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  1. I just wanted that you guys add two new skins: brasalets (for gauntlets) and sandals (for boots). So i can match every piece of my armpur with something from the event... at least one event, and I know i have a full piece of dino costume to do that, but i would like to at leats combine each piece with each skin. I dont know if its hard to make a skin... maybe yes. But, for been this the last Sumemr Bash event, at least im more interested in skins but dino colours, to be honest. more tahn 2 whole months waiting to see the last Summer Bash.... they only add colours... XD
  2. I mostly the time in community crunch read a lot of people sending "good vibes" and doesnt taking care about evrything in the game. And now... now i read people that isnt not so much in love with Ark 2, i read them mostly hopeless... imagine... WildCard gives them Ark 1... Early Acces... till now and yet still have a lot of patch that mostly of times are broken other stuff... like patching with bubblegum or duct tape. Then WildCArd (or part of the studio) gave us ATLAS, same game as Ark 1 but with other theme and others mods for "changing view". Some people doesnt care about when Ark 2 will be released to the point that only care that the game actually would be better than Ark 1 and Best than ATLAS. ________ Also, they llove people that gave them modding stuff so they can actually add it as their own... very clever, use the time and effort from others, moddify something to say "Hey, its our map now", and dont doing your job... been devs. ________ Im actually enjoing every community crunch that you give us where you actually showing us that you doenst give a thing for the real community that yuo say that you are "hearing"... The game started to change a lot its perspective since they started to add stuff and dinos that actully are from other games... and doesnt think better in anything new and tasty. (yeas, the last 3 words are from "Abe's Odysee"). I will be honest (like i was been always since i wrote here)... I will not buy the game... I will not consume that game... I'm Sorry for Vin Diesel that actually put his face and name in that game... but with all the mixture that THAT game will be, i will be very sorry for the buyers and also for the Actor... I love Vin Diesel... AS A FILM ACTOR. I hope im wrong and the game actually is good... But i will be mostly happy to stay in Ark 1 SINGLEPLAYER and not buying any other game from this studio... sorry guys... you had one job.
  3. For those that wanna activate any "Colour Dino" Event (not evo events) in singleplayer and any non official servers, might know that when EVENT ends in OFFICIAL, ends in every MODE of the game (official, non officials, single...), but you can still see and tame some dinos that werent killed or tamed during the event. after they got wiped by taming or killed, their colours will not spawn again until new event goes activated on OFFCICIAL (activating it in official, will be activated on every mode, including Single). So, if you wanna have some stuff from the cookingpot, you must to do it during OFFICIAL event time (even if you are in single player or any mode), because after event, it will dissapear the recipes in the cooking pot. I know that there are people that might say something that you can still tame or do stuff in singleplayer in any time doesnt matter the official time of the event. I checked it multipled times, there is no continue after it s closed in OFFICIAL. i logged in my map in singlplayer after an ending event in OFFICIAL, i couldnt do anything in the cooking pot, no recipes. Also coloured dinos started to "dissapear" (getting killed and when respawning they got the normal-not coloured event- colour). So please, check the info. Maybe i am wrong in some stuff, but im certain that the event ends when in OFFICIA ENDS. Good Luck guys... GOOD HUNTING!!!
  4. I like this event but, i was specting at least one new colouur, despite it is the latest year of events, at least having a new colour, not only chibis and a new inflatable costume. Its ok. At least you can farm all those stuff with HLNA. The case is that im angry because again this evo event isnt BREEDING. And for good sake, please always try to put the right number on the Communitu Crunch, i tried to find it by the number, and it send me to the old 209... HEARING the community doesnt mean that you are gonna DO anything for it.
  5. You only can play and see colour also the event stuff to craft only in the time of the events even in SIngleplayer, i checked multiple times in Singleplayer after WildCard closes it from Officials and its closed also for any mode, even Singleplayer. So, no. You cant use the activation code after the event has been ended. Sorry for telling it, but its sad true.
