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  1. This. Thank you. If you are too busy (life is tough) or entertained (oh it's just a game) to speak up when other people's rights are removed, maybe they will do the same when it impacts you. And suddenly, no one will be able to speak up anymore, it will be too late.
  2. Which map and area is that??? I neeed it! Very nice content, can't wait to have a bee chibi near allergic people, and grab the last colors to make my CC's.
  3. Reading the comments, with events tho, I had a private server of Ragnarok Online once, and I would make them auto-activate... just set a routine from a day to another day, so that would work fine without me worrying... but with everything available, the only thing we would miss is colors and chibis (which I think they will turn available after some events too). Now, I had this idea that I would love and would help a lot. You know how you have shiny pokemon? How they have a different color and like 1% of chance of appearing? Well, what if every spawn have a chance of having a different color dino? pretty much like events, but with a much lower rate and working 365 days. That would give people a reason to get out from their bases and look around. Or even work hard on spawns to get the colors they need. Or even be surprised when they are walking around and get like "oh damn look at that, amazing, I need that". That would be a nice implement to the game, and give a lot of nice sensations to players. I think that would add a really nice touch to Ark and help to keep players motivated until Ark2 comes...
  4. That's what I hope at least Oh, you should say that to my hungriness or Bruce Banner's angriness
  5. I only have ONE concern: after this last year of events, will the servers remain opened? I mean, I will miss the events a lot, and the colors, oh guy the colors... but if the servers stay open I wont care to go buy skins on HLNA, that's nice. I just worry about spending time on something that might close and lose all my valuable pixels.
  6. LMAO, I don't know in which world you live, but Gen2 was 3 months, like the rest. You are counting on some >exceptions< and trying to make them the rule, well done, nice try. The standard time is 3 months, and if they don't say anything specific it will be 3 months like the rest. But hey, quoting you, "nice try at being superior on the internet" *shrugs* Good idea on returning to your "mom's" basement.
  7. OMG, all there's here is: "Blablabla 3x is too few, why not 50x, do it every week, oh why not everyday" "Oh god why transfers are not open, it's already been 2 months, even if the transfer only open at 3 months, why aren't they open why why why" Geez guys, get a life. On the community crunch sidenote, we need more informations yes, but even putting the patch notes in a part of it would already feel like we are not "stopped in time", just to feel that the team is working on something. That is my suggestion. We know a lot of things happen in the background, we just need to feel that too.
  8. wait, "create enormous structures seamlessly" ?
  9. Thank you for the EVO event. I have a question tho. What happened to Community Crunch 266? Is it some kind of easter egg?
  10. You can call a lion a feline, you can't call every feline a lion
  11. YEEESSS lol No, but really, they used to research things a lot and that was sooo nice, that it just seems weird by now. Like the Cherufe thing, that was so cool, but it should be an evil humanoid so they called it Magmasaur instead. It's like putting wings on a crocodile and calling it a Water Phoenix they don't do that. They are careful with their lore. I love love the new content, but still gonna call it a Tek Wyvern. I will be taming Tek Wyverns. I will sell Tek Wyverns. I will have a Tek base full of Tek Wyverns at roof!!!
  12. Amazing @FOX8619, still a Tek Wyvern. Which is awesome. "Tek Wyvern", there you go.
  13. Amazing, but that is a VoidWyvern, Wyrms don't have legs WC (and when they do, they don't have wings) Here, many sources for you: https://www.google.com/search?q=difference+between+wyvern+and+wyrm You got it right in all these years with Dragon, Drake, Wyverns... just call it VoidWyvern...
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