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  1. It's only been a month, not that long in wildcard support time
  2. Where would you get 100s of people from? And how would you save ark? Server wipe? Within 2 weeks there will be lots of big bases again and new players that can't look further than their initial spawnpoint will complain again.
  3. Start with the raft, get some levels, early game tames, get better, tame your birst bird, find an area to build your base(plenty of areas on all servers), become walmart/home depot sized base?
  4. Even as a low level you can start building a small base on a raft and use it as a base while staying close to the beach to avoid leeds
  5. You can kill claimed babies with some of your dinos(wyverns for example)
  6. You could try ark apocalypse servers? They reset fairly often https://twitter.com/survivetheark/status/1229533725639217153 Search for ARKpocalypse
  7. Been around since a very long time unfortunately
  8. Welcome to Ark: Survival Evolved!
  9. For Aberration you can use an anky+crab instead of anky+quetzal to gather large amount of metal with 2 players(can also be done solo by throwing the anky to the next group of rocks)
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