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  1. 558 took a nose dive and everyone was DCed about an hour ago. The lag is so thick you take 5 steps and rubberband back 4 steps, the gigas are torp bugging, the timers are thrown completely off kilter, something significant is going on, we're just hoping to salvage the day. 4x and the servers are blowin' up. It figures lol.
  2. Valguero Wyvern Spawns after update broken on 558 Since the update, the fire wyverns aren't spawning, at all. The ice wyvern spawns seem to be nerfed to a point of two on the map and only every hour or so. Is this being noticed on other Val servers or is our server experiencing these issues? Server: NA-PVE-Official Valguero 558
  3. lol Facepalms? seriously? Think about this. October rolls around and the flood gates open, the servers are suddenly jammed up with thousands of dinos, items and things flooding into them. The lag is so bad you can't even stay connected. Or, allow trickle transfers, avoid the mass spikes.
  4. A Dino a Day Keeps the wilds at bay. A Dino A Day: Type: Event From now until October for Valguero map players wanting to transfer over cryopodded dinos.
  5. Lovely, more PvP changes that will undoubtedly jack up us PvE players. I hope someone at WC is keeping our PvE communities in mind before initiating sweeping changes that affect both sides of the coin.
  6. Duping / Server Attacks - NA Official PVE Ragnarok 81 We have someone duping on our server and crashing our server multiple times a day, I know for a fact, that the community on 81 has sent in multiple tickets to support, reported the server outages using the google doc, yet it's still happening with no end in sight. 81 is our home, its where most of us play exclusively, and NOTHING has been done about it. 3 friggin days in a row, we've had instability, crashing, dupers, and haven't even been able to enjoy the event. I'm pissed, so are the 30 or so regulars that are suffering the same inadequate response times and inaction by the GM/support team. I'm amazed you guys can even stay in business at this point. Fix this, ban the crap outta the people responsible and for the love of all that is HOLY, find an outsourced customer service team that's worth their salt.
  7. FIX the game. Alright, it's me again. Please FIX the game WC. Just about every friggin day, I come across some aggravating issue and today is no different. NA-Ragnarok81 is lagging every 7 minutes and then the 15 minute lag, it's spiking and rubber banding constantly. Spent 2 hours prepping for a giga tame today only to get the trap placed, get everything going, get the giga trapped, get about 200 tranq arrows into it, and then it GLITCHES through a trap that didn't even have enough space to slip a thyla into, the giga proceeds to run from the cove where the dragon cave is, suicide jumps into the water and dies. Now i've got thousands of resources spent on a trap I can't even pick up because for some god awful reason, there is a 30 second window to pick it up in PVE. I can understand why you would have the timers in pvp, but we aren't in pvp, and I for one never will even try it. Meanwhile, there's thousands of traps out there in the wild across dozens of servers that are sitting there with decay timers and causing lag, when if you allowed us to pick our crap back up, i'd have cleaned it up and moved it somewhere more useful. Instead, I'm leaving it right where it is, viva lag and unnecessary structures. So Summarizing: 2 hours prep time: * made kibble *made 4 behemoth gates *made 2 doors *placed trap *trapped giga *blew 200 tranq arrows * 40 minutes into it, the Giga glitches through the side of the trap. * Giga proceeds to run for a cliff literally teaming with hostile wyverns, drops into the water and dies. * Trap remains in place on the server and cannot be picked up. = Wasted time, wasted resources and nothing to show for it except 1 dead snow owl, broken gear, less materials and a dead giga who shouldn't have been able to escape the trap to begin with. And that's just today, I should keep a log and blog about this whole experience. Maybe it's time to look at different survival game, doesn't appear we're gonna get any Dev involvement or anything fixed in this title.
  8. PC sorry should have been more specific.
  9. Ragnarok pve official 81 Has anyone been experiencing strange behavior on the server? A fellow tribemate hit me up in Discord about midnight last night and told me the server crashed and did a roll back, I logged in, my character was completely out of the tribe, i had no spawn points, all the stuff in my inventory was gone, etc. I managed to resolve this by transferring off the server and back onto it, but it was rather unsettling and I lost a good day of gathering resources and migrating resources over from another server. I'm a little less than pleased about the whole experience. I've also noticed that the server was doing some really odd stuff, stuttering lags every minute to 2 minutes on top of the typical latency every 15 minutes. In any case, i was curious if anyone else has ever had that happen to them or if I should be concerned.
  10. ignore Feature for Chat Any idea why this isn't a thing? More often than not, community members playing on their respective servers have to endure spam, idiocy, arguments and overall misbehaving. Seems almost mind blowing that a chat client for the game doesn't include a feature like this since most do. Any chance we are going to see this someday? Sure would be nice to have without having to disable global chat altogether.
