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  1. No there's no Discord. The only way to contact is via the support ticket system. You'll need to wait for them to reply to it. I can't guarantee a response though.
  2. I still see no-one "attempting to silence" anything here. All I see is someone, i.e. you, on a witch hunt and crusade against 3 or more other people. As I said before, you care more about a conspiracy to silence an issue than you do about the bug itself.
  3. As @yekrucifixion187 mentioned, 21st July is the new end date.
  4. Just to make it a bit clearer, here's the tweet that explains the current resolution.
  5. Yes this has been reduce on console, however it has only been adjusted server-side for now. This means that the client will show the old amounts, but to actually craft it will take the new smaller amount, i.e. 10 etc. Once a client patch has been put through cert then the client will show the new amounts. That's the best fix they could do for now on console, it was either that or wait entirely until client-side patch was ready. It might still be worth hanging on though until the client patch is released as the event is extended anyway.
  6. This is nothing but a witch hunt and a crusade. Where is the evidence that anyone has attempted to "silence" the bug? Whether Jen's tweet was mis-informed by herself, or mis-interpreted by yourself, and the volunteer mods using that tweet as a source, that does not mean that anyone is purposely trying to "silence" the issue. So i'll say it again, this topic is NOT about the bug, it is a clear intent to carry out a witch hunt as you clearly care more about a "silencing" conspiracy theory than the actual bug itself.
  7. Knowing the way Jen was treated by many in this community then I support her response. You have zero idea of the abuse she used to get from "so-called community" members. The fact you are coming here to stir up trouble for someone that no longer works for Wildcard and attempting to smear her name further puts you in the same pot as the "so-called community" that were vile and vulgar towards her when she did work here. You raised the bug in this topic, that's great, but what you've turned this topic into is a witch hunt on someone that has nothing to do with ARK anymore. I hope you are proud of yourself.
  8. Well considering you have given no details regarding what is not working right then no-one can say whether it is happening to them or not...
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