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  1. Yup, I burned my paws too during 90% night on surface(during nighttime)
  2. Although this just seems to be about the website itself, not the game which my questions are about. For example if I want to see the data BattlEye has stored about me I have to go through Wildcard because they are the party that shares that data with BattlEye according to their privacy policy. https://www.battleye.com/privacy-policy/ Full reason I ask this is because I would like to submit a data request, especially about the information BattlEye has stored on me but also Ark/Wildcard in general.
  3. Yep, thanks Any idea why it wasn't working earlier? Wasn't just me, I also asked other people to load it and they all got the page no longer exists error
  4. Ah thanks, it linked to a dead page earlier when I tried it. https://web.archive.org/web/20200307191623/http://playark.com/privacy-policy/
  5. Where is the privacy policy? Where can one find the privacy policy for Ark: Survival Evolved/Wildcard about our data that is stored and what you do with it. Wildcard customer support sent me here. https://gdpr-info.eu/art-15-gdpr/
  6. As a temporary solution you could try something like GeForce NOW to play ark while you wait for the devs to push the macOS/Linux version.
  7. MacOS and Linux are the forgotten children of Ark And Ark support is the unwanted child from Wildcard =(
  8. I know you don't make the rules, but I was curious what your opinion is on the anti-meshing killing thingy being active on PvE? For PvP I fully understand and I am glad it is there to at least make it a little bit harder. For PvE a simple warning should be fine in my opinion, meshing is not really an issue in PVE because you cannot destroy other peoples bases with tames.
  9. Perhaps enabling cavebuilding for PVE might work
  10. When will we get the devkit update that has the changed maturation values?
  11. Ah PS4. What is the full name of your island server?
  12. Are you sure it is server 1042? I can't find a server with number 1042 running extinction
  13. Which server? Official? Unofficial? Singleplayer?
  14. My flak pieces from ext drops and gen crates are still over 1500+ dura, will check crafted flak when I am in that server (official PVE) Edit: crafted fresh one and can still get over 1500 dura Stays that way after uploading
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