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  1. It would be awesome at least try to tame this thing, it seems to be a very nice predator. Hope its a mix between ptera and quetzal :3
  2. Hello guys. I dont logged on today, even when i was at 5 a.m. I was playinf singleplayer waiting for all the server be back. But, how i see everyone has lost their tek engrams, may I ask, if all of your were playing in Oficial servers and in PVE?? Bc if you noticed that Oficial servers PVP some of them have been taken down for some time. In the last patch (not this one taht is the last if not the other one), so maybe you guys were in one of those server taken down Let me know what happened and Have a nice day as possible
  3. Server NA-PvE- Oficial Server-Ragnarock81 is crazy to play there. we have already suffered 15 hours of crased server and is still crashing. It started In Love EVolved event to suffer those crashes and long time were server couldnt respond to query. I have already posted those issues even in the Outage reports and they doesnt take care of anything. Thats why I started to hate the game, its unplesure to play anymore... and now every dam map have the same issue like rag 81. Its a damn shame.
  4. I dont think so. If Genesis was delayed so many times, they will be delayed for this new map, because they will be more focus in patch a lot Genesis. They only wanna have the old players get still loving the game Ark, despite they constantly screw all. What Im saying?? I am wrong?? Nope. Not at all. Let me explain it: I started playin Ark in our actual map that we called it home, because we have a lot of it in there, not in the other maps. We get a terrible issue in that map, no... dont is only lag, is been shut down every 3 hours in Love evolved event... and not happy with it, we coulndt get
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