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  1. PreshusRoze

    Community Crunch 168: Valentine's Day!

    Just before your final imprint for the night (once the binkie pops up) just cryo the dino. ANd once you know the event is in full swing - pop the baby out and complete the imprint. It will allow you to get a little bit ahead (in case you were a bit behind or struggling) and every 8 hours from then you will have another 3x imprint % gained. Breeding and maturation event can screw things up if you are not prepared. Of course, lag screws things up anyway and we are always prepared for that, right? lol
  2. PreshusRoze

    Base Stereo System

    I'd love to have a mod (eventually worked into Official) that allowed your music to play IN your base, while at your base. Set up speakers around your base and anyone coming too close gets to hear what you are listening to while you do what-ever you are doing at your base. Visitors must have ability to "mute" (for them) - similar to how they can currently 'backspace' and remove all your dinos tags to ease their lag.
  3. PreshusRoze

    Need help with devs

    SUPPORT / REPORT PC ABUSE or SUPPORT / REPORT PC BUGS -depending on your issues- Or you can file this report that is specifically for Server (working/not working) related Issues https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform
  4. PreshusRoze

    Purple 100k Drop Exploding

    Just started a purple 100k drop and we were just starting wave 14 (no enemy dinos around it as the new wave had just started) and the drop was at 57,757 in health - when it exploded, tossing us 2-3 giga lengths away. We had the desert titan with us and have never had this happen before. The drop was near/north the implant building, north side of the water. I forgot to get the exact coords. 45-ish / 15-ish NA PVE OFFICIAL Extinction 458
  5. POSTED Above IN the CC: "We will be opening server transfers on our official servers into Extinction on January 15th, which is tomorrow! This will be on all applicable platforms. Server deployments will begin at 10am PST starting with PC and concluding with Xbox at approximately 10:30am PST." [1pm EST]
  6. Has anyone has the issue of riding their Managarmr (no matter the map) where a sudden lag spike hits and you've found that you and your mana are dead (you read the notice as it flashes across your screen) - but your tribe log notes do not show the death of your mana or yourself? I've quite a few friends that have had that happen on Extinction (thought it was a weird map quirk to instant-die against the world/map ceiling). But several have had it happen on SE and Island as well. One filed a ticket about the deaths and lack of log notes but was told since there was no log notes and no video/pictures of the death messages, that there was nothing that could be done. I'm curious if others are also having this issue - and other than never riding your mana again - what solutions or help you've received concerning this issue?
  7. The Augmented kibble on Extinction is the only kibble used for imprints. None of the standard kibbles are used on Extinction, currently, for anything other than taming. Oh holy hades. Hadn't even thought about all the jerky we have that will server no purpose (other than eating) once the Augmented kibble tree is enacted. @Jen - Any plans on this "issue" ? Hasnt your server started using Cryo pods & cryo fridges? If not then someone - a LOT of someones - needs to get on the ball. Because a server being capped now, is nothing but abuse and there is NO excuse for it.
  8. Yes - She posted that in the information at the top. This will NOT be a "mod" it will be considered part of the main game. "Please see the first comment under this post for currently known issues. We will be taking your feedback into serious consideration regarding both of these changes. Once we're happy with where these features are at, we will be bringing them over to the PC main game and then to all platforms (Xbox and PS4)."
  9. PreshusRoze


