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  1. yeeeah same on PVE.... all hardspawn should be "no build areas" in generell!..... its annoying for YEARS, they dont care! -.-
  2. damnit, i waited the whole freaking year for this & now you remove "Dino Dark Purple" from the event colors?! screw u, honestly!
  3. yes to all of that i would add the possibility of Generators being powered by a TekGenerator ( so we could power an electrical grid with tek) or some sort of Transformator item (if thats the right english word,idk) we could add to an electrical grid, that gets power from a tek generator! so we could have purely tek powered bases, without running the tek genny on high range!
  4. i couldnt change anything and never recieved any answer to the bug reports... only that patch did it! and if u are on console, ur F'ed, i guess! but i havent had a console since SuperNintendo! soo no idea about that really!
  5. OMG he is right, they really fixed them! would have been awesome if they mentioned, that they finally fixed them for official!
  6. all u need is a couple of high triangle foundations with ramps
  7. welcome to the reality of ARK! -.-
  8. there we go again, another 1.2 GB patch & tek bridges are still broken! pure professionalism @wildcard !
  9. The thing that buggs me the most about this sh!t, is the fact that they ONLY dont work on Official! Singleplayer & unofficial servers never stopped working flawlessly!
  10. wow could it really be true?! it took 1.3 years without a word or acknowledgement of anything wrong with the tek-bridges & now this : v313.10 - 09/04/2020 - Fixed a bug which prevented the TEK Bridge from snapping - Increased the TEK Bridge decay timer Freaking hell................. Tek-Bridges still spawn off angle! and are not connected to anything previously build (wich they flawlessly did on release) the 20day decay timer is nice tho, i guess?......
  11. yes, makes no sense that am "egg raptor" cant pick up eggs ( just like the dung beetle that cant pick up poop, literally!)
  12. nice idea, but these days with gachas, no need really! but would be nice to have in any case
  13. yeah makes no sense that the beetles still dont pick them up!
  14. NO just learn how the building mechanix in this game really work & you can make this yourself!
  15. how this is still not a thing is just crazy! we should be able to just plant any plant we want/that the game has....even trees
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