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  1. You literally just quoted the link to the article with the answer to your question, which is why he posted it for you.
  2. You are wrong, no CM is moving posts into this thread, the CM doesn't moderate the forums, that's what the moderators are here for. As for the CM, the last thing mentioned about the issue was here:
  3. Of course it wouldn't, but that has nothing to do with what I was saying.
  4. Nothing is being deleted. Looking at your profile you can see where the posts are.
  5. You seem to fail to understand the true consequences of a rollback. You may have lost stuff whereas other people haven't, but if they do a rollback over several days there is a HIGH chance those players that didn't lose anything could very easily lose their characters if they had been transferring between servers. You talk about how is it fair to lose stuff, then answer this, how fair is it for those that didn't lose stuff to then lose stuff for the sake of those losing stuff getting their stuff back? Can you understand how complicated this actually is, even though all you see is a simple rollback?
  6. The process is exactly the same with single player. There's no difference between single player and server when it comes to the use of INIs.
  7. You never read that installment 2 was coming in January. It was said Genesis 1 would be December 2019 and Genesis 2 would be Winter 2020 which would be a year later once the 2020 Winter has started, as opposed to the 2019 Winter ending.
  8. GP

    Release Date?

    Currently it is only late January. I mean you are allowed to do whatever you want to with your vacation, but planning it based on a date that has a high chance of changing at any moment is not the wisest of moves.
  9. What makes you think it's going to be a doozy?
  10. GP

    so, which one is it?

    The latest release is late January 2020 as it got pushed back a while ago.
  11. Most likely the week before Christmas. Looking at the calendar i'd hazard a guess at Tue 17th Dec.
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