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  1. 168 missions reached.... by playing solo on official server => Races : they changed the time limit, with some practice on them => easily doable except tokyo skiff (the one i skiped on that category) Escorts on land : one imprinted giga and gg Alpha brutes on land : all of them except spino and lunar brutes can be done with the good old pack of rexes + yuty => 35k / 1431% base, max hp to 80k at least rest in melee, 120+ saddles are mandatory Alpha astrocetus : easy to beat with two players on gigas (it have very very low hp) but it one shot you while mounted so be carefu
  2. Test gigas in solo player with your "op" stats and saddle, do an alpha hunting mission (sarco / spino is enough 3:) ) and come tell us after that if giga will break genesis ? (or come share with us how your "op" giga got rekted in no time by the alpha brute ^^ )
  3. Greetings ^^ EU island 395, ladders on pillars destroyed by the system and the pillars were still there. (happened right after the update of this morning)
  4. Also support this suggestion..... i lost not so long ago a quetz just because he was close of the limit of the though.... and i didn't realize it was out of the range.....
  5. Thanks for this guide, it was useful and clear
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