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  1. I hope that those shirt images are just a poor photoshop... There is no way they are worth $40-50: Gone fishing t-shirt: 1. What is that weird spot at the bottom right on the front 2. Why does it have the ASE logo on the front and ASA logo on the back ARK: Survival Evolved Design T-Shirts - Flame 1. Same as Gone fishing t-shirt logo issue(#2) The website itself also just seems to be some poorly copy/pasted template: https://store.survivetheark.com/pages/faq This entire site looks to have been made in <5 minutes and looks pretty sketchy...
  2. I can share a bunch of lower sized save files that still run into issues with ASV if that would help? nitradouswest136.newofficialaberration266/Aberration_P.ark is 421MB and can't be loaded (at least for me) on ASV I also DMed you on Discord(at least I hope I DMed the correct person) to offer some assistance if you are interested. If you prefer to use STA/no help that is also perfectly fine of course
  3. I was curious to see which saves were the biggest so I made a list: https://gist.github.com/ark-automated/2dd592eb7295c36f36c209f839f4765b
  4. Thank you @lilpandafor moving 923 to another server, seems better so far ❤️
  5. This was merged from a separate thread in Genesis bugs subforum, but it was mostly aimed towards specific kicks happening during AMC, not server instability in general
  6. This has been going on for 5-6months now probably, we've lost over 180 dinos and boss kits because the server kicks everyone while saving if you are doing Master Controller. It doesn't happen every time, but often enough that we went from a one in 70 fail rate at Alpha Master controller(until 5-6months ago, fail was our fault) to a 22 in 43 failure rate, of which all of those 22 times was due to the server kicking us. This seems to happen on a fair amount of GenesisOne servers, some more than others. @lilpandaEspecially GenesisOne643 has been horrible, although I've also had it happen on other servers. I assume you track player<->server connections/disconnects and certain in game activities so it should be easy to verify/see the problems/pattern.
  7. When will we get the devkit update that has the changed maturation values?
  8. Why can dinos no longer consume lesser antidote? It isn't in the patch notes or in the post here. Was this intentional or accidental?
  9. I probably have more playtime than you and could be considered a hardcore player and I really like these events, please keep them coming Wildcard!
  10. Thanks, kinda sucks we have to get updates via Twitter instead of the official forums
  11. @Cedric@DollieWhen will this be on PC? Been 5 days now without seeing any change We've stocked up a lot of jerky but need to know if we can spend it or should keep on waiting.
  12. @GPMy big amigo, do you know when they'll reduce the jerky cost that is stated in this CC?
  13. When will the jerky rates be changed on PC? Kind of want to know if it is still happening or not
  14. Days? Are you sure you don't mean weeks? And then that many months before they can restore your character to level 105 without any ascension/useful tekgrams
  15. Can we talk about #FreeHK now as well or can that still get you banned on official servers?
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