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  1. Shadowmanes are pretty up there. Stunlock ability that can teleport them to multiple targets, active camouflage, good speed, good attack power, a super attack that builds with attacks, passive armor that also hurts aggressors, and a frankly ridiculous jump height that can be chained into a teleport attack if you're quick enough. Even with a nerf in they slap comically hard with mutations and imprints in them.
  2. Honestly the only thing that really chaps my arse about not being breedable is the fenrir considering the sheer amount of effort it takes just to get a single one. Multiple boss battles and a ton of rune collecting for what is at the end of the day a subpar trophy tame you can never take out for any real work is just a spit in the face. Griffins would be nice too seeing as they're among the last of the OG tames to not get a breeding status, but after the advent of desmodus I've sort of lost interest in them.
  3. Haven't used them in a while, pre-net gun era at least so I'm not entirely certain if they can be netted. Drag weight wise yea I'd say they're about the same given they fit in the same size category.
  4. Works just fine, you have to be quick about it though and can't afford to take a hit if you want the best tame efficiency. Sounds to me like you just want the easy tame method.
  5. It costs me another random person wandering around my base.
  6. For a big carnivore? Yes indeed. They're no reaper king in terms of mobility but they get a move on
  7. Honestly the running animation reminded me a lot of the derpy run cycle of gigas on The Isle. Handleability wise though I could see your comparison being pretty apt.
  8. Since this seems like the most relevant thread to ask, does anyone else just really, really hate it's running animation? Tamed one to round out my tame collection and by god it just looks absurd seeing this thing waddle.
  9. Many years ago prior to me adopting the solo tribe life I had a friend circle of about twelve tribed up in a pvp server. We tried to divy up duties to allow everyone to spread the load and shine in their particular field but by god it was like trying to herd cats when it came to a few members. Of the group, eight of us tried to keep up with either resource demands, maintenance, infrastructure, animal husbandry, or handling the politicking and/or raid layouts of other tribes, the problem however were the remaining four players. Since those four had joined in a bit after we'd started to figure out how to hold our own, they never really learned the crucial lessons of operating in a setting where you can lose everything to a single slip up. They'd tame random low level stuff on a whim (not really an issue until they'd eat up tame slots and breeding timers on line bred animals by making them breed), waste resources by either getting killed with good gear on and forgetting where they died or simply getting stuff yoinked by players, pegos, or gulls that got the drop on them, and worst of all, would actively start crap with tribes that were either out of our weight class or were previously open to negotiations and alliances with us. That last bit was the real issue. See, the four in question didn't really communicate their intentions to raid to the tribe until they'd started, nor did they see the big issue with starting a fight; It was a pvp game after all right? Problem is after a while the bigger tribes got tired of having their bases attacked and eventually did what tribes that have a common enemy do: they allied together to hammer down the problem. The tribe put up a decent fight a first but with varying life schedules that left us little time to prepare for a big fight against a larger enemy and us having very few allies thanks to some burned bridges with other tribes (guess who did THAT by the way) we got crushed and wiped. Since our problem players apparently were sore losers they thought it was a good idea to talk trash after the fact and more or less made it impossible to play on the cluster for any of us. We were associated with them, ergo we were all KOS. We bickered for a while about it, the four thought we were taking it too seriously, we told them that they destroyed the months of work that others had laid out by acting like buffoons. In the end we booted them but the whole ordeal was so exhausting to deal with that even after we found a different cluster I opted to cut my losses and go it alone.
  10. That would require the complainers have a grasp of the world beyond their videogame as well as the empathy and maturity to understand that they while they live a plush and easy enough life to afford to be able to whine about something so small, the people these donations go to don't have such a luxury.
  11. Just added Carchar to the game. Guess they were going for the Scorched earth approach to it then. Would've preferred they mention it in the announcement page though, would've given me a chance to mentally prepare for all of the players in my servers going cherry flavored apesh!t trying to find one after I got back from a double shift and a meeting.
  12. Given how close we are to the end of the year and the sequel's (presumed) release it's honestly up in the air. Now I'm not one to make a definitive declaration on the matter but I feel we've reached the point where wildcard kind of just wants to wash their hands of the first Ark so they can streamline shuffling resources to Ark2
  13. To be honest I find names of spouses/friends/family to be an even worse idea given anything can happen to sour a relationship. That said the case with your friend is adorable. They better have picked a good clan though. I will riot if one of them went for clan tzimisce or toreador.
  14. On a pure official server? Yeah something ain't right. Even using mutagen that thing shouldn't be anywhere spitting distance of level 400+
  15. Imagine assuming that's what I'm doing considering my first statement was pointing out I have tattoos. Im sure this is a novel concept for you, but it's an interesting fact that you can actually call something stupid without it being you trying to tell people how to live their lives. Furthermore I also said "to each their own", implying it's not my place to decide what they do. Doesn't mean I'm not allowed to speak my piece though.
  16. For their sake I hope it's a temp tat. Imagine trying to explain to your grandchildren years for now that you dropped an easy breezy hundred plus bucks on a tattoo of a buggy game
  17. Even as a man with tattoos I can't bring myself to fathom what would posses someone to get an ark themed tattoo. It's a fun game yeah but not quite what I'd call tattoo worthy. To each their own I guess.
  18. How 'bout no? Seriously, why make a giga competitor and immediately give it something to make it outcompete the thing it's meant to counter outright?
  19. They're roughly on par with crystal wyverns in terms of size and speed. That little bit of speed could really make a difference when fighting a guy on a standard wyvern.
  20. Get a sinomacrops as fast as humanly possible. They'll protect you from the biggest threats the game can throw at you. Now I know what you're thinking: "how will this thing protect me from that Rex coming at me?". Well it won't. Instead, it will protect you from the microraptor about to dismount you from the tame you were using to flee the Rex, or the pegomastyx coming to pilfer the gun you were using to shoot the rex, or the ants coming to bite you and your tame and send your stamina to the shadowrealm, OR the giant hill you accidentally ran off trying to create distance between you and the rows of pointy teeth. Point is, sinomacrops will save you from the big threats that a lot of first time players overlook as they deal with the more obvious threat.
  21. Don't really use wyverns as much these days but back in the day when I still did pvp I tended to lean towards zombie lightnings and poisons. While they lack in the imprint department they're faster than their common kin and hit hard enough that pre-wyvern breeding they were a viable if rare and hard to acquire mount. In terms of just general wyvern enjoyment is pretty fond of the aesthetics and utility of ice wyverns.
  22. And what's wrong with allowing players on your server to donate if they so choose? As long as the money is going directly to the server (I.e. You accept donations only through the rental service so you can't just pull money as you please), you don't *rely* on donations to keep the server up/threaten shutdowns if you don't get them, and you aren't letting donations color your biases in how things are handled in game there shouldn't be an issue.
  23. You got a link to list those statistics? Also are you factoring in unofficial servers to your percentages or only the officials? Either way I feel you're also failing to factor in the age of the game. Ark doesn't quite have the staying power of other old games such as tf2 and as its been listed that this year is Ark1's last hurrah before priorities shift to the sequel it really shouldn't be surprising that players aren't as active now. Giving a boost week after week won't really change that in the long run when there are servers that are simply permaboosted.
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