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  1. I recommend you to play on maps like Scorched Earth or Aberration. It's a lot more difficult but you will find a lot more free space because there is a lot less players. The Island and Ragnarok are a really bad idea to start if you don't like useless pillars and foundations. If the areas claimed are really big without any constructions, you can also report the players / the tribes who are doing this. The support seems to reply a lot more fast since a few weeks.
  2. Axirpy

    Fanart Friday 8!

    The baby drake with his venom is soo cuuute ! I'm in love
  3. It never happened to me, but people who are actually telling him to just build a giant garage and put all dinos inside or take his dinos away from the water, it's very funny. Maybe it's possible if this poor player has only 50 dinos, or if he does not live close to the ocean. If you have a beautiful XXL base with 500 dinos, built on the coast or on the river it's not that easy to "move the dinos far from the water", and even more impossible to build an ugly and laggy giant building to stack all the dinos inside. First it will be ugly, but it will also cause serious lags (pc performances). No, it's not that easy, and players should not need to think about alternatives because some idiots spends all their time griefing other players because they are probably jealous.
  4. Hello. I do the blue cave solo with full tek suit, and one megalosaurus in cryo. I clean the first part with megalosaurus. Once arrived to the first water section, I cryo the megalosaurus and I go through the underwater section with the tek boost. It's incredibly fast and I usually do not get blocked by Cnidarias (if it happen, it's not even really a problem, they do not have a lot of health, it's easy to kill them with a tek sword or a very high quality metal sword). I take some healing potions, but I usually don't need them. After the first underwater section, two choices. First option: I clean the area before the second underwater tunnel, with my megalosaurus but if I do it I will have a cooldown before being able to uncryo it again for the last part of the cave. Second option: I fly with the tek boost, and I instantly go through the second underwater tunnel. Once arrived at the Artifact room just after the water, I uncryo the megalosaurus and I finish to clean the artifact room, or, if I have a cooldown, I have to temporize but it's very risky in this area. People usually come here with an Otter to carry a lot of artifacts but they do not have charge light pet so you usually find a subterranean reaper king inside the artifact room. Once the area is cleaned, just take the artifact and return. Do not forget: Several sleeping bags. Healing potions. Full tek suit. Elements. Light pet /or/ Otter. The artifact has a fast respawn time. I usually do not take the pet light and I prefer the Otter.. PS: You can also replace the megalo with a rock drake if you feel more safe onto it.
  5. Glowtails ! Because I also have one in real life, even if he don't have wings x) But yes definetely glowtails, I breed them for nice colors since a long time.
  6. You can have so many good teasures on the surface. I found many asc hazard bps and rock drake bps on the surface. Focus only the SW surface.
  7. Each time I reported someone who was blocking a charge node, the admins destroyed the structures. On my server, at the beginning, almost each charge node was completely blocked. I started to chase people, telling them it was against the code of conduct. A lot of them accepted to destroy their buildings, or to unlock the doors so we can have access to the charge node. For the other people who were thinking that admins would do nothing to them, they learned the hard way that it's not a good thing to go against the code of conduct. After several reports, 100% of the charge nodes on the server 220 are free for all, and there is a pillar at each charge node to prevent idiots to start again.
  8. Definetely the Karki + Anky method on Aberration for me. I have my base at the entrance of the NW surface and it's really worth it, also super safe.
  9. The portal is definetely not the easiest area for new survivors. I don't know why it is marked as Easiest. Basilisk of course, and there is no water at portal.
  10. Confirmed, it also happens to me since the beginning of Aberration. Rings of drops always disappear when they hit the ground. It's just a visual bug, because drops still has better loot after the ring disappeared.
  11. Survivor "Lothar", leader of tribe "Wild Animal" on server official Aberration 220 / Island 43. Two of my tribemates lost all of their characters today. They decided to stop playing Ark, because this time, this is "too much". This game becomes more and more unsecure, full of game crash, server crash, and ingame bugs. I think this time a lot of players are going to stop as well, because they are going to lose everything. Why ? Because if you lost your character: 1/ You will open a ticket on the support. 2/ You will wait for the reply, maybe you will receive a reply from a GM approx 10 days later if you're lucky. 3/ You will have to set an appointment and wait for 2 to 3 more weeks before having your character back. 4/ When you will have your character again, your whole base + dinos will be lost, because you will not be able to refresh the timers of the things you own. 5/ Maybe you will send another ticket to try to recover all the things you lost but it will be a nightmare... OR, you will just delete Ark and stop to play permanently. I'm super lucky, because I lost nothing. I lost nothing because during the past 2 days I wasn't playing on Ark. But all the other most active players of Ark probably lost their survivor. Wildcard, you just ruined your game I think.
  12. Hello. I have a big problem on my server EU-Pve-Aberration220. I started to raise a new huge batch of babies, and absolutely all of them continue to ask for the old kibbles ( or classic cuddle/walk). These babies hatched today or yesterday, and the eggs were fresh (not before kibble rework). Why ? I can no longer imprint on them ! Am I the only one who has this problem ? My other friends are playing on Ragnarok and they don't have the problem, their babies ask for new things, like Berries for Rex ( lol? ). But me on Aberration, they babies seem to keep asking for old kibbles...
  13. Hello. In the last patch, they "resurrected" Tek Rock Drake saddle. But the engram is still locked even for the players who has defeated Rockwell. My specimen implant is Alpha Aberrant, and the engram is no longer unlocked. I also see that all my missing Tek saddles didn't came back, but this is not a surprise at all... Thank you WildCard for breaking the hard labors of your players !
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