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  1. It's not possible to install Mods on Epic yet.
  2. I don't think it has Platforms Plus included in it, but it has everything S+ has and more. S+ now incorporates Platforms Plus too but the issue with S+ is as it is abandoned, anything that goes wrong due to ARK updates is unlikely to get fixed.
  3. I'd go with SS (Super Structures) because S+ was abandoned and made open source so go with SS (which uses the same code) as that is still being developed.
  4. Well the way I see it is if you are only wanting to pre-order a console based on performance of one game then you might as well wait and order when you've seen what the general consensus is. I'm not sure how you expect anyone to tell you what the performance will be like before it has even released.
  5. I don't think anyone can answer that really. You may need to wait and see what people experience if you are not prepared to pre-order it.
  6. The host barrier on consoles.
  7. Please clarify when this "before" is? You talking "before" the perm evo event back during lockdown in March?
  8. Yes maybe different limit, but you are asking for all limits to be removed, so it doesn't matter whether the limits were different before. What you are asking for is never going to happen because limits are there for very good reasons.
  9. Before which updates? There has always been limits...
  10. What about those that work weekends and have days off in the week? Shouldn't they have enjoyable events during the week too?
  11. Patch 801.15 deployed yesterday was meant to fix this. Can you confirm you are playing on the latest patch? Fixed a bug which prevented catapults from applying damage when shooting boulders
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