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  1. That is also bug exploiting ~ ? But yes, would be cool to have something to help out on this insane map...
  2. sorry for the double reply, I dont get what happens with the forum sometimes... Ignore this
  3. You can craft (unstable) element from your inventory after getting the engram, from dust. But converting shards to element, that's the thing. Maybe an engram to convert out of replicator would be awesome... Or you will be required to do boss in another map then transfer it to genesis to be able to use a replicator.
  4. I would love if the event structures remains after the event itself... like snowmen, trees and all decorations. I don't really see a problem with it, and will help ark maintaining some style (since Ark Mobile have many many decorations, and Ark itself doesn't have many options, specially on official servers).
  5. Since mindwipe tonic now have a 24h cooldown delay, we don't need that. Mostly, I dont recommend that! I have engrams of all different maps and would be such a pain to get all of them again - transfer, find a beacon, run from deadly things, die, respawn, run again, die, respawn, run and finally transfer. Oh and think about aberration now. Nah, just get a mindwipe tonic if you want and you're free to go. Indeed it's one of the reasons they removed the limit, so they dont need to do a mindwipe on everyone, and everyone will be happy with this new mechanic. So PLEASE don't mindwipe us!
  6. For god sake guys, of course they will change the recipe of aug kibbles before implementing them! So much yada yada for something obvious. They know that even in ext, people aren't using them. I got the "advancing gameplay" points, but there are still tribes who have so many dinos, even when the server have public egg farms. It's a matter of time to cap the servers again without this solution. And you know what? Every MMO game after many years tends to easy their gameplay. You all love Gachas, right? Me too. The kibble rework is only another point of this. And you know it.
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