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  1. Then play unofficial to your hearts content. If you insist on playing official then accept that rate increases aren't going to be a regular thing. Plus the V Day event is probably only a couple of weeks away.
  2. It's being developed on UE4 and upgraded to UE5 when that is released.
  3. I doubt there will be any transfers between Ark and Ark 2. Ark 2 needs to be 100% fresh.
  4. From my understanding slot cap is always 300 I think. Nothing increases slot cap outside of mods.
  5. I was in no way salty. I was confirming that it was Tennant and that it's known. Maybe you should not read with a salty expectation?
  6. Yeah it's been known for months now that he's Rockwell. He'll be voicing him.
  7. The Taming Hud says Taming Progress. It was only ever meant to track active taming like it did when it was first introduced. Shortly after that it then started tracking all tames which was clearly not what it was meant to do. It was useful when it was broken but clearly it caused issues.
  8. Just as bad as waiting for something good and nothing arrives at all at which point you'd complain. So if there's no pleasing then it shouldn't matter what they do either way.
  9. I'm going to assume the question is relating to official DLC so others like Ragnarok are not included. So my answer would be a tie between Aberration/Extinction. Scorched Earth was rubbish pretty much, never really got into it. Genesis drops down because of the walled biomes, that's pretty much it, I like everything else about it but the walls. Not to mention the broken teleport function. Genesis 2 I have real hope for being at the top of my favourites list because it's going back to one big map, and instances for missions.
  10. Yes base rates affect everything from single player to official to unofficial.
  11. There was, but as with life things changed unfortunately.
  12. If you don't know who Grapeshot is then you really don't know what is going on.
  13. Erm no it isn't, it's the same team. Atlas have a completely new team.
  14. The title is misleading. There are plenty of unofficial servers running. My ingame server list shows 2000+ unofficial servers. The 7 server cluster that I play on is all up and running fine with no issues. Best to explain what the issue actually is than just say no unofficial servers. Are your servers updated with the recent patch? Is it Steam or Windows 10?
  15. I also skipped through the tek cave part too but I did it on a camo'd Rock Drake. If you have access to Rock Drakes, i.e. you are not just playing on The Island then even a fairly low level drake pumped with stam will easily get you through the cave. The only exception is sometimes a Yuty might detect you if you are too close, but i never really had any problems. Then inside the Overseer arena yeah I used to tek suit and pump-action shotgun and stayed hovering the whole fight. To begin with I used to use cactus broth, but I then found that once it wore off I couldn't drink another if i'm
  16. No-one said it would be 2 years, it could be a year. Why do you assume it will be released at the end of 2022?
  17. Yeah same here, PC singleplayer none of the spots work.
  18. If on Steam trying verifying your game files. If using Mods make sure Mods are all updated. If you look at the title of the Patch Notes topic you will see what version the client should be and the server. So if you meet those then the versions are not what is causing your problem.
  19. As @Giorgino87 said it won't show up because it is not an official boss. The only way it would show up is if the boss was either the Brood/Monkey/Dragon.
  20. Nobody on the Community Forums can help you with game bans. You need to submit a support ticket regarding the ban here: https://support.survivetheark.com/
  21. You are surprised over the Xmas and New Year period that there's no crunch? Anyway....
  22. When I say down the front I don't mean in front of him I mean literally underneath him. There would be no reason why every so often the boss head rises high and then slams down on the ground if it wasn't doing an attack.
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