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  1. the first time in month i decided to raise a round on Rag 434.... and OFCOURSE the server crashes -.- ...... pathetic!
  2. read their & my post again plz! "Standard Official Servers: 1x harvesting, taming, and XP (which is equivalent to 4x when considering our old values) " Nothing about more breeding, just on specific dinos! aaand i said specifically "Mutation chance" ! (even tho i wouldnt mind having 2x breeding/raising timers aswell!) since you claim to have an open ear with the devs.... PLEASE mention that the TEK.Bridges are still broken since May 2019!!!!!!! fix it dice!
  3. making the evolution event standart is nice, but doubeling the mutation chance would have been SEXY!
  4. here we go again..... bridges still broken & no1 cares -.- shameful!
  5. Abberation chibis unusable without installing the map?! hi guys is is just me?! or is this a "feature", that we are unable to equip Abberation & co chibis when we dont have the map downloaded?! i own all dlc's, just dont have abb installed, since i dont play on that map! but now im not allowed to equip them "because i need to own the DLC" is there a way around this? or am i doomed to have chibis i cant equip?!
  6. would be a nice addition(reactivation), but knowing wildcard, they wont do stuff their paying customers want, sadly! hell, i bet none of the "official" team even visits this forum atall!
  7. if it is around his base, so beit! but random all over the map is just greedy! worthy of an enforcer nuking his tames/base!
  8. there we go again, a server crashes & you get banned from playing anywhere else -.- what is this even good for?
  9. todays patch restarts server without warning -.- todays small 124.4MB patch just crashed the servers & patched the clients without warning...... the "professionalism" of wildcard, actively ruining the gamelplay expirience keeps astonishing me! -.-
  10. to those new guys still wondering why the servers are down: they dont care! also WC never answeres, to anything! just a fact im painfully aware of, since i started this thread & the mods here took the tread away from me & merged it with an OOOOOOOLDER post , a WC employee actually answered to, to make it seem like they care! wich they dont -.-
  11. welcome to ark pvp, i guess where everyone pretty much is an egoistical a55hole! sad, but thats what u get when u have no rules..... the strong pray on the weak, because they can....it suxx, but its just human nature!
  12. here we go again....... 434 offline................................................................................................
  13. awesome freaking job wildcard.... the server comes on for a full 10 min & crashes again!.....quality product u have there! this is sooo pathetic!
  14. aaaaand again 8 times server 434 crashed today.......
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