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  1. once a day would be awesome at this point!, but 10 times a day with 30-40 min rollback each time?! comeone
  2. even tho no1 from the official side seems to give a damn about this issue, here is what 434 looks like the past few days.... its unplayable! and the fact that posts about this issue get all cramped into this one thread to be "hidden" is just aggrovating beyond belive!
  3. DAMNIT, what good does it do to always merge these threads , but not correcting the issues?????????????? what the fudge, seriously wildcard........ i get u guys want to make your forum look clean like nothing is wrong, but this behavior just pisses ppl off! it makes u look like u work for the trump administrtation & just dont want to see the truth in front of you! 434 just crashed the 8 th freaking time today for 30-40 min with 30-40 min rollback!!! and you guys merge the new threads adressing these instability issues with an older one so its invisible on the start page......pathetic sry, but this childish behavior is unbeliveable, do we need to try legal action? or is it just so ppl stop playing this game on official servers completely? just wow unbeliveable!
  4. there we go 6 crashes in total today so far...........................................................................
  5. Ongoing Server Instabilitys & crashes i tryed to make a post like this before, but it was moved & closed by the forum admins, but since this problem ruins the game for a big chunk of the community playing on the OFFICIAL server network, i have no choice other then posting it here again, since the OFFICIAL servers im playing on keep crashing & rolling back multiple times a day! this was the original post & we just dont get a solution or ANY WORD on this issue! im really disapointed , sad & out of options what else to do about this issue other then reporting the server outages with that strange offline sheet (no1 seems to read or care about atall) i hope this post wont be moved or deleted again, but maybe gets an answer from the official side! would be much appreciated! peace mho
  6. aaaaaaand the server crashed the 4th time today, well done wildcard, well done!
  7. this is ridiculous.... the server "crashes" 2-4 times a day for always exactly 30 min! sooo either its "planned" or just incompetence on the side of the server admins, idk, but ppl keep loosing their chars/dinos/stuff on transfer because of the server crashing all the time adn the laaags make it nearly impossible to play on 434 atall! wich creates the question: what the fudge happened december 2019???? since then & the offline times of over 20h that made me start this thread this server goes downhill in playability! and we get 0 official word about why & how & if there is even someone working the problem, oor atleast tell us you dont give a poop! atleast then we would know where we stand! dont u guys want ppl to play on the official network atall? is that the endgoal? to make ppl hate wildcard & the official servers?! i really try to understand this!, but kinda cant! peace mho
  8. the bridges are still broken! why did they even add this awesome building piece when then they patch it useless?! and why is it only not working on the OFFICAL network, but flawlessly on unofficial & singleplayer??
  9. the problem still exists!" i made a small box away from bases & can log in normally & play & teleport to & from big bases, aslong as i dont have to log into a place with a base! since EVERYTHING else works flawlessly & no1 of wildcard/support/report even gives a damn about solving this problem, im really out of ideas how to fix this!
  10. itx mainboard only 1 pciex16 slot!.....already took a look at M2 network card, but that seems strange , maybe USB3 adapter ?! ill have to look into that im really getting tired of this-.-
  11. do you really think i would connect a new router & not exchange the lan cable?! comeone! even tryed W-Lan, same result!.... sooo i guess IT IS my mainboard lan chip for some reason....idk there arent really "mainboard (network) chipset testing tools out there?! i mean i didnt find something that really tests someones chipset!
  12. a friend of mine logged my char in just normal...... im really flabberghasted at this, it just makes no sense... the only sad thing left is a problem with the network chip on the mainboard, but everything else still works, sooo it cant really be broken, can it?! im soooo confused by this @ello788 im not sure why u try to explain console stuff to me, im clearly on PC(and in the PC forum here)! but yes ports are open, if that was your concern?!
  13. no, but ill try the next days to get a pc somewhere
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