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  1. Ark Automated, AHK tool with easy to use GUI to configure macros I have been using simple macros for a couple of years now on Ark to automate some of the RSI inducing tasks and more and more people kept asking for the scripts so I decided to combine them and add a GUI so it is easier to use. It is still a work in progress but V0.3(including the source code) can be found on Github: https://github.com/ark-automated/Ark-Automated Example of V0.3 that was just released: Any macros that are deemed against the rules/breaking code of conduct will be removed from AA.
  2. I probably have more playtime than you and could be considered a hardcore player and I really like these events, please keep them coming Wildcard!
  3. Thanks, kinda sucks we have to get updates via Twitter instead of the official forums
  4. @Cedric@DollieWhen will this be on PC? Been 5 days now without seeing any change We've stocked up a lot of jerky but need to know if we can spend it or should keep on waiting.
  5. Go big or go home... besides pres bins are super cheap to make..
  6. @GPMy big amigo, do you know when they'll reduce the jerky cost that is stated in this CC?
  7. Well right now PC has no problems(well, not as bad as console at least) while consoles do have problems. Edit: And him playing on console is the root of the problems he is having, as those problems do not exist on PC rightnow
  8. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/73122/downtime I can connect fine, the outage of 15-18th june hit a lot of servers. If you mean lag: I notice a lot of lag in center 350 too seems like lots of servers are laggy since certain anti dupe protections(that don't work)
  9. If its on a flier map try using snow owl freeze and see if you can see it that way
  10. Besides, they said they would change the qty of jerky, they are just too busy with console plebs to help us pcmr people. Stock up on some jerky and you can craft the emotes once rates are lowered.
  11. Just place like 200 preserving bins ezpz jerky
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