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  1. Whenever they announce it, which would likely be in the Crunch each week. By the way, events aren't platform specific, they all occur at the same time on all platforms.
  2. It's not surprising a game becomes stagnant after 6 years. I also feel it is not always the game's fault, but people in general lose interest in gaming over the years, whether they admit it to themselves or not. Both of those combined result in loss of interest. Gen 2 will help with that, but likely a short term thing for some people. Ark 2 is where it's really at!!!!!
  3. Certain elements of the S+ mod were implemented into the base Ark game on all platforms. However, the actual full mod is not available for consoles as Mods are not supported on console for Ark.
  4. This is just the same method as no tames at all. The only difference here is you have a light pet and sword. Doing it with no light pet and shotgun results in the same. Pink balls only spawn a few at the start of rounds. It's the no tames and cactus broth that causes that.
  5. ARK is pretty much 6 years old, it's time for a new experience with ARK 2. I myself am ready to move on to ARK 2.
  6. Then stop picking stones up by hand to test rates. Rates are now 4x 2015 rates, fact.
  7. I doubt they are picky-buying parents. When you are an adult yourself with kids you'll understand why I say that.
  8. It helps to link to those pictures rather than just say look at some random pictures and expect people to know which pictures you refer to.
  9. Valhalla was never coming. It was a mod map, there was nothing about it officially coming to Ark.
  10. Because as per the Community Crunch this week (https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/articles.html/community-crunch-256-introducing-voidwyrm-update-on-genesis-ii-r1715/) The EVO event is only XP and Harvesting.
  11. I don't know where you are getting this "everyone who plays ark is thinking something else" from but the changes they are making based on community feedback, as per this Crunch regarding an open map and buildable map instead of what Gen I was, a walled off map with too much build restrictions, a lot of the community requested this. I for one am pleased they took on the community feedback from Gen I and made these changes.
  12. I think people need to chill, getting agitated over one another serves nothing but generates more hostile atmosphere. If people want to vent they can vent as long as they abide the rules of the forum.
  13. Missions are included but they are going to be in their own instance instead of on the main world. Kinda like the boss arenas.
  14. EVO event is active yes, but it is only 2x XP.
  15. Cacti does not exist on The Island. It exists on Scorched Earth and Extinction. I'm not sure you can make the broth on the Island only without mods or access to other maps.
  16. You really are failing to follow this topic aren't you? Read back through the posts and see what was quoted and what you responded to. What I see is this: You asked does EGS support Mods yet (not Ark) (you probably meant Ark on EGS, but that's not what you said). invincibleqc responded saying Epic's roadmap says mod support has shipped. But Ark isn't supported yet. You then say you know the game has been shipped, because you didn't follow the conversation. So yes, I am sure about the fact you misunderstood what is being said.
  17. You completely misunderstood what he said. He was saying Epic have shipped Mod support, hence the roadmap he linked to. Then he went to say "but I don't think ARK is supported yet".
  18. You have crazy mating intervals on your server!
  19. Guys, not all changes are retrospective. The gender symbol will display when you cryo a creature. Anything already cryo'd will need to be uncryo'd and re-cryo'd for the gender symbol to display. Also the same goes for the Spayed notice. They all say spayed and you need to uncryo them to resolve that.
  20. The differing sizes of the numbers is rather odd. As for some numbers above, some below, well that's not quite what it is. Basically the stats that can change, i.e. HP, stam, oxy, food, weight, torpor show 2 stats. The top stat being what it was at the time of cryo, so in most cases food will be different, and if you cryo it when it wasn't fully healed then HP too. Stam and Oxy will hardly ever be different, and weight would only be 20 if it has a saddle on, which btw is an indicator of having a saddle. The number below is the max number of that stat. The stats that only have 1
  21. Depends on what you are playing. Single player? official server? Unofficial server? Official server basically no. Only the odd breeding event helps. For single player and unofficial (if you are the admin) you can change the settings for breeding yourself.
  22. Submit a ticket here: https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us When selecting the option select 'Forum', then request it to be deleted.
  23. I may have worded it poorly. I was basically saying there's no point in making fuss just because it is large. Like what issue does it cause just because it is large.
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