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  1. Not quite true, you don't lose inventory on clustered servers. You do on single player or single servers.
  2. This Community Crunch shows the colours with the event:
  3. There is the Summer event running right now which includes coloured dinos.
  4. @Uzume @Sefarin I've been experiencing this also on an unofficial server with S+ and several other mods. Today I just figured out what it is, and it is not Mod related exactly. The GUS.ini contains the following line: AllowIntegratedSPlusStructures=False This I believe relates to all the homestead content from S+ integration. When you set this to True the vanilla Tek Dedi Storage will appear in the engrams list and allows you to place the structure. I am not sure if setting it to True has any sideaffects though.
  5. Yes it requires element on every map besides Gen 2.
  6. Creature submissions go in this forum: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/22940-lost-island-creature-submissions/
  7. I think I might be missing something here, but is there PlayAsDino function in Gen 2?
  8. There's little point for unofficial countdowns because the events are never ended or started at specific times.
  9. As per the first post, suggestion need to be posted here, and only here: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/22940-lost-island-creature-submissions/ Do you have your own idea for what prehistoric creature should be added to Lost Island? We're looking for your input! Check out the thread below for guidelines!
  10. Moved to Game Suggestions as the creature submissions for Lost Island are only to be real-world extinct/prehistoric creatures.
  11. GP

    A Pegasus!!

    Moved to Game Suggestions as creature submissions for Lost Island are to be real-world extinct/prehistoric creatures only.
  12. Guys please read the announcement in full. It is right there on the first post states creature suggestions for Lost Island need to be submitted here:
  13. As had someone else before you did.
  14. GP


    It doesn't matter whether the game already has the best real dinosaurs. The developers have clearly stated in their announcement that they are looking only for real world extinct/prehistoric creatures. Must be a real-world extinct/prehistoric creature (dinosaurs, mammals, reptiles, etc) This is why your submission was moved to Game Suggestions because your suggestion fails to follow the submission guidelines.
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