    Pincodes only work for those NOT in your tribe. Tribe members can access or use anything that has NOT had a TRIBE RANK setting put in place. SET TRIBE RANKS I've found, if you have set tribe Ranks then checking "PREVENT DINO UNCLAIMING" for a Rank prevents those of that RANK from being able to cryo or un-cryo a dino. BUT it does NOT prevent them from uploading the cryopod as it is "just" an item and items aren't prevented from being uploaded. Once you set tribe ranks you will see TRIBE INVENTORY RANK & TRIBE ACTIVATION RANK on almost every item, Dinos will have: RIDING RANK, ORDER RANK showing and under TRIBE RANK SETTINGS you will find a 3rd option of INVENTORY RANK So if you have your favorite mount settings set to "5" and you are in rank 5 in your tribe - then only those in your tribe at Rank 5 will be able to ride, command or access the inventory of your favorite mount. NOW - If you (and no other Rank 5 tribe member) are not online and something comes along while your Rank 2 tribe member is online - and your favorite mount is attacked - all your Rank 2 Tribe mate can do is try to kill the attacker & hopefully not kill your mount in the process. Because they can NOT command or ride your dino to safety. Also, if your dino gets bumped out of trough range - no one below the Rank settings you placed on the dino can access the inventory (if you set inventory rank for it) to put food there for it to eat. - Double-edged Sword - Tribe rank can be applied to dinos, fridges, equipment, storage boxes, and (I think) nearly everything else including structures (ie: ceiling tiles). Admin lock your Cryo Fridges and the door to the room you keep your best blueprints and equipment in. BUT. that also means anyone not Admin can NOT put anything in or take anything out. - Double-edged sword - The setting are a pain to set up and implement - and you sometimes have to adjust them or add another level, but it is worth it once you have things set up.
  10. PreshusRoze

    New Items- WaterMill, Solar Panel

    Each map has SOME oil resource. Some are not so abundant and gathering that oil is such a pain. But to build some things it's needed. I love the idea of more "eco-friendly" power sources. I enjoy windturbine/mill power on SE. There isn't enough wind generated on Island though to use them there.
  11. @Jen Looking forward to this little bit of S+ being implemented in the Official version of the game! It's good that the team is (obviously) working on alternatives to the Extinction specific ingredients for the augmented kibble. I'll admit, I'm a bit bummed that the Extinction specific ingredients were just removed in their entirety instead of an alternative ingredient being chosen/used (like several of the current taming kibbles use cooked-meat/prime-meat or cooked-meat/prime-meat jerky. Fungal Wood = Wood Corrupted Nodules = Organic/Hard Poly Blue Crystallized Sap = Blue Gems -OR- Azulberries & Sap Red Crystallized Sap = Red Gems -OR- Tintoberries & Sap Element Dust - no ideas on substitutes I am thankful about the removal of the Prime Fish though as it's a pain to get on a couple of maps. Thanks for the update! Hope to see BETA work through the quirks and kinks in an efficient and timely manner so Official can enjoy these improvements/advancements.
  12. Kibble Tree Question: Will the eggs of Snow Owls, Velonasaurs, Rock Drakes, and Wyverns be put into the new tree? The current [Extinction] Augmented kibble tree does not include them (per gamepedia's current Egg Size list). @Jen
  13. If they implement the new kibble tree for all the other maps - as they have on Extinction - the babies will want either one of the new kibbles, a berry, an advanced crop, fish, or a meat (even if it's an herbivore). The GREATEST benefit of this is you will only need 1 set of eggers per egg size. And once this new kibble tress is also applied towards taming kibbles - it will be glorious. Right now there isn't enough sheep on Extinction to mutton tame every meat eater you want. lol
  14. PreshusRoze

    Community Crunch 161: Winter Wonderland 2018!

    I'd like to have "unclamped loot quality" clarified. The amount? The crystals labeled 'Journeyman' but giving MasterCraft items? What?
  15. PreshusRoze

    bug Cryo-pods reset imprint timer to vanilla 8 hours.

    When they made the Cryo Pods I do NOT think that they designed them for use on private/accelerated servers, so they did not add in or alter coding to be affected by non-official server, server rates. Many of us feel they were designed to help with Official PvE Server Caps, since most were nearly locked down from taming or breeding since they were nearly always capped. 2ndly - if you did not complete the imprint PRIOR to the use of a cryo pod then it WILL clear the imprint need and reset the imprint timer - you lost out though as the maturity still happened. That is as it was designed. Sort of an ARK punishment for not being prepared to care for the baby's possible needs. We already have screwed up raisings with that naughty surprise.