  6. As i Always started to said before this last year of events and like 3 or more years before... Devs doesnt care much longer about Ark 1... it got actually dumped for long time ago... since ARK 2 production was on the sight. People just dont wanted to see it, and now they are seeing the consequences on the corner. Now let me say another thing again, START PLAYING SINGLEPLAYER, u will be more patient and do ur poop without feeling anything like server saves, randomn log outs and people that crashes teh servers for their convenience. Enjoy the game in its purely way (Singleplayer) sooner or later Server will be clossed and everyone will panic, but not me. Fixes, bugs, crashes, glitchs, meshes, logging locks and so on... How many times do i must to say the WildCard only move by money like every dam entertainment company, but at least the Great and Old ones have more better response about anything that the customers are complaining than WildCard, they are small company, i know, but they lack on resonsabilities and thats say too much about the company itself. Good luck guys... My advice is always in the botton of the jar, but i dont really care anymore about anything else, just come here to be have my points eraser (as if they gives me money irl).-
  7. Hey it was a really jpoke, btut you got confussed about Good Vibes people that i was talking, in fact i was talking about Good Vibes people that always said that the game is flawless, doesnt pay attention at the constantly people telling all the iddues abouut as u said: rubber banding, weekend evo events, crashing servers, people doing think in the greys of CoC and WildCard doesnt do anything about it, and so on. Sadly, the GBP doesnt care about all this issues, and needing stuff. They only been here to say supperficial things that doesnt makes the games better. I dont know if you actuallly understand me. The players taht actually were playing for so long, known about all those issues that never been fixed and others news that constantly appears by a random mistake in the new fix. And so one for ever. I think that TOXIC peocple actually is the ones that constantly is blind to all this issues and still are against the people that "demands" some stuff that it will make the game a lil better. Also... u said that been alone is boring? Without normal crashes and server saves in singleplayer and no INTENTIONAL crashes, sinlgeplayer is MY best choice. And if u think that SOcial interactions is only in a game, you should focus in the real social interaction in the real life, mate BTW, i see how people get fussed when someone says something about TOXIC people, i wonder way.... :D Have a nice day/night, buds... and dont forget that Singleplayer is never boring.
  8. Guys, i will totally recommends you all "PLAY SINGLEPLAYER" on events, get some colourfull dinos at any level and the nbred them. This game has been dying a long time ago since wildCard do nothing well afyter every dam new map release. I was expecting at least that yo can Save all your stuff transfering to Singleplayer, so all your damn efforts will never been lost when server will be shutdown. I mean, what if you actually can transfer for one day or two all your stuff to Singleplayer so your precious time playing on any server will be saved at Singleplayer. I think its not so difficult to say, or at least say us which information we should dupplicate to put in the Singleplayer so we have everythig from Server to Singleplayer. So to this way noone will lost anything. But knowing wildcard movements and their interest in people that put efforts also time and love in SERVERS, they will go nothing. Im playing singleplayer since this Community Crunch comes, making some bases in the maps that i would like to be to gather the dinos and their colours when events strikes, I will totally suggest to do the same. At least you will start everything from scratches and you will save some dinos and colours in the process... also in Singleplayer you can modify a lot of options to makes your stay easy and peacefull. Abuet Primitive Plus that someone talked only one time, i had already stop playing that mode. So no hope to me to make it batter now that everything goes to hell. Also im missing all the "GOOD VIBES" people deffending WildCard about this Community Crunch... where they go?? I miss them when they were always to spit in your face that we are toxic and doesnt be nice to everyone that actually loves the game and loves to "Lick" some WildCard "boots". They were so inocent... WHERE THEY GO?? I NEED TO KNOW... ( :D ) BTW im still oves this game, love how it goes. And got a lil depressed when i hera that theyhave been doing the same to ATLAS. Every server game die in some point... But, at least you have Simgleplayer. Im still sad that all that people that PAY a lot of MONEY to have their own server and PAY the FULL GAME to be in Official Servers now they must to eat the Singleplayer's ground. CONGRATS WILDCARD!!!! YOU DID IT AGAIN (Sarcasm)
  9. Guys.. guys... GUYS!!! Remember this: WildCard is only focused most for ARK 2 than the original Ark... we gonnna be left aside when ARK 2 will be released... so start getting the acceptation about been dumped. I started to enjoy very much playing Singleplayer often than Oficial... i just got ot reset stuff and to fed dinos. Official Servers are screwed since a long time ago... at least in Singleplayer you dont have Server Save neither struggle with Dupers, no Gacha towers even in Gen 2, and so on... Also... a lot of free space in every whole maps just for u. Singleplayer, you best choice.
  10. Obviously u cut all the idea, i was talking about Singleplayer and Unofficial... In Single player u cant extend the events so far as in the Official... If u pick up a small portion of my entire post, then you gave me the reason for what I have told u. Good luck and have fun.
