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antimesh Anti-Mesh System False Positives


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On 1/23/2020 at 10:47 AM, Cedric said:

Anti-Mesh System False Positives

What is a false positive?

A false positive is an instance where you receive a positive result for a test, when you should have received a negative results.  In the case of the anti-mesh system, this may flag you as being in the mesh when you are not actually in the mesh.  


I've created a thread to keep track of the areas in which we are seeing false positive, such as the Ice Cave.  Please let me know which areas you are seeing.  Also note, this is not a discussion about meshing but pointed feedback about areas you are having problems in!

Your feedback is appreciated as it will allow us to fine-tune the system.


To help with identifying these locations please use the 'ccc' console command which will copy your coordinates to the clipboard if possible.



The broodmother cave on valguero with the mammoth is VERY bad right now. I have lost a lot of stuff. -95848 175986 -21620 0.00 0.00 is the coordinates of the room. This room is the worst, but what you really need to do is go through the entire cave because it is really bad everywhere. 

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Any word on whether you guys are looking into Basiliosaurus tanking and Quetzal Hatchframing? In order to actually tank with the Basi you need to swim into the walls however when you do that now with this anti-mesh system you are teleported or killed, without being able to tank like this you can't actually tank any underwater base except for turrets set to tamed with Turtles. Same thing with the Quetzal, you need to fly up against the wall to fly up towards structures which you now can't do.

I should add that these 2 methods are currently some of the very few methods of being able to actually raid caves and trees. Without them you make caves and trees even stronger than they already are.

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On 1/23/2020 at 7:19 PM, acat said:

I died twice yesterday when i dismounted my griffin on extinction. Different locations, both times i had the griffin landed close to mesh. Heard the same from friends, so i assume its a general issue, not bound to special places. 

My understanding of this one, is that the Griffin's hitboxes are about one Griffin height below the Griffin's visuals as you can experience when attacking anything and hovering, that might have something to do with it

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NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland49, PC

I went to the XYZ coords on Dead/Carno Island and found only boulders. I broke the boulders looking for the pillar (before I saw that tribe logs had updated and decayed it) and found nothing. I'm guessing we had a ladder w/pillar where the boulders were & when they respawned it was covered up. Can't remember.
The pillars w/ladders surrounding the XYZ coords were fine. Not sure how a ladder there would be considered meshed.image.thumb.png.b3fc8a158ccca2cfce8be3f5c04f3dac.png

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Hi Cedric, I just lost my stuff and a ravager on a hole at this coordinates by the anti-meshing system. 

Aberration map,PVE official primitive+

X=50459.406         Y= -181363.969       Z=43230.301

EDIT: Went back to the hole location where my ravager fell down and these are the "ccc command" coords: 50323 -181173 44010 -41.01 -43.25


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Nothing drastic so far but I just wanted to ask if there is a better way to track down these coordinate locations? I used the map coordinates site Ark Map Positions but does not include the z-axis coordinates. Also with this new system—and again, in this case—will the structure attached into what was anti-mesh destroyed also be destroyed even if the latter does not support the the attached structure? (These ladders should be attached to pillars, were the pillars destroyed as well?)



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No big deal but Anti-meshing destroyed a metal ladder on one of my metal pillar that I have placed to avoid other player to build too close to my base. It took me hell lot of time to figure out where it was since coords was not a GPS coords that was informed in the log so was forced to use "ccc" command over and over again till I finaly found the spot.

When I found the spot, then I found out that a rock has spawned so that my metal pillar and metal ladder was inside this rock. Since meshing is about activity on the other side of the main map foundation surface, then I'm confused why a seperated object count as main map foundation surface and even more confused about why the rock was able to spawn at same location as my structure but further more am I confused why only the ladder was destroyed instead of destroy both ladder + pilllar.

Since the false positive was caused by a faulty spawning of a resource object, then I guess that it's not important to inform about what map and location it happen but will give these information any way. It happened on EU-PVE-Official-Valguero522


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Got killed at my base on flat land for no reason when I dismounted a spino. Due to lags, sometimes when you dismount, you are immediatly placed on ground instead of the top of the dino. This time, it killed me. Of course, I lost the dinos I had in cryo a few seconds before as well as some nice capped-stuff. At least it didn't killed my glowtail...


Also in the log, a weird Metal Ramp destroyed, but I don't know where is it.

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