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  1. Placed the cages on catwalks and just loaded the beetles into the cages and was about to place the snail into it's cage - when we literally just were glitched through 3 floors onto the ground below.Map Mesh Hole
  2. I placed the medium crop plots on the floor and placed the cages on the plots. Loaded the 1 snail and 2 of the beetles into their respective cages, and placed them on wander.I was bringing another snail to it's cage when I and the beetle I was carrying - and the other cages-on-wander dinos - were suddenly under the floor and on the ground.Happened about 5 minutes ago.
  3. On Wander Dinos Falling Through Cages & Floors PVE-Official-Valguero557 GPS: 65.8 / 95.9 Our garden area is part of our main building and is elevated on pillars. We have 4 beetles and 1 snail, in cages, on wander. The floor was stone and starting July 5th (after several days of being set up like this) they suddenly glitched through the cages and floors. We lost one because it got killed after it's escape before we found them all. Tamed 3 more. One was placed into a cage and placed on wander. The other 2 were placed into the garden area - but are not in cages AND they are NOT on wander. There are also several jerboas and a couple of bulbdogs in the garden area. None are on wander or in cages. Starting this morning (the 6th, early hours Eastern), the caged/on-wander beetles and snail started randomly falling through their cage & floor. They once did it while I was under the garden area. We were trying to figure out something we could do to keep them contained if they fell through again when all 5 of them fell through on top of us. We've built 2 little rooms under the garden, hopeful they would get "caught". We replaced the stone under their cages with greenhouse glass (has worked well on other maps for us and others) - but they once again escaped. They were then found out behind our base - heading towards a water puddle/pond, deinons and certain death. It has since happened 3 more times - all while our tribe has been in/around the base and even in/near the garden. Now we are going to try a suggestion by another (placing large crop plots under the cages - since they tend to render before other structures). I've also been "teleported/glitched" through the garden floor 2 times so far since 12 midnight Eastern. Standing still and -suddenly I'm under the garden area. Anyone have other suggestions/solutions? Are others having this issue as well??
  4. I've had the same thing happen to me as well as storage boxes/vaults or crafting stations. Even cryo fridges on other maps. Leave that inventory or deliberately search for the item(s) in question and low-and-behold!! THERE they are. Right where I knew they should be. Irritating.
  5. Give more details. What location did this happen? Was the 2nd event on the same spot or a new one?? Either way - what are the coordinates where these incident occurred? Are you on official or dedicated/private server? What is the name of the server if it's Official? Without pertinent details, no one can look deeper into the issue(s). Hopefully you've moved to another spot and no longer have the issue.
  6. Checked with other tribe mates and they have lost the engram on their other map-toons as well. It disappeared when Valguero launched - like the tek rock drake saddle was lost.
  7. Our Map has only the fire wyverns flying out and all over the map. Usually it happens because they are chasing someone that took an egg. But yes, it is rather weird to have this happening.
  8. Flex Electrical Cable Engram - Missing Working on adding in the pipes and wiring in our base only to find that none of our tribe mates (one is level 135) have the engram for Flexible Electrical Cable. This needs to be added/fixed please. We have flexible pipes in both stone & metal. And the toons that bounce between servers have the flexible electrical cable engram on other servers - or they did before they transferred the toons in. I'll have to check with them to see if they still do once transferred to another server.
  9. Use a bench.. and a few tombstones - and you'll have a couch/sofa. I've seen someone use a chair the same way.
  10. LG V10 And I'm using the Google keyboard option so I get a decimal for other things I use the keypad for - just not this.
  11. To share means they could get into trouble for using a possible exploit. And you using it means you get into trouble too. Do you like rabbit holes? Because that is a rabbit hole you might not want to go into.
  12. Love this! I tried using it on my Android phone (as a quick test) but the numerical keypad that pops up does not have a decimal. I can't alter the keypad or tap something to select the decimal as there is no option to do so.
  13. I can't say for certain. Judging from past complaints on Island players: Dinos on the Obelisk land get moved from where they were parked. But I wonder if it's more of - things got moved/pushed before the ORP fully kicked in after the person logged off, or as they were logging in (because that ORP lifts as you log in, even before your toon 'sees' it's surroundings). I hear our turrets go off when I log in, quite often, but still can't see a thing. Several times we have found peoples tames just chilling in the water beneath green & red Obelisk on Island.
  14. Flyers can't go into all the Boss arenas so flyers just take up floor space on the Obelisk teleport pad and you can't clear the pad by running a losing boss run, sadly. But now they can, eventually, get into trouble with WC for restricting the gameplay of others.
  15. Generally, as a rule of thumb: If your tame is on or near the teleportation ring of an Obelisk - you need to move it. If you parked it outside of the ring but it can be pushed/struck until it gets into the ring - you shouldn't park it there. For example: On SE the teleportation rings have very little land around them and lots of other wild dinos willing to come and make them into a snack - thus shoving them onto the pad. This now blocks people from being able to reach the terminal (in some cases) and/or they can't take all their dinos into the Boss Arena because those on the teleport pad count towards the allowed dino count going INTO a boss arena (including flyers). And if you are confident with your 20 dinos, and can now only take 10 or 15 (due to the allowed dino count of 20 or lack of space to fit them in) - are you going to still go in and risk losing everything all because someone was inconsiderate/lazy or being 'a Richard'?
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