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  1. But finding that saddle bp was pure luck. That is not achievement.
  2. What is in patch 302.41? Nothing is in the patch notes.
  3. Nov 2 is game day according to the website. Keep the day clear. Also WC has $585 so far. Sounds good but that only nets you 382 place. Yes 381 other teams have collected more than WC. So far......
  4. Patch the Mana Bug already. It has been months and no action has been taken.
  5. Good to know. Never would have thought it was good. I thought it was like org. poly and death.
  6. I lost my two best tames due to a bug that was supposed to have been fixed Months ago. That what I did today.
  7. Here is an idea, Why not make a list of all the bugs that have not been fixed and post them. Had I know of this issue I never would have been ridding a Mana on the island and not lost everything I had on me.
  8. If people are still losing hard earned tames and gear then maybe it is time for some "spam" I was not aware of the problem until it happened to me. Maybe , just maybe if there was a little more "spam" more people would be aware of the problem. This issue was supposed to be fixed MONTHS ago. So now I am out hundreds of hours of game time. , because of a bug that WC should have fixed months ago.
  9. Well don't worry the Ark Gods, I mean Ark Devs had done an update to finally finish the event. It is now over, gone forever or until next big event. More breeding events, thanks to the Mana bug on the island I lost my two best dinos. Thank You WC.
  10. I really wish they would not this to my thread.
  11. Really the solution is so damn simple. Build a taming raft. There are countless videos on youtube. Pillars are your friend when preventing the unknowing from blocking resources needed in the game.
  12. WT Frack just happened ? Flying on my Mana from Herb to mainland and when I land and start to move to my base , And POOF I find myself at the spawn screen. Nothing saying I died or anything No Mana, no Body ,no gear, no rex in a cryopod, Plenty of nothing. Nothing in the log. Just nothing WT Frack I can deal with losing your tames due to a strong boss or a mistaken click. But this is too much. You can die and lose everything to a damn glich. Nice game you got there be a shame if someone actually fixed it.
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