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  1. Just like Movies, most ppl who are ARK 1 fans will buy part2, but better check the mood again a couple month/year after release, if it "holds up", or not!
  2. guess ill have post in this/my tread again afterall 🙄 Island 1020 is offline for waaay over 20h by now & no word or anything 🤨
  3. woohoo NO EVO -.- & no information about whats going on atm................ fudging hell..... WC really keeps up their "we dont care about the playerbase atall" attitude! why is it so hard to just give us 2x weekends?! i guess, if you got the same initials as a water closet, you need to behave like it -.-
  4. fyi, its been nearly 130Hours now that 434 went offline & NO information whatsoever from official side! ........
  5. you totally talk "off topic" here .... he was talking about having a char stuck on 434, that is the owner of bases on other servers, wich will decay now! (his own fault for not having chars on each server, but thats a different story) and the fact that there is 0 communication about problems on wildcards side (wich should know/care if something isnt working) is the thing that denies us from "planning" how to react!
  6. aww dude finally, SOMETHING! thx its just dealing with wildcards non existing communication is extremly frustrating! if they would have given us the information like: "there is an issue we are working on & server will be down for some days or a week" then all would be fine, it would suck, BUT no information whatsoever just creates anger honestly&frustration! whats soooo hard about communicating, that they know & work on it??!?!?!??!?!? its just unbeliveable! for an "official(ish)" forum!
  7. and we are at 67+H Offline for 434 & no friggin word whatsoever -.- its the exactly friggin same, why i started this thread back then in the first place -.- server offline all the time & no1 cares or even talks about it officially.... ultra "professionell" wildcard ...........................................................................
  8. aaaaand we are at 51 Hours offline for rag434 .... breathtaking how wildcard still just dont give a sh!t -.-
  9. aaaand 32H offline for rag 434... feels like 2019 all over again -.-
  10. Finally Forced 11kHP / 1k dmg Bears into Existence !
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