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  1. AND the trophy heads! You can't use them on other servers except as decorations so why not the heads too????
  2. PC Official here & having similar issues about textures not clearing up (gate doors look like twisted corn husks for nearly 45 seconds sometimes) , dinos taking around 30+ seconds to stop looking like origami gone wrong, name plates blinking off & on like a 3 yearold that can reach the light switches - all while I stand still. Movement is as if I'm walking through molasses & all the surrounding scenery "jerks/slogs" as I pass it. It started Tuesday evening (US). I've already tried various suggestions to no avail. I have also uninstalled the game (rip maps and map pins), rebooted, then reinstalled. Verified files. Rebooted. No improvement. No change. Mostly just LI acting this way. I've noticed a little more than usual mired-down-movement on other maps. But none compare to the issues on LI. But yet, my son & husband have none of these issues on their computers with their toons. *frustrated*
  3. FE & E-L at the same time? Unless you're replacing some physical servers/connections this weekend & next week before FE starts: you are out of your minds! Many of the PC Official Gen2 maps are barely functioning atm (think: yo-yo performance). For a couple of months, or longer, every time any type of evo event kicks in (2x+) the server crashes & kicks everyone. Almost on a schedule at times. Hell, ours has been crashing a bit more frequently the past couple of weeks & that's w/o an evo event of any kind. I love the whole team & the efforts put in for this game. Sadly, someone at some level of authority is NOT thinking, listening, or giving a damn. That's disappointing & aggravating to the player base & the staff being ignored.
  4. @complexmindedsaid in a tweet that that information would be coming out soon. Sooo.. myabe next week since Thanksgiving is shortly there after?
  5. Incoming angry players because of no evo event this weekend. In 3..2..1...
  6. The next one, most likely would be around the Second Life event - if it's happening this year. Usually the 1st Saturday in November ~ish And then when we closer to Thanksgiving (late November) and/or Christmas & New Years. They were never meant to be a weekly thing or a regular thing. They were always just special thing given as an incentive/treat or as a event usually associated with a US holiday. The only reason there was so much of it this Spring and summer was because of Covid-19 and lockdowns everywhere. People expect it to be that way all the time now & then complain it's not upped further on other events. WC can't win this argument.
  7. A friend lost his toon and another on his server lost their toon as well, on the same day due to transferring off and a rollback happening - just this past week. Each, same day, submitted a ticket and each received a different GM to help them their respective issue of being their only tribe member. The other guy's GM set an appointment up and within days that person was restored to their tribe & their imprints restored. My friend - his appointment is set for the end of May. Same situation, different GMs and (currently) different outcomes. And for my friend: VASTLY different probable outcomes.. in another couple of days. He would be happy to just have his tribe back & have a later date set to get the imprints back. Why is this like this?
  8. NA-PVE-Official-Extinction458 These two tiles appear to be in a lower room of our outpost. The tiles are clipped into - but NOT fully covered up by - the game-structure of Sanctuary City. Game shows green if I want to replace the tiles.
  9. NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland49, PC I went to the XYZ coords on Dead/Carno Island and found only boulders. I broke the boulders looking for the pillar (before I saw that tribe logs had updated and decayed it) and found nothing. I'm guessing we had a ladder w/pillar where the boulders were & when they respawned it was covered up. Can't remember. The pillars w/ladders surrounding the XYZ coords were fine. Not sure how a ladder there would be considered meshed.
  10. The lag, snag and snap-backs are still bad on 557. It's not as severe as yesterday or the days before - but it's still rather significant. I have made it across our compound a few times in the last 2 hours just to get hit with a 10-20 second pause & then suddenly find myself back where I started. It's not constant (like before) - but it's still bad.
  11. @lilpanda 557 is not quite playable. The lag iag and snapbacks.. and lag-slides are horrid. Any update would be great please!
  12. Have you reported the issue? https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform If not - do. Tell the other server players to do the same (Discord) If you have - reach out to Adam @thelilpanda on Twitter and let him know - with either a public or private message - that you've filed the ticket and it been 25+ hours w/o a working server. This is what he and his team work on - among other things. Or - are you one of the affected PC servers mentioned in the picture I'm attaching?
  13. Just before your final imprint for the night (once the binkie pops up) just cryo the dino. ANd once you know the event is in full swing - pop the baby out and complete the imprint. It will allow you to get a little bit ahead (in case you were a bit behind or struggling) and every 8 hours from then you will have another 3x imprint % gained. Breeding and maturation event can screw things up if you are not prepared. Of course, lag screws things up anyway and we are always prepared for that, right? lol
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