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  1. (Official PVE, Fjordur), (Official PVE, Lost Island), (Official PVE, Crystal Isles) - fed dinos. (Official PVE, Valguero) - fed dinos, bred velonas, carchars and carnos (one velona stays, сlean good female). Fed gachas for a while, topped generators back up to 30 in each and had a bit left for the vault. Saw a low-level (20-something) tek raptor stuck in one of the pits on my base (not built pits, I don't have those. Just a gap between even ground and cliff), tamed him. Named him T0-N1. And that's all for today.
  2. (Official PVE, Fjordur) Fed dinos, did an egg run. Two high level eggs. Uploaded them, returned home. (Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded and checked eggs, both bad. Bred velonas, carchars, rexes and even carnos! Nothing good. Took Avalanche, went hunting. No alphas, few tek dinos, and when I was riding through Redwoods the game suddenly decided I need to see the world from wyvern's flight height. By that I mean that I, together with my carcha, was teleported high into the sky and had to dismount to ensure his survival (my own safe thanks to the sino I wear at all times), as the height was much too great for any dino capable of receiving fall damage to survive. After safe landing I remounted, hunted a bit more, and returned home. Fed gachas for a while, topped up generators, and that's all for today.
  3. (Official PVE, Valguero) Hatched the carcha. Nope, that's leveling fodder. Yellow, while nice, is on spikes and therefore not particularly noticeable. Checked raising corner troughs, velonas will survive just fine with no refills. Unpodded wyverns, did a milk run. big one - 15 milk. Returned home, fed wyverns. Bred velonas and carchars, one velona stays (clean, good female), rest all failures. Did a flint run and a thatch run, made a ton of arrows, spent a while feeding gachas, topped gens back to 30 in each and had 6 (if I recall correctly) pieces left for the vault. Repodded wyverns and that's all for today.
  4. (Official PVE, Valguero) Unpodded wyverns. Hatched velona and put her with the maewing. Bred velonas, only one female was ready. Egg stays (clean, good female). Went for a milk run, milked two wyverns, returned home, fed wyverns. Took kibble, narcotics and tranq arrows (didn't feel like getting rifle and darts out of the vault) because I spotted a stuck giga. Low-level, but nice gray color. Tranqed her, realized I don't have enough kibble. Went back for more kibble, narcotics and arrows (to retranq her because I had no illusions about getting back in time). She unstuck after she woke up. Well, oops. Milked another wyvern, fed wyverns again, milked two more wyverns (I realized I haven't fed a few the last few times I fed wyverns), fed the ones I missed. Took Avalanche, hunted. Killed the giga I failed to tame. Tamed a pair of carnos for the reason of "well, they're there, they're high-level, and I still have all the taming supplies on me". Returned home with my new carnos. Repodded wyverns, fed gachas for a while, and that's all for today.
  5. (Official PVE, Lost Island) Went for an egg run. Nothing worth taking. Absolutely nothing. Low-levels, and due to the trench being an all-species one I can't exactly clear it myself to make something better maybe spawn. Hunted, returned home, fed dinos. (Official PVE, Crystal Isles) Fed dinos. (Official PVE, Valguero) Did a milk run, unpodded wyverns and hatched new one, fed ones that were hungry. Bred carchars and velonas, one velona stays (clean all good stats female), one carchar stays for now (weight mut, just want to see if the color looks good, it's some sort of yellow. Will keep for real if it looks nice enough). Fed some of the dinos, unpodded phiomia and refilled dung beetles. Spent a while feeding gachas, topped up gens and this time did have some ele left for the vault. Repodded wyverns and that's all for today.
  6. (Official PVE, Fjordur) Fed dinos, did an egg run. Three high level eggs, AND I got a 41 armor velona saddle form a beacon! Uploaded it all, returned home. (Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded the stuff. Checked eggs, surprisingly, it's the lowest (150) level one that stays. 40 stam! Unpodded and bred velonas, unfortunately, nothing good. Fed eggs to my titanoboa. Bred carchars, again, nothing good. Did a milk run, unpodded and fed wyverns. Spent a while feeding gachas, all went into generators (I should do it sooner next time, I guess). Repodded wyverns and that's all for today.
  7. I guess war's the only way indeed. Far as I know, only dinos on PVE that can be leveled by killing friendlies and are NOT wyverns are magmasaurs and basilisks (same method as for wyverns) and shoulder pets (pick one up, kill stuff yourself, pet gets a share of EXP. That's how I level my sinos and used to level my dimorphos).
  8. (Official PVE, Valguero) Bred carchars, no good new muts (one mut, but not melee and the color's boring). Unpodded wyverns. Yes, finally. 14 of them. Then realized the ActualBlack on underscale one is missing, turned out she was in the leveling fodder fridge. Good thing I realized it before grabbing some random babies from it for leveling. So, unpodded that one, too. Gathered some blood and made elixirs, used them on wyverns. Did a milk run, got 10 milk, fed some wyverns. None were ready to eat on their own, but considering that two most important ones are levels 20 and 25 it's better to just force-feed them all instead of waiting until someone gets actually hungry. Fed gachas for a while, topped up generators. Repodded wyverns and that's all for today.
  9. (Official PVE, Fjordur) Fed dinos. Killed two alpha raptors while I was at it, got a nice metal pick. (Official PVE, Crystal Isles) Wandered around for a bit, then hunted and fed dinos. (Official PVE, Lost Island) Well, you've probably guessed it. Dinos! I fed 'em. (Official PVE, Valguero) Also dinos, also fed. Plus fed gachas for a while for the generators, hatched and podded new deinon, and bred carchars (one new mut, but on food and with the color I already have on the region I already have it on. And I don't even particularly like that color). And that's all for today.
