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  1. Hey guys, you forgot to add Magenta in the event, like you described in the post... is that fixed yet? And also, why end it on friday instead of monday? it's the weekend anyway
  2. ohhh make it glide, a quetz that glides like a griffin, then we are talking
  3. omg, I'm gonna vote that just for the lulz, I can't see it working at all, so I'm curious to see what happens lol
  4. well well then make it rideable and put the babies in your shoulder, but we neeed a fox 😍
  5. Forget Ark2, gives us color events, evos, and animals! ❤️ Good job guys
  6. never disappointing thank you guys, for giving us another time of it! for those who need, here is the info:
  7. guys??? I think you forgot to increase the rate of rare chibis in the drops! that's the same of raptor claus... can you please repeat the event one more time? besides noon? that's the best thing all the year around, and many of us anxyously wait for it, that was a big turn off... got like 15 presents, all green chibis
  8. Well, maybe they are on Extinction haaah, ba dum tsssss okay, sorry
  9. *Vin Diesel seeing that* - Bro I have an idea. we need a kraken.
  10. it's here, on extralife recap, they released the kraken during the event they just didnt put that in the name of the topic
  11. why would someone breed a thyla with a bear, what's wrong with these breeders, this is not pokemon
  12. Well, the event was planned for 22nd, they never put an EVO before events, right? right? SURPRISE SURPRIIISE I logged on after the announce (30min after the rates) to find all my wolves born at once, RIP. Never seen my parasaur that crazy before. TIL: never breed on fridays, folks. ever. Oh well. I loved the content, specially the hawk chibi, can't wait. Also, we see that r-bear right there, release iiiit
  13. I hope it CANT grow bigger than a giga, look at the size of a giga already. it's already oversized if you compare it to a real world giga. leave the super sized megazords woopa dupah for mods, please.
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