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  1. Kingordep

    Texture glitches since latest patch

    I would include a screenshot to show dev's what you are seeing or video
  2. Kingordep


    This is why I play pve because pvp is very hard solo and you have to be on all the time. Pve is better for casual people who have a busy real life. I did enjoy solo pvp though I like hiding and the thrill of sneaking around. For some it's to hard to cut it. In the past I played on SE because at the time it was barely played on allowing you to grow.
  3. Kingordep

    Dedicated Tek Storage

    I think it's because dedicated storage is meant for one item only and I'm not sure it sees achatina paste the same has cementing paste so it dumps the othe oversight yes but that's probably what's happening.
  4. This could be fixed with a better PC unless you are on console. Also if they made dedicated storage easier to achieve would help a lot. More storage less need more massive bases with tons of storage. Also cryopods have helped with this exact issue also. Example I went to island map to start a small base to do boss fights to learn new engrams. I built a small 4x6 sphere with all the fixings even a transmitter inside. Key was I was able to keep 30 dinosaurs inside in a cryofridge no need to make a massive base to store boss Rex's etc anymore. If more people did this would reduce lag
  5. Kingordep

    Missing character

    you have to place a ticket in and they will eventually create a new character for you they can fix lvls up to 105 no tek engrams and they can fix imprints i am sorry has happened to me before
  6. Kingordep

    New patch

    Ah ok my bad so its in the same table as rock drakes and wyerns wow they made it super easy now lol after i went and raised a bunch of hespornois
  7. Kingordep

    New patch

    wouldnt it be easier to just use rex eggs though ? arent they in the same table as yuty eggs and way easier to get
  8. Kingordep

    New patch

    what saddles are you looking cause they drop theriz rexs etc all the stuff most people are looking for the east lava cave its super easy with rock drake takes 2 mins to fly thru
  9. Kingordep

    New patch

    id rather run lava cave on center with drake they have same loot table as the swamp cave plus the fact u have to wear gas mask is annoying lol
  10. Kingordep

    New patch

    man i really hope dink i went and started a base on island just to learn the new egnrams because i wasnt sure how long it would be and i really wanted the dedicated storage boxes. i started with brood then ape did both fine. i was planning on doing dragon next week so i guess its not a total loss cause atleast i have access to do overseer in the future
  11. Kingordep

    New patch

    i have a few questions regarding this new patch myself mostly regarding the tek engrams Non-Homestead Tek Added more Tek engrams to various bosses that is kinda general statement what does it actually pertain i was hoping for added engrams to Rag and Center and instead they a dded it to everywhere else lol Added Homestead Tek engrams to the boss dinos on Scorched, Aberration, and Extinction
  12. Kingordep

    Tek upgrade

    id love to see giant hatch frame tek would actually use it for flyers like argies and quetzals
  13. Kingordep

    My character disappeared, unable to play.

    Did you check back to extinction to see if your character was back there
  14. Kingordep

    Need tips for starting soaking bloodlines

    According to wiki when inflated take 80% dmg reduction
  15. Kingordep

    Need tips for starting soaking bloodlines

    Gasbags all the way they have dmg reduction when inflated they r easy tames breed super easy great for carrying heavy loads and getting a good saddle bp is super easy.