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  1. (Official, Valguero) Bred arthropleuras, thorny dragons, gigas, rexes, spinos, velonas and yuties. Unpodded wyverns for raising, hatched the 170 and moved her to the rest. Kept arthro egg (clean male, mom's colors entirely, got dad's melee, but it's only two points below mom's, so that's okay) and both thorny dragon ones (each male, blue inherited, and a new mutation). Had a mut on giga, but health. And on a rex, but neither health nor melee. And on yuty, but who cares what it was even on? Dude didn't get any of the good stats! So, that's all eggs cracked. Hunted beacons with my griffin because it turned out that while I did often get great arthro saddles/BPs I just never kept any. So got nothing to make a decent saddle with. Had no luck. Will try again, and again, and again. When I returned home I found that youngest wyverns were at 400 food. Went to the trench, milked two ices, returned home and fed the wyverns. Hatched the arthro egg... And the baby wasn't there. I took down the foundation on which babies normally land - nothing. One next to it - nothing. Took everything out of the cryofridge, hatched, claimed, and mewinged the thorny dragons that were in the incubator, and dismantled the foundations on which the fridge and incubator stood - nothing. I heard a hiss and looked up. The baby was on the ceiling. Claimed him. Made replacement foundations, walls and roof pieces, new incubator and fridge. Moved all babies (and 18 new pods) into the new fridge. Raised the arthro for a bit. Checked the thorny dragons... And killed both. Food mut on one, oxygen on the other. Podded the babies, filled the troughs for carnivores, and that's all for today.
  2. (Official, Valguero) Bred gigas, yuties and spinos nothing good). Hunted rhinos for horns. Made enlightenment broth (7 pieces). Crafted full ghillie armor. Uploaded that as well as two cryopod, parts for a trap, and some repellant. (Official, Crystal Isles) Retrieved all that, went to the desert. Found a semi-decent male arthro, built the trap, tried to lure it in. Failed. Put down some sleeping bags and tried to tame without trap. Success! Dismantled the trap, podded the arthro. Then found another male arthro, 140! Tamed that. Threw out the first one, set it on wander and unclaimed. Okay, might not be the best decision. Maybe later I'll find it, reclaim it and kill it properly. But I felt like doing it that way at the moment. Then started looking for a high-level female. Took a while, but I found a 145! Too close to a wild giga for my tastes. Had to carefully lure the giga away (but not drown, because drowning a 140 giga would be pretty bad), then finally tamed the arthro, podded her and uploaded them both. Returned home. (Official, Valguero) Retrieved the arthros. ... (Official, Crystal Isles) Went back for the reject arthro. Reclaimed, and made it attack the wild giga. It survived two bites before the giga ate it! And that's all for today.
  3. (Official, Crystal Isles) Fed the trike. (Official, Extinction) Fed dinos. (Official, Lost Island) Fed wyvern. (Official, Valguero) Unpodded wyverns. Filled the maewing and unpodded yuty and ankylo. Bred ankylos, thorny dragons, yuties, spinos, gigas, sinos, rexes and argents. Thorny dragon stays, I want to see it. Also had muts on a velona and a yuty, but velona's on oxygen and yuty got bad stats and the mut color is ugly green. Hatched egg from the last time, doesn't stay (mutation is useless: it's mom's weight with a mut on top, so essentially it's dad's weight with extra steps) Fed dinos. Did an egg run, only got one egg (170). Stats unremarkable but female, so stays. And then I podded everything back up and that's all for today.
  4. (Modded singleplayer, Crystal Isles) Got high enough level for an argent and tamed one. And then remembered I saw a level 15 ironbelly wyverns (Ancient dragons and wyverns mod) nearby, so I went to tame her. I started taming and... I saw a 145 female ironbelly dragon walk out from behind the trees! So I started taming that, too. It too a while, but I got both of them and I moved them to my base. The dragon is parked in the pen with the fireball one (still gotta find a female for him. Too bad there' no crossbreeding between different types!), and made the saddle for the wyvern (ancient wyverns, unlike vanilla ones, require saddles. They're also WAY smaller, and can fly backwards and dive), and went to wander around the map. Briefly entered the crystal wyvern nests, fortunately ancient wyverns are so fast I had barely any trouble escaping from the heir - once my wyvern's stam got low and the heir was about to catch up to me, I simply went underwater (ancient wyverns can do that, too. Dragons can also do that, but they're not nearly as fast) and the crystal wyvern had no choice but to fly away. I returned home, killed a kolponomos (Animals of Atlas mod) for polymer on my way back. finally crafted the soul terminal (Dino Storage mod) and bred the ovis so that I'll have some mutton baits ready when I next decide to tame something. After the ovis was born and auto-trapped by the terminal, I decided that that's enough of SP for today. For now that's all.
