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  1. im neither complaining about the size of the game, nor the fact it has to download patches & i even get that all the dlc/maps need patching! BUT the fact that the game does that in this mannor is what kinda pissed me off! why doing like 4 different "loading bars" & not tell us users(wich WC dont care about i know) what will be the overall time we need to spend on a patch.... i mean you download something for like half an hour, just so another download starts with an hour long download/install, just to start yet another bigger one & after that another small one...... makes no
  2. wow, now i wanted to start the game & it starts another 6.3GB download.... what the fudge is going on #wildcard ?! wasted over 2h yesterday & now another hour?! .............. fun stuff
  3. hiho the last patch (1.6GB) finished & then ARK started a 6.4GB download.......WHAT?! whats going on here?! bug or feature?! what the.....? edit: now 10 min later its at 9.4GB... edit2: wow this patch is glorious.... it stopped patching after "finishing" saying: "missing download files" and after pressing "download now" on this "always keep up to date" game it starts another 1.1GB download.... well done wildcard, well done, quality product,like expected -.- edit3:the drama continued... 4.6GB download & now after finishing this it tells me "
  4. depends on wich boss i guess!, but i recently tryed the alpha broodmother with 25kHP/1200%dmg Bears + a yuty and they all died after getting her down to ~~50%! soo i doubt that ankylos have a decent chance! PS: some ppl sell good dimorphs on discord, better to buy bred ones & keep going then starting from wild^^
  5. yeeah dont waste ur breath or hopes, they will never give you those files, or make the servers stable! ...well or even answer in their official forum, for that matter!
  6. afaik, watertanks fill up automatically on scorched & abb!
  7. hiho Wazzup with the Parasaur Ping sound?! since Gen2 came out it seems to be gone or off & i was wondering if its possible to get that back! (not sure if this is a bug or feature?! ) As Bear Breeder it was very useful to easily hear, that "back there" is still a baby hidden under one of the girls, without the need of staring in a direction, waiting for the red bubble to appear.
  8. The new Gen2 server im playing on is down for the 9th time today now! nice to see the server stability is as consistent as expected
  9. get a phioma(and lvl food)!.... 2-4 fields of stimberrries are easy enough to fill up like 5 beetles with poop in an instant!
  10. Desert & IcewormQueen cave have a good amount of easy to collect red drops on Ragnarok!
  11. they should have just put a limit on "gachas per tribe active at a time" instead of messing with seeds! like only allowing one or two pairs of gachas maximum per tribe out at the same time = no gacha towers! as it is now, it just screws over normal players....
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