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  1. Well, technically transfers aren't gonna open "in a couple of weeks" but maybe in a couple of months. I don't really care about Reapers generally on CI if they are really there tho, so what? lol. There are giga spawns on the map, and one could argue that gigas are more OP than reapers anyhow.
  2. I disagree, both my gaming laptop and my gaming desktop render things crisp and vibrant and it's a great map, especially for those of us in PvE who like to breed and spread our builds out a bit. love everything about this map with the exception of how tight some of the resources are to get.
  3. Crystal Isles: Add Extinction Element Nodes Here's the problem: You can't leave batteries in the charge nodes because idiots keep stealing them while you are trying to charge them. It's hard to make element when you are constantly being jerked around by unscrupulous players. On our server (845) its happening constantly, which means we have to sit on our thumbs for a few months until transfers open just to bring our tek stuff over from another map. #thatsucksmonkeybutt
  4. Block off AB Area on Official (Crystal Isles - Floating isles) So, on official servers, you can get down in there from above at about 48.7, 78.8 but here's the problem. You get down in there, and it looks like you can fly around in there, build a base, land, but as you are flying around you'll magically hit a wall of water that you can't see until you hit it, you'll be immediately dismounted, fall straight through the water to your death and your flyer will end up mesh killed. Turns out everything beneath that particular entry has NO physics. So, either block it off, or fix it please, I lost a wyvern I was particularly fond of and almost all my metal farming dinos. (which was why I was going to the AB area to begin with.)
  5. It doesn't make any sense as to why they wouldn't want us to be able to cryo the wyverns. The dino cap for the servers are going to suffer severely if they don't allow us to cryo them up eventually. I'd say this is broken not intended.
  6. Before the last patch you could raise them with meat but you need the special crystals for imprints and to help regen their food rate. The meat would sustain them tho which was actually nice, so at least the food wouldn't go down. Now ya have to use those crystals exclusively.
  7. Crystal Wyvern issues So, the babies won't eat meat as of last patch but WC couldn't be bothered to allow us to cryo them up?? /facepalm.
  8. Unfortunately you are right, it's just a shame to see a map that actually gained its popularity with the unique aspects of the map design get gutted like a fish.
  9. That's true, but then again, they'd be shooting themselves in the foot by doing either one of those. This however isn't about what they could do or could not do, it's what they "should" do. I firmly believe they should respect the creators vision, and if they won't, they shouldn't be using it. But that's just me.
  10. Community Created Content: Butchering a Vision So, here we are with scattered information about the latest map 'Crystal Isles' slated to be released on a delay until June 11th 2020. However, news is already making it's way across the community about the re-works that Wildcard have made to the map and it once again looks like it's going to be a disappointment. Much like Valguero, which in it's glory days before being touched by the Wildcard team, offered a large range of dinos including many aberration specific creatures. However, the stance the studio continues to take regarding map design and the content allowed on it continues to be one of ignorance and neglect. The official stance is to insist that each map be unique to one another with what dinos and resources are available thus creating a dependency on transferring to other maps to get any variety of exclusive items or resources. The fact is, this is a ridiculously outdated and inept stance at this point. With the verified and heavily reported issues with transferring and having characters systematically lost in the system it's high time maps that allow for the full range of resources and creatures be included in official and community releases. Personally, I find it irritating to have to update more than one or two bases on separate maps, its time consuming, aggravating and with the decay timers steadily ticking down it's just plain ridiculous. Something clearly needs to change here, whether it be by adding synchronization to the login process that systematically updates decay timers on all maps, or by eliminating the need to hold multiple bases by removing the restrictive measures taken to each new map. While it is speculation, everything seems to be pointing at a final destination on Earth in the lore, a large map or several large maps covering a vast world in which the survivors of the Arks must traverse, reclaim and rebuild. What the community really needs are maps that offer everything the other maps do, a place where they can establish a home base and keep it without having to constantly move between maps at great risk to the player to tame things that could otherwise be included. With this newest map, the rumor mill with some facts clearly verified by those who sat in on the ISO Dev discord meeting, indicates that Crystal Isles is another victimized map by Wildcard that has been stripped of the unique things that players who loved the map prior to it becoming official will undoubtedly miss and probably find aggravating. Rock Drakes, Griffins, Ice Wyverns, and many others have been torn from the map according to several sources, and the liquefied dinos are no more. I think I can speak for a good portion of the community when I ask, "Why would I bother trying the map out if you are going to take the best parts of it out?" Another thought I've been having is, "It would be nice if they'd at the very least upload the map when finished, prior to launching it to all the servers so that those of us who may want to look first before making a mistake in transferring over, get that chance in singleplayer or through the Ark Editor. Ultimately, the people responsible for providing the vision for the map that was accepted by WC get to watch their vision and hard work get dissected and turned into something that doesn't by any means reflect the original vision and that in itself has to be heart wrenching for those who spent all that time and effort on the design and implementation. Don't get me wrong, I understand that certain dinos shouldn't be allowed when it comes to the PVP aspect to keep that gameplay balanced, but as a PVE player I like to take my collection with me when I move to a new map and I still enjoy using that said collection when possible even if just for showing off. In any case, those were my thoughts on this whole thing, I can only speak for myself when I say that if that was my map design and if any of what's been published is true, I'd be completely irate at this point, it's simply butchery of a wonderful map with an extremely creative and well thought out purpose. It's shameful.
  11. Rio4201


    I wholeheartedly agree, if this was a gun game server in cs:go that would be one thing, but to do this for Ark seems a bit overboard and as i mentioned ethically it probably isn't a good idea. Easier to just troubleshooting the main issue and getting the server to list properly. lol.
  12. Rio4201


    It might be easier just to troubleshoot why your server isn't appearing in the listings. Are you running this privately and not through a server hosting service? If you have a dynamic IP address and it changes your players would need to look for the server name every week or two to find the updated server listing. Especially if you are using no-IP or other redirection services to host the server.
  13. Rio4201


    Ahh, well I suppose something like that could be done.. hmmm, you could put phantom players in those slots like what's done in popular fps games, when a real player connects the npc count or in this case phantom player would need to simply be reduced by 1 until the server fills. Not sure how ethical that'd be tho, but then again, when players who do connect realize there really isn't anyone else on, they'll probably not stay long. I can't say I haven't written a bot or two for things like this in my past, but bots like this are generally frowned upon and anti-cheat picks up on them so I haven't actually done one in about 10 years lol. My last bot was for WoW to farm ore haha.
  14. Rio4201


    Hehehe I have my own private server project I dabble on, but I play mostly on official these days. In any case, check out the workshop I know there's a mod or two that shows you who is online. You could just use your admin panel as it also lists who's connected and playing.
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