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  1. MMmmmm, chasing Ark players away seems to be the norm amongst these youngsters now a days!. Soon there will be NO one playing the damn game but these guys who attack other for having an opinion!!!!!. I for one will NOT be buying Ark2 because of the server issues, lag and crashes!!. Some of us could not even play during the event because of server crashing every 5 minutes!!. And NO!!. I will NOT go and play on a damn private server @ Tylanater!!!. I prefer official!!! ;).......
  2. It's been almost 5 months and the login in lock problem STILL exists. Why is it taking so long to rectify?. Just like all the server issues which are "apparently" being addressed now, which will resolve itself and get better in 2 days time after the event is finished LOL!!!. But don't hold your breaths lol!. Servers has been super bad with lag, crashes and rolls backs for a very long time!!
  3. I have the very same problem and it's been nearly 24 hrs now!...
  4. Not all have twitter accounts or follow it faithfully though.... Maybe a message on the game would have been better?... It's 8 hrs later and still data transfers are still switched of on PVE servers and we cannot transfer anything :(. Very frustrating.
  5. AND we can STILL not transfer anything on PVE Servers and I am moving my stuff to another server!!.....So goddamn annoying!... maybe time for me to move on after nearly 18k hrs and years of Ark frustration!!...
  6. They should TELL people BEFORE doing this!!! Some of us have babies and Juveniles to feed on servers and CANNOT get back to them!!!
  7. I have never seen Ark servers so empty during an event ever . So SAD really!. People have and are leaving Ark because of the LAG and cheaters/DUPERS after years of loyal support!!
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