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  1. You need to kill the parents to imprint/claim them
  2. Since the server maintenance on those few servers anyone else having issues dling there char to them ? I can't get my char back onto the island 50
  3. Those complaining about no evo should know after years there is usually no evo event 3-4 week after an event….
  4. there never was a breeding event for Easter... only for vday.
  5. Because a lot of servers are capped to all hell and they don’t need want to do anything to really address the cap issue.
  6. Having 10 tames per day per person would always put the larger tribes basically in charge of tame cap as it pretty much is now... I’m a soloist for the most part how fair is that to someone if I can get 10 tames and the tribe next to me can get 100+ with all its members lol (just using the tribe numbers as an example but most can relate)
  7. So I tested your game for 2 years just to get screwed over because you don't want to support those who gave their time test you game and report the issues? I love the game but that's just a Low blow to all of us who don't want to go to the new servers. You are forcing us out of 2yrs or hard work and don't give 2 damns about it? What the hells the sense of playing ? You lied saying server server would not be wiped then lied again saying people would be able to move well in advance and you give those ppl who are now screwed not even 6 days to pack up and leave... not to mention only 10% or servers were supposed to be deleted not 33% so glad I invested 3000+ hrs to get the shaft. And not to mention server caps on most servers won't even allow people to bring there Dinos over!
  8. would be cool if you have to lasso them and "break" them in to tame them haha
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