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  1. Yup this server is crashed for 110+ hours now. To be honest, I hope this will make a few bad players stop playing there. If so, maybe this server will become peaceful and stable again, like how it was years ago. Players keeps building useless extra large bases with thousands of structures, a lot of them are completely empty. Players keeps ruining spaws when they claim 1/4 of a biome with ceilings or square foundations instead of pillars (players at tek tier apparently still don't know that those foundations are blocking spawns). Players keeps wanting to block pathways everywhere with usel
  2. Aberration 220 down for 72 hours, reported it multiple times, but yeah this is completely useless.
  3. UPDATE March 06, 2021: The first Walk Cycle animation for Lothar is finished, and imported in Unreal Engine. Everything is going well so far ! The work done is really amazing, i'm very happy with it. I will continue to share the progress of this project with you.
  4. I finally found a professionnal 3D animator for my 3D model ! The animations i'm getting for 3D Lothar are ~20 unique animations. The most important ones are: - Idle on ground. - Idle in flight. - Walk. - Run. - Take off. - Fly at low speed. - Fly at high speed. - Glide. - Land. - Jump. - Attack with maw. - Attack with paws. - Attack with ice breath. - Sleep. - Reaction to taking damage. Once this massive work will be done.... It will be the time to find a programmer / developer, to create the code in Unreal Engine. I will also have to grab sounds f
  5. Hello ! I am actually actively looking for a talented modder / animator for Ark, to add a new creature to the game. (I've found a game animator, the work is actually in progress!) I am the owner of a dragon character, named Lothar. It's a blue and white ice fluffy dragon, with four wings and two metallic horns. I truly love my dragon character, and i'm writting some stories for him with some other dragons, as well as ordering some beautiful artworks that illustrates some of these stories. Very recently, I wanted to get a 3D model of my character. I found a talented modeller, and
  6. There is some people who loves their server and works hard to keep it peaceful and free of malicious people ?
  7. Okay thanks for your replies Maybe it's 100% legit and nothing is wrong with those ankys, it was just looking suspicious for me ^^ (They don't have other teleporters on the map that leads to a metal spot, just the two teleporters at the same place)
  8. Insane anky pile: duplication or not ? Hello. I already submitted a ticket to report that (for investigation), but i'm curious to know what other players think about that. It's happening on my PvE-Aberration220, but it certainly could have happened on any other maps. A very strange and recent tribe appeared on the server, with 3 or 4 survivors and weird account names (only a series of random numbers). They have built a small metal "base" (it's actually just a simple metal floor on top of a few pillars), with a few tek structures on it. There is 2 Tek teleporters at the same
  9. Axirpy

    Make a roll back !!

    Building inside surface tunnels has never been a good idea though It's not a proper place for a base, let the metal free
  10. I'm letting a small base on a scorched earth server decaying because i'm too much afraid of transferring. Ark keeps putting the game on sale at a low price so more and more new people are coming, ruining more and more the stability of the servers. Even on my Aberration server, which is usually not laggy compared to other servers, it became completely unplayable with 255 ping spikes and connection loss. I haven't managed to tame even one event-dino, some of my babies starved because they stopped to eat, I lost one alt ascended survivor, now my alt base on Scorched, and probably a lot more
  11. I also had to open a ticket, I lost my level 132 survivor yesterday after transferring my character on the server Island43 because it crashed a few seconds after the transfer. A survivor who had completed all the alpha ascensions. I guess they will just replace my character with a level 100, unascended and without my imprints ID. Happy Easter event...
  12. The potion is still broken. Also have the constant 1d timer since yesterday.
  13. Yes, the mindwipe tonic is no longer useable since the launch of Genesis. A bug, like many others that came with that patch.
  14. It will ruin the imprinting on the 16 rexes I was raising. Fantastic. @Cedric, why ARK events are constantly ruining servers stability since Winter Wonderland ? It was an absolute nightmare during that event, and it's the same for this one. Seriously
  15. EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland43 @ is not online. Crashed several times today, or kicking players randomly.
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