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  1. can you add reap queens to the reg valguero maps too that would be awesome
  2. I have over 2k element on official crystal isles from farminy shards its not a bad map for element if u know the concentrated areas
  3. Here is a video I made mantis with hatchet 3200 shards in 9 mins
  4. i came online today to this message 556 pc pve valguero yet i have not placed any new ladders in weeks so no idea and they were not in mesh and i have no idea where that ladder was mind u this is PVE
  5. D3d crash fix finally found. I have been plagued with d3d hung crash for years. At times it gets better with newer drives or patches but never truly gone. When valguero released the terrible d3d crashes started again. I tried updating drives reinstalling ark etc. What actually worked was down clocking my graphics card using amd wattman software. I down clocked my GPU and memory by 5%. Also prior to doing this my temps of my gpu were not an issue while gaming I was no higher than 80C. I have now been playing about 16 hrs after this change with zero crashes where before it happened every 20 t
  6. With extinction you can get better bp for tek suit. This might help with how long you can stay there before repair. plus u get tons of pre made haz suit pcs from doing red osds however i did not know of radiation protection thats nice. I have a full suit never use it because i was afraid of losing it being 100 element to craft but with extinction doing 1 50k vein on 2x yields 500 to 600 element
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