  10. (Official PVE, Valguero) Bred carchas and rexes (nothing good. New mut on a carcha, but it's stam, so cracked anyway). Did a nice big rare flower run with my therizino. Found two deinon eggs while at it, level 150 (left by same deino), kept one. Did a flint run and a thatch run, made arrows for the gachas, fed gachas for a while. Topped up generators and still had 8 ele plus some shards left for the vault. And that's all for today.
  11. (Official PVE, Valguero) Carcha's adult, unimaginatively named him Rage, podded his father and put Rage into his place. Podded breeder bats since no way I'm doing anything with them. Bred carchas, no new muts. Some eggs cracked, some went into Noodle's inventory. Gave bees more flowers (I should do a flower run some time soon. Running low on them). Took Avalanche and went hunting. Killed some alpha dinos, and also a giga and two wild carchas. Avalanche's nearing his next level. Returnd home, fed dinos. Topped up gens, partially form vault, partially from feeding the gachas (there's still plenty in the vault, but that won't last if I keep taking from it without adding any). And that's all for today.
  12. (Official PVE, Fjordur) Good thing I remembered to check on it today! Carcha and owl were really hungry. So I took the carcha and hunted for a while. Refilled the trough. Killed a few alphas during my hunt, got pretty decent hide pants and hat. (Official PVE, Crystal Isles) Hunted, fed dinos. (Official PVE, Lost Island) Went for a new wyvern egg. There was a 185 lightning one! Took it, escaped, hunted, uploaded egg, returned home, fed dinos. (Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded the egg. Checked it. 45 points... IN OXYGEN! Well, that's not a wyvern for me. That's a snack for Noodle the titanoboa. Imprinted carcha, he's nearly adult. Soon he'll replace his father as the breeder. And that's all for today.
  13. (Official PVE, Valguero) imprinted carcha, checked his troughs (no refill needed). Took Avalanche and went hunting. Found only a few alpha dinos, most of them carnos, all of them low-level. Stumbled upon a level 140 giga, decided to try Avalanche's strength against it. Won. Then killed a level 55 carcha and a second, level 50, giga. Returned home, fed some of the dinos, fed gachas for a while (most ele went into generators), and bred blood wyverns (no new muts, all eggs went to my titanoboa). That's all for today.
  14. (Official PVE, Valguero, yesterday) Yep, yesterday. Forgot to write about it. Not much to write about anyway: all I did yesterday was imprint carcha and top up troughs for him. Today, however, i actually played. Game's still behaving weirdly nice, by the way. So, I imprinted carcha, then took Avalanche, went on a hunt. At first there wasn't anything much, just some rexes and carnos. No alphas. Then, on Weather Top, I saw a level 90 giga. Never killed a level 90 with a carcha, so at it I went. Received some visible damage despite full rage, but not much, and killed the giga successfully. Went farther, to the wyvern trench. Stole the nearest egg to get wyverns' attention and killed them all. The giga spawn nearby was empty, and there's nothing else interesting to kill, so I moved on to the next spot. There were two alpha carnos, one alpha raptor, a level 80 giga, and a level 145 carcha. First I took out the alphas - their buff could make giga really troublesome, I'd rather avoid that. After the raptor Avalanche gained a new level. Then giga. As for carcha - I carefully avoided it. It's 145, it looks kinda nice (green, but not "cheap plastic toy" green), might as well leave it for someone else to find. Returned home, fed dinos, gave bees more flowers, added more ele to the gens (form the vault. Don't feel like feeding the gachas), and that's all for today.
  15. (Official PVE, Lost Island). Logged on planning to just feed dinos, but game was running weirdly well. I mean, I've seen ARK running strangely well before, but never on LI, at least not without turning off ground clutter completely, and never to that level. It's as if the game itself decided to be nice to me. So I decided to do an egg run! Took my blood wyvern, went to the trench. No nests as far as I was able to see with just a quick glance. Nope, nothing. And one level 50 lightning wyvern near the entrance (which is why I was only able to take a quick look rather than thoroughly check every nesting spot). Since the game continued running smoothly I fought the lightning, avoiding its attacks rather well and landing my own nicely, and won. Checked for eggs properly now. One, level 50. Took it, ate it, flew away. Once I was at a safe distance I raised some graphics settings higher than I normally could without things turning into a slideshow (I'm not saying that I play with potato graphics normally. But I do play with, at most, medium general shadows, no distance field shadowing, and only a little bit of sky quality) and spent a bit of time flying around enjoying the view. Returned home, fed dinos. (Official PVE, Fjordur) Fed dinos. Didn't wander around for fun, as there was no oddly-smooth FPS - too many huge bases around. But still, perhaps, a tad nicer than usual. (Official PVE, Crystal Isles) Fed dinos. (Official PVE, Valguero) Checked troughs (no refill needed), imprinted carcha, topped gens up form the vault. Hatched and podded for later new wyvern. Took hoversail and went wandering. Nice to ride on something light and still fear no dino since nothing attacks it. Rode straight through a few direwolf packs and right by a resting elemental. Returned home, put hoversail away. Bred lightning wyverns and new one's even better! All the good colors, all the good stats, and a mut (okay, don't know if the mut's good, I don't remember parent's stats. But still, that's an egg for keeping). And that's all for today.
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