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  1. Giant Porcupine – Hystrix Gigantea – taming companion About The Hystrix Gigantea or H. Refossa is an extinct species giant porcupine 20% larger then its closest living relative, lived during the Pleistocene era, 2.5 million to 11,700 years ago, was widespread amongst Eurasia with specimens discovered in Israel, Java and northern Greece. The real world counterparts cannot spit or fire quills, with the species from the Americas being tree climbers, able to jump and swim, and the European species being mostly nocturnal and living in burrows or underground dens. This extinct species will take from both the European and American species along with some typical ark liberties and fancifications. Some quills have been found to have antibiotic properties Length 115cm or 45 inches, upto 40KG Dossier Common name: Giant Porcupine Species: Hystrix Gigantea Time: pleistocene Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Docile Wild Taming the giant porcupine would be a passive tame that would need to be distracted with giant bee honey before the survivor sneaks up behind the giant porcupine to feed its favourite kibble, savaroot or berries once tamed this creature can be carried similar to kairuku and dodos Abiliites Antibiotic Quills A tamed Giant Porcupines quills could be harvested and used for there antibiotic properties, healing Swamp Fever, mega rabies, radiation poisoning but the quills will not be strong enough to provide immunity, thus fitting in below the already established ‘lesser antidote’ which grants immunity for a short time. Taming Companion a tamed one throw down next to an unconscious herbivore (or carnivore?) would be able to rub up against it and heal the herbivore through its antibiotic quills, this would not ruin taming affinity being fed a specific diet of organic polymer and narcoberries/narcotic/biotoxin, a the quills take on a torpor applying ability allowing the tamed Giant Porcupine to be able to keep even the largest of creatures torpor up, no longer do we need to torpor watch an unconscious giga or other fast torpor creature Climbing Mount Much like how the diplocaulus is not a mount unless it is in water, the Giant Porcupine can only be mounted while it is climbing. Simply throw it at a wall then hold onto its tiny saddle handles as it can climb, albeit rather slowly even during earthquakes Base Defence Like a lesser Velenosaur, although unrealistic, this small mount can throw its quills at enemies, and coupled with its ability to deal torpor when fed the correct diet, this works as a ranged base defence creature that can deal fast torpor and knock out any invading player or small mount Scarer Depending on its level a tamed Giant Porcupine can scare off small, to medium and maybe even weaker large sized creatures working as a good mount to carry around with you while on adventures, at the sign of danger, throw this guy down and he will rattle his quills creating fear in the wild creatures similar to a yutyrannus Unique Items Antibiotic Quills – will have a spoil timer and a small stack size and a short cooldown between usage to encourage players who can, to use lesser antidote and he correct armor for the job. Quills (& Blowpipe) – along with antibiotic quills, regular hollow quills can be harvested from a wild corpse or a tamed Giant Porcupine with a sickle, these can be used ina blow pipe or longkneck rifle as tranq darts, to counter the cheaper cost to make (not needing ingots) these tranq quills will spoil In a similar fashion to shocking tranq darts Sources: https://prehistoric-fauna.com/Hystrix-refossa https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hystrix_refossa https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porcupine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_World_porcupine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_World_porcupine
  2. My understanding of this one, is that the Griffin's hitboxes are about one Griffin height below the Griffin's visuals as you can experience when attacking anything and hovering, that might have something to do with it
  3. All the new items are fine until you take them away at the end of the event, making the desire to use them in buildings very small
  4. All the oranges but no dragongreen 3 love you for giving me more oranges
  5. Structure saver 2 looks like such a great idea for anyone that loves building and creating amazing structures. I'd love to know if it has the ability for us to build something in creative on singleplayer then head over to a server that doesn't allow transfers in (I'd say official but I know this is a mod so it won't be on official any time soon if at all which saddens so many console players hearts) so we can practice build with creative mode then put up the finished piece on a different server or map Also I feel this is something that console players would love to see. Side note id love for ark2 when you get around to it in 5 years, to have a system that allows mods on consoles without at sort of huge long verification process
