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  1. Lowly


    You won't get many votes because you have bundled several ideas together, it should be a different thread for each idea
  2. Lowly

    Thyla Claws

    Could say the same for titanoboa venom, trex arms, argentavis talons, Yuty lungs and sauropod vertabrea All collectable on scorched earth and have no use there
  3. Of it logged what tribe you was in when you requested to save the map to singleplayer at an obelisk and only saved Dino and structures locations for the tribe you was in when you saved, then there could be no PvP abuse that I can see, other then someone saving there tribes structures and then selling that save to a different tribe, at which point that is no worse then someone insiding you and then we add in checks, only admins or people with the correct tribe rank can request a save, or it only saves your personally owned tames and structures and /or directly attached structures
  4. I thought this was a suggestion for a hack to use on the item camera in-game, but after reading seems to relate to orbital view abuse, not sure if hack is the right word as I'm not sure what the definition of hack is, I can see how it might be an exploit as you are exploiting the orbital camera in ways that was not intended by the developers and as such I think exploits are against the ToS I'm not sure how accurate you are when you say hundreds of thousands of players quit because of orbital camera abuse
  5. Depends if you mean similar to how transponder trackers work inline with how most RPGs and adventure exploration games have a HUD system where a marker is persistantly visible at all times or if you meant for the minimap We have that for the minimap and for the main screen it deffinetly makes the exploration side of the game more easily accessible to less experienced players as they would easily be able to find which way is home, which then makes me wonder, is it removing another layer of survival if you always have a beacon pointing the direction to your desired objective? I think having it in the game is a good option as it will not be forced upon anyone and more options is better then less options
  6. *gestures hand and arm to the horizon* Keep watching the skies (I think there is a big aesthetics announcement conning before the end of July)
  7. I think I made a similar thread So many people are concerned about it being used for cheating But it can also report the location to the QA team / CS / Devs to flag up common terrain stuck locations
  8. Lowly

    stat ping

    Ok so that must be a pc only thing, haven't seen that on PS4 or xbox
  9. Lowly

    stat ping

    I'm not sure what "stat FPS" is as we don't have that on console the only way we get ping on screen is on the pause menu on console
  10. Lowly

    stat ping

    That only works on console, we can't press esc on switch PS4 or xbox But we can press start or pause ot menu and yep ping doesn't change when server is non responsive this is true
  11. Change decay Ter on taxidermy stand to 8 days Simple idea Taxidermy stands are currently 4 days but when you have a creature with a saddle and Dino's last 8 days before decaying, It would be swell if the bases lasted 8 days the same as Dino's and wood /Adobe tier
  12. The easier solution o see to this is that the first person camera is situated in the center of the character, about it's naval which requires a second pair of arms being rendered that are only visible by the first person camera If the first person camera was moved to be directly between the eyes of the character, then no secondary pair of arms would need to be rendered, the issue with this is that then more work would need to go into adjusting the height of the camera for each character as height is adjustable in the character creation screen
  13. Lowly

    stat ping

    If the server stops then how is pinging the server will give no results as the server will be locked up and unable to send any ping command
  14. Is this word from a developer? I remember Chris W saying on Reddit that they do not share spawns with fish and that everything must be killed to make them spawn, Or he said this about Rex's on the center lava island and I transfered the knowledge to spawn weightings and how those weightings are used to free up space to make almost anything spawn in areas that a creature is listed in the spawn table I ask because I used to have great success in making spinos spawn when it was only me on server and I was only killing bronto paracer stego trikes and other medium to large dinos
  15. Makes sense to me
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