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  1. They never said it would be out "soon", that is you putting words in their mouth. They stated that integration of S+ is in the very early stages as they need to decide and discuss with the S+ Devs what content from S+ will be integrated into vanilla ARK, what content will be enabled within the INI for unofficial servers, and what content will not be included at all, which would have to remain as a Mod maintained by the S+ Devs. Once all that is decided and finalised then they can start integrating it.
  2. Pay attention to the previous post....
  3. There is no flag limit, and the sarcasm is appauling and the worst i've seen in decades, so as this thread is intended to do nothing but stir up more turret limit drama i'm locking it.
  4. Wingsuit Too OP/Unbalanced

    I didn't mis-speak, you are just thinking inside a small box and not outside the box. There may be areas where you cannot climb to get to higher ground, therefore you may need to zipline to a different area to continue climbing, and you may have to do that several times depending on what the area is like, so yes ziplining may be required to get to higher ground combined with climbing.
  5. Up we go survivors! Spaces still available! If you are interested join us over on the Discord:
  6. Change steam profile on forum

    I believe you can disassociate your Steam account from your forum account: Account Settings > Steam > Disassociate Steam
  7. Is 2x still on???

    They extended it until Tuesday due to the unexpected server outages.
  8. Wingsuit Too OP/Unbalanced

    Don't think so, but I could be wrong, but i'm pretty sure the zipline is not electrical powered.
  9. Ark: Aberration

    Nope, still just December.
  10. Wingsuit Too OP/Unbalanced

    I understand you feel you are trying to get ahead of the development and hope that they make adjustments, but you are trying to force adjustments to something you have had zero experience of and feel you have the qualifications to call it OP and unbalanced. 1. You can't fly with it you can only glide. 2. You can't glide from the ground up. 3. You have to climb/zipline to higher ground to use the glider. 4. The glider has no attack mechanism. 5. You do lose altitude, but I believe you can regain altitude by swooping as seen in the videos. 6. The problem with flyers was mainly the speed, I doubt that the glider will have a speed stat so everyone using gliders will go at the same speed. 7. If you see someone on a glider simply point your firearm and shoot lol as they won't be able to speed off into the distance. Next up will be Rock Drake OP!
  11. Aberration delayed.. again.

    Clearly you failed to read what I said. Unless of course you are claiming the original month for release was November, then it changed to October (which wouldn't be a delay) and then December, i'm pretty sure that's what you just said. But they never announced November as being a new release month like they did October. All that changed was the month on Steam but that would be because October was no longer a possibility. Steam changing to November wasn't an official announcement of a release, the official announcement of release after the first delay was it will drop before 2017 is out.
  12. Aberration delayed.. again.

    The DLC has been delayed once. It was due in October and it was announced it was delayed by "some" weeks. Yes Steam was changed from October 2017 to Coming 2017 to November 2017 and now December 2017, however, there was no actual announcement that it was going to be released in November. It was stated it was delayed by some weeks and will be dropping before 2017 is out. So really it has only been delayed once (October) and the next ETA is December.
  13. Transfers into Aberation

    That biome sounds magical!
  14. Transfers into Aberation

    Nah, people will go to Aberration for many different reasons. No-one will be going just to transfer Rex's lol. I believe it is only radioactive on the surface.