  11. Im totally right with your idea!!! Its what i was thinking about the whole game... i paid for this game and i need it at least playable. About Ele transfer, it must to be had done from a lng long time ago, ince gen 2 had been released, at least i was expecting it. When they say that they are "Listening" to us, they never mentioned "Lintening and doing your requests in the time that we manage to do it". They only Listen, dont doing anything else. Everyone can listening but not all people will Listen and Do. Im feeling that WC doesnt care about the real players and the new ones... they only listen th selective nice stuff that makes them proud, taking out the others that actually say the true about everything... I dont wanna raise 300 dinos in the Love Evolved because i never could do that before it and after Xmas and new year's event... people are asking the evos because they wanna raise the only inos that can be raise in 3 days, letting the other big ones to be raised in the colourful events. But, WC doesnt care about planing stuff... they only care about money and more money. Imagine all those people that pre-order the game when it was BETA!!!! they started to LISTEN and BOING what comunnity said about perfomance and such on... but now that the game is ALMOST ALPHA (For me), WC Listen but dosent do anything. I dont need to know that they Listen to us... i need to know what you are fixing and how our request are be done by our plesure... bc this si a game...and constantly it starting to be a TRASHY game... year by year.
  12. Excuse me??? Do you play in Singleplayer?? May i suggest to do it in event?? ANy event like love evolve, xmas, and the others that rates are 3x or more, and colourful dinos... latest the same time in Sigleplayer and unoficial servers as in Official servers... you dont have more time in singleplayer for playing the event there... i do that and where the event ends in official server, it ends in every damn other mod (Sigleplayer, unoficial, and so on). So dont say that busy people can still play after the event ends becuse you are a liar like WC is. Stop confusing people with such nonsense. Event ends and you cant play it, no wonder how many times you put it in parameter inside or outside the game... it ends, period.
  13. OK, my opinion is that The Giant Bat its "Ok" just for PvP, but it would be awesome and nice to add the Giant Bison for milking it for the wyvs... also to protect yourself better than a mamooth... it is a shame that Bison didnt reached the 1st place.. it was 3rd... Also the Bison would be cool for PvP so everyone would have more easy to raise normal wyverns. I never liked to ride a Giant Vamp... It would be awesome if there were some TLC for the Onyc, instead of ride it, it would be awesome to use it as a flyer that elevates you till some heights, by grabbing you from the shoulders allowing you to shoot while controling the dino movement as if u were in a parachute (but instead of going down, flying up). There are so many dinos useless since they were released that it would be awesome to gives them some new abilities that makes them more useful, rather than add more dinos.
  14. Well, i was expecing have a issue solved here, but i wil ladd another stuff for NON FIXED that WildCard havent done yet. Ty all guys, i was waiting for the message in my SP for 2hours and nothing XD
  15. Sorry my friend to tells you that almost everyone knows exactly that Lost Island map isnt all finished, because if that would the case, then why a lot of patches to solve stuff that should been done before the release? Peolpe knows that the new map would be full because its new, but also its not full because mostly of the people know exactly that its an unfinished map and doesnt wanna lost everything that was done. Multiple people have lost a lot of progress whn Gen1 was new and WildCard needed to do a Wiped out rollback from a week (irl) or so (it means that everything that you have done it was erased). So, old players have already know how would be hard to stay in the map in the very first days. Im not playing this new map because I dont feeling like ths map would be awesome.
  16. People arguin about this and that, what WildCard should do and doesnt is done yet... Yeah its too much to aASK to WildCard... you are asking to a "small" company to compare to "Huge" companies... i really doesnt expect anything else well done from WildCard, they promises stuff and never they make their promises done... thats why i started to play other games and just come to my servers when i need to refresh... why? Bc the game and devs arent so devoted to the game as a long time ago... they only sellect the "Good Vibes" messages and never give a "thing" to the people that is asking the real stuff been done from a long time ago... they released a non finished game since BETA, for me... FOR ME... its still BETA and tehy make money for new players when they BUY the full game. Im not interested any more in this game neither in trust in this company since more than 6 years playing or so... (i really lost time of playing this game). Old gamers always have the REAL view of the game, not the newies... bc the newbies have the latest view and ii SEEMS to be awesome, cool and whatever... Old Gamers in this game knows better the HISTORY of this game, and really we doesnt have the support that we deserves... Thank you very much for your reading... but no... we cant do anything to have what we deserves... just excuses... Good Luck... Have fun... with other games... of course.
  17. I was always saying that putting boths events in the same day will be a HUGE dessaster, no ones believed me, so good luck guys... hope servers stay fine till EL ends...
  18. Rollabacks happens when your server crashes, and it delay on been restored, so... if u had a server crash and in 30mins is restored the server, u will have 15mins of ROLLBACK, because server must to "load" the better server save (every 15mins there would be always a server save, not lag) that was previous from the latests where the server crashes... so if u have 2hours, server must to find the server save that its better to load and continue funcionally still next crash, and so on. Hope i helped you to understand.
