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  1. This video, although very poor low sound, shows the command working. Just focus on the video as opposed to trying to listen to the low sound.
  2. I have moved this to Mobile section as I believe that is the platform you are referring to. If this is incorrect please let me know.
  3. I was curious about the song you chose, but the link you put in your video description is incomplete. You need to edit it to the whole link which I believe is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAu3q4goZow
  4. Nothing will have triggered the Alpha Rex, it will have just spawned and you were unlucky. If you run away too fast it may just keep agro on structures around it if you are to far away from it.
  5. Maybe the big turtle is based on the Archelon?
  6. The official servers, I presume you are referring to an official, are still redeploying. Give it some time and it should appear.
  7. I take it the unofficial server has no mods right? As you said you had him unsubscribe from them, reboot PC and then attempted to connect?
  8. On PC in the settings G is listed as drag body. Have a look in your settings and see what drag body is and try that. If you use a Rex you may not pick it up right away, it seems to be a bit fussy sometimes on where you point the Rex.
  9. I hope we see the return of DodoRex in Genesis.... that is all, thank you and good night.
  10. So mounts can't carry dead bodies, doesn't really make the loading screen into a house of lies. Maybe it was something originally intended before EA was released.
  11. There is no public Genesis beta. The public beta in the Crunch is not about Genesis.
  12. How is this a lie? You can drag dead and unconscious bodies. The only unconscious body you can't drag is a wild dino, but you can drag unconscious survivors. Some mounts can carry bodies, and technically when you are riding them they are carrying your body.
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