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  1. An ARK Survival Ascended FAQ will be coming soon to answer many of your questions, including Cryopods. A marketing campaign has kicked off with NOIZ to help promote the game in the lead up to release at the end of October. The Extinction community creature vote winner has been announced, and the ExtraLife donations have already begun.
  2. This has not been confirmed. The Devs have stayed very quiet on whether Cryopods will come at launch or with Extinction.
  3. That's a comment that comes from a purely private server or singleplayer person.
  4. More chatter from the Developers regarding October release, Pre-orders, Small Tribes, Console Tests, Public Dev Kit & more...
  5. Of course it will happen. Switch is completely unaffected and separate from the ASE shutdown.
  6. All the latest Dev chatter regarding ASA.
  7. What do you mean getting rid of them? You mean the vote only being real-world? For all we know the 4 new creatures in the new DLC could be non-real creatures.
  8. They aren't. They are only adding the creature vote winners. There are no additional creatures coming to the maps.
  9. Getting so close now, very excited! 🥳 I'm very intrigued to see whether the gameplay trailer starts in a similar fashion to the ASE one with the Rex, or whether they'll do something entirely new.
  10. They never ever said they would show the saddle in this crunch. Take a few seconds and read the one paragraph from last week.
  11. The only Mod that I know of that is confirmed to be coming Day 1 (assuming Mods do come day 1) is Appalachia Map. That was announced by the Mod author a while back that it has been agreed to be coming day 1. There are other mods where the mod authors have said they plan to update their mods for ASA, but most of those I don't believe will have early access to the mod kit for day 1 release.
  12. I've always assumed it isn't listed on Steam yet because they have no trailer or ingame screenshots to go with it yet, so there wouldn't be anything to entice people to wishlist it other than current ARK players. As for pre-orders, I don't think Early Access titles generally do pre-orders.
  13. Can I ask when you downloaded that save? Was it before they temporarily disabled save downloads or after? I say this because I just downloaded the same one as you and there are no *arkprofile files in there. You might want to download the file again and see whether they are still in there?
  14. The reason I haven't gone into the intricate detail is because I know there are other people that can explain it a lot better than I can.
  15. I believe you have a lot of research to do on mutations. There are plenty of YouTube videos that explain how the mutations work. But the reason you saw these type of dinos on every official server is because it can be legitimately done, and a lot of people understand fully how mutations work. I encourage you to watch some videos on the subject. I have no reason to lie about this, and I am not the only player that can confirm that this is 100% legitimate breeding.
  16. They are absolutely possible through normal breeding on official servers. Any single stat on a creature can be mutated to a max of 254 when done properly with clean lines. And as none of those creatures are over 450 max level either then everything in that image is possible through legit play on official servers.
  17. I put this guide together covering the official server saves for PC and consoles. Hope you find it useful.
  18. Servers will be available later on as normal due to the timezones WC are in. Therefore for some people it will be into the next day. Just keep an eye out for the announcement to come.
  19. Wait until they provide the save files next Wednesday then download them. Then it depends if you are renting a server from Nitrado or running your own server.
  20. Rumours by people that don't know what they are reading. Just because financial agreements stipulate PC doesn't mean console is getting delayed.
  21. You would need to submit a ticket to request this as Mods can't delete accounts. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us
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