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  1. GP

    Toxic players left ARK!

    What is it that you are trying to say here? I don't understand your point?
  2. On the very front page of the Official ARK Website (this website) where the news articles are you will have seen Crunch 132 that was posted on Monday this week, plenty of notice, that there was going to be a mindwipe this week and for the reason it was required. https://survivetheark.com/ So there was advanced notice given, it was in the news section of the site. That advanced news which came on Monday gave me the opportunity to inform my private server that it was coming and that if people needed to they should screenshot their stats incase they forget what points they've put into their stats. So yeah you may have pointed out a heads up would have been nice, but there was a heads up, right in the news section where all ARK news is posted.
  3. All I know is that the DLC refers to Aberration not Extinction, so they will be covering Aberration, ARK Park and Pix ARK.
  4. They aren't reviewing them, they are showcasing them, there's a big difference.
  5. GP

    Is Ark dying ?

    Do you expect most games to keep the same level of playerbase over 3 years? Do you people really expect a game to keep growing in player base year after year when it gets older and new games keep getting released? You all act as if this drop in players is unique to ARK, it is not, it is natural for any game that has been in existence for 3 years or more. No, losing players over time is not dying. As I said above, it is a natural course for ANY game over 3 years since release for players to stop playing and move on to other games, or they stop playing games altogether, or whatever reason they stop. The fact you only see "dying" because numbers drop clearly goes to show you have no idea about statistics or the gaming industry at all. Tell me what games keep increasing in playerbase years after it is released. There may be one or two games that may do that, but in general ALL games will see declines in playerbase after 3 years plus.
  6. Well it stated PixARK and ARK Park. Those are the things that are going to be going on, including Aberration.
  7. GP

    When is TLC Phase 3 coming out?

    They never said they would be focusing on bug fixes for a couple of weeks. After TLC 2 they said they were moving their focus to bug fixes and QoL improvements. There was no timeframe given for that, and bug fixes is hardly going to be completed in 2 weeks. They said that TLC's have been put on the back-burner for now and TLC 3 may not come before the next DLC. Right now it is unknown, but TLC is off the table for the time being. Bug fixes have a much higher priority.
  8. When people say "lost in translation" they don't necessarily mean the literal translating of foreign language. The fact that a sentence can mean different things based on a single word, in this case "latest" that is a lost in translation scenario. I can guarantee you 100% it means Aberration. It has already been confirmed by Jat when someone asked on Reddit yesterday.
  9. GP

    Is Ark dying ?

    It's odd that people that are so against unofficials always state unofficials as being 10x or 50x or 100x. It really goes to show you know nothing about unofficial servers.
  10. The OP links to a topic for specialty server suggestions, please post in there.
  11. It is not Extinction, it is Aberration. The latest DLC is Aberration, because the Extinction would only be "the latest" if it was released. It's a situation of "lost in translation" unfortunately.
  12. The news, when it happens will be posted on the forums as well, either in Crunches or Patches. It won't be contained to just the streams.
  13. GP

    When & which 2x is next

    Please pay attention to the Community Crunches on the front page as this is where they will always announce when and what the next Evo Event is. https://survivetheark.com/
  14. GP


    I have spotted a couple of areas in the mushroom forest that has an invisible radiated area, after that i learnt to always wear hazmat. Not sure why they are there to be honest.
  15. Nothing has been announced yet. They have said that when they have something to reveal they will, but until then there is nothing said.