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  1. wait, "create enormous structures seamlessly" ?
  2. Good question! And since Rockwell Ark dropped on Earth, his roots might be still there. Maybe he even took everything in the planet and we are here playing on a ship!!! Get us back!!!
  3. Play other map or single player
  4. Thank you for the EVO event. I have a question tho. What happened to Community Crunch 266? Is it some kind of easter egg?
  5. You can call a lion a feline, you can't call every feline a lion
  6. YEEESSS lol No, but really, they used to research things a lot and that was sooo nice, that it just seems weird by now. Like the Cherufe thing, that was so cool, but it should be an evil humanoid so they called it Magmasaur instead. It's like putting wings on a crocodile and calling it a Water Phoenix they don't do that. They are careful with their lore. I love love the new content, but still gonna call it a Tek Wyvern. I will be taming Tek Wyverns. I will sell Tek Wyverns. I will have a Tek base full of Tek Wyverns at roof!!!
  7. Amazing @FOX8619, still a Tek Wyvern. Which is awesome. "Tek Wyvern", there you go.
  8. Amazing, but that is a VoidWyvern, Wyrms don't have legs WC (and when they do, they don't have wings) Here, many sources for you: https://www.google.com/search?q=difference+between+wyvern+and+wyrm You got it right in all these years with Dragon, Drake, Wyverns... just call it VoidWyvern...
  9. Hello! I believe most players from official always wanted a version of a Tek Giant Trapdoor, in the same way as Tek Gates work but so you can put on roofs and such. Easier to unload flyers or maybe even a skiff (oh well, you could do traps on pvp and all kinds of fun stuff too) If it could be adapted into Genesis 2 since it's very tek related, or maybe a Homestead 2, but I don't think there will be a version of that... There is already a mod with it only, easier to implement/adapt into official: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2168419836
  10. Since mindwipe tonic now have a 24h cooldown delay, we don't need that. Mostly, I dont recommend that! I have engrams of all different maps and would be such a pain to get all of them again - transfer, find a beacon, run from deadly things, die, respawn, run again, die, respawn, run and finally transfer. Oh and think about aberration now. Nah, just get a mindwipe tonic if you want and you're free to go. Indeed it's one of the reasons they removed the limit, so they dont need to do a mindwipe on everyone, and everyone will be happy with this new mechanic. So PLEASE don't mindwipe us!
  11. For god sake guys, of course they will change the recipe of aug kibbles before implementing them! So much yada yada for something obvious. They know that even in ext, people aren't using them. I got the "advancing gameplay" points, but there are still tribes who have so many dinos, even when the server have public egg farms. It's a matter of time to cap the servers again without this solution. And you know what? Every MMO game after many years tends to easy their gameplay. You all love Gachas, right? Me too. The kibble rework is only another point of this. And you know it.
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