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Community Answers

  1. Most likely not, but can't say for sure as there have never been modded officials before.
  2. Probably not for ages considering the next map that would be due a vote isn't due to release before December.
  3. No, all the old maps are included in the base price for ASE. The only maps that will cost money are any new story DLCs that they make.
  4. Not exactly radio silence, they've given their New Year update.
  5. I seriously doubt there will be anything for New Years.
  6. Yup you can farm that stuff in this event.
  7. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays everyone! Whatever you do make sure to enjoy yourselves. P.S. I got featured! 🧡
  8. Memory or space? Because memory would only be used for the map you are playing on.
  9. My Theriz kills them. It has ~600% melee and using the bite attack it does full damage on the Turkeys.
  10. Another fantastic charity event! Well done to everyone involved! 🧡
  11. There are crossplay (all platforms) and there are console only crossplay (Xbox/PS).
  12. Yes, there are no PvE console only servers.
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