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  1. (Official, Extinction) Just fed dinos and moved ingots from the forge to the smithy today. Didn't feel like checking for drops or anything like that.
  2. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos (only carnivores today, herbivores still fine). Did a big dam run, even bigger that the last one - almost 50 stacks of paste! I'm not sure my cementing paste vault was EVER that full!
  3. (Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, gave bees flowers, added more fertilizer to the crop plots - the usual. But the big thing of this day was a beaver dam raid. Sweet, sweet cementing paste - over 30 stacks of the stuff! My vault is now a bit fuller. A raptor spawned in my base, tried to kill my lymantria. Which was parked right by the gachas, with owls and the wolf. It was also wearing an 80 armor saddle. What I'm saying is that it ended with a lymantria barely hurt at all and the raptor being very much dead.
  4. (Official, Extinction) Heard a drop. Looked for a drop. Blue drop! And nobody was there! And I defended it just fine, and no meteorite shower started, and everything was great! Except for the loot. Okay, pods are cool (I have tons of them, though. I mean, I have a rep on main base, I can literally afford to feed excess to gachas). And the three stacks of hard poly were pretty neat. But otherwise it was just stone, and foundations, and gates. Not exactly what I want (ext critter saddle BPs are what I was hoping for, obviously). Oh and also jerky. I suppose that's cool.
  5. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos. Unpodded fire wyverns and the giga for some raising. Gave gachas a ton of stone, gathered the resulting crystals. Repeated that several times, so now I have an okay amount of obsidian, some of which I immediately put into the fabricator with cem. paste to make some poly. But that left me with an uncomfortably small amount of paste in the vault, so went to the lake and raided beaver dams a bit. After all of that was done, repodded wyverns and the giga. And that's all for today.
  6. (Official, Extinction) Fed dinos. Checked for drops (nnnope), finally uploaded the dung beetle and a stack of dust that I had laying around since forever. (Official, Crystal Isles) Looked for crates, found only one and it was green. To be honest, I didn't look very thoroughly. Uploaded the little bit of dust I had. (Official, Valguero) Retrieved the dust and the beetle. Gave it some poop. Refilled other three, too. Added fertilizer to the crop plots, the were getting a bit low. Didn't really feed the dinos, as in did not hunt. Just restacked the meat left in the troughs from the
  7. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos. Wasn't in the mood to play.
  8. (Official, Crystal Isles) Went to get the proper artifacts. Turns out Cunning is underwater. Can't get that (my CI base literally just has two wyverns and nothing else). So, didn't get the artifacts. Maybe I'll sent a bary or my weakest basilo there someday and get the thing, but that day is not today. Gathered some crystals to try and get a male blood wyvern. There weren't any. just two females, a 20 and 150. Tried to tame the 150, but it threw me off three times, final one to my death, and then I accidentally hit it with my wyvern, so taming progress reset. Unfortunately, I'm in no
  9. Cryopods are a thing. Podding a pregnant female destroys pregnancy.
  10. Planned to just enjoy some modded SP, but saw it's finally a breeding event, so (Official, Valguero) instead. Harvested a lot of meat, unpodded tropeo and giga, and all my fire wyverns too. Bred ravagers and tropeos. Put all the old eggs into the hatchery. Missed all the old eggs, fresh tropeo one, too. At least the ravager baby survived, and was good enough to keep, too. Decided to try and do Beta difficulty bosses, so I unpodded my rexes for healing. Went to the obelisk to see what I'll need. But... In my excitement I accidentally moved my mouse withou
  11. I've only ever successfully did one drop and one or two veins (not as in "tried and failed" but as in "either difficulty is too high to try, or someone got there first"), but it was still annoying enough. Like, there I am, in the middle of defence. And two hostiles remain, nowhere to be seen. I pace around. I kill nearest things in hopes that that's it. Where are the two remaining hostiles? No idea. Probably half across the wasteland, looking at the map upside-down, arguing about which one of them is the idiot that got them lost while they had places to be, human to kill, and dr
  12. (Official, Extinction) Right upon logging on, heard a drop. Took my rex, went to look. It was pretty far away, but I finally got close enough to see what color it was. Purple. As in "so far beyond my ability even if I sent best dinos from my main base, that even trying is not an option" in other words, useless. Then saw a vein. Not an easiest one, so not something I can do either. Fed dinos. (Official, Valguero) Gathered a lot of stone and gave it to the gachas. Fed dinos. Realized that gacha's corner is really dark at night, so added a lamppost there. G
  13. (Modded singleplayer, Ragnarok) Save was fine, found myself before the upload mishap, during ptera taming. Ptera's age was reset to mature. Tamed her. Used evolver on her (another of mods I'm using: Immersive Flight). Turns out, that's largely the problem: speed got increased. But only a bit, so I thought it was a random thing and next it may stay the same or become less. De-evolved, evolved. It increased. Increased. Increased. I ended up with a ptera with over a 1000% speed. Rode it home because there was no choice, but killed upon arriving. Decided that I don't like ending up with
  14. I keep separate characters for stuff from other maps. Only transfer my main when I absolutely have no choice (so, basically, only for Ext engrams. Had to do it twice, hope there won't be another mass-mindwipe that'll force me to do it AGAIN). Having different characters seems like a better choice to me - sometimes logging off one map and onto the other is faster than transferring (or at least feels faster), plus there none of that "oooh, it's taking so long, what if something went wrong?" moment. Also, different characters allow you to be best prepared stat-wise for whatever you plan
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