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  1. Nicely done sir. I wish they could simply read the community comments. I would love to have a way to contact devs or even admins as tickets are only useful to recover dinos apparently.
  2. I've not had any issue with this at all, has this been solved?
  3. Hello mate, I have the same issues too. Industrial forge still works to make ingots and bricks, but you need steel ingots to craft it. Your best bet as right now is find an industrial forge (I suggest swamp cave or a red drop). BUT, I doubt any dev or moderator reads this anymore, we should all submit a glitch ticket and let ourselves be heard. Their lack of commitment towards primitive+ is unacceptable.
  4. Not sure yet, I started playing ark mainly because of the first trailer, dinos and guns, basebuilding, adventure. I got all that, then tek arrived and killed the mood for me a bit so switched to primitive +. Which is nice, but devs seem to don't care much about it and it gets a glitch after a glitch and nothing gets fixed ever. If ark 2 is to be primitive like they said and devs show a bit of commitment, it could be a game I'd enjoy. But so far I'm pretty dissapointed.
  5. Even then, if they show the same lack of interest on fixing things they can go ahead without me
  6. At the same time leaving prim+ without updates and stacking new glitches day after day... I might not fall for the same trick again
  7. Add to that the T-posing stegos (again)
  8. Try installing it on an ssd, it cut the loading times to me by more than half. Also, prim+ is the only game mode I enjoy on ark currently, it resembles the good old days with no crap added. The way the first ark game trailer made us feel.
  9. They are back and they are coming strong this time, who needs the now old tlc when you can have this, right? Seriously WC, give prim+ some love
  10. Tested it and it worked perfectly, case closed. Both on official aberration and the island. Be more specific and say what dino / kibble / map / taming method.
  11. Adding my grain of salt here, Prim+ is the only ark I enjoy after 5k+ hours, as regular ark feels so SO easy. Primitive mode is more unique and fun than "halo survival".
  12. Any idea of when is it going to happen? Also, Alpha rexes do not exist on the island, no one has seen them for months, so not able to enter Tek cave beta-alpha. Give prim+ some love Ced
  13. Stegos seem glitched since the TLC, no animation on them.
  14. Got destroyed on the swamp cave by desmounting my carno. On the island primitive + Lost Asc. ghillie set. PD: Can't believe this is still enabled on official PVE servers.
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