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  1. Hi im new to forum im playing ark and im trying to create a map PG im on the xbox one slim with version 763 and SE everytime I save an unused favorite i crash no matter what it is.

     Also i cant enter my own specs for map to generate it must be on preset default i can randomize thats it and i also wonder how you change the map after you generate it this feature is really cool i wish more could be implemented



    1. rxredmanbngxr


      I tried custom maps PG again and it worked only thing is you cant save to favorite 


  2. jat r u guys gonna do 2x breeding this weekend

    1. Abuster614


      plz do 2x breeding PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. When are legacy servers being dropped and can we at least be able to transfer the dinos to our own hosting server just wondering?  Also can you make it possible where one can host a primitive server? I know you probably won't answer but I figure I would give it a shot.

  4. Playing Ark survival is like going to work(play) you may love your job (ark survival) but hate your bosses(wildcard) and coworkers (players) but keep on doing it.

  5. Hi Jat,

    I was wondering do you think that we might be able to get the ability to create a type of water structure. i.e a kind of swimming pool. would help greatly for us with bases away from water, so we can get dimetrodon kibble, with them only lying eggs whilst in water.

  6. So, like most survivors, I get a bit upset when I finally finish lining up all my dinos and get them organized and looking good only for a wandering wild dino to attack one and send the whole lot of them running around. Any chance there can be an update where we could command dinos to still defend but return to the same spot after they're done?

    1. Evarzell


      Put your dinos on passive then they won't do that but keep some on neutral to protect the ones on passive so its only a few that you have to put back.  

    2. MistahMunkey


      I know but I'd rather not have to worry about them being out of place and just know that they come back after they're done doing their thing

  7. Ok is there any plans to help with the language problems on mainly english speaking servers where we cant communicate with some of the players because we cant read what they type. Some of those players are greifing us and they know they are but hide behind the language barrier because we cant see their name to report them

  8. Will ark at any point get ported to the  Nintendo switch? It honestly doesn't seem like a bad idea if possible. I play ark a lot and I don't want Players on the switch to miss out.

    1. Loyalgoldfidh77


      yo that would be dope i would play that soooo much

    2. Evarzell


      LOL they can't even get xbox one to play ark without the barrier how will they manage that complex move lol.

  9. What is the approximate release date for the new part of the Ragnarok desert? thanks:raptor:

  10. Just curious if anyone is aware of the problem people are having joining servers. Many threads and many people are experiencing the " cannot retrieve address" bug and it seems to be mostly EU servers when connecting from east coast of USA. Some PS4 players experiencing it as well. It's been nearly 7 days and not a single word has been spoken by anyone with any sort of authority. No workarounds are working, changing Internet connections doesn't work. I've played since game preview and have never experienced this before. 

    1. Evarzell


      Just a word you will be lucky if they answer you.  All who played ark before their super release still had issues with the game they seem not to fix.  They don't answer you, they still have the same issues from 3 years ago.  They know how to hype up people only to let them down with the same issues not fixed.  They just want the money if they cared at all about players they would make better attempts at answering us and being honest not lying about things and use the excuse we changed our mind kinda crap.  People in business like this make honest business people look stupid.

    2. RStrumsworth


      Yeah I know. I'm just posting in as many places as possible in the hopes that someone will see it and relay it to the appropriate teams. 9 days with this issue, all my work is about to decay and all my tames about to starve. Many people with this issue and they won't even so much as acknowledge that it's an issue.

  11. Hey Jat,

    Is the phoenix on Xbox Official servers suppose to be this impossible, to tame?

    It's percent tamed also resets after every heatwave.

    Level 15 phoenix (Xbox Official PVE)

    1. xDarKStaRx616


      That is pretty crazy! Hopefully its a glitch or something. Not looking forward to dealing with that. 

    2. Forbidden1nes



      Managed to get one with on official, barely made it in one heatwave only because it was two tames taming, and we had 7 fire wyverns (400%+ melee) constantly lighting it ablaze during the entirety of the heatwave trapped against a corner of our house.

    1. seem after update  my server is crashing  and dashboard to  whats going on  we got 14 more day to go here i come rentable server 
  12. Mine still keeps freezing 

  13. Hello, i have been watching videos of Ark surival for about 3 months now. i really like this game and i would really really like to play it. problem is i am in a really bad situation facing all kinds of problems physical and mental. for the past 3 months and for the next 3 months i have and will be living off of 20 euros per month. i cannot even afford to eat properly let alone dream about this game.. is there anything i can do for a copy of the game? i could write a 50000000 page review if it so be. PLEASE  ! i will pay you for the copy of the game when im back on my feet

    1. Evarzell


      Are you serious?  First yes there are ways to download it free but not saying here.  The second thing its not worth the money they are only showing you the good stuff not the 80 percent bad stuff.  Wait until they finish the game, take out the bugs and get on your feet.  They hype up people too much on this only to be let down and seeing how you have issues you need to know the truth.  I guessed every move they were going to do before they did it only because I am a business person and its unfair for them to prey on people like you.  Don't worry about the game.  Get yourself together because if you have mental issues now you will have worse after playing Ark its not as easy as those videos make it.  It looks exciting until you can't get on, crash, loose dinos, people destroy your base it can become over whelming especially when you want answers they never seem to reply back to you.  The free download is only on pc just to let you know.

  14. Urban Death Match

    There is a decaying settlement like nothing else found on The Island! Even though it's builders have long since disappeared, enterprising survivors have powered up the generators and turned on the lights! The arena is set up as a reusable area for fighting, games, or any other event an admin would like to set up but comes with the ability to keep track of deaths for deathmatch.