  5. (Modded singleplayer, Crystal Isles) Finished the dragon enclosure, moved the dragon to it, enabled wandering... And nothing. Turns out dragons from this mod don't wander. Pity. Still, a dragon standing still in an enclosure looks better than a dragon standing still on the stable's roof. (Official, Valguero) Unpodded wyverns. Put some meat and berries into the maewing, unpodded yuty and ankylo. Bred thorny dragons (with blue-backed male), argents, gigas, rexes, sinos and velonas. One argent egg stays (mutation, want to see what it's on). Rest all bad. Last time's mut spino didn't look any better than the one before. Killed. Did a milk run (two wyverns tranqed), fed the wyverns. Wanted to go look for fire wyvern eggs, but the game isn't performing too nicely today. I'm not risking it. Podded babies and that's all for today.
  6. (Modded singleplayer, Crystal Isles) Got two aurochs and a female bos (Animals of Atlas mod) for my cattle enclosure. And a second ovis (male). Bred ovis, killed baby, made bait, tamed the dragon. Started building an enclosure, thought it'd be for some large carnivores I'll tame later, possibly spinos, but after adding the gate (from eco's Empires - Tokugawa) I realized it'll look the best if I keep the dragon in it. By the way - auroch cart saddle is awesome! I put the crafting table from Prehistoric Structures mod onto it, whistled the aurochs to follow me, and it's much more convenient than carrying the mats to the crafting station and then carrying the building parts to the building site (the dragon enclosure's wall is made form triangle foundations from that mod). (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, bred thorny dragons (blue-backed male was used), gigas, yuties, rexes, spinos and velonas. Spino egg stays because I want to see if this mutation looks good (previous one did not), all other eggs cracked right away. And that's all for now (or for today).
  7. (Official, Crystal Isles) Fed the trike, checked if wyverns still have enough crystals. (Official, Lost Island) Fed the wyvern. (Official, Extinction) Fed dinos. Other than that I played on my modded SP Crystal Isles save, since it's read for playing now (I prefer to build a base in SP using creative mode, and only then erase all the engrams so that I can learn them the proper way, turn Exp gain on, and start playing), but I don't feel like describing that - nothing much happened anyway, aside from me seeing a fireball dragon (Ancient wyverns and dragons mod) not far from the base (I'm SO taming him later!).
  8. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, bred rexes, yuties, gigas, spinos, velonas, thorny dragons, ankylos, dodos, argents and sinos. Thorny dragon egg stays, clean female. Hatched the old eggs, put new wyverns and the old ones out for raising. Filled a maewing and put the thorny dragons, the yuty, and the ankylo with it. Turns out the mut velona was a health mut again (so, same health as his dad, because inherited form mom and mutated on that), but he looks good so stays. Went to try and get some more fire wyvern eggs. My wyvern nearly died, but I got a 60 and a 150, and even trapped a wyvern to milk. Returned home, fed the wyverns, imprinted them (two oldest ones are fully imprinted now!), checked the eggs. Both male, no remarkable stats, cracked. Fed the dust gacha, got some dust, made it into element and shards. Went to get eggs again. Got a 90 and a 165. Trapped another wyvern, milked, fed the wyverns again. Checked the eggs, again, both male, both cracked. Ankylo and thorny dragons are now juvi. Podded ankylo and the wyverns, and filled tek trough for the thorny dragons - they're staying out. And that's all for today. ... And that wasn't all for today, because later I logged on, checked the trough (still good), imprinted thorny dragons, and bred velonas, yuties, gigas (only one was ready), spinos (got a mutation, female, but will keep at least to see if it looks good), and rexes. And that was all for today.
  9. It would make sense! It also would make me less angry about my male yuty having 42 points in it. But unfortunately the game is the way it is.
  10. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos. Bred gigas, yuties, spinos, rexes, velonas, argents and thorny dragons. The thorny dragon egg and one of the velona eggs are staying (both mutated), and a yuty egg stays too (health-weight-melee female, white-gray-white-black. So, basically she got all the good stuff there was to get, color-wise AND stat-wise). Unpodded wyverns. Hatched the eggs from last time, podded the wyverns and mutated thorny for later, put the ankylo with a maewing. But realized I'm kinda tired, so soon repodded everything and logged off. That's all for today.
  11. That giga health looks like fully imprinted giga health to me. Imprint isn't inheritable. As for spinos. Babies sometimes get better "taming effectiveness" than the parents, so they get some slightly higher stats than the parent they inherited the stats from (yep, despite being bred and not tamed from the wild). I had that happen myself, with an ankylo - 38 melee on mother, 39 - on the baby, without mutations. It's just ARK being weird.
