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  1. Alrighty, we've just pushed a fix live for Primitive+ issues not displaying. You'll need to restart your steam applications to download the latest client, that'll sort it out.
  2. We are looking into the Prim+ servers not showing up for some clients. Hope to have this resolved as soon as possible.
  3. That's excellent, we'll still keep this open for a bit longer just in case there are others with the issue but hopefully it's squashed for good. Appreciate your patience with this folks
  4. Sorry, by legacy I mean, characters who had the issue prior to our patches going out.
  5. We've been advised that the update for the Windows 10 version of the game should be coming through a little later today
  6. Should be resolved now, appreciate your patience folks.
  7. This is a top priority for us and we've been working on a fix. Unfortunately our first 2 attempts did not resolve the problem for legacy characters (those who experienced the bug before the patch went out), but it may have resolved it going forward. Obviously this isn't great news, as it's legacy characters that we want to target so we're working on 2 different things right now to release as soon as possible to every platform: A one time clearance off all mindwipe related cooldowns. Hopefully this is the fix that will take care of the issue for legacy characters too and they don't find the issue resurfacing after the mind wipe has taken place A one time free forced respec for everyone (in the event that the former doesn't work, we should be at least able to respec everyone) as we know some of you haven't been able to change your builds since Gen launch, which we're very sympathetic too. We know this bug is a pain but appreciate y'all hangin in there and rest assured, it is a priority for the team and we do plan to get it sorted out as soon as possible.
  8. We just pushed another update which should have readded the missing files. Sorry about that folks. Let us know if you're still running into issues.
  9. We have reproduced the issue now on PS4 and are actively working on a fix, should be pushed to your consoles as soon as possible (afraid I don't have an ETA at the moment).
  10. Our team has reproduced the crash and a fix will be on the way.
  11. Are you able to show me precisely where on the map? I am at this location and don't seem to be experiencing any problems.
  12. It will run automatically throughout 6/15 to 7/15. If you have a mod map however, you should run the aforementioned commandline. You can also run the event after the desginated date with the commandline, and if you want to opt-out you can run this: -ActiveEvent=None
  13. Thanks for the feedback regarding our structure announcement folks, we appreciate it. Keep it coming.
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