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  1. Hello, I've been playing on the island official PVE for quite some months now and I noticed no alpha rexes spawn at all. Players also report not having seen any since.... forever. At the moment, me and a few players on the server are killing bosses, and alpha rex fang is required to do beta/alpha tek cave. I know alpha rexes are not a common thing, but I have well over 3k hours on "regular ark" and they weren't this rare. Is this a common thing on prim+, or is it a glitch? Thanks EDIT: We've seen several skeleton alpha rexes on the halloween event, but they didn't drop fangs.
  2. I also vote for this to be added to the base game love to see new dinos.
  3. He also said it's possible to make it without erasing anything. I'll be happy to have it integrated and even happy without any further dlcs on PRIM+ just as long data is not erased.
  4. I've heard a developer on the charity livestream say that prim+ sucked, as plain as that and that saddens me, first of all because a lot of us bought the game to experience a game about dinosaurs and prehistoric stuff, now the game seems a lot more oriented to technologic stuff wich kind of loses that essence, and also makes the game incredibly easy. It's such a shame to hear what they think about it,having an incredible mod like prim+ and to not polish it to make it shine
  5. My vote goes to merging it with the base game. As a long time 3000h+ player I've lost most of them on a server that was already wiped out, please strongly consider not erasing the data.
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