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  1. Here's to raising more funds for Extra Life and the sick children. Here's hoping to beat last years amazing $180,000.
  2. Oh I get what you are saying, i'm just saying that is NOT an example of what they can do, because they can't give copyright strike for it.
  3. The team is aware and are looking into this. Hang tight survivors!
  4. Hello and welcome to the Ark forums!
  5. GP

    I wont buy ark 2

    Nor in the UK, and I doubt cheating in video games is a criminal act anywhere in the world.
  6. GP

    Genesis 2 issue

    I've had this on PC a few times, usually a server restart fixes it.
  7. GP

    I wont buy ark 2

    Extra Life is Nov 6th, so my guess would be that weekend.
  8. GP

    I wont buy ark 2

    Ok good to know. No-one is forced to buy anything, everyone has their right to choose. Don't really see the point in such a topic though.
  9. No date has been provided. Initial details stated 2022 but gave no timeframe. It's possible there may be more details during the Extra Life event early November, but that is just my guess.
  10. Yes the version numbers were incorrect before. 337.1 is correct, it should never have been in the 600's. It is all fixed now.
  11. GP


    No idea, maybe Halloween time? Sales are generally announced in advance so really it's anyone's guess.
  12. 1 - Base game is free, DLCs are paid for.
  13. I don't believe there are any other issues besides the big hole and the anti-mesh you mentioned. The easiest tactic i've found, i've used 19 Theriz and a Yuti is to keep all the dinos in the spawn area. Intiially I get rid of all the trees and move all the dinos further back. I then go on my Yuti to attract the attention of the monkey and then run back to the Theriz. The monkey comes to them and fight in the area before the big hole. This saves you have to manage dinos moving along the bridge part and up the stairs.
  14. I'm afraid so. Mods are only on the Steam version.
  15. Mid-week Crunches stopped a long long time ago, it's been Friday's for ages now.
  16. Once again, the Indominus Rex is copyrighted by Universal. Game developers can't just add stuff like that to their games.
  17. You can always submit game suggestions in the game suggestions forum anyway, so just post it in there.
  18. I don't believe so no, not until 3rd September anyway.
  19. The poll, just like the last one will be for REAL WORLD creatures. Indominus Rex is not a real world creature, therefore renaming and remodelling will not meet the entry criteria anyway. Please don't be rude to others.
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