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  1. Alysson

    Legacy. We ARE What Made You Thrive

    I understand your point, I really do. But think again, if you bought Windows XP or Vista, or any other software that is now discontinued, deprecated and unsupported... will you yell at Microsoft or just buy the new one? That is the software world, things evolve and got deprecated. Yes, I would hate to "waste my time" as you said, but c'mon, think again one more time, if you are playing a game, you are wasting your time. We all are. And we know that very deeply in our heart.
  2. Since mindwipe tonic now have a 24h cooldown delay, we don't need that. Mostly, I dont recommend that! I have engrams of all different maps and would be such a pain to get all of them again - transfer, find a beacon, run from deadly things, die, respawn, run again, die, respawn, run and finally transfer. Oh and think about aberration now. Nah, just get a mindwipe tonic if you want and you're free to go. Indeed it's one of the reasons they removed the limit, so they dont need to do a mindwipe on everyone, and everyone will be happy with this new mechanic. So PLEASE don't mindwipe us!
  3. Alysson

    Tek Bridge Auto-decay suddenly

    interesting... both parts need to be connected, or just the "start" one?
  4. Alysson

    Wishlist For Scorched Earth TLC

    Oh about the generator, they could power it during thunderstorms! So it would be a nice alternative to have your generator always functional. Yeah, seems it's a beautiful and useful bird
  5. Alysson

    Best Wyvern on Extinction?

    So, now that transfers are open, which is the best wyv for ext? Do the fire ones have the fire protection against corrupted breath? Or the lightning are the best because of their range? Or even a simple ptera for running to the hills? Are they able to pose against a 300 corrupted wyv?
  6. Alysson

    Wishlist For Scorched Earth TLC

    Please, PLEASE, dont bring another flying pego to the game!! ? Loved the single blast idea, like the poison one, but I think the both buttons should be left click. Single click for blast, hold for stream. Because the bite are still usefull at close range and you will not kill your tames accidentally with a blast (even with crosshair, because of AoE) +1 !!!
  7. Alysson

    Looking for some friends? (PVE)

    Really? There are no people kiting stuffs? A friendly rag server would be nice to play, it's the most beautiful map ever, but have too many complicated people...
  8. Alysson

    Wishlist For Scorched Earth TLC

    Holy mother of awesomeness!! I just love how creative the community is, +1 for the wyvern ideas and tek items also! I think Phoenix needs a TLC also, they're amazing but only a trophy right now. Should have at least more weight capacity.
  9. Alysson

    Question on cryopods and baby dinos

    Indeed it is! I can sleep again without worrying about imprinting or having a 2-week maturation rex! (or a month giga) Good, because it's the only one I have left on me! The other one went on giga eggs.
  10. I don't know if it helps, or is another spawn ID you're talking about (never been on server config before): admincheat summon Xenomorph_Character_BP_Female_C or admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/Aberration/Dinos/Nameless/Xenomorph_Character_BP_Female.Xenomorph_Character_BP_Female'" 500 0 0 35 If it is what you're looking for, you can get another dinos codes at wiki on "Spawn Command" session: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Reaper
  11. Alysson

    Unlimited Honey from wild hives

    By bear or on foot? Or both?
  12. Alysson

    Thoughts on the new kibble?

    ??????? That is a really altruistic (and realist) thought, I wish more people thought that way.
  13. LOL agreed, they steal everybody sanity Exactly, I learned this way. I spent so many hours in a tiny space at beach, building my house and staring at a Spino far away. Never ever thought about building a raft and start exploring without having my own spawn point with things that will help me if I eventually die. That calls "progression". And when I came to officials, yeah, everything was pillared but a tiny space near a cliff. Guess what? I made my tight house there, and with some days I asked to that tribe to give me more space. They gave with no complaining. Today I have a big base, near resources, and potential to expand even further. In the end of the day, the pillars (most of, there are trolls, indeed) are just protecting areas and resources from another trools or newbies. You know, I saw so many people transfering stuffs and dinos and really enclosing an entire area for them - in a spawn newbie zone!! So a pillar here and there would prevent that. In my island there are so many pillars, but if you look for more than 10min you would find an entire non-pillared area to build. That's what I'm saying every week to people joining the server. But they don't have the enough patience to stay and look. Tip: If you're facing any problems when you start in a server, ask for help. Don't complain, this will make people (who are native from the server for many months) dislike you. Ask for help looking for a spot. Or for taming anything to kill the birds. Most of the servers have people who are happy to help (indeed, because most of the time they are bored with daily to-do stuffs). Happy Ark.
  14. Alysson

    pve Buying Boss Fight

    So, make it 3 dragon battles, please! =] Discord: alyphoenix#5906
  15. Alysson

    pve All Boss Fights Needed

    I'm looking for a dragon run, I need the transmitter and teleporter engrams. Let me know if I can "buy a pass".