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  1. I'm sure we all find some things frustrating in Ark, and I genuinely agree with you, most problems are in fact caused by the players themselves. That transfer situation you described, I can totally relate to that, I've seen friends and tribemates do that very same thing. It is definitely infuriating but it's not my place to correct or otherwise steer them onto the right path. Generally when It try to help, they get defensive and don't listen anyways. *chuckle* In my situation, and in the situation of a few of my friends over the past few days, we did the smart thing, we checked the originating server for a downloadable character, checked the target server for the character, once determining it wasn't in either place, restarted steam, re-checked both places. After a second attempt at that, it was uninstall/reinstall of the entire game, rechecked, still nothing. I've probably been coding everything from business solution software to engine / quest / and tool applications for over 20 years, i believe in testing, re-testing, debugging, retesting.. debugging some more, and retesting again. (you get my point) But, not everyone does. lol I used to tell my boss every time he asked how close we were to finalizing a code project, "When the code tells me it's ready and not the impatient boss." Official in itself doesn't frustrate me, there are only a few real issues that genuinely get under my skin, losing a character file, that's a big, no, I rephrase, that's a monumentally huge one for me. I was working for a company and project which I cannot talk about, but we lost a few hundred thousand player files, so it kind of scarred me for life when it comes to that. The project nearly tanked before we ever truly got the title going and out of beta testing. Thankfully, it did pick up and while we didn't get WoW type player numbers, we had a respectable player base and the title would coincidentally be running even now if it hadn't been for extremely poor leadership, bean counters and market analysts more concerned about the bottom line than a stable, fun game title. I've been considering modding it up and submitting code to handle it, although as another person pointed out in this thread, in truth it's as simple as a cron job that copies and backs up the player files for the servers, it doesn't even really need to be a mod. I could actually see them putting in, if they haven't already, some playerfile maintenance routines, if the pfile is a year old and there has been no activity, they could clean em out, add in another pulse save only have it be for backups, run that cron job, and bam done deal. So many possible ways to handle it, I'm sure the WC coding team have sat down and talked about this, but as with any team, concerns for what players are gonna react like get in the way. I know I'm a huge pain in their backside. Imagine a 15 second save on top of the regular server save, there would be rioting. However an optimization pass, maybe a small push for server upgrades and bringing them up to a more acceptable standard, would help in that whole effort. You are in fact correct, I don't think any of the coders are going to generally read these forums, when I originally posted, I did so out of pure frustration and because I honestly felt strongly enough to raise a stink about it. Call me old fashioned, but these days people are scared to say what they mean or what they feel, they give sketchy, vague or sometimes completely misleading reactions to things. I've over the last few years, made it a point not to be fake about it, and to voice my opinions no matter how raw they may be. You can't truly know a player, a customer, a friend or a lover, until you and they are complete relaxed and comfortable with eachother. Then you get to see the reality and truth of things. So, in all reality, I used this thread as a way to express my frustration, knowing nothing may ever come of it, but in doing so, I feel better, I got to meet you and discuss something important with you, and I got to back up the other frustrated players who are also experiencing the same issue. So all in all, moot point or not, it all worked out. P.S - I'm glad you've been that lucky, some people have all the luck, in my experience, I have very little, but I thank the universe every day for every shred of luck it spares and pushes my way.