  6. I know I voted for this ages ago but I thought I'd comment, I just loaded up prim+ for the first time properly, to see what it had to offer in the 2 years since I last played it properly, (I usually use it for building as lumber looks so nice, but didn't check anything else out) and oh my, so many varieties of storage boxes, so many unique and amazing structures to make a village feel alive and not just more of the same repeated boxes and decorations This would bring new life to PvE and RP if the structures where added, the yurt, the pontoon, so many amazing structures. I'd love to cycle between prim+ bookcase and large storage and regular skins, it's all so pretty
  7. There were 3 categories for the eggsellent eggventure paint an egg, pc, console and real life and all 3 winners came from real life? There will be three competitions with a prize to the winner of $100! PC Egg Painting Console Egg Painting Real-life Egg Painting
  8. No you should not feel old for explaining what a StarCraft term is to someone that never played StarCraft, that's like the term adds to someone that doesn't play waw or an active reload or a failed reload to anyone that's not played gears of war, or the term "got a nuke" to anyone that never played cod multiplayer, it's all relative knowledge, take into account we may be different ages and from different countries, and also I may have been playing outside or playing a different platform when you was playing StarCraft and then there is no longer a global shared knowledge for every gamer anymore. Edit not sure how the term zerg relates to ark, zergs are a race? Races don't fight each other on ark
  9. Still waiting to hear what Nerfs PVP has suffered because of PVE needing something PvP can fly in caves, build in caves, pick up wild Dino's and destroy other peoples; spiked walls, taming pens, pillar spam, land ownership claims What did PvP suffer because of something PvE did?
  10. I feel this is sarcasm, pve players that play official, dont want creative mode and God mode, that's why they play official instead of private dedi or singleplayer
  11. Could have an option in menus to disable it What's a zerg?
  12. Wait a second 4000 servers PvP Pve Hardcore Notek Primative+ Let's play Test servers Crossark (win10&xbox) Notame Yea sarcasm active: lets wipe 4000 servers of all the different game modes because people mesh on PvP, let's punish all the game modes where meshing offers no advantage like PvE and notame and primative+ oh and arkpocalypse because of people going under the mesh on PvP Sarcasm ends Be more specific Wipe all PvP, also it's the second most voted on topic already
  13. Hi Could you put the PVP as the prefix for the subject headline as we seem to have unanimously agreed that this aubjexlct is about PvP servers
  14. Tribe wide death beacons is a smart idea, even if it's a tool we need to craft and hold, perhaps give an extra use for those specimen implants,
  15. There is already a. Giant server file setting as far as in aware with every Dino and every stat base value and gain per wild and gain per tamed level and affinity and imprint bonus.
  16. You know what's hilarious is that pve players always blame PvP for the nerfs, I'd love to hear from PvP players what needs are the result of PvE players
  17. But sharing across tribes is a wipeable offence so yep wipe small tribes for breaching small tribes rules
  18. Every single server? PvP Pve Primative+ Notek Crossplay Crossark Beginners servers Smalltribes Notames Arkpocalypse Come on, be more specific. Most PvE and primative players don't want a wipe, most crossark and cross play do not, arkpocalypse has just been wiped, beginners servers probably don't need wipes PvP may be the only place to benefit from a wipe but why wipe it when you can set up a ... Wait for it Year 2 pvp server cluster. The introduction of a yearly PvP server cluster that gets wiped every 12 months. Who will rule the arknet for this years rotation Yea don't ask for one thing when something else will do just as well
  19. Pve does not need wiping clean but it does need some sort of land control / compulsory purchase order to free up land being held by land hoys
  20. Green for eats that kibble Orange for makes that kibble
  21. The article says 12 noon Pacific standard time Ask Google 12 am PST to (then your time zone)
  22. A couple of ark digests back, in the first s+as Nd kibble rework one, they listed the recipe for each new kibble, the wiki is a direct copy paste of that so it's accurate
  23. Then pod the baby and unpod to change what it wants for imprinting, that's an intended mechanic btw
  24. Did you ever try using an old kibble, say a dodo kibble when it asked for a kibble of the same colour? That's what tons of us are curious about, lots of us have hundreds of premade kibble for imprinting that potentially isn't worth anything now
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