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  1. GP

    Remove Parasaurs

    She won't! Just as long as no-one tags her! Then I think she's safe! Thank god no-one has tagged her!
  2. ARK is no longer in Early Access, therefore wipes should not really occur.
  3. You will gain access to the 'reaction' system once you are out of the Early Bird status.
  4. Yes the patch caused issues with snapping for servers that already were using the S+ mod. That's unrelated to being unable to get servers up and running as the OP is talking about. Dinos not laying eggs would is unlikely to be anything to do with S+, more just something with the latest patch that has caused it as S+ doesn't change anything to do with egg laying or kibble. So again unrelated to getting the servers up and running as the OP was referring.
  5. Works fine on my unofficial 4 server cluster. Don't just blame the S+ introduction, it may be something related to your servers or confliction with other mods you run. As I say my servers were all up and running straight away with no issues.
  6. Ah ok I see now, yes I was looking at the forum topic version rather than the article version. On the forum version there is no Argent picture at the top as that is something specific to articles.
  7. Snails shouldn't eat more than 1 cake at a time, so if 5 in a stack disappeared in one go then that's a bug. Also i'm pretty sure Snails only eat cakes once tamed, not vegetables.
  8. There's been no mention yet regarding any events for Valentine's day, or Easter. I suspect there'll be something, but nothing confirmed at this point.
  9. Yes I got all my items back, both that were uploaded and transferred in my inventory.
  10. So those on welfare? It's 10am PST, which is 6pm GMT, now if you want it in the evening PST then you are showing no consideration to anyone else in the world and using the "welfare" argument as an excuse to try and get things changed to suit you and only you. ?
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