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  1. They've boosted the current EVO rates due to the fact that a massive proportion of the global population are in lockdown and can't go outside socially. Doesn't really matter whether the breeding rates are higher before or during the event really.
  2. If you want fun rates just play unofficial servers instead of constantly asking for unofficial rates on official servers.
  3. It's possible they aren't on the console version yet until next update. It was added back on Steam version recently so may be to come for other platforms.
  4. Seriously? Read it. OP started talking about cryopods no longer being in the HLNA store.... the first person that responded said they added them back again, which is correct. You then completely skipped cryopods and started talking about Replicator.
  5. Yes it was mentioned in the patch notes that there was a forced mindwipe, albeit on official servers, but seems to have been on all servers regardless.
  6. I didn't notice this since the recent patch, but the servers I play on changed now from S+ to SS. However, i've not noticed such an issue with SS Hatchery either.
  7. Only one person has to have the missions completed.
  8. Your post was never deleted, just look at your profile to see where it is: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/profile/1339198-thunderodb/ As already mentioned by others the issue will be resolved in the next console patch as it has been patched on PC, therefore next update for console should catch you up to PC.
  9. I've not noticed any difference with my Gacha's, but they don't produce crystals when in stasis, so unless you are online or someone else is in the area then their productions slows down.
  10. The only way you can fix it yourself for the time being is to replace your modded Tek Troughs with vanilla tek troughs. Beyond that you'll have to wait for either the Devs to fix it, or for the Dev Kit to be updated for Modders to update their Mods.
  11. No i'm not saying that. I'm saying that updates to the game will always have a chance of breaking a mod until the dev kit is released or the modder can fix it without the dev kit, or of course the devs fix it their side. What I was saying was that the only way the devs can guarantee they won't break mods is by the two options I listed earlier.
  12. You put it in GameUserSettings.ini? If it doesn't work in that give Game.ini a try. Sometimes it works in one but not the other.
  13. My posts represent my own thoughts as a player like the rest of you. It is also commonsense to understand that a Modder accepts the fact that their Mod(s) could become broken with any core game update until the Dev Kit is updated. Ask any modder and i'm sure they will agree that they understand this before creating their mods. Now that is not saying it is their fault at all, unless you don't understand the definition of "fault". I'm sure the Devs do their best to not break Mods, but the only way they can ensure 100% that they do not break mods is by NEVER updating the game. I fail to see how anyone can not understand that. Yet instead you try and spew lies about official responses saying it's the modders fault when not a single person has said it is the modders FAULT.
  14. Where was this "official answer" you read?
  15. You haven't lost any levels. You got a forced mindwipe, you just need to put the levels back on your stats as you will see you still have all your points in your inventory.
  16. The only way for WC to not break mods is two options. Remove the entire Mod Workshop Never update the game Which choice suits you, because I can tell you now that ALL Modders accept the fact that their mod may become broken after core game updates until the Dev Kit is released.
  17. They can't QA mod content. This is an issue with modded Tek Troughs not vanilla tek troughs.
  18. Yes this is an issue with S+ tek troughs only, not vanilla ones.
  19. That's the problem unfortunately of using Mods that are no longer in development.
  20. GP

    Free tip;

    No, what i'm telling you is that you came in here telling the devs to test their DLCs before release because all your Tek suits and Meks had disappeared. Now the Tek suits and Meks disappearing was intentional, and nothing to do with whether DLCs are tested or not before release. I pointed you to the direction of the patch notes and announcements regarding the removal of tek suits and meks and you in turn edit your first post, remove the comment about tek suits and meks disappearing and make the OP just look like you are telling the devs to test their DLCs before release. Therefore changing what your issue was about previously because you jumped the gun without paying attention. Now you take my response out of context because you hid the original issue from your opening post to make it look like the only issue is DLCs being tested before release. You realise how ridiculous you look right now.
  21. GP

    Free tip;

    Well best read the patch notes and also the announcements before telling the Devs to "TEST YOUR DLCS".
  22. GP

    Free tip;

    What about your Tek suits and Meks?
  23. They probably needed to do it for the Mindwipe fix to actually work. Always best to screenshot or make a note of your stats in case you ever need to know what they were.
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