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  1. Saying I own 738 and I don't even own half of that lol
  2. Dino Tame Counter The tribe dino tame counter is horribly wrong... its not counting unclaimed things from the past or dead from the past... i counted all my dinos before hand and have no were near this amount they are saying ! only reason i know if because someone lead 2 giganos to me a few weeks back and i lost everything ! and i dont have 738 freaking dinos right now or near it ! i tried killing 10 for the sake of science and testing and number s till dont go down.
  3. If it's missing from favorites go look at the full list of servers. They made some hardware changes causing them to be removed from favorites
  4. Yw
  5. It's been on the center you can find it in caves and I have tamed some On floating island by the beaver pond
  6. Anyone else experiencing crashes and constant rollbacks? noticed this mainly happening on the center server i play on..
  7. Not sure if this was changed to be this way but believe this is a bug ppl on pve servers are picking wild Dinos up and dropping them in players pens. I know this is allowable in pvp