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  1. what are you talking about? why would any1 neuter clones before selling them as breeding pairs?!
  2. hiho i bought a couple of mana clones a while back & made babys to raise them in this event! now i come back to imrint them & 3 of the 20+ babys want imprint from the dude, who cloned the parents! WHAT?! how the fudge is this even possible atall?! or is it a known feature/bug? ... i rarely deal with clones, sooo idk what to make of this really! peace mho.
  3. Wiki Knows, who would have guessed?! https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Experience
  4. dont you have to have the gachas filled with something if you do that?! i mean, dont they make crystals out of the paste?! or dont gachas produce, when not rendered in, but still pick up paste?!
  5. omg they are fusing posts together again, so problems look less big of an issue... this forum sometimes -.- ps: i bet i get banned again for flaming, because of this, but i dont care anymore! if you dont talk about issues, nothing will ever change =/
  6. since this patch that made snails breedable, the concept of having them on wander to get Paste is now flawed, because now they are constantly pregnant & drop babys everywhere! how about a seperation between mating & wandering?! i mean we have to have them on wander to accumulate paste, and now they are constantly banging!........ this just cant be right!
  7. they kinda did that on purpose & now everyone who has a group of them is drowning in baby snails -.-
  8. like the title said: can we get the option to pod Stryders?! the situation on gen2 servers is the same as we had before pods came out & the tame limit was ruin the playability! these days no1 can use/build on platforms atall on Gen2, since there are "tooo many on the ark" thx to ppl stacking PLENTY unused ones in bases everywhere -.- peace mho
  9. yes to fixing this & the quick electricity decay problem!
  10. they DID change the range(volume?) of the fabricator sound quite a while ago... maybe search for whatever they changed to do that & appy it to the tek genny?! would love the sound reduced for the tek one on official too tbh!
  11. yeeah its a fun system, even to wipe bases in PVE you dont like... just grab some refertilizer & recreate some rocks inside someones base... pooof base gone, because of mesh system!...... but is a feature to be able to nuke bases in PVE apparently, and no bug, since they never fixed it in over a year!
  12. as Breeder i would have loved to see 2x breeding & co! BUT ppl seem to forget that we never had breeding in evo events atall in the last years, only on big events like summer & co! be glad they added breeding on normal weekends sometimes too!, dont expect it to be normal tho! dont be so greedy & go farm stuff^^
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