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  1. Bad news. If you go to page 24. You'll see my comments. One showing a screenshot from support. They aren't replacing anything lost. I lost a tame that the anti-meshing system destroyed the moment I tamed it. Even though it isn't my fault, the developers refuse to replace anything we lose. Which is kinda pathetic on their part.
  2. Read my above message. Devs won't replace anything. They don't care.
  3. Guys don't bother with this stuff. They want us to tell them of issues instead of finding them themselves but won't replace anything you lost. Hours of time wasted getting blood bags to tame a bloodstalker only for Mesh system to delete it as soon as its tamed and they won't replace it or blood bags used. Why release something without testing for bugs first? And why can't they be replaced when the issue isn't our fault? Just ruins game experience. I went to do alpha Rag boss fight before with 8 other people. 18 rexs and 2 yuty. Had to ask someone to ride my yuty because I was the only one who didn't teleport in. Needed the fight for the last engrams on my lvl 105 character. Everyone survived and unlocked the engrams and I'm just left standing at obelisk because it didn't let me in and we were all in the same tribe. They don't even follow their own rules and tell us to. Reported dupers who crashed the server a lot, players harassing and basically been told not their problem. If the server crashes from dupers, even if you name them they won't investigate. They just say to report crashes on the server outage forum when the server is being crashed by dupers and isn't a software/hardware issue on their end. We had two players who broke a major CoC rule which can't be unbanned. They banned one of them months ago and refuse to ban the other.
  4. Hope you're able to get it replaced. I reported mine and wasn't even offered a replacement. Was just told to comment the location on here so they could find and fix meshing issues.
  5. I think they're talking about the map coordinates. But not the ones you're used to in game. We have a simple lat and lon. But there's X, Y and Z coordinates as shown from my tribe log screenshot in an above comment where the meshing system destroyed my tame as soon as it was tamed. If you're unable to get these from a tribe log. Then there's the console command they mentioned. Alternatively, the island map on this website should work for other game maps since they all work with the same coordination system. Use the link provided below (it's the island map but use the coordinates from the map where it happened). https://jdimensional.com/ark/map/ Simply click on the map in the location it happened regardless of map. If it was 45.6 by 36.7 rag. Then use that for the island map on here. Can't upload a screenshot to show you but I tapped a random location. It gives me two things on the website. Near the top left will be a cheat for example "cheat setplayerpos -110400 36401 0" At the bottom left side will be the X and Y coordinates for that location too which were X: -110400 Y: 36401 Please note. This message isn't related to my previous message/issue. Just trying to help out OmegaTseven.
  6. I just tamed a bloodstalker at X=275870.250 Y=221875.078 Z=11900.727. It was a female 130. Came out 167. The moment it tamed, I was dropped because anti-meshing destroyed it. Cost me a lot of time gather bloodbags and using them just for anti-meshing to destroy it when it was clinging on the underside of a rock and not inside anything. Support just asked me to report it here and didn't offer replacement of bloodstalker or blood bags. Which can't say I'm surprised since they refuse to look into reported players crashing and griefing claiming them crashing and griefing players is a technical issue and not abuse related on TheIsland. When the players fly over to players and caused them to lose connection before stealing all their stuff, a returning player trying to set up a base and move things around had all his ascendant blueprints stolen by them. The server hadn't disconnected anyone for a while until these two players (in separate tribes but allied together and use same names) came over. Support banned a player months ago that broke a CoC rule for the first time in 4 years after going through a rough time but refuse to ban the other person involved who broke the exact same rule and tell us everyone has to play by the rules when they aren't giving out equal punishments.
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