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  1. they should have just put a limit on "gachas per tribe active at a time" instead of messing with seeds! like only allowing one or two pairs of gachas maximum per tribe out at the same time = no gacha towers! as it is now, it just screws over normal players....
  2. ya damn was just about to post this -.- lost 48k mejo seeds & thought it was a bug, but NOOOOOOPE a new Feature, no1 wanted
  3. the fact that the mana could swim at full speed (circling my position on a fixed depth), but cant change its depth is what confuses me! and normally, when u get off dinos, they swim to the surface automatically! but the mana just stayed down there, like an idiot! and for those who say "i have to keep stam in mind while riding stuff"..... no sh!t!, but what can u do when it laags & it ends up underwater afterwards without stam because it jumped uselessly while it laags?! PS: i dont care how op they are in PVP(wich they definetly are), never play it!
  4. because, he was diddeling around at a depth that made me run out of stam like 2 m above him & then the mana didnt come up & i couldnt go down, soooo i drowned & sec later the mana!........ just a poopty mechanic, that manas cant swim upwards atall if not ridden.......
  5. hiho i just lost a mana , because lag made him use up his stamina to unnecessary jumps & land underwater after the lag. now that he was out of stam, he was unable to swim upwards atall with me riding him...... i got off & whistled follow (like every other animal) and expected him to.... welll follow me! but instead he kept the depth & circled my position underwater until he drowned! soooooo either this is a totally senseless mechanic,or bug, or something to just make ppl loose their mana in water! pretty dumb actually!
  6. i didnt wanted to post in this (formally mine/now stolen) thread, since no1 of consequence reads this or cares anyways....... obvious by the fact, that this thread is the biggest in the forum -.- since most servers die & roll back multiple times a day since December'19 & no1 cares its obvious they dont dive a damn but 525 is offline for over 5h now ... kinda suxx!
  7. hey guys, i transfered 25 of my clean one color breeding females off ragnarok 434 ( because its instability makes it unplayable for over a year now -.-) and after arriving on valguero i threw them out & now they all got over 224 Days of mating timer!!!! they where never transfered of rag before, infact they where born there & i bred with em for years! since those are pretty much the baseline for my breeding (no muts single color girls), i had to pull em off rag sooner or later, because multiple crashes& rollbacks on rag434 (5-20x a day) makes breeding there impossib
  8. hi guys any ideas if a (2x or whatever) evo event is active or not?? the server browser says so, but the main menu doesnt.... soooo who do we belive?! wiki doesnt have anything either!
  9. Those Gacha Trees are just eyesores that make the server laaag! i would be all for either a lower dino count for tribes (200-300 should be enough!) or really giving gachas a higher dino count! 50-100 each seems fine!
  10. its not ONLY extinction! its the Leashes in generell! i got dinos "flicker/floating" around on Valg too! even dinos who have been in the leash previously & taken out might flip back into the "leash mode" and snapp back & forth from their position & the leash border.... there is something deeply wrong there!
  11. most stuff is sold over discord servers! or directly traded, for whatever u got & what they have....
  12. im breeding direbears for years & i can tell you, that below 100 females you are wasting your time!, because the mutationrate is soo low, that you will wait more for re-mate timers, then spending time on raising useful offspring! with my around 150 girls, i get a useful (HP or Dmg) mut abouuuuut every 3. round ?! ofc its sometimes more sometimes less! but i gotta admit, the rates & times are pretty crazy, specially, when it comes to the insane times on other dinos (luckily we got cryo these days, but some dinos are still insane to raise) bears are pretty easy with
  13. aaaaaand 434 crashed AGAIN......................................................................
  14. yeeah 434 is down AGAIN! well done @StudioWildcard ..... professional incompetence..... pathetic, really, since this has been going on for over 2 years now^^
  15. hmm im breeding stuff (mainly bears) for years & never encounterered that problem! but i also make SURE, that they definetly have enough food on them to survive to 10% !
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