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  1. Im so speechless, but i will speak anyway... everyday im looking to play other games when this things happens... i wasnt expecting a EVO event this weekend, but the starting o Fear Evolved event the 10/18/21. Extra Life just works only 25 hours, no more... so, we gonna have, for example: 2x in Fear Evolve + the Extra Life multiplier?? Or we gonna have only the Extra Life multiplier in the day? Im so confussed about this mess. I remember when a bout some years ago we got 3 weeks for any Holiday Event, and Extra Life separated from thhose Events. And now we gonna have both in one, "Cheaper by th
  2. Im playing SIngleplayer in Primitive Plus... and yes, its most fun playing there than in Official Servers because you modify the amount of multipliers at your like, but in Oficial Servers WildCard doesnt pay attention to the REAL community that is asking for so long to have a Breeding Event... its clearly that you are a Newbie in the game... talk to me when you have more than 7 years playing the game and saw how everything goes to FECES.
  3. This is Serious?? No Breeding again and you only made a Community Crunch with... a phrase with 27 words in it... woah, im impressed... next time just dont say anything and put only the pics... im ashamed of you guys.
  4. First of all, the dedi storage changes are sucking hell... Why? Bc instead of making them unlimited storages (needing only one of them for collect everything without making a lot of them bc they are limited). For Example: If i have 3 dedicated storage full with hide (it will be like 1800 stacks each) it would be better if i have an unlimited dedicated storage which means 1 f dedidcated storage for all the damn hide that i wanna collect. So, according to this new patch, WildCard isnt thinking in making stuff easy, just doesnt wanna make them UNLIMITED so there would be ONLY ONE DEDICATED STORAG
  5. That is a good one idea... for Fallout Series... not for Ark... any other idea that doesnt be a copy and a paste from other games???
  6. Can anyone in WildCard restore our server CI 850 because it goes DOWN more than 40Hs and Battlemetrics says it: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/7254389/downtime and is DEAD: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/7254389. I will rather buy another game by them if they even cant answer the massive tickets that all of us (CI 850 peeps) made, and they (WildCard) even cant take care of the first Ark... I hate when people doesnt give a s!!!! about all that is happening in the game... they always get focused in stupid things that get added and not in the issues that in the common d
  7. As anyone can see, WildCard doesnt have any better ideas than copy and paste other awesome stuff from other games... I will totally not recommend u guys focus your love in Ark 2 just bc i think it gonna be another trashy game like Ark 1. Mark my words.
  8. Im totally mad at the disgusting Seed Spoiled Timer, i now cant use my unique Gacha to make dust... All bc the dam idiots with the full towers of gacha ruining the entertaining of the game and wasting the damn servers over and over... NOTE to WildCard: The Gachas Towers people uses Metal not anymore Seeds... so... you will put a Spoiled timer in Metal too? What about with the damn fiber or rocks that peeps are gives to gacha to produce faster?? Those materials will have Spoiled Timer too? Any kind of damn material will have SPOILED TIMER TOO?? WildCard is completly lost now guys...
  9. I wish all those MODS will be on Ark... but ALAS!!! We must to take one... and i really will love to have the hairstyles, the new map, the Prehistorics Beasts... but not Glacius... its kinda boring... even the map seems boring... the viking one seems to be more promising than Glacius... But, its just my opinion. And we need other hairstyles... new map with new skins for been a real Viking... its awesome.
  10. I will only say that the only thing that i care a lot its the people that constantly uses DDOS to dupe stuff and WC doesnt do anything about it, bc cheaters will constantly make another app to dupe stuff... so, why care? But, since i know that there are users that uses DDOS to dupe stuff im taking a very long look about pings that are over 200 to almost 300. That is a DDOS program working on. So, just wanna know on statics: How many people are using DDOS to dupe stuff and crashing servers that actually were playable some time ago? And How many issues have the game comparing with how many fixes
  11. How much i will start it? well, first i love dinos, but those new dnos from space crossingover other ideas as space and aliens, its too far away from the begiining of the whole story game... WildCard should start a new game named Ark 2 with all this new stuff about Genesis. Too much TEK stuff for lazy people... new stuff as a Tek pistol muti-purpose... a Tek bow?? Why?? Its boviously WildCard only think new stuff for PVP players instead of PVE players... mostly of those new stuff arent usefull for pVE unless you wanna be more lazy. Im totally lost every nice feeling about Genesis...
  12. Yeah... I know buddy... i was playing in ragnarock 81, and we get a full crash server with almost 2 days of not playing. Battlemetric was helping us to know when it stay up or down. But suddenly I noticed that "server was dacyed" like broken. It wasnt broken, the link with the map was broken because it changed addres, o i figured it out when people was playing and i cant find it on in that page. Anyway... as you said. It doesnt be fixed for almost a long time, and im doubting that it will happen soon. They are focused in making new content but not in fixing all this problems. They are fix
  13. As Stacey said... I will no like to have multple people in every dam places with dino leashes that are constantly getting metal in all the maps, not only Aberration, in Crystals Isles you get more metal as Aberration... So Crystal Isles it would full of those that will get them... go farm the dam ore with a quetzal and stop been lazy.
  14. First of all, hi... second, the problem started to appears from one of ALL the patches that WildCard made to FIX the UNFIXABLE... still continues and it get worst when you are nea your base with a dino leash that is at long range and your dino get stuck in a place where you cant reach... sometimes it happened if its in flying and following, so it get worst. We need to take a HUGE DEEP BREATH and wait for a patch that maybe could fix it... MAYBE.
  15. Hey buddy, i got the same problem from at least 2 months ago... and still be going on... I cant be in game more than 1 hour that it crashes, or mostly the times it get me kicked out from serer every dam 10 or less minutes. I think its a problem of server/game that WildCard must to repair (NOT FIX and NO PATCH.... R E P A I R). But you know... it will not happen from 2 months ago, so will not happen now... Good Luck.
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