/owners, running a cluster for awhile. We had the goodies, the full and real S+, stackit mods, auto engram, 5x rates, you name it. So yeah, we've been on the polished side of Ark, enjoyed the Eco mods, enjoyed the experience of building with better snap points, more structures, and refined controls. Even had a pve/pvp setup so we had controlled pvp, it was a blast. However, after a few months of that, interests started waning on our servers, our friends were too busy with real life, work/college/kids/etc etc, and the activity fell off, and so did my interest in financing the servers with only 1 or 2 people logging in every few weeks. Don't get me wrong, when your working 40 hours a week, being able to shut off or change decay timers, set things right so we can work and play, yeah it was nice, but wasn't worth the monthly expenses. This of course lead to us going to see what "official" was like; which shockingly was a much much different beast than what we were used to. Having spent thousands of hours in ARK official at this point I'd like to just quickly bullet point why I choose official over unofficial: Studio support. Wildcard has a semi-reliable customer service team/enforcement team. Official posed more of a challenge. Official wasn't controlled by private 3rd party server lease/owners. (we've seen our fair share of @#$@'ed up admins from private server clusters) Official servers aren't constantly down like unofficial servers due to frequent patching and the need for private owners to update them. Official offers a much larger and more interesting community of players from all over the country/world. Unofficial usually involves a handful of friends in a closed network. Official means there's a certain amount of responsibility and commitment by Wildcard to maintain their servers and CoC enforcement. Now these are just a few of the bigger reasons why official is that much more interesting to me. But it goes beyond that, when a company hosts their game servers there's a sense of community there, a sense that they are going to take care of those servers and that when it happens on official, it IS official. That's why I never got into WoW emulators, I trust official servers, I don't trust something that doesn't have an official stamp of approval on it. There's a certain amount of expectation that comes with being on an official server, we expect that the company or it's support staff are going to enforce rules / CoC / ToS, we expect that there will be an attempt to be fair and no bias will be introduced into any administrative actions that need to be taken. We expect that things will be handled as swiftly as possible when issues do arise. Eventually it all boils down to a sense of reliability and responsibility versus some 13 year old setting up a small linux based server in his basement for his buddies and no telling how responsible or reliable this person is gonna be while running the server. Every time I see "you should go play unofficial" I cringe, because that's really poorly thought out advice. To me that says, "Hey, go invest thousands of hours on a private server that could ultimately be administrated by just about anyone, hope they don't one day disagree with something you say or do, hope they are honest, legitimate, and being fair on the server, hope that they won't abuse their admin power because they have NOONE to answer to, and hope they keep the server up for more than 2 weeks before asking you for real life money to pay for it." Personally, I'd rather someone say "Go play singleplayer" at least then they don't have to worry about any of that nonsense above.
  14. C'mon Cedric, you have got to be kidding right? Are we going to nostalgically skip along the yellow brick road of Ark development over the last few months or are you guys gonna actually show us something? You guys are beta testing the new map and system, record some video and throw it up on the darn site already so we can at least get a peek of what your doing, give us a little hope and a spark to relight the interests in what many are starting to feel is fruitless wait for an underwhelming finished product.
  15. @OP Make pvp better for who? just you? Sure, let's just get rid of an entire expansion because 'you' don't like the tek suit or the way the game plays, that's a great idea, while we're at it, let's give everyone 1 million level dinos to go decimate each other with and put a big red "I win" button smack in the center of your screen so you can just mash it whenever you feel the need to show your pvp superiority. Instead of complaining about the mechanic why don't you come up with a REAL set of suggestions for game balance, or better yet, try fighting fire with fire, grab a mek, suit and use the tactics others use and see if you can competitively keep up with the mainstream.
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