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Community Answers

  1. Nah it's roughly 2-3 times the size of Araneo. No more than that though.
  2. Unlikely to be the only bug. I suspect that may mean the last remnant of the Broodmother, with the Broodmother being the ancient power.
  3. They are all Araneos, with the bigger one being the brood (mother) and its offspring.
  4. Nope, I noticed it too. I'm hoping you can customise which skull you use.
  5. Then try playing on unofficial servers, because clearly officials don't work for you. You have options available to you, but you refuse to acknowledge them.
  6. We're getting an ARK roadmap next month so we might find out more then hopefully.
  7. It is integrated into ARK so you need the base game installed.
  8. It is only released on the PS4 Pro so if you don't have the Pro then it is not out yet until they fix the issues. Otherwise it should be at the top of the main menu?
  9. There are tons of games that are restricted to 3rd person that don't flop. People need to stop claiming ARK 2 will flop based strictly on an ARK player perspective.
  10. Wildcard have already said how they will be commemorating Thick44 and other survivors that have passed in the latest Community Crunch.
  11. They never said end of the year they said later this year. That could easily be summer for all we know.
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