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  1. (Singleplayer, Scorched Earth, then Extinction) Created a SE save just to get some stuff (level 1 fire wyvern eggs (yes, level 1. Breeding in my singleplayer is boosted enough that it won't take long to get something worthy, and starters being level 1 will ensure that I won't feel tempted to take a breeder wyvern for a ride and possibly lose it), and couple BPs not available on Ext). That was risky, by the way - forgot to make a backup of my Ext save, so if that character switch glitch happened, I would have to either create a new character and reclaim my stuff through console commands (and I
  2. (Singleplayer, Extinction) Finished the first base, added a second extension to the house (has full walls and a roof. It's a kitchen). Started making parts for the final, bigger base and already found the place for it (still in the forest, but closet to the exit, and higher up). Altered the Shiny! Dinos settings, just a bit, so that I'll get 1 tekgram per enraged dino killed (no tekgrams for regular shinies, that'd be too much), and so that X variant and Aberrant variant swaps would happen a bit more often. Tried to do an easy drop. It died on second wave. Might try again once I get some velon
  3. (Official, Valguero) Abyss again. Not many enemies this time, two alpha sharks, though. Toriel got two new levels. Great loot, plenty of it, too. Even two SCUBA tanks, 1 BP one item. Got disconnected when leaving, though. Died. Probably mantas, tank had plenty of durability. Trying to reconnect to retrieve my stuff right now (should have put it all in Toriel's inventory!) ... Yep, mantas. Stuff retrieved succesfully, by the way. So much of it, that even though I returned home on Frostbite, Lampeater (my to-and-from-Abyss flying mount) still was of use - I put some stuff in her b
  4. (Official, Valguero) Since the wild megalodons no longer have "bleed", repaired my SCUBA tanks, took Toriel and went into the Abyss. The loot wasn't great, but hey! At least I can once again come there and get any loot at all, that's something. The pack bonus doesn't help megalodons much, Toriel eats them like candy. Got disconnected while fighting an alpha megalodon, but, surprisingly enough, survived and managed to remount Toriel (SCUBA tank got broken, though, but I had 5 more untouched ones, and one with just a bit durability left), and killed the alpha just fine. Gathered some pearls
  5. (Official, Valguero) Killed some superturkeys (tried giga (best result), wyvern (verrry slow) and velona (acceptable, but not fast). Made some rare chibies, one was chibi-Broodmother! Saw a level 60 tek quetz, but as I was getting the darts, kibble and narcotics, and constructing a trap on Skylord's back, the quetz flew away and I was unable to find it. Will keep Skylord unpodded and with trap still on his back, just in case. While trying to find the quetz, saw two alpha carnos. Flying back to the base the normal way would take too long, so I dismounted and glided to my base with Sky
  6. (Official, Valguero) Missed the giga egg, because I forgot it's x2 breeding, so I didn't think to check on it. Well, it probably was yet another wrong melee and/or color anyway. (Sigleplayer, Extinction) Thanks to a 145 alpha carno, reached the tape saddle level. But turns out immersive flight tapejaras are buggy (character sits below/partially inside the bird instead of on it), so I only used the tape to get to The City, where I tamed, saddled up, and converted into an Immersive Flier a level 50 argent. I named her Kaira. Also, lost all my dimorphs. They're alive, they just weren't able
  7. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, bred gigas. (Official, Crystal Isles) Wyverns still have plenty of crystals, it'll take weeks for them to run out, so just quickly logged on to check if they're still in their place (they are) and reset decay. (Official, Extinction) Fed the dinos, finally got the wyvern to 1000 stamina, should be enough for any travels tha might happen in the future. (Singleplayer, Extinction) Tamed two parasaurs, made a saddle for one (Explorer saddle, from Saddle Emporium mod) and halters for both, from the same mod. Completely replaced the house's parts with th
  8. (Singleplayer-_) Downloaded a couple mods I don't normally use (Sci-Fi CKF, Tek Decor, and some other, also modern decor stuff), put them in load order, removed tech disabler and couple other ones I use for my normal, low-or-no-tech singleplayer saves, and started a new save. And this is how it went: (-Extinction) was the map I settled on, and I started in Sunken Forest, as it's easiest. I decided to avoid cheating for most part, no escaping death with -fly, no spawning pre-tamed dinos. I did, however, put a box with a glider somewhere (without memorizing where - if I find it, I find it.
