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  1. Yey excited for the release of Genesis! I guess new players just get excited by a lot of things most of the time. But I've always wondered if the new expansion would present great obstacles to those who have not even achieved tek tier gameplays—like owning tek suits and other equipments and such. Generally, players who normally play at a slower pace than others. Hopefully not the case and even then I will still be excited nonetheless
  2. Hello, Nothing drastic so far but I just wanted to ask if there is a better way to track down these coordinate locations? I used the map coordinates site Ark Map Positions but does not include the z-axis coordinates. Also with this new system—and again, in this case—will the structure attached into what was anti-mesh destroyed also be destroyed even if the latter does not support the the attached structure? (These ladders should be attached to pillars, were the pillars destroyed as well?) Thanks
  3. It is very helpful, actually. Very detailed. Now I feel at ease when Valg transfer opens. Thank you so much
  4. I do agree with this since beginner servers are capped at 30. I, however, only want the necessary tames to help me get established on my new server since i am new there as well (ie. doedi, anky and my giga). They're all low levels but will greatly help me.. ithink lol
  5. Wow so it's that simple then. And really I could care less about my character, I just wanted my tames. So does this mean that I could really just transfer my items/tames? My new character is already leveled past my old one
  6. Oh my, this cleared up most of what was confusing me. Does it mean that I could pretty much just get the items and dinos from that server and still be able to access it with new server character? Thank you so much!
  7. Transfer Paradox (Figurative) Hello, I'm a new player on Ark. About a month old. And I started and have always played at The Island Beginner server. I have recently heard that they are wiping the Beginner's servers as "it was never meant to be for long-term establishment." I totally understand, but you really just cannot 'part' with your life there. Another thing is that, while on the said beginner's server, I've decided to branch out and explore some new servers. I came across a new Valguero server. I created a character there and really liked the map and the whole vibe to it (Nice people). So in short, I'm currently on Valguero and Beginner's The Island with two different characters. Which bring me to this depressing complication—having heard of the beginner's server wipesand all that—how would I, if there's any way, transfer at least my essential tames from the Island to Valguero. Reading from game sites and wikis, normal transfer involves one character from a certain server into another. Notjing says about a different character transferring his stuff (items/tames) into another character on different servers. Forgot to mention that I play on both PVE servers as a solo-player tribe (Willing to change status if it will help fixing this mess I made). I've also read somewhere that, if you transfered a character into a server where you already have a character, the latter gets deleted. I hope someone could verify what delete means. Does it mean solely the character (tribe included)? Does it include said character's structures? Will the character's tames be unclaimed or die? And if, on the case that structures will not be deleted and tames still claimed, would the character that I am trying to transfer be able to access the structures and tames that the character (that would be deleted, assumingly) left behind. I know it's a lot of questions. These are mostly all the questions that I could construct as the rest are not even comprehensible to me. I am desperately in need of help. I'm lost...
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