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  1. Santa Raptor Claus event is the best event to see the worst on people.People get too greedy . Thats why i dont like it. Should be an event for everyone to get at least something and instead its not. Beside breeding event , all other events are poop
  2. I feel sorry it happens on your server (and maybe on many more) but disabling tek transfers isnt the answer. Some people dont care about event since raptor claus has been one of the most toxic (not sure i choosed right word ) event (lots of players trying to steal the dropping gifts when people were allready there waiting) making players and even those called friends ingame starting to fight for a stupid drop. Dont get me wrong, event is cool for most players, but disabling tek transfers when other players just want to farm and do other stuff is not fair either. But i hope somehow something can be done about it
  3. Typical patch, add something to break other stuff
  4. Isnt 905 a legacy server? just asking, cause if it is, they wont support
  5. Compensation? if baby wyverns die well i will have to be lucky to find same colour and lvl i got......
  6. Even if they do a rollback, not everyone is on same timezone, whoever left their babies out or cryoed them will have issues if rollback will be before they done it. Most might be sleeping or away from game for few hours. There will allways be a lost on stuff
  7. I might be wrong, but when all legacy servers will be shut down, alot of players will stop playing also. Unless they have friends on official servers to help them or unnofficial servers to play. But will never be the same
  8. Other legacy servers that were deleted got more time to prepare to move to other servers. This time is like 13days to prepare all. If not less
  9. After patch i restarted steam and logged. First time i got kicked out. Second time i enter server , go outside my base and was filled with trees too.
  10. Well then that means there wont be anymore breeding events in the future?...Also now could be 100's and 100's of eggs...next time will be thousands and thousands....
  11. Yeah i did...only on 2 ocassions i never got any help at all....
  12. NO support on legacy servers? So they are just making this to force us to move to new servers...
  13. NO support on legacy servers? So they are just making this to force us to move to new servers...
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