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  1. As allways. players from LEGACY-PVE-NA-GenTwo948 can't enjoy any event since "[][][][][]" make the server crash and then it stays offline for 2 to 4 days .... earlier i saw it was online for 1hour...and now back to offline. Lets just hope Ark2 doesn't make same mistakes.
  2. Add more servers. its annoying that people who only play on weekends can't play cause servers are full. For once , do something good and add more servers.
  3. LEGACY-PVE-NA-GenTwo948 down for more then 3 days. What the hell is going on with this company?
  4. LEGACY-PVE-NA-GenTwo948 Amazing how Wildcard doesn't say anything . Not even the minions (not enough autority i guess)
  5. All gen2 servers i know have been getting offline from 40 to 1hour+ due to this raptoring dupers. WC hasnt done anything about it. When is the "fixing stage " going to begin? Gen2 server 946 947 and 948 have been offline alot during these days and nothing is done. Hire efficient personel.....
  6. True. If they dont fix servers and ban duppers, Ark 2 will be same or worst
  7. We been accepting bugs since the beginning. Since they made officials and the new legacy servers (not nitrado) they screw up the game . Not mentioning they letting the [][][] players play on any kind of EU or US server and let it burn by them.
  8. Even tho the server isnt offline,many players have been getting disconnections while other players are online. And no, its not the integrity of files or inthernet issues. LEGACY-PVE-EU-LostIsland951 has been worse when most of some [][][] people of these countries are online. On EU servers, how the hell is still possible that they still come here like flies to play and disgrace the servers they are on. Good luck with Ark 2, will pretty much be the same
  9. Thanks so much for the advice. I installed it and now i can finally see them all the time . Thanks everyone who replied
  10. Still nobody with same problem and possible fix? tried verify the files but still no big beaver dams
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