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  1. elweasel2010

    Lost Character and Tames

    Really, I haven't see/heard a GM visiting my server for over year and a half or so.
  2. elweasel2010

    Lost Character and Tames

    AFAIK, WC has stated "no support" for all legacy servers. Now they might overlook this since the mistake was on them. IDK
  3. So after the past 3 years you played 21k hours. Considering 3 years is roughly 26k hours, that leaves you 5k to sleep, eat, poop for 3 years. Something about this just doesn't add up.
  4. elweasel2010

    Help, I can't transfer off the server to Extinction.

    Thanks, but I am on PC. I figured out how to get out of the screen. Still can't transfer, but I know why now.
  5. My problem is a bit different. I go to transfer my character to another server. I get to the server list and pick one. I click on "join with survivor" button and nothing happens. If I go up to the server list and select a server the transfer button lights up but still nothing happens. Cancel is greyed out. If I go to the search and search for something that does not exist, then the cancel button works again. What is the problem. I checked for corrupted files and it said it found two. Any suggestions?
  6. I have been trying to go to extinction server. I go to the obi and pick the "travel to another server" button. Up comes the server list menu and pick the server I want. When I click the "join with survivor" button. Normally this takes me to that server. Today all I get is a frozen screen and none of the buttons work. Does anyone know a fix? I tweeted Jen this morning, but no reply so far.
  7. I have seen many a Giga starve to death.
  8. elweasel2010

    A message from Studio Wildcard

    This explains sooo much. Why is Ark still so damn buggy? Atlas. Why does it seem like there little customer service? Atlas. They think that the reason Ark is popular is because of them. Ark is popular despite them. Why don't you finish one game first, then release a new game. I will treat this new game like that other Ark replacement. Play ark and ignore the new game.
  9. Clever, I had a Giga get stuck in the swamp on Island. After a few days being stuck I was able to build a ramp in front and wiggle him free. Using a Pokeball is smart. keball
  10. So when is Ark/WC going to enable ORP?
  11. elweasel2010

    Anky and Theriz attacks changed

    The Theriz had its attack changed. Before when you hit C it would only gather berries. Now after the update (extinction release) they also gather wood and thatch. And the Anky has a similar problem when hitting RMB. The was how Ankyies worked at first. Then you changed it. And now it is back. Why? WHY? Why would you change this? This is going backwards. Please change it back.
  12. So nothing more about the f&*k up over decaying bases due to the element veins. Days of progress gone because of WC failure. Did anyone test it first? No I guess that would be us ,players. and a half weekend at 3x does not make up for WC's failure to patch.