  11. Decay timers So my wife and I are chatting about this currently and I really felt like i needed to voice my opinion regarding this. Decay timers are GREAT! However, it seems a little bit over the top at 7 days. People have lives outside of Ark, and at least in my case and most of my friends, we often take a yearly vacation for a week or two. Especially us, we love to cruise, and most cruises are 7 days and 2 days travel/hotel time for us. While I don't think it's fair to ask for extension of the decay timers to 14 days just for our purposes, it's my opinion that it would be something reasonable that the entire community would probably get behind. Sure, it takes longer for abandoned structures to vanish but we do have lives, jobs, families, vacations, etc. just my .2 cents.
  12. Well, that would be one way to handle things. Traditionally, player wipes usually do a development team a ton of good but the fact is, as a player, it's a nightmare, especially on a title like Ark which requires hundreds of hours of time invested to achieve anything substantial. I can speak for my entire tribe, myself and my wife when I say that a wipe would probably end this experience for us. While it is a game, it's also an investment of time, a big one. My time is valuable to me, not sure how others feel about it, but for us, time isn't something we trivialize. Should there be any type of mass server wipe, we would politely bow out and go back to our private servers and probably never look back at official again.
  13. Thank you for that Aylana, I wasn't aware of that link, gonna keep a close eye on it from here on out. I just hope they can iron out some of the glitches, love the game but man these issues are really getting to be a nuisance. I just want to have fun and relax, and I'm stressing out every time I log in and something goes all wonky. lol
  14. Well, this post wasn't a post stating that I "hate" Ark, nor was it intended to be that. There are noticeable and pretty crippling issues that I've noticed, I'm sitting out in the middle of the island right now looking for my Argy that I just spent 3 F@#$'in days raising, he was on passive, following my Anky for a metal run, and the server lagged and off he went never to be seen again. This is the kind of crap that really ticks me off, and I'm getting tired of hearing: "It happens, it's Ark" "Oh you got Arked, just raise another one." There is NO excuse for these kind of issues in my eyes, and the community has decided that it would rather just accept these issues and live with them, rather than asking the developers to address and fix them. Its easy to just say "oh well, its how Ark is" but I paid for this, and I feel it's in my best interest to express my concerns at some of the things I've seen. I don't accept the mentality of "It's ark, just deal with it." I've spent hours and hours in this game so far trying to get established, raising dinos, and I'm just plain and simply fed up over the glitches and BS that don't seem to be getting looked at. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe they are looking into it, I would be thrilled to see any signs of that. That being said, many are correct, Ark is an awesome game, it's definitely something you can dig into and find hours of enjoyment playing, I like alot of what was put in here, and continue to enjoy even the older content and things. I just wish they would stop plugging away at new content and fix the current issues. Don't get me wrong a new Dino is great, but the first time it runs off after 3 hours of taming the darn thing and just vanishes, well we'll be right where I am at right now. 1 Argy down, hours wasted, nothing to show for it, with my metal to boot. I have a suggestion for the devs: If you are going to continue to not address the issue of pet's getting lost due to server lag and latency, for the love of God, at least implement the s+ pet charm into official as a courtesy until it is fixed. It's a nearly perfect solution. As I am finishing up this post, my lost Argy that has been gone for well over an hour has just found it's way back to me. All I can say is.. wow.. can we say broken?
  15. Here's really the issue with going with an unofficial/private server: We had (2) servers, a 60 man public Ragnarok and a 30 man public Extinction server through one of the popular hosting sites. Out of the 2, we had one active, and 2 - 4 active players, even with advertisements, a welcome center to help people get started, etc. Logically, most players who start playing Ark aren't going to go for a private server, they are going to head into an official server for the full game play experience. Unfortunately, that means if we want to have any interaction at all, we had to come to official servers as well. I've been talking with my wife about potentially putting up a cluster off a business speed dedicated connection using two Precision workstations here, but we'll see. At this point, we're doing whatever we can to just maintain what we have on official. The other poster who mentioned time management, I agree, we're slowly starting to head that way, I got up this morning and threw everything that wasn't being used right that minute or tended to, into pods, it's going to mean weeks of selectively pulling things out to get it matured, adding even more time to the already huge amount of time that it takes, but I see no viable alternative at this point and don't want to be chained to my computer. As an IT professional, I sit in front of computers all day long, coming home and staring at one another few hours a night while doing redundant tasks to raise dinos just isn't working out well. I appreciate the mature and helpful feedback, I hope more will post and comment on this. Many players feel like there needs to be some work done to this title.
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