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  1. GP

    Tek Raptors

    Let's see your Tek Raptors! My first one had a lovely red body as part of the colours for this Extinction Chronicles event.
  2. GP

    Server Status/Patch Info

    No worries. Btw @zeroBurnAcidCool do you normally facepalm posts when they give the answer to the question? lol, bit odd. At least the OP got the answer to what he asked.
  3. GP

    New Extinction Teasers!

    Oooh good eye! Let me know if you spot a Dodo! Don't think there are any there though, but might be too small.
  4. GP

    Server Status/Patch Info

  5. GP

    New Extinction Teasers!

    In the second picture I also see Parasaur, Gallimimus, and Paracer.
  6. GP

    New Extinction Teasers!

    Wooooo Corrupted Rex HYPE! 🦖
  7. The Patch Notes have been updated to include the 20%.
  8. GP

    Admin log in

    No, you would need to enablecheats each time you log in to the server. Yes, well it usually is by default I think, but you can enable admin logging. But who in their right mind would play on a server where the admin has publicly asked the question "can I hide the admin commands from the chat box so they can't see what I'm up to??"
  9. The Tek skins are not on PC, and they aren't just the same as the skins as they also come with the 20% higher spawns. May not be a lot but it's still different from just a skin. Also i'm sure most people would agree that it would make sense for them to bring out the dinos that already have tek skins first, I mean that commonsense right there. Doesn't mean that no other dino will get tek treatment in the future.
  10. I suspect it may have been missed off by accident. Wouldn't make sense to not have the increase like the others.
  11. Yay Tek Raptor! I bet next up will be hmm, Trike or Parasaur.
  12. GP

    New X3 Official Servers

    Yes x3 harvesting/taming/XP and x2 breeding etc.
  13. GP

    New X3 Official Servers

    These would be the Small Tribe servers. They are on all maps, when you view the server list try and filter it by searching for the word small. That should bring them up for you.
  14. GP

    Bionic rex stats

    No, Tek dinos don't have different stats, the Tek Stego doesn't. They can just spawn upto 20% higher than the spawn limit. So on an official server they can spawn upto 180, and therefore have higher stats.
  15. Any rumours you've heard are unlikely to have any truth to them as the new tek dino has not released yet, so mass killings won't make any difference. The tek dinos release with each Extinction Chronicles, and each Extinction Chronicle is released once a month in the middle of the month. The Extinction Chronicles III will be released this week, most likely Tuesday. I suspect it will be Raptor. Anyone that told you it will Argent, Carno or Spino I suspect is dreaming because it is more than likely it will be a dino that already has a Tek skin, just like the Rex and Stego did.