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  1. Would be nice if some expectations were set on the Ark 2 progress, the rest.. meh, it's the same old same old, but having some information would be grand. Unofficial server information would be nice to have, maybe a sneak peek of progress, preemptive announcement of the Ark 2 delays would even be welcome.
  2. It just literally started happening to me again today, @#$@ I can't believe this is still a thing. If it takes an extra 10 seconds to load in so that the bottlenecked data can get where it needs to be, then so be it, but do something. I'm tired of getting locked out of the game because of this bug/issue until I can have a tribe member come in and remove some stuff from my inventory so I can log in. #frustrated
  3. Started happening about 10 minutes ago, 2 gaming rigs and a laptop, all affected by it. Hoping I was somewhere safe when I got the error message and the game crashed.
  4. So, for those of us modding or collectively running unofficial servers we continue to struggle with tame cap on our clusters. It would be very accepted among the modding community if we had a way to manipulate breeding nodes and code so that we could come up with a viable way to allow breeding/mutating without having to have out hundreds of dinos which cause significant server lag. Many of us would like to be able to create a new S+ variant structure that would allow you to load in the breeding teams, enable a mutation pulse within it, and breed them without ever having to render or have a physical dino out. This would significantly decrease the dino count and save us on the consistent tame cap issue. Anyhow, that's the suggestion I'd like to put forward, I hope it warrants a consideration.
  5. I always love it when I see someone say "taking time off work to play a video game is stupid." To begin with, taking time off for the launch of a new game has been a thing for over 30 years, not because it's an excuse not to be donating blood, sweat and tears to an ungrateful employer who usually is trying to find a way to screw over the hard working employees that make him or her so much money, but because gamers generally get that excited about a new game and just want to get right into it. I mean there's a dozen reason why it happens, sometimes people just need an excuse to throw a gamer party, or want to support their favorite title. My wife and I enjoy taking time out of our lives to be with each other, playing a game we both enjoy, it's a great way to take a micro vacation by taking a day or two to really sink your teeth into a new release. Point being, most people have earned the right to take those days off if they choose to and nobody has a right to dictate what's an acceptable practice or not an acceptable practice. You don't agree with taking time off? Have fun at work (assuming you even do work.) That being said, I -always- take 2 days when it comes to Ark releases, usually the first day of launch is horrid and results in crashing, hours of downloading, and irritation. But if you don't take the time off you won't be able to secure a decent place on the map to start building before the mega tribes or unscrupulous players place thousands of pillars down ruining the game experience for everyone.
  6. I think PISSED is an understatement for most of us, not because it's delayed, but because like many have said, they took time off work, pushed stuff aside to be on and ready for a launch next week, and now it's pushed back even further when everyone could have been notified much sooner to adjust those plans. Thankfully, in our case, my wife didn't pull the trigger on scheduling our pet for some play time for 2 days at a local pet suites today. My gut told me not to do it and when I told her that we held off. Some people however weren't so lucky. Personally, I just want the map released, or I'd like to at the very least be able to load up the unfinished map just to be able to look around, even in the editor would be fine. I'm not all that upset, disappointed maybe, but upset.. nah.. I'd pretty much lost interest altogether in Genesis 2 until the more recent hype hit the crunches anyhow. I said this a year or two ago and I'll say it now, someone in your marketing team needs to be demoted to janitor for the lack thereof of any promotion at all on the game until the last month or two. I sure hope Ark 2 isn't going to be spearheaded by the same people pushing through Ark 1, clearly the mistakes of the past haven't truly be recognized and learned from. In truth, I'm semi convinced I won't bother with Ark 2 as my expectations won't be met and I'll have moved on to other AAA titles by the time anything comes out that even looks remotely interesting about it.
  7. FINALLY, a little hype! What would possess you guys from waiting until the last home stretch to hype this map release!!? Granted, we knew about the egg incubator, but at least we got something! Thank you!
