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  1. (Official, Crystal Isles) Decided to do something about the base, as it was unfinished since forever. Did something about the base. Now it's unfinished, but slightly altered and with a stair to the second level so I won't have to exit the house, mount a wyvern, dismount it and jump off its back onto the base's second level anymore. Said level is going to become a wyvern cage, by the way, so I'll no longer have to risk them flying off to somewhere just because the day is nice, their wings are restless, and I'm not looking, or whatever their reasoning for it was. Also, tamed an iguanodon. Female
  2. Since reinstalling fixed the crashes, I managed to actually play. Built some more of the elevator case thing on Valguero (figured out how to illuminate it, too!), fed the dinos. Built a bit more the base on Scorched Earth and finally returned the cryopod to my main character on Valguero. Relocated some stuff from drops there too, to break it down for resoures, since I'm not planning to get a grinder on my SE base (or on any non-main base I have or ever will have. The "1 main character with a proper big base that has everything + some side characters with small bases that have some things" way
  3. Today I tried to enter the game, and it crashed. Tried, crashed. Tried, crashed. Now I'm waiting for it to uninstall to then reinstall because maybe then it'll work properly again. Before that happened the plans were to build some more my base on SE, raise Deimos and Sapphire some more and maybe go for some Abyss wandering on Valguero, and maybe load that CI singleplayer save again, except remove all the dinos and tame new ones.
  4. (Official, Valguero) Bred gigas and the tek rex pair. Only incubated the eggs partially. Raised Deimos and Sapphire some more, imprinted Deimos yet again. Podded the argents I'm not riding, the deinon I was using as a storage for some stuff, and the quetz - it was getting a bit crowded. Laggy, even, and if there's one thing my base must NOT be it's a lag-factory.
  5. (Official, Crystal Isles) Logged on to check on the base and the wyverns. Everything's okay. Logged off. (Official, Scorched Earth) Gathered some sand. Made some clay. Built a bit more of the base. Didn't die at all. (Official, Valguero) Hatched another tek rex egg (stats correct, but female. Killed it). Hatched another giga egg (stats correct, male, but wrong color), raised Deimos a bit more, gave Sapphire her first imprint.
  6. (Official, Valguero) I finally found a giga saddle! Two, actually. Journeyman, 67.3 and 75.3. I'll put the 67 one on Elisabeth and keep the better one for when Deimos is fully grown. ... Deimos is 40% grown, got yet another imprint and a bit over three hours until his next one left. New argent juvenile now, named Sapphire, less than an hour until first imprint. Dinos: fed. Things that aren't feeding dinos, raising dinos, swimming in the Abyss or covering wyverns in an entirely unnecessary amount of glowsticks: not done. But I still did things that DID involve raising, feeding, swimmi
  7. (Official, Valguero) Today I did a meatrun, unpodded Deimos, took Toriel and all my SCUBA tanks and once again went to the Abyss. This time I used the Explorer map, plus figured out a neat trick with the settings (turns out, toggling Light bloom on makes it much easier to spot the crates), so I found all or almost all. Today's loot is: mastercraft 433 riot gauntlets (item. I guess, for when my tames gain sentience and tell me to tank that alpha carno/rex/whatever myself?), mastercraft gas mask (BP), journeyman SCUBA mask (BP), Journeyman 139.1 wooden club (BP. Also, WHYYYY?), mastercraft 49 do
  8. (Official, Valguero) Thanks to the latest posts being wiped, I'm not even sure if the last one I remember making was today. I think it was. Whatever. Today that's DEFINITELY today I decided that I've had enough of my crap argents and went to tame a high level male with good weight. Found a 130 one, colors are disgusting, but wild weight was 640. Tamed on kibble, nothing attacked during that. unfortunately, he got a bunch of post-tame points into melee and not so many into weight so it's only a bit above 700, but still better than what I had before. Named him Liam, brought him to the base, bred
  9. (Official, Valguero) Today I saw the notification about my giga egg hatching. I saw it four minutes after it arrived, so I assumed the giga is dead, but logged on anyways just in case. It's twins. Not dead, not even bloody, though entirely out of food. Colors right, stats right, but both female. Podded them.
  10. I thought more along the lines of an option to, like, hold the RMB or something when leeched and equipped with a torch to burn the leech off.
  11. Or a torch. It makes more sense anyway, to apply the heat directly to the leech instead of to you feet regardless of where the leech is.
  12. (Official, Crystal Isles) Literally just logged on, saw that my bed is still in place and wyverns are still within the base, and logged off. (Official, Valguero) Bred gigas, bred the new tek rexes. The rex egg already hatched and, unfortunately, it was a female. Killed my old tek rex breeder since I'm not gonna use him anymore. Imprinted Deimos again, by the way, he's 30% grown already and he's pretty huge. Made some greenhouse walls for the elevator casing. Might do a metal run later, since I don't even have enough to repair all of my SCUBA tanks, so it's no Abyss for me at the moment. T
  13. My pillar leech death happened on Crystal Isles. And it was special: beautiful glowing wyverns flying in the blue skies, ocean was beautiful, flowers were blooming, not a predator in sight... And among all or that me. Dying.
  14. I used to think it was fine. Then I got leeched on a heavily pillared server. By the time I found a place where I could place the campfire, I was already too wounded to jump into it. So I second the sparkpowder thing - much better for such situations.
  15. The drums are cool. The "bit" part of the saddle being a wide leather strap blocking the entire mouth isn't, though.
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