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  1. They have to change it and prioritize the gigantoraptor because people are spoiled and can't live without maewings 😂😂😂 and that was one of the points of them "choosing" it, they were preparing for that to happen, since maewings only come in gen2 (which is like 57357 episodes away). They could put both tho, since shasta is perfect for center and was elected because of that. I don't see them putting shasta in another map, since center is the map with more water, besides gen1 with the ocean biome. So putting both would be the smart move. Instead of rushing to put Center and SE in like two months apart. That's not even enough time to enjoy center properly. They are shooting their foot again, since the more the episodes are apart from each other, the more people will be playing it, like it's been for years. If they deliver everything in a year and a half, they will have to rush with Ark 2, which it's not a priority because of all the work on every episode they still have to put (unless they put different dev teams, but then they would lose the intelligence they are acquiring on ark 1.5, which was the main point of launching it anyway... well, that and the money).
  2. That's cool, but guys, my server is off for 3 weeks now. I can't even report for an outage 😢 👀
  3. Hey guys, where do I report a server outage? 😂😂😂
  4. Welcome to the way 70% of people here feel for some months now. Most people I know play on pc so they are just waiting to grab the save files and say goodbye to all this... Yes it's sad for players that supported it for years and it's disrespectful that some people still buy it without a warning or clue of what is going to happen.
  5. So what, that's a gigantic maewing, that's it? I guess that's your alternative for not having genesis2 for a long time (so no maewings to nurse babies), right? Yeah... I feel that some people are excited but don't realize everyone became spoiled by new features and they are about to turn in QoL for better graphics...
  6. Finally someone said that. I still see new people buying the game and starting playing, and have no idea the servers will close. They literally get so demotivated when they get to know, like "I won't waste my time then". It looks like MANEY MANEY WE NEED MORE MANEY. It's disrespectful indeed.
  7. Bob: "You can't be cool and weird at the same time" Rhynniyggnhhttytha (aka Rhy): "Hold my resin"
  8. Wooow, we got a table with more tools on it and a good looking sleeping bag, now that's a very good reason to kill an entire game! The tree wasn't enough.
  9. 👆👆👆👆 THAT 👆👆👆👆
  10. Hey guys, you forgot to add Magenta in the event, like you described in the post... is that fixed yet? And also, why end it on friday instead of monday? it's the weekend anyway
  11. Forget Ark2, gives us color events, evos, and animals! ❤️ Good job guys
  12. never disappointing thank you guys, for giving us another time of it! for those who need, here is the info:
  13. guys??? I think you forgot to increase the rate of rare chibis in the drops! that's the same of raptor claus... can you please repeat the event one more time? besides noon? that's the best thing all the year around, and many of us anxyously wait for it, that was a big turn off... got like 15 presents, all green chibis
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