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  1. In the past you could transfer characters right after the launch, but were item upload/downloads disabled for the first couple of months.
  2. You had 2 years to move to the new cluster though... When legacy servers were anounced we were told that they would one day be taken down
  3. If you can pay in official PVP or PVE structures/dino's I can help you build in crossark
  4. Some tips: -Watch youtube videos -Try it in single player -Don't let other people build your base, they could easily create a weak spot without you knowing about it and raid you later
  5. Welcome to ARK: Survival Evolved, where part of the survival is keeping your character
  6. They auto decay after 2 days
  7. Yes, in input.ini. Otherwise you can use something like AHK with x360ce and vjoy the emulate a controller
  8. There is one method, but I am not sure if it is a bug or not(please just remove my post, don't give me a warning): Fly the snow owl(just make sure it doesnt stand) and feed it stimberries, it'll give quite a lot of pellets
  9. Radical nerfs like this is why we need to be able to use mindwipes on dino's. If you force such an extreme meta change we should be able to relvl our existing dino's without them becoming useless @Cedric
  10. See if you can find a place to add a personal filter list option, in uBlock Origin I open the dashboard and go to my list and add the snow javascript in there
  11. The last part of my happiness, now I'm just depressed&sad&the other S word
  12. @CedricWIll it be shipped worldwide? And what about import taxes etc if you do? I may have all chibis on pve soon(getting last 2 from trade in a bit) but costs would be too high for me so if it would cost me too much I'd rather let someone else claim it
  13. @Cedric could you clarify wether oil nodes fall under this?
  14. most events on PVE are either very friendly and fun, or complete mayhem where everyone starts fighting with eachother
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