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  1. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos. Did berry and meat runs all in one, using my direbear. (Official, Extinction) Fed dinos. (Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base.
  2. (Official, Valguero) Fed herbivores. Decided to get a megatherium (preferably a pair), so made kibble (used up all my extra large eggs), took tranq darts, rifle (freshly repaired), narcotics (2 stacks), and two cryopods. With all that I took Phobos and went to the redwoods. After some time I found a 135 female. Tranqing her wasn't easy (I was doing trapless tame), but in the end she fell. I left her to starve and went looking for a 100+ male, but found none. Found a 145 direbear, though, and since I was bored and still had plenty kibble, darts, narcotics, and time until the mega is hungry enou
  3. It'll run up the cliff. Or it'll realize it's being tranqed and run away before you make it drop. Use a trap. Or, if it's a giga that's stuck and you're fairly sure it'll stay stuck, use a flying mount you can stand on (I personally prefer crystal wyverns: fast, easily replaceable, can be used to protect the creature after it's knocked out) - it's better than a cliff: you decide how close you want it to be to the giga, how high, AND if it gets free it won't be able to reach you anyway.
  4. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, bred rexes (but forgot about it, so eggs decayed), bred procoptos (but later realized that I don't feel like playing so long today, so podded-unpodded), made some cementing paste, hunted with a frog for some cementing paste, stole from beavers yet more cementing paste. Took a therizino and went to the swamp to get more mushrooms and flowers, barely out of my base saw a rex biting something. "Something" turned out to be Grape, my current favorite lymantria. Saved Grape, put him safely on a cliff, went to get flowers and mushrooms, got a ton of flowers (it'll last
  5. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos. Bred thylas and procoptos. Bred tek rexes (eggs went to the fridge). Made some cementing paste. Found an alpha rex (level 55), killed. Didn't forget to wear the chibi. Gave bees more flowers, and since I used repellent anyway - tamed a new bee. Did beaver dams, got a nice amount of cementing paste. Procopto born, mother's health, killed. Thyla born, male, double mutations (never got that before!), dad's health and mutated on it, dad's food and second mutation on that. Dad's melee. Mutated color red (1) on stripes. That boy stays. Will check o
  6. (Official, Valguero) Filled the trough near gachas (it's also velona/thyla/half-the-dimorphs, owl, wyvern, and half-the-argents trough) with meat. Took some mushrooms from it. Grabbed narcotics, rifle, darts, pods, and went looking for procoptodons. Found a 130 black-bellied male. After some time managed to lure him into my trap AND! Together with him two more procoptodons were caught! One was not what I need: 85 male. Meh. But the other was a 25 female (with black sides). So, I knocked the 130 and the 25 out, let the 85 out of the trap and tamed the ones I wanted. While they were taming, I pu
  7. Pegos, because kapros can do nothing to me: I rarely go to the swamp, and even when I do, I'm riding an imprinted giga! Kapros don't aggro on that. And even if they did, what would they be able to do, die in my general direction? Pegos, on the other hand, think that all players and player-owned creatures have food for them. Taming something? SCREEEE! Landed for stam? SCREEEE! Riding my giga on the beach, minding my own busyness? SCREEEEE! Annoying.
  8. (Official, Valguero) Fed gachas, took kibble, darts, rifle, bolas, 3 cryopods (1 just in case) and went to tame a pair of beelzebufos. Tranqed 2 females, 130 and 145. 130 got damaged at some point, effectiveness dropped, so I took away her kibble and killed her. 145 was fine, tamed, I named her Dolores Leapfrog. Podded her, went back to the base, made and colored a saddle for her, picked up and opened gacha crystals, took a bit more kibble, went to get a male frog. Found a 130, knocked him out, but he was nearly dead, so I went home for an owl. Healed him up, tamed, named him Daniel Leapfrog,
  9. Since I have nothing to do, I can test it in singleplayer for you. I'll add the results to this comment once I'm done. ... And... Tested! Didn't do sharks because sharks are already known to attack megachelons, and was unable to test tusos (forgot the summon command, also testing happened in an artificial reservoir not deep enough for them to be aggressive. And probably wouldn't fit), plesios (not deep enough for them to attack) and mosas (built too small. Fitting a turtle AND a mosa in there is just not happening), but they're the apexes, so they definitely would attack a megachelon
  10. Not really. It's true for some stuff, but let's for example take me. My base is in White Cliffs on Valg, meaning lots of metal near, lots of crystal, but largest spot if pretty far away, not a lot of obsidian, closest oil source (not counting golems and tek dinos) being underwater, closest pearl (there are some close pearl spots. But still) and black pearl sources being pretty far (and, naturally, underwater), and element dust being... Nowhere (but I don't have a dust gacha, so killing tek dinos or sending it from my sidebase on Ext is the only way for me, so that's the only time dust will be
  11. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, decided to get back Dark Hopper (my full black procopto). Since Dark Hopper is long dead, getting him back means taming some procoptos with black on various regions, at least one of them with good-ish stats, and mating them together until I get a good stat male full black. First step was made in the form of taming a level 25 male with black back and stripes. Also, gave bees more flowers. They're good on them, but it's always better to have more.
  12. (Official, Extinction) Fed dinos. Went looking for my wyvern again, and found him! He was sitting near a tiny lake, barely more than a puddle. Alive, healthy, almost not hungry, and set to passive, so no idea why he decided to leave my base in the first place. Returned him to the base. Sidebase mana will still happen, though. At some point. (Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base.
  13. (Official, Valguero) Refilled the troughs. Raised the spino and one of the two baby manas for a bit. Imprinted the spino. Fed gachas, a lot. Hunted things, especially bunny dodos because those things shouldn't even be there, the event's over! Killed an alpha carno, didn't wear a chibi, but at least it gave Frostbite a new level, he finally has 400% melee. Noticed that the hives started losing health, gave them all the remaining rare flowers (should go gather more at some point), bred rexes (eggs went into the fridge). Killed off some dinos I absolutely don't need and aren't attached
  14. (Official, Extinction) Went for a dust run. Gathered dust, uploaded, tamed and uploaded a dung beetle just because. Returned home, found that my wyvern (who was there before dust run) is missing. Looked for him, failed to find. Fed the dinos. As for the wyvern - either he'll show up at some point, or I'll send a replacement either form CI or from Valguero. (Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base. (Official, Valguero) Retrieved the dust and the beetle. Had to make some of the dust into element because Topaz Thorn couldn't carry it all as is, but most will stay in dust form, at least
  15. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos. Unpodded spino for a bit of raising. Bred thylas. Fed gachas to get some obsidian. Bred allos, rexes, spinos, eggs went into the fridge. Hunted seagulls just to pass the time. Spino raised to 2%. Had to pod-unpod Cinnamon, because I decided I don't want to play for 2 more hours that it'd take for her to give birth to a (likely disappointing) baby thyla. Repodded spino, logged off. Side-bases on (Official, Crystal Isles) and (Official, Extinction) can wait until tomorrow, I'm not in the mood for more ARK today.
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