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  1. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos. Used unicorn to harvest berries, even outside the base, because why not (if anything happens - I have 5 more +a baby in the fridge. Nothing happened, though). Podded the extra gachas and Scythe (the old mantis). By the way: apparently, if a gacha is stuck in sad mode after whatever was making it sad was removed, punching it makes it happy again. (Official, Extinction) Fed dinos. Spotted a drop, checked, blue, grabbed rex, did the drop. My first ever not counting the failed test runs in singleplayer. Got a 50-something gasbags saddle 9item, not BP unfortunat
  2. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, bred mantises. Unpodded Leaf (adolescent female mantis. Need to finish her now that I have a proper male to use for breeding). While the egg was incubating, went to the swamp to get more rare mushrooms - gacha trough is nearly empty. Got a considerable amount. Then spent some time hunting with Sharp, leveling him up just to see how great a proper mantis can be (pretty great), then riding around on Thea. The egg hatched into a male. Not what i need at all, especially since it also got mother's stats. Killed. (Official, Extinction) Fed din
  3. (Official, Valguero) Uploaded two podded dinos: Aquamarine the ptera (she has decent (for a ptera) health and stam, and wears a 73 armor saddle) and Bloodwind the blood crystal wyvern (decent level, decent stats, but I'm not attached to him), (Official, Crystal Isles) Retrieved Aquamarine and Bloodwind, crafted parts for the trap (later it turned out I was three walls short, but I simply gathered some wood and used wooden walls where I didn't have enough stone), killed rhinos until I had 12 horns (1 extra just in case), went to the desert... First mantis group I spotted had a 150 male in
  4. (Official, Valguero) Filled troughs with meat and berries, did same to Thea the maewing. Bred gachas and wyverns. Threw the egg into the hatchery. Unpodded wyverns, thyla, and argies (they got actual names now, the females are Meela (the melee one), Star (that's the stam-mutated one) and Carrie (weight mut), and the male (realized he got no mutation, just health inherited form mother but 45 points is 45 points) is Hyacinth). Those, with the obvious exception for the wyverns, eat from the troughs. And for Thea to feed were the nameless baby giga, an ankylo, a mammoth, and a proco
  5. (Official, Valguero) Refilled Thea with meat and enabled nursing, unpodded argents and thyla, bred wyverns and gachas, unpodded fire wyverns. Put new wyvern egg into the hatchery. Took Death of Bugs, hunted for chitin. Made new armor, old's broken. Attached glider. Went fo milk, only public trap was occupied, stole 175 fire egg, returned home. Put egg into the hathcery. Went for milk, trap still occupied, grabbed an ice egg (180 I think? Don't remember. Good level), returned home.Put egg into the hatchery. Got disconnected. Logged back on, argents and thyla juvies
  6. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, bred fire wyverns, unpodded fire wyvern babies for some raising, bred gachas, found out that both ice wyverns I have out (Topaz Thorn and Frozen Soul) had mating enabled. And were close enough for the last few days. Had two oops-eggs as a result. Well, into the hatchery they went together with planned Fire one. Killed an alpha rex and an alpha carno. No chibi. Used wyvern (Habanero, the fire I currently use. At the moment he's best stat/looks one I have). Learned grapple engram, spent some time swinging around the base and outside a bit, tried to kill a rex
  7. Didn't feel like playing today, so just quickly fed dinos on (Official, Valguero) and (Official, Extinction) and refreshed base on (Official, Crystal isles).
  8. (Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base. (Official, Extinction) Fed dinos, did a dust run (28 full stacks), uploaded dust. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, retrieved dust and made it into element, bred gachas and fire wyverns. Wasn't in the mood to raise anything today. Made some polymer. Gachas, as always, bad. Wyvern, while sill not right color, is a male with best stats from both sides, and it's wrong in the way opposite of the first, female one (she got dad's colors, he got mom's, so just like their parent, once grown they'll be able to breed with a chance of dark gray body/
  9. (Official, Valguero) Gasbags were grown by the time I logged on, and wyverns (fortunately) 0.4% away from becoming adult. "Fortunately" because I really like it when I get to see strong tames go to 100% grown. When they're done before I'm there to witness it, it's just not the same. Only one gacha was ready for mating, so no gacha breeding today. Bred gasbags, put yesterday's Ice wyvern egg into hatchery, spotted and killed an alpha rex, then an alpha raptor, then alpha carno and that, finally, got my chibi to level 5. Bred fire wyverns and put the egg into the hatchery as well.
  10. (Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base. (Official, Valguero) Unicorns are grown, moved them to the stable. Unpodded wyverns and gasbags (yesterday's one, and one form some time ago). Bred gachas and procoptos. Crafted two preserving bins, did a meatrun, cooked meat and put it in them (just checked and realized I need to put oil in there, too so will have to log back on real quick to do that). Did a milk run, fed wyverns. Checked how long their current food will last them and how long it'll take them to grow, so did a second milk run and fed them again, and also stole a 155 Ice
  11. (Official, Extinction) Did a dust run (47 full stacks, plus a bit extra), uploaded the dust, fed the dinos. (Official, Valguero) Retrieved the dust, made it into element and shards. Fed dinos. Unpodded wyverns and unicorns. Unpodded 3 female gachas, bred gachas. Bred ankylos, unicorns, procoptos, rexes, gasbags, and argents. Made an inflatable rex costume, painted it white, cyan and black and put it on. Did a metal run. Did a cement run. Gacha babies were all bad - as expected, when out of all the possibilities only one is acceptable. Rexes al
  12. (Official, Extinction) Did a dust run (14 full stacks), uploaded the dust, fed the dinos. (Official, Valguero) Retrieved the dust, made it into element, on my way back to the base spotted an alpha rex, put element into the vault, took chibi, took Phobos, went to kill the alpha rex. Fed dinos. Put some fresh flowers into the beehives. (Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base.
  13. They increase the chance of unfert eggs being laid. That's. It. That's what they do. They don't affect the twins/triplets chance. Nothing does.
  14. I haven't tried with gigas (obviously) but I did once use a fire wyvern for milk, and, naturally, killed it after getting the milk before it woke up (since it would get free once the trap is unredered anyway), and there was no claw. So I assume same is true for any other trophy-giving dinos.
  15. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, unpodded fire wyverns, and, since unicorn unpodding is finally fixed, unpodded three of my unicorns (I have 4, but the fourth is a baby, I'm not in the mood to deal with that today) as well. Did a metal run, not big, just most of the nearest metal spot. Painted my workshop - the entirety of it, from floor to roof. The roof pieces and gate frame are brick, walls, floor, and most of the ceiling pieces are white, stairs - black and white, pillars/double door frames that support the flat part of the roof are black, and so are the corners of the flat part o
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