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  1. Just like Movies, most ppl who are ARK 1 fans will buy part2, but better check the mood again a couple month/year after release, if it "holds up", or not!
  2. i raised mine with meat maewings too, without an issue... maybe your luck just ran out....
  3. Offline Animals just shouldnt transfer atall! or as said before, should be pushed out of the boss-bubble! but knowing wildcard, this is one of the features, they wont change -.-
  4. If you just want the full story, read the explorer notes in order (on the wiki or whatever), its basically a book to read thru!(and a pretty descent story overall!) ... if you just play the bosses you will miss like 90+% of the actual story! most bosses are done kinda boring with rex armies supported by a yuty & maybe a healer, soo if you make an army once you will basically be able to do most of them! but because bosses are mostly "whistle attack the boss" plus dodging some stuff/surviving its not as exiting as one might think to play through! it might be more "fun" to just "cheat" to/through the bosses to see the cuscenes/get the skins & co instead of wasting your time breeding boss armys in singleplayer, one might just spawn all in to speed things up! personally i "cheated" through most bosses& achivements in singleplayer once, early on, because you get all the benefits of these unlocks on official aswell, like skins, hairstyles & co!
  5. Once again, the game crashed & erases ALL map data 🙄 ..... sooo is there a working command to get rid of the map "Fog" ?! its just friggin annoying to have closed up maps again, after being everywhere! i tryed some "OpenFogOfWar commands" but nothing worked... whats the secret here?!
  6. i posted in the wrong forum, but no idea how to delete this.............. dont even know how this possibly ended up in "server administration" atall! i opened a new thread in "generel discussion" 🥺
  7. guess ill have post in this/my tread again afterall 🙄 Island 1020 is offline for waaay over 20h by now & no word or anything 🤨
  8. they should just get rid of the mutation counter overall, 20 muts is too low to archive anything meaningful & ppl who really breed all do it with negative counters anyways!
  9. if my math is right, then 30 is more then 20 & that parent wont really be willing to mutate (just with a low single digit % chance) if you want the details (as always) check the wiki! https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Breeding https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Mutations
  10. there are waaay more pressing issues with this game, then mass unlock, specially since most high end chars unlock stuff once & thats it! and most players have a 2. account with a crafting char, soo mindwipe is used very rarely overall by most ppl! it would make more sense to have groups to unlock like "all stone buildings" or " all metal tools" & so on!, that would be cool to have!
  11. to all that was said, i would add some things: first of all, if both parents that made this kid have 0 mutations, continue to make babys from them until you have all stats on a baby with 0 muts! (getting an all stats kid with unwanted mut always kinda suxx, specially when you start out) colors always have a random chance to land on the offspring the higher stat of a parent has a higher chance to be transferred to the child (like 70% or something) if you want a mutation you need to have atleast one parent under 20 muts, or you will never get one! parents mutations always add up on the baby! so if you inbreed to make more with the same stats and you start with 1 mut, it will add up QUICK & mess up your chance for mutations! when you breed alot on the other hand you want to reach over 2,147,483,647 muts, so the numbers turn negative & that counts as 0 muts again! best way to reliably breed is to have ALOT of clean girls with 0 muts (and with most stats on 0 exept maybe a baseline, like stamina & weight so all offspring definetly have these and you are free to purely go for stats you want like hp/dmg) other then that its patience & many many dead babys =/ speaking from breeding bears on official for years with like 150 girls wich reliably give me like 8-15ish muts or something per round, helpful or not! ^^ hope that helps peace mho
  12. uuhm "stayed online for 3 days got 0 eggs" you are aware, that you have to park em close to eachother & activate "mating"(or wander) on all of em riiiight?!
  13. woohoo NO EVO -.- & no information about whats going on atm................ fudging hell..... WC really keeps up their "we dont care about the playerbase atall" attitude! why is it so hard to just give us 2x weekends?! i guess, if you got the same initials as a water closet, you need to behave like it -.-
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