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  1. it seems official servers were moved into regular ark without notice and all structures were destroyed gg wildcard Rollback or goodbye forever
  2. Not sure on your private server but on official it still works. However I have to agree on the abandonment of the mod by devs, and it's saddening, many people enjoy this mode more than regular easy mdoe ark with robots.
  3. Nicely done sir. I wish they could simply read the community comments. I would love to have a way to contact devs or even admins as tickets are only useful to recover dinos apparently.
  4. At the same time leaving prim+ without updates and stacking new glitches day after day... I might not fall for the same trick again
  5. Add to that the T-posing stegos (again)
  6. Adding my grain of salt here, Prim+ is the only ark I enjoy after 5k+ hours, as regular ark feels so SO easy. Primitive mode is more unique and fun than "halo survival".
  7. Stegos seem glitched since the TLC, no animation on them.
  8. Got destroyed on the swamp cave by desmounting my carno. On the island primitive + Lost Asc. ghillie set. PD: Can't believe this is still enabled on official PVE servers.
  9. A spino corpse pushed my spino down the map right as it died on Aberration PVE EU prim+ This is starting to get very frustrating, I'm about to leave this broken game until you are able to fix it, you treat us like lab rats and it's unnaceptable, what a way to start the event. Don't expect me to buy any more dlcs at all
  10. Hi Cedric, I just lost my stuff and a ravager on a hole at this coordinates by the anti-meshing system. Aberration map,PVE official primitive+ X=50459.406 Y= -181363.969 Z=43230.301 EDIT: Went back to the hole location where my ravager fell down and these are the "ccc command" coords: 50323 -181173 44010 -41.01 -43.25
  11. The Bosses don't unlock the dossier after you kill them. Also no alpha rex spawn in the island official prim+ server for 5 months straight, unable to enter tek cave at beta/alpha difficulties.
  12. I also vote for this to be added to the base game love to see new dinos.
  13. He also said it's possible to make it without erasing anything. I'll be happy to have it integrated and even happy without any further dlcs on PRIM+ just as long data is not erased.
  14. My vote goes to merging it with the base game. As a long time 3000h+ player I've lost most of them on a server that was already wiped out, please strongly consider not erasing the data.
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