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  1. Up we go! Spaces still available! If you are interested join us over on the Discord:
  2. nice update..................

    3 files always fail to validate which means validating didn't actually find any issues.
  3. An ETA can't be given for passing QA as the Devs won't know the progress until it's finished. Once it's passed then they'll have an ETA for deployment.
  4. New notifications?

    How are you accessing the forum? Desktop, app?
  5. Clown mask

    Make sure in Settings, Advanced Options you have the box ticked for Survivor Items. Should be the 4th or 5th to last box. If it's unticked then tick it, and try killing yourself then.
  6. That hasn't been confirmed yet. I suspect it won't be allowed to be honest.
  7. So where's everyone gone?

    Yes the thread shows it was posted 1 hour ago, but that's because it won't change to 2 hours until it's hit 2 hours. Therefore as the thread was made at 12:47pm it won't say 2 hours until 14:47pm. So yes he was correct that it was made around 12:50pm.
  8. So where's everyone gone?

    Yes he was correct it was 12:50 in the UK, well it was 12:47 to be specific, but he was correct.
  9. Transferring to NON LEGACY server

    It means you would be able to host the saved game on an unofficial server, or possibly someone else that was on the server could host it so that play can continue, but it would become an unofficial server nonetheless.
  10. I understand where you are coming from and i'm sure things can be handled better, but as I say I don 't know the best way to handle it as it very much is a lose lose situation. They could say v270 coming September 2017 and then people know to expect it in September but they aren't giving specific dates. That could ease a few upset people, but then it is likely that a lot of people would be expecting it early September then if it doesn't arrive until 30th September people get upset. People will constantly ask throughout the whole month for a date and for updates on the patch progress. As I say it's a lose lose situation, and personally I feel it is easier for the Players to adapt to the way WC manage announcements than for WC to change and try and please all the Players.
  11. You say the Devs should work on their communications, but if they post no date at all then they'll get accused of not communicating. If they don't post any dates or timeframes then they'll get bombarded with questions of when is the next update coming and they'll get that everyday from unhappy people. Either way it's a lose lose situation for WC. You also say don't post precise dates, but they aren't posting precise dates because the ETA makes it not precise. Now I personally don't know the best way for WC to handle Patch announcements. On one hand giving an indication of arrival gives people something to look forward to and it shows a level of communication, but as you say it can and often does result in people getting annoyed when it doesn't arrive for days or weeks on end. But on the other hand not giving dates or saying it will be coming w/c or end of month will still result in people constantly asking for more specific details like dates. Personally for me, on this particular update there is nothing mega coming and therefore it doesn't look like there is anything coming to fix any major problems, so it's really mostly content like the few Tek items and some sort of Ragnarok update which I don't even know what that consists of. But it's all stuff that can wait whilst people continuing playing the game, it's not like people can't play until the patch drops. But that's just me really, I know that patch v270 is coming, and that's good enough for me, other people feel differently though.
  12. Transferring to NON LEGACY server

    There is absolutely no way to transfer anything to a new server. The new servers are for players to start from scratch.
  13. Transferring to NON LEGACY server

    You cannot transfer survivors or anything from Legacy to New servers. Therefore, any servers you can transfer your survivor to would be legacy as you are currently on legacy servers.