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  1. hey @lilpanda, it just happened again... can you take a look on what's going on please?
  2. I would love if the event structures remains after the event itself... like snowmen, trees and all decorations. I don't really see a problem with it, and will help ark maintaining some style (since Ark Mobile have many many decorations, and Ark itself doesn't have many options, specially on official servers).
  3. Yesss, it is very annoying... after all it's just soft feathers, not solid blocks Same thing below mana front legs (or wings), the back ones you can walk under them, but not the front ones (even prone, with a huge space) Both need a touch in hitboxes, but owls have an urgent attention because of egg laying...
  4. Since mindwipe tonic now have a 24h cooldown delay, we don't need that. Mostly, I dont recommend that! I have engrams of all different maps and would be such a pain to get all of them again - transfer, find a beacon, run from deadly things, die, respawn, run again, die, respawn, run and finally transfer. Oh and think about aberration now. Nah, just get a mindwipe tonic if you want and you're free to go. Indeed it's one of the reasons they removed the limit, so they dont need to do a mindwipe on everyone, and everyone will be happy with this new mechanic. So PLEASE don't mindwipe us!
  5. interesting... both parts need to be connected, or just the "start" one?
  6. Oh about the generator, they could power it during thunderstorms! So it would be a nice alternative to have your generator always functional. Yeah, seems it's a beautiful and useful bird
  7. So, now that transfers are open, which is the best wyv for ext? Do the fire ones have the fire protection against corrupted breath? Or the lightning are the best because of their range? Or even a simple ptera for running to the hills? Are they able to pose against a 300 corrupted wyv?
  8. Please, PLEASE, dont bring another flying pego to the game!! ? Loved the single blast idea, like the poison one, but I think the both buttons should be left click. Single click for blast, hold for stream. Because the bite are still usefull at close range and you will not kill your tames accidentally with a blast (even with crosshair, because of AoE) +1 !!!
  9. Really? There are no people kiting stuffs? A friendly rag server would be nice to play, it's the most beautiful map ever, but have too many complicated people...
  10. Holy mother of awesomeness!! I just love how creative the community is, +1 for the wyvern ideas and tek items also! I think Phoenix needs a TLC also, they're amazing but only a trophy right now. Should have at least more weight capacity.
  11. Indeed it is! I can sleep again without worrying about imprinting or having a 2-week maturation rex! (or a month giga) Good, because it's the only one I have left on me! The other one went on giga eggs.
  12. By bear or on foot? Or both?
  13. So, make it 3 dragon battles, please! =] Discord: alyphoenix#5906
  14. I'm looking for a dragon run, I need the transmitter and teleporter engrams. Let me know if I can "buy a pass".
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