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  1. Confirmed => ocean, snow and bog biome => disabled
  2. Greetings ^^ EU island 395, ladders on pillars destroyed by the system and the pillars were still there. (happened right after the update of this morning)
  3. If the balance is about pvp servers : remove them, it's as simple as that. That's litteraly a nerf that bury them on pve where the last purposes was for travel mount and fighters on aberration.... they are now at the same level as a raptor => good to take dust in a cryofridge...... Maybe there is unknown argues for justify a nerf on pve and i'm reeeeally curious to know them but if it's just a pvp issue.... delete this dino from their servers and leave pve players in peace ^^
  4. Definitely, tam a low level theri is worth just for the polyvalence of harvesting, the safety when you mount it (nearly no aggro on you from wild dinos) and his decent combat ability (even at low level ^^ ) I had one early in my ark's journey and it really helped me a lot ^^
  5. I don't really want to enter in this debate but just give a little feedback of my own experience : I play solo on official PVE, i died.... many time.. and died again, every time i learnt how the game work, i put hundreds of hours in farm and a lot of them with a simple metal pick and hatchet, if i had to wait 2h to tam a dino with simple meat... i have done so....and i never asked for help. It's just my opinion but all i have read is just a complain of a lazy man, if you think that "veteran, tribes, etc" reached this point in this game by chance, you're just wrong, they triedhard, spend hundreds or even thousands of hours to obtain what they have.... If you have tough time to collect ressources, tam dino etc here is my advice : abuse of gamepidia, dododex, guides on youtube etc.... searching for informations even the more basics will not make you a noob and will help you to optimize your gameplay and farm time ^^
  6. Greetings ! For the argies specificaly, a decent armor, a decent long rifle with darts and a bit of skill to dodge argies and aim right your shots...... and you can tranq them even without a trap ^^ But i agree that pillars can be annoying sometimes but they are also often there to protect main ressources spots like.... the redwood mountain on "the island". You can also find a buildable area, put your trap and bait in the dino you target even if it take a bit more time to do
  7. Definitely Troodons...... those little rats are so annoying even at a higher level...... And on the other hand.... special mention for the thyla.... so nice to get caught on the back of your wyv just because you forgot to fly high enough to avoid those kitties >>__<<
  8. Also support this suggestion..... i lost not so long ago a quetz just because he was close of the limit of the though.... and i didn't realize it was out of the range.....
  9. The best option remain to submit a ticket on the support => https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  10. At least for velos => put them on aggresive
  11. From my own little experience, leedsi can be easily avoid just by standing near the coast when you navigate. Already saw some of them near the raft but as long as you don't reach the "deep sea" areas, they often leave you alone ^^
  12. frenchycaro

    Worth buying?

    it is for some extra content like => - Farming red loot crates in the desert for amazing BP - The perserving salt..... for wyvern's milk... it's really helpful - The phoenix :3 :3 - And probably the most strange reason : the low population on them => no lags... space everywhere to build etc etc ^^ But invest money just for that...... not sure it's the best idea, better use your money for extinction or abe
  13. For sure : boost rates for me, all of them ^^ And if some unique cosmetics and items can be available, as long as they remain balanced, it's a good bonus
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