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  1. So we have built in one of the bubble on center and have a teleporter down there. Before your anti-mesh detection if a dino that was accidentally teleported. it would get teleported to above the bubble and push to the surface of the water. (Because teleporters do not work right in the 2 bubbles) Now they die. Could this please be looked at or maybe teleporters working correctly in The Center bubbles. This is on NA-Offical-PVE-TheCenter86.
  2. This happened on NA-Official-PVE-TheCenter86.
  3. I'm was on NA-PVE-Official-Aberration380, lagged into a tree and insta died. What happened to being teleported out to a previous location.
  4. What is the point of new dinos with unique abilities that you learn to use to then have them be nerfed in to the ground again and again. I get that balance needs to be had on PVP but it should not have to effect PVE. I buy the DLC's for the new experience of maps and tames.
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