  19. They why they cant just cryo them until they need it?? Why just bothering others to not taming anything??
  20. Im so speechless, but i will speak anyway... everyday im looking to play other games when this things happens... i wasnt expecting a EVO event this weekend, but the starting o Fear Evolved event the 10/18/21. Extra Life just works only 25 hours, no more... so, we gonna have, for example: 2x in Fear Evolve + the Extra Life multiplier?? Or we gonna have only the Extra Life multiplier in the day? Im so confussed about this mess. I remember when a bout some years ago we got 3 weeks for any Holiday Event, and Extra Life separated from thhose Events. And now we gonna have both in one, "Cheaper by the dozen", right? I may say that as few people here say; i love the game... but everything goes to hell when actually i see that no one of WildCard Team and new Team give a "sweet" to the real community that is actually playing the game and has bought the game years ago... no respect, no love, no "Good vibes". It doesnt matter how many times we, the real community, wanna help to improve the game as the players that were playing this awesome game since almost it started... WC will never take us seriously and only will gonna sellect those people that actually send "Good Vibes" and doesnt really care about the game, just wanna lick some "Grapes"... DI SA PO IN TED. Rest in Peace, Ark 1...
  21. Im playing SIngleplayer in Primitive Plus... and yes, its most fun playing there than in Official Servers because you modify the amount of multipliers at your like, but in Oficial Servers WildCard doesnt pay attention to the REAL community that is asking for so long to have a Breeding Event... its clearly that you are a Newbie in the game... talk to me when you have more than 7 years playing the game and saw how everything goes to FECES.
  22. This is Serious?? No Breeding again and you only made a Community Crunch with... a phrase with 27 words in it... woah, im impressed... next time just dont say anything and put only the pics... im ashamed of you guys.
  23. First of all, the dedi storage changes are sucking hell... Why? Bc instead of making them unlimited storages (needing only one of them for collect everything without making a lot of them bc they are limited). For Example: If i have 3 dedicated storage full with hide (it will be like 1800 stacks each) it would be better if i have an unlimited dedicated storage which means 1 f dedidcated storage for all the damn hide that i wanna collect. So, according to this new patch, WildCard isnt thinking in making stuff easy, just doesnt wanna make them UNLIMITED so there would be ONLY ONE DEDICATED STORAGE FOR EACH STUFF that you wanna collect. UNLIMITED DEDICATED STORAGE is the most usefull and will reduce the amount of dedidcated storages in the whole damn SERVERS... Second, of course it will be only in PVE Servers, because in PVP everyone will be wiped just by people that are bored. ALso PVP Alpha tribes are the only ones that can have such a lot of dedicated storages... also the others Servers as ARKpocalypse they get wiped every damn month... THe only Server Peacefully are the PVE that allows you to collect insted of wipe. SO, im not surprised that PVE have the more Dedicated Storages in the whole damn game. Third, I think thta WildCard will not longer give us the Breeding events evey damn weekend like the past others years, because they wanna reduce the dino and market population. Also their excuses are that we have already 2x in everything in our new 1x, but only i got is 1x that never changes... im not stupid, i in this game more than 3 or 4 years (I lost the count) and i know when there is a change and when is not. And definetly the breeding stuff changed a little but every raising dino cost you a lot of time in real life, and no all people can afford that time, so they constantly have delayed dinos to raise till next coloured new event. And let me say this, you will have to wait till EXtra Life event to pop up all your old lines and dinos to raise and crash the whole damn server as i constantly feel my mine servers... Instead of giving us more weekend breeding events, they just give us only the farming events that doesnt help much if we dont have anything to raise, and remember weekend events just goes from Friday (barely) to monday (barely), so let me tell you what kind of dinos you can rise in 2x weekend evetns: i think you can raise ankylosaurus, argentavis, dodos, featherlights... all the tiny ones and not ever try to raise a giga or a rex. Fourth, in every Community Crunch i get a little more dissapointed of this team and this game. Instead of giving more love to the old Ark, they focus only in Ark 2... Consgrats, we gonna be left aside as Atlas... Oh! I forgot to ask... when you guys gonna give us the FJORDUR map that you said it gonna come to us??
  24. That is a good one idea... for Fallout Series... not for Ark... any other idea that doesnt be a copy and a paste from other games???
  25. Can anyone in WildCard restore our server CI 850 because it goes DOWN more than 40Hs and Battlemetrics says it: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/7254389/downtime and is DEAD: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/7254389. I will rather buy another game by them if they even cant answer the massive tickets that all of us (CI 850 peeps) made, and they (WildCard) even cant take care of the first Ark... I hate when people doesnt give a s!!!! about all that is happening in the game... they always get focused in stupid things that get added and not in the issues that in the common days of playing are happening. I will pray for a better performance before i really quit playing this damn game.
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