  8. ... May is right around the corner and we don't even have a sneak peek? *goes back to FFXIV* *drops mic*
  9. You are absolutely, 100% justified in posting this. Do I think the Devs don't care? Nah, I think they do. What I think however is there is a failure in communication, prioritization and corporate decision making. I mean let's look at the latest about Extinction, it took them how long before they finally got the greenlight to fix the problem? I know personally I put in dozens of tickets to no avail. Something is definitely broken, but if you were to sit down with the active Devs on the team, I bet they would all say they care, I mean how can you not? I've spent hundreds of hours creating software and I've done many many different types for all different platforms, I poured my time, energy, creativity (in some cases) and my pride into each program I've written and I care about all of them. I'd imagine they would feel the same way. More often than not, people assume that if they report a problem, a Dev is coming immediately to the rescue and that it will be fixed pronto, but it doesn't work that way. Some companies exercise the chain of command, if you want a bug fixed, first it goes to customer service, if approved it moves up and up and up until it reaches the shot callers. If it makes it through 6 - 10 different sets of hands and gets that far, then the shot callers are going to start looking at numbers, financial investment, etc. Then the call comes down from the top to the Development team leaders, then to the Devs, and work begins. After such, it then moves down to QA, gets tested, gets moved back up to the Devs, repaired, (rinse and repeat this a dozen times) until finally being put in the pipeline to be released in a patch. Point being it's never as smooth or efficient when management isn't worth it's salt and bureaucracy and finance get in the way of development. I truly believe they do care, but you can't make a stone roll any faster when it has to go up hill first.
  10. 4 ill intentioned base raids later, it's nice to see the corrupted dino damage for structures is no longer a thing, thank you! I just wish it had been 6 months ago when we left our favorite map due to that nonsense.
  11. I'm just gonna say this like it is. Wildcard does care about their game, maybe not for all the reasons an end user would want them to, and that's not to say that some of the Devs don't still care and have the passion to better the game. Facts: Ark is still their money maker, they can't afford not to care about the game as that would mean losing their jobs, feeding and supporting their families and destroying any aspiration to progress in their chosen career. Take a moment to step into the shoes of the team, think about their growth from a 15 man studio into what they are, all the obstacles they faced, lack of knowledge and experience, technological issues preventing the ideas being possible, never ending criticism from the community, pressure from the industry. Yet, here they are several years later, still here, still working on the title, still supporting us, each other, and tightly holding on to a battered pride and sense of accomplishment that the negativity infused denizens of the community continue to assault and chip away at. While I myself have taken a few swings at their pride over the years with my own negativity and frustration, I have never lost sight that they are trying, nor have I ever lost respect for the achievements and creative game that this is. Am I currently loving Ark? Sure, on private servers. I see this last map as an end to the story and the start of a new one, and I'm ready for it to be the end of the story. We've been through quite a few maps, stories, and one hell of a rollercoaster ride, I'm just hoping that Ark 2 won't be such a harrowing ride and that we'll see impactful changes based on wisdom gained from development on the original game.
  12. Suffice to say, some of us are a little annoyed and frustrated and express this, others choose to continue to look at it positively and support the team. I still support the team, I may not be happy with some things, but you have to respect that this game, even with all it's known and probably unknown issues, is still a great game. I just wish they'd communicate with us in a meaningful way regarding things. Seeing progress being made, reading dev blogs, and being kept in the loop would be an ideal way to help the community cope with delays and the issues presented. That's really all I'm saying, that and everyone has a right to post their thoughts regardless on if it's a pom pom wielding fan boy or a deeply frustrated veteran.
  13. I agree, many of us have been playing this game for YEARS and it's never gotten any better with content releases, never gotten any better in many aspects of the game and it's development. As a paid up customer and enthusiast to the game in general, when things don't improve or don't measure up I take to the forums to voice my opinion and express my frustration. It's therapeutically helpful to me personally, so I really don't care who hates or loves it, although the likes on the posts are nice to see. Point is, fan boys are fan boys, and opinions are opinions. We're free to express ourselves and even if someone doesn't agree, getting into a posting war seems a little ridiculous lol. Most of us are veterans, and as such, we've got years of pent up aggression and irritation over the shenanigans' the studio has thrown our way over the years, some handle it quietly and stew, others get it out of their system so they can throw up their hands and say "F it" and move on. May is a long way away after a long delayed wait, it's a highly anticipated release that most of the community have been very patiently waiting for, so frustration and irritation are naturally going to be something the studio is going to have to contend with. Personally, I'm trying to remain at least a tiny bit understanding, but I do feel like the reason this is being delayed again isn't because of Covid but because the team is being split up to focus on Ark 2 with a skeleton crew developing on Gen Pt 2 and that has me a little unsettled as I feel that being a customer who already paid for it, I'd rather get what I paid for before being asked to buy something new.
  14. So what you are saying is, why bother hyping up the final map as they no longer need new players to the old game. That's fair I guess, although I would imagine that they would want to keep the current player base happy and satiated until they try and sell us Ark 2. Point being, it's the same old, same old with Studio Wildcard, the information in the crunches is crap most times, there's never any real meat to the process of developing, the progress, it's fluff, simply fluff that does nothing to keep anyone truly interested and enthusiastic. That's my point.
