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  1. That does indeed suck man. For me it is usually 6pm, or 5pm. Can't quite remember if it was 12pm EST or 13pm, 12pm sounds more right.
  2. Read my post immediately before your post where you asked if there will be an Extra Life stream. That's why I said "see above".
  3. Trailers are always last minute, I kinda got used to that a few years ago. Well updates on Tuesdays are usually at 13pm EST like normal so i'd say at that time.
  4. More news is likely to come with the Community Crunch today along with the trailer.
  5. There will be coloured dino spawns for Fear Evolved 3. As for rates, no idea.
  6. You realise the OP made several posts in this topic, and what @yekrucifixion187 mentioned is what the OP was saying, just didn't say it in the first post but in a follow-up post.
  7. There is a charity event coming up, it's on 2nd November and called ExtraLife. I doubt donation events for the game every few months would make more money than the charity event. You sound like you're expecting people to continuously empty their pockets.
  8. Actually I don't. What I do know is they do fix stuff and they do fix stuff reported in here. Unless you are saying they have not once fixed anything ever....
  9. I tested this on mine and he's right, you can highlight everything with the controller just not select it. But there's better and nicer ways to raise the issue than the way it was done here.
  10. Not sure what you are looking at but I see approx 1.5 in-game hours past, which is not very long at all.
  11. They haven't just delayed it, they actually previously stated that development on it has ceased due to priorities with the main game.
  12. Give it a try on single player, i've heard that works with no issues.
  13. GP

    Fear Evolved 3

    Yeah I spotted the raptors after I posted.
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