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  1. Amanda632

    Merry xmass troll

    someone tamed a 140 green spino so now all low lvls but yes the majority im seeing are in the 20s
  2. Amanda632

    Play Anywhere Release Date?

    the way i ready it was only xbox players can join us not the other way around.. unless i misread
  3. Amanda632

    Server Caps

    i cant agree more. my rag server was capped withing 2 weeks of it being released... don't even think it was that tbh. so i went to another server and again shortly after it was tame capped. i would have thought since they initiated the tribe dino tame cap that the server tame cap would go with how many tribes are on server and i do believe they were going to do something that you can only have so many allies so people couldn't make so many sub groups to support an "overflow" of dinos. i also have well over 3600 hrs into this game i love it but when I'm not no were near tribe cap ( have 100 tames atm) and i cant tame or even breed it makes me not even want to play the game anymore. its making me miserable and imagine other players are in that spot as well. i feel sorry telling new players coming to the server that I'm sorry we are at tame cap and you wont be able to tame anything atm.
  4. Amanda632

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    So I tested your game for 2 years just to get screwed over because you don't want to support those who gave their time test you game and report the issues? I love the game but that's just a Low blow to all of us who don't want to go to the new servers. You are forcing us out of 2yrs or hard work and don't give 2 damns about it? What the hells the sense of playing ? You lied saying server server would not be wiped then lied again saying people would be able to move well in advance and you give those ppl who are now screwed not even 6 days to pack up and leave... not to mention only 10% or servers were supposed to be deleted not 33% so glad I invested 3000+ hrs to get the shaft. And not to mention server caps on most servers won't even allow people to bring there Dinos over!
  5. Happened to me many times as well and countless others that I know of .
  6. im raising a few mutated giganos as well they were at 7% before servers dropped
  7. my servers been down for over 2 hrs now
  8. Amanda632

    No Download Source on Update?

    got it to work with Vietnam servers
  9. Amanda632

    No Download Source on Update?

    k ty guys/girls i was worried it was only me i have 4 baby giganos im trying to get back onto and it wont let me
  10. So im trying to update the game to be able to get on with my babies and i keep getting an error saying there is no download source. the update was 1/2 way done before this started popping up... anyone else experience this ?
  11. Amanda632

    Introducing the Equus!

    would be cool if you have to lasso them and "break" them in to tame them haha