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  1. So far in my opinion classic pvp cluster has been the most balanced pvp setup. The no tek no quetzals is a game changer for raiding. It allows the small tribes to do ok. That being said I'd like to see classic setup for duo or solo tribes with 3x rates and no tek no gigas quetzals. No aberration but allow extinction just no tamed titans.
  2. I recently got back to pvp. I haven't played since legacy I switched to pve because I couldn't keep up with pvp meta. So recently I started on classic pvp servers and I'm enjoying it. Very much I feel it's the most balanced pvp cluster with no tek no gigs or quetzals plus the 2x is also nice.
  3. All of my servers haven't been capped in months cryopods fixed this problem and kibble rework
  4. I had transfered artifacts on PC offical pve on Monday without any issues
  5. Only think I could think of is when you left the server crashed and when it came back up it was back to just before you refreshed maybe. That's why before logging off I always wait for a server save
  6. You be surprised how many people leave their dinos out in the open with mating enabled lol
  7. This works only if you have your dinos inside or else people just come with a Male and get free fert eggs
  8. Takes what 20 mins max for Rex's to wake up mate them then recryopod them that's what I do while they are cryosick I go farm meat or do something else then bread 50 Rex's or whatever dino I'm working on and recryo rinse and repeat every 2 days. Beats feeding 500 dinos daily
  9. They changed that months ago this statement is false
  10. Plus why would you want to feed 500 dinos daily max dinos I have out of cryo is 125 or so. I have well over 1k dinos in cryo alone. I hate the constant feeding of dinos so having less out means I can do more of what I want
  11. My base is at the bottom by ocean just before desert also tons of obsidian in the area 20k per run
  12. They are hiding mostly but tons near where beavers spawn on 1x official rates I can black box in one run each node gives 200 metal
  13. Oh forgot to mention works great for any mat obsidian wood stone crystal etc
  14. I am using a newer method anky quetzal and two gasbag remember gasbag weighs almost zero on top of a quetzal so once I reach weight limit on quetzal I transfer metal from anky and place in gasbag which rides on platforms with a gasbag that can hold 12k weight and a quetzal holding 10k I can fill 3 forged or more in one run on ragnarok in redwoods
  15. During raptor clause people on pve get very toxic pure greed name calling in global just stupid petty nonsense it's hard to explain until you live it but it gets salty because people want all the loot to themselves and when they dont they get nasty
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