  15. Great.. just great.. I should have stayed in bed instead I get to read the all too familiar, "Gee wiz guys, we're sorry, we have to push it back again, we need an extra 3 months on top of the extra 3 months to finish what we promised, and while we're at it, let's throw out the Covid umbrella to hide under." What really annoys me the most about this is that you would have figured by now that the studio would have found ways to manage during the pandemic, all the other studios have, its not like you haven't had time to adjust just like everyone else. All I can really say is this is extremely disappointing, not only that, but you could have at the very least kept the carrot on the string dangling before our eyes to help cope with another long long LONG delay, open up your window, let the community watch some real progression, show Dev blogs, show the studio doing the work in frequent progress reports, give us glimpses of the process, let's see what each of the Devs is up to via videos and screenies, Dev Blogs, etc. This is the final map for Ark Survival Evolved until Ark 2, put some pride into it, make this a big deal because it is a big deal. Heck, offer up some incentives other than "Hey guys have more rates.." At this point, the end is coming and it shouldn't be a mystery, it should be encouraging to us that the wait is worth it. May, there's a few really nice games coming out before then, has anyone even thought about how that could affect overall interest in Gen Pt 2? in Ark 2? People generally don't come running back once they sink their teeth and money into another title they are more interested in and right now, interest is starting to wane.
  16. Any seasoned veteran in Ark can tell you stories just like yours, I've lost hundreds of dinos, loads of gear, and a few survivors and entire base builds to bugs and crap that happens in Ark. It's just the way it is, most of us have long since given up on this stuff getting repaired and we just accept it for what it is. To be fair after the last time we got Arked, it was the last time we ever played Official. In our situation, I had just refilled all 10 of my Bee hives with rare flowers as they had just run out, I logged out for the day to do other things, came back that night and discovered the Devs put in a bad patch and rolled the servers back to the previously build. All 10 of my Bee hives were decayed and gone. That was pretty much the final straw for me, so I went back to running an unofficial server that I have full control over, I do daily backups, I restart the server on an automated schedule early early in the morning while noone is on, and even customized our map with some great mods. Now I log in when I want, don't worry about things going missing from the decay timers, and even if something strange happens at WC, I can always roll back. Life is good lol.
  17. Server stability is highly dependent on population, structure count, your personal ISP and your bandwidth/speeds, your hardware, and of course your settings. It's not uncommon to get a little stuttering from time to time followed by the well known 15 minute server saves which can last up to a minute. However, it also depends on the map you chose to play on, some maps are better than others. If I were to make any suggestions, I'd say you should trim down your graphics, drop the latest direct x for the latter, make sure you tweak your commandline if you are using a multi core processor, and see how it acts. If the lag continues, run a speed test for your net, if thing appear to be fine there, then find a different server to play on and see if anything changes. If after all that you still find it laggy, then you've basically hit the norm when it comes to Ark servers.
  18. Dunno, I was kind of looking forward to a 2x harvesting rate boost honestly, Crystal isles is still fairly dismal for Element Shard farming, but that's simply what *I* had hoped. Other than that, the event looks great, the Crunch was spectacular, and I'm excited! And yes, I know they already doubled it, but when it takes you an hour to come up with 100 element in farming, it's almost soul sucking boring and often times everyone else is out there farming it as well, meaning less to take back to base. lol.
  19. An Evo would certainly help right now. Element farming is horrid even on the new rates on crystal isles and it would bring joy and gratitude by most official pve server communities to see some sort of Evo if not for the common rates, a raising/taming/breeding evo would really be nice. Feels like we've lost the excitement of weekend Evo rates which is kinda depressing, now it feels like life as usual in ark, 7 days a week.. Bored..
  20. Heheh thank you, that was basically what I was getting at, I tend to think in code blocks rather than using decipherable text lol. You definitely need to add that tracing/tracking algorithm, if the server through code can determine that you attempted a transfer, finds once logging into a server that the player's character isn't there, it should be able to recover on it's own and put that temporarily stored information back into the server. Don't get me wrong, I'm under no illusion that there aren't any obstacles standing in their way but ultimately it is able to be done. The real question is, why hasn't it? lol.