  2. Caleb, have you ever been in development or worked for any larger game companies? I have. I'm not saying your opinions aren't valid however, so I'll respond as appropriately as I can to what you said. First off, yes, it happens. As for if things can be looked out for during server transfers, actually it can. Many and i do mean, MANY, game companies have fail safes in place and do incorporate a backup routine before allowing transfers to other clusters, instances, however you wish to describe a machine to machine transfer. This goes back to my finger pointing to poor design, Wildcard could and should have put the necessary effort into making this a much less likely case, yet in the past week alone i've seen 20 posts on people who've lost their characters during transfers. This clearly shows the lack thereof of effort on the development team's part to fix the problem. It isn't a point on if it happens or not, it's the point that it happens way too much on this title to be anything other than a matter of poor programming and irrefutable evidence of bad game design. Blizzard by the way, hasn't required "proof" regarding a deleted character in almost 7 years. Why? Because they have a backup system for their more than 3 million players that are actively playing. Notice, they can even restore a deleted character? Bethesda, I can't comment on. I lean heavily towards PC development and don't delve into the realm of cross platform development nor do I play on console, so I can't really say what their policies are there. What i do know however, is that on a PC platform, this is a complete and utter disappointment and/or joke. I think it goes without saying that the gaming studios can't be held accountable for a bad pipeline or other interruption of internet service that may come up. However, it's a commonality among all gaming studios who present and host multiplayer games that require persistent saves, player tracking, etc, to design and keep the system optimal to avoid data loss. If we're splitting hairs, if I can't play the game because my character keeps being mysteriously deleted due to a bug that could have been fixed but hasn't, how does that become my fault? I purchased the game, I did my part in creating the character and beginning my adventures, I paid for the DLCs, i've done my part as an end user. If I am required to keep a library of screenshots why wasn't this told to me before I purchased said game? Where's the disclaimer? Since this is by your definition a "fair" requirement or approach, then where is my fair disclaimer on the box? This then becomes a legal matter now doesn't it? Even in my early years programming, I came to a distinct realization that players don't like it when their pfiles disappear. Players also don't like being told to prove something after it's already happen, and being asked to prove it with screenshots that they can no longer get because the damn character is gone. Do you see where I'm going with this? If someone had told me that I had to take screenshots to play this steaming pile of crap, I'd have passed up that whole purchase in favor of a night out with my wife. I've written several backup functions for several different projects over the years, and with the cloud being such a wonderful thing, there's literally no reasons or excuse not to back that stuff up, period, end of story. That's why I'm frustrated, and I think that may be why alot of the others are as well. While I don't expect perfection on any level from any game studio, if you are going to put requirements like that up after I've already made my purchase, you've basically breached the ToS and betrayed my trust as a consumer. That, and the 4+ years this has been an issue clearly shows the rest of the community how much of a priority it has been for Wildcard. This shouldn't be happening, of all the things to hold most holy among the online games, the player files which keep your players actually playing should be ironclad backed up at all times.
  3. Here's my problem with that: Fundamentally, at NO time should a company put it on their playerbase to do things that the company by all rights should be doing. It's the point behind this that I'm trying to make, because they can't manage their code and back up player saves properly, why should the end user suddenly be responsible for something that the development team is clearly responsible for? I could see if i were buying a vehicle from them and they required me to have the oil changed and tires rotated in it, but we're dealing with software and that's a whole different ballgame. Imagine what would happen if Blizzard suddenly lost their entire player database and they responded with, "Well unless you can provide screenshots of everything you owned in the game, the character level and achievements, and anything else pertinent to the character and possessions we can't help you." Their company would immediately be turned inside out, the players would massively walk away and never look back, the title would fail and the lawsuits would come rolling out. It is by industry standard, the responsibility of the game studio to save/store/update and maintain their own player database, not by legal standard, but by industry standards. Any game studio worth their salt makes that a top priority, no players = no income = no game. To be asked to provide proof that clearly should have been backed up, save/stored and accessible by their customer service team is an asinine, responsibility dodging tactic that anyone serious about the industry would find lazy and completely unacceptable. Sadly, this conversation wouldn't even need to be had, if they had simply put a failsafein, an exported save routine prior transfer, or hell, a number of them.. Back it up to cloud storage, encrypt and write a local save file to the client side, do all of the above, but do something instead of "oh we need screenshots because we don't wanna do our jobs." (Which is what this feels like.)
  4. Friend of mine lost his 2 days ago, I lost mine last night, another friend lost theirs this morning. Welcome to Studio Wildcard and their failure to do what a billion other game companies have done well in the past. Secure player save files. Just wait until some idiot in Customer Service asks you for screenshots of all your dinos, gear and unlocks. That'll really make your night.. Because yeah, we all do that every single time we transfer.. Not to stand on the soap box but yeah I'm gonna for a sec. #1 Wildcard: Screenshots? No. How about you guys put on your big boy pants and backup pfiles more securely? There's this thing called the cloud, it might be a good idea to use it. #2 Wildcard: Fact: your bad programming is in no way our fault, so asking us to provide you proof of our characters is just a sad, unprofessional and mediocre way of dodging any responsibility. #3 Wildcard: This title has been live for 4+ years, and in that 4+ years, this random deletion of player files has existed. Fire your lead dev, quality assurance manager, and all your senior staff, replace them with real developers, not sure where you've been recruiting dev help, but I'm fairly certain it's from local community colleges under the guise of intern. Don't know about you folks, but i'm done being nice about this, I paid for a product, and so far I still haven't gotten what was promised. Tired of herd mentality of "you got arked, it happens" when it should be "Wildcard needs to answer for this crap." I don't expect perfection, but something as foundational and important as character save data? Thats a fail on levels I can't even begin to describe. Penalizing players for their poor coding and because they didn't take screenshots as "proof" of their items/engrams.. Priceless.
