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  1. Well then, Walking around in green on my drake and this happened Aberration 381 Official Lost my character/gear and Drake
  2. Uhhh looks to be a little over 24 hours. People need to remember that SO many people sent in tickets. My tribemate has not recieved an email yet. Also for the resolved. Please look at one of my posts that explains why
  3. No, you still have to redo that.
  4. You submitted it under the wrong one then. I had this issue as well
  5. In the email they send it tells you to have all your tames on the server of the meet "Imprints Transfer: Imprints transfer requires all of your imprinted dinos to be out on the server and OUTSIDE of cryo. " So basically you have to move everything to the server the appointment is on I made my ticket about half hour into my toon being gone. I got a response at least today. So maybe theres hope for you guys
  6. Not to mention all these restored characters are not going to have imprints/bosses/whatever So, good job wc. YA DUN SCREWED UP
  7. He lands for us perfectly fine. Theres the odd time he wont but thats when you pull out the shotguns!
  8. People pillar so they have time to build their bases without someone taking the spot. They also pillar so people can't block spawns
  9. Today was an interesting one. I tamed a new scorp for eggs, and ended up losing it in the yard to a random raptor. That’s the 4th female I’ve lost in 3 days I spent about 2 hours making narcotics so that we can start knocking out 150 rexes to find ones for breeding. It’s going to be a pain but worth it! I also pulled a 175 lightning egg! Might not be 190 but it’s a step up for us!
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