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  1. My poor procoptodons Another fun PVE tame ruined by PVP mindset at wildcard
  2. Try to get to a city terminal or drop(city terminal if you mean ext 509 EU official pve)
  3. I miss those days Back then PvE was dangerous to play due to people being able to drop in carryable dinos and no ORP, nowadays people build without having any risks(except for extinction maybe)
  4. @Cedric What is this number on official? And will we see a warning when we try to drop more things, or will it simply disapear? ps: @lilpanda thanks for your work, I don't have twitter to message you there but appreciate you dealing with all the hate on there
  5. It has something to do with the floating names I think, there is an option to keep your hud and only have names very close to you pop up, I think the default key is 'end' to enable that
  6. Another fun fact about tek dedi boxes: If you put halloween stuff in it, it'll disapear after the event is over but the box will still say it contains those items(including numbers on the outside) When you try to withdraw it says inventory limit reached
  7. In the past you could jump on rock drake back, not sure if it still works
  8. Currently you can ride on tape passenger seat without ally, adding all the other creatures would be nice. For allied structures it would be nice to allow the following: -No structures -Sleeping bags/riding passenger seat -All structures I would like to see alliance-chat per alliance, because now you can either write to all allies or to none. If you want to pick people up for trades you can let them jump on wyvern back and dont let them move. And if Wildcard doesnt implement this, remember to only create an alliance with people you trust.
  9. They were never mutated on ASIAN servers
  10. At one PC I am at 300.7 and can join most servers, other pc is at 301.1 and can't access any servers
  11. Number of things: -Eating fert eggs, happened more than once -demolishing something that I thought wasn't supporting anything(hint: half the base fell down including lots of full fridges) -Uncryo things when still having cryosickness(lost more than 1 imprinted giga at ext drops) -fly into lava to see what would happen -a lot more
  12. What are they saying in the message in your tribelog, just a general warning or telling you to remove stuff at a specific location?
  13. What you are describing is what many people do. Just reset the decay timers weekly to prevent stuff from decaying if you take a break from ark. Pretty sure everyone does this manually. And almost all the bigger ark players, especially solo, use many scripts to automate things(emulating keyboard/mouse inputs)
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