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  1. The 14th of August I submitted a request to restore some Managarmrs that had bugged after taming (REQUEST #1688934), after a couple of interactions with GM Chival spanning 11 days, he sent me a link to set an appointment with him (even though the text he copied/pasted stated that for dino restorations it wasn't necessary). I set the appointment to the earliest time he had an opening, which was today at 10 am my time. After logging in and waiting for him for 5 hours now, I haven't received any communication from him, so I assume it's a lost cause now. I also opened up another request (REQ
  2. Definitely love having EVO events, but could you let us know with at least a day in advance? My Gigas didn't reach 100% imprint because of that, feels like my last 2 weeks of effort were for nothing.
  3. Experiencing the same thing. Black pearl gacha crystals give nothing, not even the ones that should give armor yield anything. Let's just wait and see if this is fixed soon.
  4. I'm experiencing the exact same problem. That's 1 hour of my life I'm never getting back I guess. All that waiting around for nothing.
  5. You should fix the mating intervals, while you're at it. But for the most part, this has got me excited!
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