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  1. Decided not to wait for August after all, so I'm uninstalling ARK today. Don't feel like refreshing bases anymore. Bye!
  2. (Official PVE, Fjordur), (Official PVE, Lost Island), (Official PVE, Crystal Isles) - fed dinos. (Official PVE, Valguero) Added more meat to the trough. Replaced decayed leash and retrieved an arthro that ran away - Officials may be crumbling and I may be letting go of ARK, but that's no excuse to release tames into the wild. Wandering or not, they all will rot when time comes, with my base, ON my base. Hatched old velona. Black's not visible or not noticeable. Boring. Bred carchars, velonas, raptors and wyverns. Velona stays, blue mut. Curious what it'll look like. Wyvern stays, Actual black inherited form both parents. I won't raise it, but I want to see it. That's all for today.
  3. (Official PVE, Lost Island), (Official PVE, Fjordur), (Official PVE, Crystal Isles) - fed dinos. Servers are running better due to bases decaying. Never thought I'd be sad about getting better FPS than usual. (Official PVE, Valguero) Fed dinos even though there was still enough meat in the trough. Checked generator - still fine. Probably would last a month at minimum without refills. Bred wyverns, raptors and velonas. Velona stays - black on one of the regions, want to see it. Didn't breed carchars, turns out I forgot to disable mating on them the last time so none were ready. That's all for today.
  4. (Official PVE, Lost Island), (Official PVE, Fjordur), (Official PVE, Crystal Isles) - fed dinos. (Official PVE, Valguero) Helped arthropleuras hunt raptor and ankylo that spawned in my base. Added more meat to the tek trough. Hatched last time's carcha. Yea, looks pretty impressive. Not going to raise him, as it's pointless, but still. Bred carchars, velonas, raptors and wyverns. Nothing good. That's all for today.
  5. So, things still suck, basically. Officials are still closing, And I'm still leaving ARK once that happens. At least I'll have plenty of space freed after that for other games.
  6. (Official PVE, Lost Island), (Official PVE, Fjordur), (Official PVE, Crystal Isles) - fed dinos. (Official PVE, Valguero) Bred carchars, wyverns, velonas. One carcha egg stays - inherited only grays, blues and white. I want to see what it'll look like. Had to feed arthros because only things on the base for them to hunt were a doed (rolled up, so the deaggroed) and a tek raptor (no meat. Also, stuck out of their range). Tamed the tek raptor because why the hell not. Named her T-R35A. Unpodded T0-N1 and bred them, cracked the egg (color combination bad). That's all for today.
  7. (Official PVE, Valguero) Podded most of my dinos to make maintenance easier. All that's left out are carchars (Avalanche plus breeders), two wyverns (from my little all-black fire wyvern project. Damn, that thing barely started - only two wild egg color-bearing wyverns raised - and it's already ending), all velonas, Nightmare, Midnight, three arthropleuras (they feed themselves), and elemental (last I checked, podding a chalk one was pointless). And the sino I'm using. That makes it 28 dinos out, while normally I have near, sometimes even over a hundred. Took element out of all generators except for the one in carnivore corner. Destroyed beehives. Fed dinos. Bred wyvrns, carchars and velonas. Not sure whether to be sad or happy about all eggs being complete failures. (Official PVE, Lost Island), (Official PVE, Fjordur), (Official PVE, Crystal Isles) fed dinos. That's all for today.
  8. I suppose my opinion on the matter (even though I'd really rather not think about it at all) is same as yours. After ARK2 is out, not before.
  9. Because it's years of our effort. Our successes, failures, memories attached to them. Year of connections, too - sure, I never interacted much with other players, but even I have a few near whose bases I'm happy to fly and see they're still standing, meaning their owners are still there.
  10. (Official PVE, Valguero) Wyverns adult now. Bred them. Egg got wrong colors. Moved new, now-adult, velona to the rest. That's all for today.
  11. Yea. It's like one of those tasteless "I have cancer" pranks. Only funny for the one doing it - and only because nobody's close enough to punch 'em for it.
  12. (Official PVE, Fjordur) Fed dinos, did an egg run (two 155, one 190), uploaded eggs. (Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded and checked eggs (190 stays. 39 melee), hatched carno and podded it for later. Fed dinos. Moved velonas to the carnivore corner and bred them, also bred carnos and carchars. Kept 2 velona eggs with speed muts to see the colors (later hatched them and left them to die, as the colors did not look good), kept carno (finally all the good stats). Unpodded two oldest fire wyverns. Fed gachas for a while, topped up generators. Hatched carno and unpodded a clean velona I had in the fridge and put them with the maewing. Later will check on the wyverns, for now that's all. Also, I've read the newest community crunch. Guess I should either play as much as I can while I can (and hope they're joking), or start doing less and less in ARK to give it up easily when the time comes. ... Imprinted carno. Fed wyverns, they should be fine until adult. That's all for today.
  13. You better be joking. You damn better be. Wiping all progress and making people pay again? Do you really hope for people to come back to YOU after that rather than turning to piracy if they can't just give ARK up completely?
  14. (Official PVE, Valguero) Hatched velona, filled a maewing and put velona with it. Bred velonas, carchars, carnos, and blood wyverns. Carno stays despite getting low melee because I want to raise a carno. And one of the wyverns stays because new melee mut. Rest all bad - another new mut on a wyvern, but not on anything useful, and a magenta oxygen mut on a velona - a C-C-C-COMBO! Of things I don't want on my dinos. Fed gachas for a while, topped up generators, and that's all for today. Yep, not doing much in ARK lately.
  15. (Official PVE, Fjordur), (Official PVE, Lost Island), (Official PVE, Crystal Isles) - fed dinos. (Official PVE, Valguero) - fed dinos, bred velonas, carchars and carnos (one velona stays, сlean good female). Fed gachas for a while, topped generators back up to 30 in each and had a bit left for the vault. Saw a low-level (20-something) tek raptor stuck in one of the pits on my base (not built pits, I don't have those. Just a gap between even ground and cliff), tamed him. Named him T0-N1. And that's all for today.
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