  5. Don't know why I would even bother commenting here, worthless, 4+ years and you guys can't even stop characters from being deleted. GG Wildcard.
  6. Disappointment. I'm just going to put this out there, because I can, and because I feel the need to vent and call you out Wildcard. I get that patches can often come with issues, I get that QA can't catch everything, but just how long are we as your community members supposed to wait for you to improve upon this? I'm sorry, but the patch was god awful, servers were crashing, steam was completely borked, and nobody had much luck even getting back into the darn game?! Working as intended? Are you friggin serious? Oh, and lets also point out the most recent debacle after an all day wait to play the friggin game.. We get in, get situated, gear up for a boss run with capped flak, pump actions, plenty of ammo, and other gear, get in, get all but the manticore down before the @#$@ server frickin' crashes because there's a NEW update queued. Ironicially, all the servers crash, no warning, no restarting in 5 mins, NOTHING. So you wasted our time, wasted our resources, and then killed off all the players even though we still won the boss fight because our dinos burned manticore down. You wanna know what pisses people off? How bout no respect for their time, it isn't like gear/ammunition/dinos just magically manifest themselves, they are an investment of our time, and your studio consistently defecates all over our efforts and investment. I don't think it would be too much to ask for a little frickin courtesy once in awhile, you make this game so friggin grindy and time consuming as it is, now you wanna add shoddy business practices and poor decision making on top of it. I swear we're looking at another Sony entertainment company. #rudesalute @ Wildcard
  7. 15 seconds is actually fairly good, those are usually 15 minute interval server saves, which is how they keep your character data, dinos and status saved for persistence If there's anything to be said about the server latency, it's the lag outside of that standard save cycle. We experience a ton of lag on Ragnarok 81, the server most days is unplayable if you don't wanna sit in your base hiding from the wildlife.
  8. There's literally a million different things you could add to this thread to celebrate holidays and events. The typical run of the mill stuff: Boosted Rates Event Colors Special Items; skins / appearances / holiday eggs for dinos Rare dinos added (dodo wyvern, etc etc.) Truthfully, I'm surprised this isn't something that isn't integrated into an automated calendar based cycle, you simply get to the appropriate dates, and the holiday event settings kick in. Seems a little odd that they aren't a consistently generated event, would be easier to work around the holiday/events for additional dlcs and content if you had a baseline event firing on a predictable and reliable timeframe. Personally, I'd like to see event only cosmetic things added to that list: Special furniture for bases Special Buff foods Special Engram unlocks Achievement unlocks Rare special prizes that are "found" in chests around the world. (maybe an awesome gun, or armor, or a tek box of goodies) Again, my first thought is that establishing a concrete, automated, event timeline that fires reliably every year at the same time would be the most helpful, postponing Fear Evolved for years at a time because the Dev team is too busy doesn't sit well with the playerbase who *cough* pays the Devs. Anyhoo. just my thoughts.
  9. Yep, 1 pot of coffee down, 5 to go. #WaitingForValgueroTransfers
  10. While I find it to be relatively annoying when they spring things like this on us, I appreciate it. I think the best thing we could ask for from our Devs, is to put a final save routine in if it isn't already, as the server shutdown command is initiated, the server saves the state first, then proceeds to shut down. But who knows, unless you are a dev on the team, it's hard to tell how they have it set up. P.S - I agree a 30 minute or even an hour head's up would be nice. Thankfully I wasn't in the middle of a tame, not that I would in 1x lol.
  11. Are you sure you want to eat this? There's nothing that irritates me more than when you just up and eat an egg in your inventory due to lag, especially a 505 giga egg or a set of Boss Theri eggs, when there's nothing you can do but listen to the sound of your hard work being consumed while the servers struggle to maintain any functionality at all. Adding a prompt to confirm eating fertilized eggs would sure be nice, I'm tired of wasting my time.
