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  1. I play on 7 diffrent pc offical pve maps all of them are not overly pillared but yet again people do exaggerate.
  2. It's really not that bad people pillar so others dont build on top of them it's usually started areas that get heavy pillared. My valguero is maybe 30% pillared u have to get a flyer and explore
  3. i came online today to this message 556 pc pve valguero yet i have not placed any new ladders in weeks so no idea and they were not in mesh and i have no idea where that ladder was mind u this is PVE
  4. I had similar issues try monitoring ur gpu and cpu temps during gaming also make sure u dont have web browser running I get terrible memory leaks from those. I under clocked my gpu clock speeds and memory by 5% and it fixed the frequent crashes
  5. Valguero boss unlocks most of all tek engrams but a few of them
  6. I'd like to know if we r still on target for oct 1st as it's just 2 weeks ago
  7. Fast way to lvl is on extinction craft a cheap enforcer and farm some blue drops enforcers do well vs corrupted
  8. I have built a full base underwater using tek vaccum compartments. Although expensive to build and maintain since you need a tek gen running all the time to keep out water. Having a teleporter inside makes it handy. Personally I use it as a hatching and incubating base. As less likely hood someone would try to steal egg. Also looks very cool.
  9. Also to note about abberation easy element crafting as each charge station gives 3 element it's a great easy way to power tek gens. And with cryofridges u can make a nice hiding base in radiation zone. Keep dinos podded so they dont take rad damage. plus extinction Drops tons of Hazard suits and bps making it easy to live there.
  10. Yes I see them spawn near the entrance to abberation cave and around the waterway towards green obe but rare better off getting abberation variant
  11. Also it's big enough I hide my angler and dunkleo there hope this helps
  12. Not sure how long you can leave a character in limbo never really thought about that but a better way is place a vault in a hiding spot insert water with all ur gear pods. There are alot of hiding spaces in water on center that I do this with and never been found.
  13. D3d crash fix finally found. I have been plagued with d3d hung crash for years. At times it gets better with newer drives or patches but never truly gone. When valguero released the terrible d3d crashes started again. I tried updating drives reinstalling ark etc. What actually worked was down clocking my graphics card using amd wattman software. I down clocked my GPU and memory by 5%. Also prior to doing this my temps of my gpu were not an issue while gaming I was no higher than 80C. I have now been playing about 16 hrs after this change with zero crashes where before it happened every 20 to 30 mins it was very random. Also oddly enough my fps went up I was averaging 45 to 50 fps on high settings using my reference rx 480. After changing I'm running 60 to 75 fps. I was getting stuttering before and now I'm not. I know it makes no sense but it worked for me thought I'd share nothing more frustrating then constant crashes.
  14. So far in my opinion classic pvp cluster has been the most balanced pvp setup. The no tek no quetzals is a game changer for raiding. It allows the small tribes to do ok. That being said I'd like to see classic setup for duo or solo tribes with 3x rates and no tek no gigas quetzals. No aberration but allow extinction just no tamed titans.
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