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  1. Upload all and download all buttons

    For major trades would be cool to have that option
  2. Update During 2x Event

    Thanks anyway GP
  3. Update During 2x Event

    Any news about what is the content(bug fixes) of patch 264?
  4. ARK: State of the Game

    Thank you so much. I am glad to know we wont get a wipe.
  5. How funny of a joke are the support team

    I know the feelling. I had ticket pending with no answer but then i finally got a reply. i know its frustrated, but eventually you will get a reply from support team.
  6. Dino Disappearing.

    Bumpy jumping
  7. w.t.f. wild card stole my dino's

    Dinos missing is not first time...lost my 3squids and mosa (didnt made ticket about it). Few days after had same issue with 2 gigas...poof gone...ticket wrote more then a week and not a single reply...i move from that server and now how can they help?they cant cause they dont seem to have enough people to take care of tickets
  8. Dino Disappearing.

    Daily bump all over again
  9. Dino Disappearing.

    Daily bump...thanks Wildcard for not even make a single reply on my ticket...now that i left server i know for sure i wont get those dinos back...Great team you got there...
  10. Dino Disappearing.

    Daily bump...still no answer from devs..great
  11. Dino Disappearing.

    Daily bump..its a shame wildcard cant even answer or check Tickets...Soon i leave that server and wont be able to get my gigas back...
  12. Dino Disappearing.

    All good ...just waiting for ticket to be replied...guess there arent enough people to review and answer tickets...but i understand... probably the base will be demolished or claimed before any dev see it ☺
  13. Dino Disappearing.

    Daily bump. ...i dont know...been 3 days and not a single word...have to wait ..i guess they will answer when indemolish entire base and leave server