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  1. Oli4

    Incident report - no response

    Be patient young padawan
  2. Oli4

    Pve Decay Timer

    Press H while facing your structures to see the timer on them.
  3. 99% sure this is it, I see it fairly often on other peoples bases
  4. Oli4

    Help, I'm being griefed on PvE!

    December of which year?
  5. Oli4

    Wildcard fix legacy servers again.

    Just pull the plug and release the files so people can host the servers themself and get support on it
  6. Claiming decayed dino’s has been disabled for a long time
  7. Oli4

    Randomly all players kicked from tribe.

    Try to upload character at an obelisk and then download it
  8. Oli4

    Lost Everithing while tranfering

    Why would you transfer poop though? I know the forums change shid(d=t) into poop
  9. Oli4

    Lost Everithing while tranfering

    Tbh at this point wildcard should make an option to dupe your account, considering how easy it is to dupe your character/lose a character is
  10. Pretty sure we got a warning?
  11. Oli4

    Lost Everithing while tranfering

    rip 135 char
  12. Oli4

    Tribe without giving all my stuff

    Just remember that they can still damage the structures with C4/rockets etc, so even if you don't give them access to it they can still take all the items and leave the tribe
  13. Oli4

    Cryopod TEASE

    If you cant get a tek replicator in 30-60 days after getting the cryopods you are doing something wrong anyway
  14. I know stam drinks work on dino's, however it replenishes at the same rate as it would on a human, so very slowly