  9. (Official, Valguero) 1. If I logged on a mere hour later, I would have missed the giga egg, becase an hour is what's left on it. 2. Turns out I forgot to close hatchery's gate yesterday. It was open the whole time. No other news, since I literally just logged on. Gonna feed the dinos now, I guess. ... Fed the dinos, got Frostbite another level, wanted to get some paste from the beaver dams but had to clear out wood-only ones instead because someone always leaves them after taking paste. Giga egg hatched, female, all-wrong colors, wrong stats as well. Picked up a dimorph, ki
  10. (Official, Valguero) Bred tek rexes, put new and both old batches into the hatchery (that's 15 eggs!), put old giga egg into the hatchery, bred velonas (used Ratteki instead of Gatling this time). Did a crystal run, tried to finish the roof, turned out it's impossible to do with no gaps, so took it down, and started rebuilding in a different way, one that'll leave roof pieces no choise but to align correctly, since they'll be snapped to a ring of ceilings rather than right to the walls (because walls are snapped some to ceilings some to foundations, and there's a bit of difference in height be
  11. (Official, Extinction) Fed the dinos. Checked the smithy and the parasaur in case I have any saddles worth sending to the main base (since I now have two more kinds of dinos, but only ever remember saddles I considered worthy when they were acquired), but nope. (Singleplayer, modded map Tropical Island, DLCs The Center and Scorched Earth) Tried to start a new modded singleplayer save, but couldn't decide on a place to build a base despite trying three different maps. Pretty typical for me. (Official, Valguero) Planted rockarrots. Fed dinos. Tried to kill a wild quetzal, in flight, wi
  12. (Official, Valguero) Fed the dinos. KIlled off a few babies I had podded and definitely don't plan on raising. Checked on the giga egg. Used Snow (the unicorn) to gather some berries, except when I was taking her out of the stable I had to dismount, got stuck in the ceiling, and had to destroy a part of it. Thinking about maybe taking the stable down entirely and building a new one, smaller and with less chance of getting stuck in the ceiling when dismounting in the stable.
  13. (Official, Crystal Isles) Tamed a level 20 tropical, leveled her a bit and uploaded. (Official, Extinction) Downloaded the tropical and brought her to my base. Fed the dinos. (Official, Valguero) Made and installed a bunch of large crop plots. Put narcoberries in one, stimberries in other, longrass in third, rest aren't seeded yet because I ran out of fertilizer and don't want to use pellets. Loaded one of the dung beetles with some dino feces. Finished hatching giga egg, wrong color, killed. Bred gigas again. Bred rexes, incubated new and old eggs for a bit, then put them in the ref
  14. (Official, Valguero) Checked on the giga egg in the morning. Now gonna check on it again, then set Generous to produce stone, because I want to upgrade kitchen/greenhouse to be more in line with the workshop and the new hatchery. ... Upgraded. Well, more like completely rebuilt - the only piece left from the old one is where the bridge to the hatchery is connected. The new building is a whole row of triangle foundations/ceilings larger, dodo coop is bigger now, dung beetles got their own place on the second floor which is the greenhouse, and there are two refrigerators now - one for
  15. (Official, Valguero) Tamed a pair of dimorphs. Both 130 pre-tame, female tamed on mutton and prime, male on prime and normal meat. Named female Swarmother and male Drone, since a swarm is what I'm planning to make out of them. Bred them, waiting for the egg currently. Bred gigas and rexes.
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