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  1. Yeah, I also noticed that ferox insulation buff not working. I checked the info about insulation in character inventory, that can be seen above experience bar and the number stay the same with and without the buff, so clearly not working. Not sure if it's because I don't have Genesis DLC. I only tried to check ferox insulation buff on official PVE.
  2. Yes, there have been attempts to silence this issue but I have never said or implied that this was done becuase of any specefic motive. Here, just take this guy named Samadhi. He insist so hard on that this is not a bug and therefore is there nothing to be fixed and he have repeatly tried to convince about this statement. If that is not an attempt to silence this issue, then please give me an example what you consider as an attempt to silence something, regardless if there are an intended motive behind it of any kind or not. https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/164091
  3. @GP - Treating other in same bad way that she have been treated by other is just proving that she is not better her self and that attitude will never break that evil circle either. Another thing, then I will not take any credits for trying to make this Jennifer Stuber to look bad, she manage that completely on her own and with good reason that I already have pointed out. Further more, then I don't understand why you pointing finger at me, just for being pointing finger on who, what and why seems to be the source of what other, not me me but other have been using to silence this issue. Sorry b
  4. @d1nk Thanks for sharing your opinion but I still think there is nothing that can justify what she did, because here is the thing, if she truely really don't care at all, then why even care answer this guy in the first place but by doing so, then it's totaly contradictory her claim. She even wasn't obliged to answer since she no longer was working for Wild Card, so she obviosly did it for either the sake of provocation or she just like to kick people that is laying down. If something is sad, then that are that these type of people excist. Another thing I will advice you to consider
  5. One more thing I want to point out, is that Jennifer Stuber also seems to be very rude towards a user named Andrew Dycus when claiming that hundreds of people have complained about the respawn and the oldest post about it are from 2016 and the respond Jennifer Stuber gave was this: Literally not my problem dude Even that this is not Jennifer Stubers problem then respond with that comment that she did, is just like telling that she don't care about this issue and how many are inflicted by this issue. Her respond is dated 21. nov. 2019 and according to the reply to this
  6. Thank for providing this information and from what I can see, then this person was only Senior Community Manager, which mean that this person words are still less qualified than the devs words and after skittlis admitted that this is on their list to be fix, then the Jennifer Stuber also change attitude which that can be seen in the last part of Jennifer Stubers respond to skittlis comment and the last part of Jennifer Stubers respond was this: as Skittle said it’s something we will have to look at further. I still very surpriced that the 2 Volunteer Moderator, that have rep
  7. I put link up for a reason, so I will not say I have neglected anything. Another thing, I can't still not see anything about in this users status that this user have been working for Wild Card and just because this person have been active in comment section about the game, then it's not a proof in it self that this user have worked at Wild Card. People are still free to believe what they want. I will always value the dev team comment higher than other. For me is the most important thing that this have been recognize as something that need to be fixed by skittle and hopefully will be changed s
  8. Be aware of false ruhmor about a seriously bug in SP I have lately left multi player because it was exremely time consuming and stressfull for me to play, so I started to go for single player instead but after playing for 4 days, then I noticed that metal and crystal nodes never respawn, so I spend lot of time to google this to see if I could find something about what' going on. After have read many post with player complaining about this, then there seems to be confusion about if this is a bug or not. How ever, the break through of solving this question was a twitter post and
  9. It's not an exploit nor a glitch, it's a feature and are you really making such huge drama over so little??? Your are really walking in extemely tiny shoes here. How does freezing their own babies inflict any harm of any kind to other players??? The only thing about this that deserve a ban, is when a player are abusing this to troll other players but the patch v304.43 reduced that abuse option to a point where it only was possible to only do it to a tribemember. If this feature not was there, then lots of players with lots of babies each will be forced to kill tons of dinos each to f
  10. Calling this a nerf is way too mild description for what it really are, it have been totaly crippled beyond any acceptable lvl. Can't no longer jet over forrest, so are now forced to plow my self through them instead and mana are so buggy thats it constantly get glued to bumpy surface that preventing it from jumping. Also are getting knocked off so much more often by purlovias, microraptors and thylos becuase of being forced to travel at too low altitude where they have the chance to do so. Traveling around map on mana have now become a struggle and become so much more risky. What a
  11. No big deal but Anti-meshing destroyed a metal ladder on one of my metal pillar that I have placed to avoid other player to build too close to my base. It took me hell lot of time to figure out where it was since coords was not a GPS coords that was informed in the log so was forced to use "ccc" command over and over again till I finaly found the spot. When I found the spot, then I found out that a rock has spawned so that my metal pillar and metal ladder was inside this rock. Since meshing is about activity on the other side of the main map foundation surface, then I'm confused why a sep
  12. My point about my title are directed to the mana nerf. The limits for how many movement the mana can make in a row was already limited by the stamina cap so putting a cap on this cap, is as pointless at it is to wearing a hat on on top of another hat. From PVP perspective I might understand why some players find them too OP that they want this cap on a cap nerf but when it comes to PVE, then I can't with my best will justify of having this cap on a cap nerf and even less can't I justefy this cap on cap nerf in Single Player mode. In least should this cap on cap nerf be optional in Single
  13. Gratz WC, u have just reach a completely new level of stupidity with this nerf ?
  14. Yesterday dec 21. 2019, I took out my unmatured giga pair that was juv at 52% and then the end of the day where I normally cryo all my unmatured dinos, then I saw that one of the unmatured gigas was gone, so I checked the log and found out that one of the the unmatured giga died by starvation and found out it happen around 10 hrs after taking them both out, so it had eaten and grown together with the other unmatured giga for around 10 hrs and then decided to just stop eating, which caused it to die :'( I noticed that the one that survived had become adolscent, so I don't know that
  15. Dear developers I have a prayer for you, because there is a group of players that like to sabotage official PVE servers by turning them into PVP servers and by doing that, then they are taking away all the joy and pleasure that this Winter Wonderland 4 event has to offer and this group expect that everybody else to accept this and they always geting the last word. This group of players are hoarding santa gifts which makes it nearly impossible for me to get any gift at all and I highly doubt that I'm the only one that is being harassed by this behavior from this group of players.
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