  12. Valguero Transfer Concerns So just a few questions to lower the anxiety levels that seem to be creeping into my already overly paranoid head. It's my understanding that there are some creature incompatibilities (Ice Wyverns, Rock Elementals, etc) that differ from other official maps, which could cause some issues with the transfers and I think I can speak for most people when I say, losing cryo'ed dinos, while transferring into Valguero would be extremely upsetting. * What's being done to ensure a smooth transfer of dinos to Val? * What are your suggestions for ensuring a smooth transition? * Are you really going to require us to screenshot every single dino or piece of gear we bring over? * Will there be or has there been thorough testing to ensure transfers are going to be smooth? I only really mention this because if the creature tags aren't standardized on most assets in games and you try to bring in a non-supported asset to another server, generally it wreaks mayhem. I've written in the past conversion scripts that change non-standard tags to standard tags without upsetting the other factors like color/stat/level, so I assume that's probably the approach you're going to take. In any case, I just wanted to voice my concerns, I know I have a few element gachas sitting in the wings that are desperately needed for our tribe, and I don't want them vanishing without a trace upon transferring them into the Valguero map/server.
  13. I would just be happy for some sort of confirmation that they are aware and working on it, that's really the most annoying part. I can submit a ticket every hour on the hour it's down, but if you never get any notification that they received it, how are you supposed to be reassured that they actually did? lol
  14. Actually, no, I'm not talking about a desktop, I meant a rackmount server, commercial grade. But that's really besides the point. Patience however is the lesson of the day, it just really annoys me knowing that this process could have been taken care of much sooner than it so far has. I would imagine, these leased server providers are using rackmount setups if they are worth their salt. Not to say that a hosting company couldn't use simple Dell Precision tower servers instead, but rackmount is really a more efficient way of handling it. With the right board and accessories tho, a tower could host nearly a full cluster by itself.
  15. Valguero 558 still down since 5am est. Yep, still down, tickets were and still are being thrown at support to get the server back up starting at 5am. Ok, so I'm gonna complain first and get that out of my system, then i'll get to the constructive part. I play with 1.. not 2, not 3, 1 avatar. I travel between maps with that single avatar. When the server goes down on my main server, it prevents anyone who is in the same boat I am from playing. I've been in the IT world for 25+ years, so I'm aware that there could be a multitude of factors causing our server outage. Would it be too much to ask for Wildcard to offer an accurate server status and take the 30 seconds out of someone's day to post what's going on. There's a large community of players sitting in discord right now waiting for the server to either come back up, or for something to be announced in general about the outages. Normally, I'd assume it was Tuesday's maintenance but as it stands right now, I'm looking at alive and well Valguero servers in the official list, all my other servers are also up and live. So. That heavily leans towards a machine issue. The time it takes to fix the issue is relatively small: Motherboard replacement - 1 hour tops. Memory replacement - 10 minutes tops. PSU replacement - 10 minutes tops CPU/GPU fans - 30 minutes tops. It went down at 5am, it's now 12:30 in the afternoon. That's 7 1/2 hours of downtime.. I could have built an entire system, installed the OS, installed the dedicated server and had this thing back up in running in under half that time and it's driving me NUTS. It might not be hardware, I don't know, but that's kind of the point. The perception being offered doesn't necessarily match what's going on. Never know, by the time I'm done writing this, the server could magically reappear, but it still underlines an issue. Is the support ticket system broken? Is the server outage form not being paid attention to? What's the turnaround on an outage ticket "supposed" to be ie the CLA? Is there some sort of disconnect in the process of reporting outages and the datacenters taking action? Suggestion: Provide more information than just silence. Add a server specific status message/motd letting the players know when things are down and when to expect an ETA. Re-examine if need be, the process of outage reporting and time it takes to get your contacted datacenters moving. While I'm extremely annoyed, I'm also extremely understanding, technology has issues, it just happens, all we can do is learn from it, and base our next design with the wisdom we have gathered using the old. Meanwhile, I'm a beach Bob on a server I'll probably only play for the day or whenever the server finally gets put back together and running. lol. Again, I'm trying to remain upbeat here, I realize "nobody on these forums can help you" is the response I'm gonna receive, I'm just saying, this is an opportunity to learn from what people are thinking/seeing and perceiving and to design it better with that opportunity presenting itself.
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