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      Please make sure you read the following information regarding the upcoming changes for the Volcano, as you are in potential risk of losing dinos or structures within a certain vicinity.  


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  1. Ah ok, I only really know of where to see Steam figures. Where do you go to see Xbox/PS4 figures out of curiosity?
  2. If there's posts worth reading, i'll be sure to not miss them. Have fun, it's the weekend!
  3. Waiting is always an option. Even if waiting means the worst it is still an option. But glad to see you continuing to play whilst you wait for any possible flyer changes.
  4. I continue playing the game whilst I wait. Simples.
  5. The same could be said to you, why not just wait and see what changes come if any, but that would be too easy I guess.
  6. Why can't you wait for the weekend to be over?
  7. For PC it is not for Console though.
  8. He mentioned above they are wild ones.
  9. Well the fact that the Peak Players for the last 30 days is 73k and the last time it's been higher than that before the big 100k craziness was both January 2017 and then WAY back in May 2016. So yeah those figures are showing some pretty healthy statistics currently. Thanks for reaffirming the positives in the figures.
  10. The 100k was completely out of the ordinary, so really it's nothing to be comparing anything against. That 12k left row clearly shows the peak players slotted in with the rest of the average if you look at all the months below it. The peak didn't really drop considering to all those months. The current peak is also still at 73k so still sitting in the average of everything else. But yeah lets just judge that against the crazy 100k figure.
  11. You're not paying attention though are you, it's not a percentage. Clearly the column next to it is the percentage because it says % next to everything. lol 12,000% that made my day.
  12. You need to pay attention to what you are looking at and pasting here. That 12k is not a percentage. Jeez, pay attention dude.
  13. 12k% left? Where in the name of Dodos did you pull that percentage from?
  14. I have no idea. I know people on Xbox have seen eggs, has any one on PS4 seen eggs yet?