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  1. I believe you got upto 264.15. All consoles should be at the same point now, with exception of Ragnarok.
  2. If you only obtained those 6 skins after the update that changed the achievements and all the other skins were from before the change then yes you'll need to do them again to unlock them.
  3. Ensure that in the options screen you have checked the box for survivor items (can't remember the exact name for it). If it is unticked, then tick it. After that you will need to either kill yourself ingame or respawn and they should appear in your inventory.
  4. They have posted them in the proper forum. That is the proper forum. They do not bother creating new threads for every patch, they update the original thread so they have a running log of changes. The patch did pass.
  5. Missing skins still

    Make sure in the options that you have the option checked for receiving survivor items (can't remember the exact phrase). Then either kill yourself ingame or respawn through transferring and they should hopefully appear in your inventory.
  6. ARK: State of the Game

    Specific timings haven't been announced yet, I believe that will be nearer the time.
  7. ARK: State of the Game

    Legacy and New Servers are completely seperate and non-transferable. This means Legacy Ragnarok servers can only be transferred to/from on other Legacy servers. The same goes for new Ragnarok servers, only transferable to/from new servers.
  8. Head gear and Storage issues

    What is the issue with the head gear? You can't equip it?
  9. Huge Hole in the Megapithecus arena

    I don't believe it was overlooked. You just need to be tactful when maneuvering the bridge. You basically need to make sure the Rex's turn in the other direction so their turn radius is moving away from the hole and so they hit the barrier on the other side then walk them along. I know it's annoying when you lose Rex's down that hole, but there needs to be some risks.
  10. Huge Hole in the Megapithecus arena

    You mean the hole that has always been there at the start where the bridge is?
  11. Wrong skins, he's talking about the pre-order bonus bionic skins. As for the question, I don't actually know to be honest. Hopefully they'll be timed exclusive skins.
  12. This is ridiculous

    We've been over this before in this thread. The 2 mentions of DDoS and duping in the State of the Game are here: ^^ The above does not mention Ragnarok at all in relation to DDoS/Duping fix. ^^ That quote is in relation on what is now being focused on, which includes the DDoS/Duping issue. It is not specific to Ragnarok. Also if you claim that the DDoS fix is to come with Ragnarok on PS4, but Xbox already have the fix then how come Xbox don't have Ragnarok yet? I'm sorry, but you have failed multiple times to understand what was said in the State of the Game.
  13. This is ridiculous

    Where does it say PC and Xbox has that fix yet?
  14. This is ridiculous

    Why are you assuming the coding they are working on for DDoS issues is already on Xbox or PC?
  15. This is ridiculous

    They have already stated they are working on some new code to help with the DDoS problem. They need time to develop that. I suggest you not spam reports or forums as that is not going to achieve anything good.