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  1. No they ended early. Check the rate logs on Dododex. You see exactly when they started and when they ended. The difference is 45 minutes. That's not an DSL error. They were still gaining donations and the rates where still climbing when they turn the rates back to 3x.
  2. 24 hours??? Not really, you ended it 45 minutes early. Thanks to Dodorex there is a history to rate changes, when and what rate change.
  3. I would really like to know how they decide the rate boost. Does WC have a big wheel they spin? Does WC have a custom 8 ball to tell them the rates? Does WC inhale volcanic gas to divine the rates from the gods? Does WC plan boost rates with dice?
  4. This is BULLSH!T WILDCARD. Less than One day notice is BULLSH!T. Let the courts handle this, they have more experience than you.
  5. "We are committed to creating a healthy playing environment free of exploits and cheats. " The easiest way would be not to release software with exploits and cheats. Instead of closing the barn doors after the horse have runaway. JMHO
  6. Island Map Anyone know where these coor are located?
  7. According to Cedric's posted link it is more than just Legacy PVP. It is also some Legacy PVE.
  8. What??? It says 2x taming, gotta some glasses. or read slower.
  9. Nov 2 is game day according to the website. Keep the day clear. Also WC has $585 so far. Sounds good but that only nets you 382 place. Yes 381 other teams have collected more than WC. So far......
  10. Patch the Mana Bug already. It has been months and no action has been taken.
  11. I lost my two best tames due to a bug that was supposed to have been fixed Months ago. That what I did today.
  12. So after the past 3 years you played 21k hours. Considering 3 years is roughly 26k hours, that leaves you 5k to sleep, eat, poop for 3 years. Something about this just doesn't add up.
  13. This explains sooo much. Why is Ark still so damn buggy? Atlas. Why does it seem like there little customer service? Atlas. They think that the reason Ark is popular is because of them. Ark is popular despite them. Why don't you finish one game first, then release a new game. I will treat this new game like that other Ark replacement. Play ark and ignore the new game.
  14. Clever, I had a Giga get stuck in the swamp on Island. After a few days being stuck I was able to build a ramp in front and wiggle him free. Using a Pokeball is smart. keball
  15. So nothing more about the f&*k up over decaying bases due to the element veins. Days of progress gone because of WC failure. Did anyone test it first? No I guess that would be us ,players. and a half weekend at 3x does not make up for WC's failure to patch.
  16. You need to have at least one Legacy PVE Extinction Server. IF not that wont help with the taming cap like you said the cryopods would solve. If there is no Legacy extinction server, then Legacy PVE no way to learn the engrams for the cryopods. Please fix.
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