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  1. I would instant report that. Clearly dino spamming.
  2. It will ruin the imprinting on the 16 rexes I was raising. Fantastic. @Cedric, why ARK events are constantly ruining servers stability since Winter Wonderland ? It was an absolute nightmare during that event, and it's the same for this one. Seriously
  3. EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland43 @ is not online. Crashed several times today, or kicking players randomly.
  4. People who build houses around important resources are really idiots. Leaving the oil pump unlocked is the best solution for everyone, but yeah you know.. Selfish people... This clearly should not be allowed.
  5. Eww no. Wipes on PvE would not be good, and would give more work to gm's. They don't need that, haha. Oh, and full wipes would destroy the game for sure.
  6. PvE-Eu-Aberration220. Got killed at my base on flat land for no reason when I dismounted a spino. Due to lags, sometimes when you dismount, you are immediatly placed on ground instead of the top of the dino. This time, it killed me. Of course, I lost the dinos I had in cryo a few seconds before as well as some nice capped-stuff. At least it didn't killed my glowtail... Also in the log, a weird Metal Ramp destroyed, but I don't know where is it.
  7. Wow. Someone here apparently never experienced a server crash and never had to use the transfer system. *facepalm*
  8. I would love a tek-wyvern. Maybe as a skin, or saddle
  9. All plants X removed from crop plots..? Hello. I logged in today on my Official PvE Aberration server, and I just noticed that absolutely all my plants X turrets has been removed from their crop plots. The crop plots still has 5 to 6 Fertilizers inside them, and are irrigated. For an unknown reason, the plants just disappeared, and the amount of fertilizer is marked as "0" when I look at the crop plots. 0 Fertilizing but 6 bags of fertilizers inside the inventory. No message in tribe log. This bug cost me a beautiful HL mana breeder, killed by a stupid wild dire bear. Happened to anyone else ?
  10. Yup. High health creatures is useless against the dragon. 20 to 25k max with max saddles, the remaining points in damage only. 18 rex, 1 yuty, 1 pig. Or 17 rex, 1 yuty, 2 pigs. To maximize your chances, replace the rexes with Theris.
  11. I am playing on PvE. Pros: The new chibi feature for sure, it's always good to have new content ! The colored dinos, because I love colors. The temporary snowy The_Island. Cons: The event broke almost every servers. Causing massive lags, mass kicks or even worse, complete server crashes. Raptor Claus gifts are only for high level players who are riding wyverns and manas. If you have a little ptera, you have no chance. Some people built houses at gifts locations, so the gifts lands inside their small houses and only them can open them. Raptor Claus on Aberration often places gifts out of the playable area, on the other side of the invisible "forcefield". Drop rate of some chibis are really too much low. I opened so many gifts, traded 600+ coals and 600+ mistletoe at Gacha Claus and I only had one rare: the chibi wyvern. Overall, I liked this event very much for its content, but the servers stability problems ruined a lot of fun for me. I'm saddened to say this, but I am happy that this event is now over.
  12. Using the "report server outage" button on the main official site (the one that leads to a Google doc), and reporting what is actually happening. Disconnecting/kicking, or Poor performance/rubberbanding. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/19p2_r2z9wyazMXiJIlFINw0M32WCoUkv039yemwR3lE/viewform
  13. Reporting server outage is the best solution to catch their attention on this problem I think. Having the same issue on pve Island43, server freezes every 5 minutes instead of 15 minutes, sometimes with a connection loss. Not every players are getting kicked while those lags occurs. The problem is not happening on my Aberration server.
  14. I know the feeling. Most people are incapable of sharing. Hint if you don't have super speed mounts: Be ready in the sky some seconds before the raptor time. Spot him, and don't try to rush to the first gift. Go directly to the second or the third, and land on top of the gift with your bird as it's still going down (yup you can land on top of them in the air). If people are not completely stupid, they will see that you're already waiting for "your" gift, and they will leave it to you. If it's not the case, ehm.. well try to be the fastest to open and click on Take All... Psst: with a controller you can be incredibly more fast to open and take the loot.
  15. It was probably a rare bug, it's the first time I see this error message, and I'm often switching servers
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