  12. (Official, Valguero) Fed some of the dinos. Unpodded wyverns. Hatched thorny dragon and the two wyvern eggs, put the thorny with the maewing and the wyverns with the rest of their kind. Went to get some more fire wyvern eggs, but unfortunately there wasn't anything better good. Level 60 was best I found. Took that and a level 50, went home, checked - one stays because female. Bred gigas, spinos, yuties, rexes and argents, nothing good. Bred sinos and thorny dragons. Thorny dragon stays (mut). Went to get milk, milked two wyverns (just in case). Returned home, fed wyverns, remembered about the sinos.. Only one egg was alive and it wasn't any good. Bred dodos (Nnope). Went for fire wyverns again, got level 50 (female, stays) and level 160 (male, bad stats, cracked), Podded the thorny dragon, moved now-adult velona to the rest, started podding the wyverns... And a notification appeared that my main anky got killed by a raptor. Went to check, and yep - everything near the stables was, for some reason, on passive. Killed the raptors, set ankies and turtle back to neutral, moved megatherium (also on neutral) to the stables. Bred ankies, one egg stays (will be new main). Also bred velonas, but forgot about them because of the anky thing, so gonna log back on now just to see if the eggs are still there and grab them if they are. ... The eggs weren't there. Disabled breeding on velonas, and that's all for today.
  13. (Official, Lost Island) Fed the wyvern, uploaded some things. (Official, Crystal Isles) Fed the trike, checked if wyverns still have enough crystals (they do). (Official, Extinction) Tried for a male dust gacha again. No luck, best I found was a black pearl one. Returned home, fed the dinos. (Official, Valguero) Retrieved the uploaded things. Unpodded babies (wyverns and velona) filled a maewing with meat for the velona. Bred gigas, spinos, rexes, sinos and thorny dragons. Thorny dragon egg stays, the rest is no good. Fed the dust gacha, got enough dust to make 7 element plus a few hundred shards. Took my milk run wyvern and went to the trench. Got milk, a few good level eggs, too. Returned home, fed wyverns, checked eggs - one stays (male, 43 stam), rest no good. Healed the wyvern up, went again. Got attacked by two fire wyverns (not at the same time, thankfully). Dealt with them, went home, looked through my fridge and picked a fire wyvern to use for a fire egg run - decided to use Double: not the best health, but leveled to decent stam and good melee (has my best base melee - 35 points). Moved all other male and mutated female fire wyverns to the same fridge I keep boss rexes in, since they're the same type of tame (that is - disposable and only to be used in breeding in order to make more of equally disposable ones, not for any actual serious breeding). Went to the trench, killed some ice wyverns, went into the fire part, killed everything that moved there, but only got two level 100 eggs and two level 55. Ate fifties, brought home the 100's, checked them - one stays. Not because of good stats or colors - it has nether. But it's a female, and being a wild-egg it's naturally clean. So, will stay as a breeder. Went again, killed everything again, but it was even worse - 85 was the only egg there was. I took it, checked it, it was male, I cracked it. Filled tek trough for the velona (she's juvi now), podded wyverns, and that's all for today.
  14. (Official, Valguero) Unpodded wyverns, hatched newest ones, turns out weight/food one also has my new best health so I podded Mango-Mint and killed the mut one (it's ugly anyway), and once new one's adult I'll breed him to Ouch. Gave the maewing some meat and unpodded velona. Also, remember how I once went raiding deinon nests, and then fed all low-level eggs to some titanoboas in a baby-killing imitation of throwing crumbs to pigeons? One of the boas, a level 45 one, was still alive today. I actually noticed it still being on the taming tracker (with some taming percentage, too!) back when I was taming yuties, but didn't do anything back then. But today I bred yuties, gigas, spinos and rexes and decided why waste the eggs by cracking them when I instead can waste them by finishing that boa tame? So I took the eggs, tracked the boa and tamed it. Named it Noodle. Noodle now lives in my hatchery, and any fail dodo/sino/argy/velona eggs will be fed to it instead of cracked. Bred argents (only one was ready), sinos and dodos. Nothing good, so Noodle's eating well today. Fed all the dinos, repodded the babies, and that's all for today. Yep, a short day.
  15. (Official, Valguero) Velona is grown now. Bred velonas again, one egg stays. Bred yuties, gigas, rexes, wyverns, argents, sinos, spinos, dodos and thorny dragons. Ice wyvern egg stays because I'm curious to see how the color looks (it's mutated). Fire wyvern egg stays because it's an all stats male - that's right, it's not a wyvern, it's THE wyvern! The perfect one! Everything else's a fail. Fed some of the dinos. Repaired rifle and went to the trench - brought back 4 eggs, 100+ levels. One stays (40 weight - 40 food, lvl 185). Then healed up the wyvern and went again and got milk, fed wyverns. Also briefly went into the fire part of the trench, but decided not to risk trying to take anything while on an ice wyvern. Took my main velona, Ratteki and spent some time killing everything in sight for fun (and for hide). Podded some of the dinos: the male allo, the crystal wyverns, and all three of my quetzals. Hatched and podded the velona, imprinted wyverns, podded them and that's all for today.
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