  21. Ok, so just spitballing here, and this of course is without having intimate knowledge of the code and blueprints the team is using.. The first thing I would do is re-think the way the transfers are done, I don't want to sound arrogant or belittling in how the routines are being handled, but it at least appears that it's a simple matter of file transfer from point A ( PlayerCurrentServer) to B (Cloud_Server) and then to C (PlayerTargetServer). So instead of a more rudimentary transfer system, I'd implement a way to trace the player's character data. [ Player accesses Transmitter ] Add a routine upon logging in to any server with player data associated with it to immediately capture the player_data, CurrentServer, Timestamp and store this in a subdirectory in the cloud. This should always be kept and tracked. [Upon accessing the Transmitter do the following: ] - Check the timer on transferring, if the timer is less than or equal to 3 minutes, reset it for 3 minutes and proceed, otherwise continue without a reset to the timer. // This is so we have adequate time to gather the information needed to ensure a smooth backup. [Once the player selects the server and activates the transfer do the following: ] - Set a flag to the playerfile to indicate that a transfer is in progress from <current location> to <destination location>, set a timestamp. - Next check for assets being transferred from the ark data folder or character inventory, snapshot these assets along with the player data and upload the information to the cloud. // Do not delete the information on the local server until running a synchronization check on the information in the cloud, if the information does match, send a signal to delete the local file on the current server. [Once the player data is in the cloud: ] If the player data comes back as synchronized do the following: Backup the current player information and then archive a copy of it in a separate archived file. Push the transfer through to the target server. Run a synchronization check to make sure the information has been successfully transferred, if yes, run a cron job and set it to delete the files after 24 hours. [Once the player data is on the target server: ] Remove the transfer in progress flag and set whatever necessary flags to keep a full tracking log of when/where and what transfered in the player file. Like I said, this is a shell of simple logic, not fully explored I might add, but the purpose in summing things up, is to track player transfers, back up player data, and then have the transfer system do a list of checks to make sure things went through, give a 24 hour window in case the server crashes and rolls back, then on the next login, set up checks when you select your server to see if your character exists or not, if it doesn't, re-institute the transfer. Basically, plug in the tracking, logic to check if the transfers were successful, back up enough information to use for making sure duping doesn't occur, and then push the transfer. If there is a rollback or crash, the information will still be valid for 24 hours, so you can attempt to relog into the server and it should automatically redo the transfer. Anyhoo that's my current thought process, granted it's thrown together pretty quickly, but maybe rethinking the original design would be a good idea at this point. ** Edit: This is certainly not the extent of what would need to be changed, nor is it thought out in it's entirety, there would need to be some backend as well as client-side changes to pull this off, unfortunately that means quite a bit more work for the team, which may be why they haven't done it yet. A ton of work goes into handling a system like this and it isn't as simplistic as people usually try to play it off as being. However, it is doable, and could be done, if Wildcard really wanted to invest the time into fixing this issue. **
  22. I'm on board with Selene and her suggestion as well, while I do get that this game is supposed to be a significant investment in time, for PvE at least, it would be nice if the breeding rates were also brought up. The biggest issue is, most of the players I know minus (1) who's a teenager, are working adults and have responsibilities that even with Covid, aren't able to put that much time in for the more time consuming breeding/raising. I can't even describe what kind of personal hell I put myself through when I pull my Gigas out to raise them, up for imprints at odd hours of the night for days in a row, it's a struggle mentally and physically to get through it, sometimes I get em fully done, sometimes I give up and take a few days off to sleep. It seems almost pointless sometimes, you put that kind of time into a dino and then something happens that instantly kills the dino, or you make a simple mistake and bam its dead. Hours wasted on raising em for what could turn into a 30 second death. Put that in the pot with anti-meshing killing dinos, dinos vanishing or falling through the map, unscrupulous griefing resulting in drown dinos, or the trough bug (which is still there), I just recently had 20 rexes die of starvation next to 6 full tek troughs and they were nearly all the way to adolescent. I hope you guys at Wildcard consider this change, I think this would alleviate quite a bit of stress in the players on Pve servers.
  23. I could be mistaken, but I remember a year or two ago alot of the creatures were in fact breedable through a mod for those who were running singleplayer or unofficials. S+ may have allowed that but not overly sure which one it was, we ran 9 different mods.
  24. lol I'd be happy if the Mantis was able to be tamed on each map with more than just Death worm horns, breeding them? Not overly crazy about that, there's enough already in the game that it's not necessary although it wouldn't be un-welcome. Just looking at the current models in Ark makes me a little queasy, sure they look great, but we're not talking about low poly models here, and the more high poly models you introduce, the harder the game has to work to keep rendering those things. I think if anything they need to focus on game performance above introducing any more dinos and what nots. The game is frustratingly choppy to play on right now, every time I come from a game like World of Warcraft and start playing Ark again, I find myself very irritable with the lag spikes and performance.
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