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  1. Got same error on fridges....
  2. not true...not everywhere....prove it with SS
  3. Points were refounded , true...but somehow my argent doesnt have the lvl it was born with.....Also Titans have been on pve, for what?????before fly nerf people from server could join to help kill it when its close to a base, but now?Now you just have to watch it near the bases and hope he doesnt get stuck inside or kill anything....Adding more stuff and not planning solutions is bad...
  4. Some flyer dinos that were breed didnt even stayed with their lvls...i had a lvl 225/8 argent breed and was putting all points on speed....to now realize the damn bird is lvl 205....w.t.h
  5. This is now one of worst patches ever...people spent alot of time on breeding wyverns and other birds...to get their speed and stamina reduced...On Pve , Wildcard didnt take off Titan...so how you expect us to kill them?not many people have 10 good gigas to kill titan....Wyverns with their stamina atm, and with not much lvls to lvl up, cant even do more then 3 lightning attack in air.At least delete Titan spawn on pve officials.Thank you so much for making me consider quiting. Regards
  6. Well you will see big tribes falling apart and quitting game...For those big tribes who each player has his own base and dinos...i dont believe we can ask them to reduce their 100dinos to 20 just because we are 20players and everyone will do it to make 400.....Or maybe admins should just kick lower members and keep their bases and dinos to start reducing dinos...This is a joke or a plan to ruin big tribes to split and go singleplayer on official?Bye Pve......i guess
  7. Allos keep spawning even inside metal buildings(house) wich is bad. This is a bug that needs a quick fix...or disable their spawn and add them again when its ok.
  8. Evolution event?????Include Breeding this time cause lots of players lost or are losing their times trying to breed their dinos...its not fair to them...Sorry but its what i think
  9. Dev's should make until monday 2x on all , harvest xp tame and also breed cause lots of people were breeding and lost their time doing it...for compensation i think should be fair, if not 3x
  10. Hi . i play on The-EU-PVE-OfficialServer423 (on Nitrado) and just now i went to snow biome and saw 3 titans and one near volcano river. Why are there too many titan?there are useless on pve(my point of view), and most of the time they get stuck on player's bases and take too long to despawn. Is there a solution for this in near future?
  11. Quetzals still eating alot ...do we have to build tons of feeders and spend our gametime just to farm meat because we are scared to lose them? Please fix this..its absurd that they eat too much even standing still.
  12. Can confirm the same...quetzal animation eating is like on video . Please fix this before some might die
  13. FIx the damn quetzal please.....
  14. After this patch i logged and i realized my house on top of my quetzal platform is gone...i tried to climb on quetzal and all the house is on 50 50...is there a way to fix this?
  15. Hi everyone. on server pve official 423 dinos aren't spawning like usual and there was like 24players on only. Also ping went to high sometimes with alot of lag. Just posted to see if there is same problem on others servers or just on where i play. Thanks and regards