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Community Answers

  1. That's because forums are old school for chatting, you'll find a very different scenario over on the official ARK Discord.
  2. Completely wrong mate. Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, Gen 1 & 2 are the ONLY story maps and the ONLY official DLCs. These are being released in the correct order on the Switch. The other maps are free community maps that have no part of the story and therefore doesn't matter what order they are released.
  3. Because it was only the top 10 voted submissions that get through to the voting stage.
  4. They've said it is a free upgrade. I don't think the old UE4 client will exist after UE5 comes.
  5. That's what they've done with all the events the last few years, they've all been copy and paste, with just new Chibis added, it would be no different.
  6. Not yet, if you haven't seen it announced in the Community Crunch then it hasn't started.
  7. Keeping all the drama aside, to answer your question, Events supposedly ended last year, but there is always a possibility they could continue events. Officially they stated last year was the last year of events, but they mentioned that back in March. When it came to the last event, Winter Wonderland (New Year) they never reiterated that in the Community Crunch, which to me is odd to not announce it as the last event. Since then they have announced a new dino vote (they said Carchar was the last), since then they've also announced ARK 1 upgrade to UE5. So, considering they haven't said officially that Winter Wonderland was the last event there's always a possibility. One that I think is pretty strong.
  8. Even if it wins I doubt the Devs will be adding a new armour set with it.
  9. No, there is only the top 10 vote. There is no final 3 vote.
  10. No-one because that was the submission stage. Final top 10 voting will be up next.
  11. No, flyer speed cannot be increased without mods OR unless you have enabled it directly yourself in the server's INI file/settings.
  12. It did get added back, in yesterdays patch.
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