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  1. Dino marshmallow hat skin not crafteable on xbox
  2. To my knowledge they never put out the save files for console legacy servers
  3. Green for eats that kibble Orange for makes that kibble
  4. The article says 12 noon Pacific standard time Ask Google 12 am PST to (then your time zone)
  5. A couple of ark digests back, in the first s+as Nd kibble rework one, they listed the recipe for each new kibble, the wiki is a direct copy paste of that so it's accurate
  6. Then pod the baby and unpod to change what it wants for imprinting, that's an intended mechanic btw
  7. Did you ever try using an old kibble, say a dodo kibble when it asked for a kibble of the same colour? That's what tons of us are curious about, lots of us have hundreds of premade kibble for imprinting that potentially isn't worth anything now
  8. I had a 473 Rex, it was my first 450 and soon as I got cryopods I put all the levels in it Uploaded it to ark data Downloaded it from ark data (The pod still showed stats and Dino ) Threw the pod out The pod was now empty and there was no Rex Infront of me, so I don't believe you can uncryo a Dino above 450 based on my one time experience
  9. Yes, nobody has gone threw and done each boss on each difficulty on each map as of yet, I was planning on doing it as soon as I got my hands on the update, would have had the info up last week but my lovely tester friend had a family emergency
  10. But you cannot uncryoing then or they vanish so it seems like a logical step but seeing as you cant breed them once podded, and the IP was asking about max breeding level, seems an unnecessary thing to mention
  11. In regard to kibble rework It seems rediculed that the extraordinary kibble can only be tamed from rockdrake, wyvern or hesperonis eggs. for people playing on only one map, on official or for those on private dedicated or single player only playing on one map or small clusters, hesperonis golden eggs are difficult to obtain due to there randomness in nature and there are various scenarios and situations where people on consoles (no mod support) or PC, will not have access to wyvern or drake eggs and therefore will have an extraordinarily difficult time taming a thylacoleo with kibble, which is something that has almost became one of the important must have mounts, I'm aware as a development choice making thyla harder to obtain because of there over use but you also need to consider that for imprinting Dino's it is the hardest kibble by a large margin now
  12. Ok, so on Xbox which I play on, we have had level 450 bred and levels Dino's for a year, they sit there super happy at 450, upload, download, asend, pod and unpod, must be different for pc to Xbox then as we have about 40 level 450 but level them to 451 and upload and download or pod and unpod and they are gone In future I will be sure to make the distinction that pc is different
  13. That's incorrect, had 2 level 450 Rex's on Xbox pve official sitting in my base for 9 months, ps I rewrote the wiki on this as we where the first to hit 450 on official servers
  14. Can you add an option in the contextual menu to switch visuals of ceilings to either ceiling (default) or flat roof (copying the features for slopped ceilings especially in the case of Tek ceilings)
  15. Abput 2 weeks after pc gets the features officialy added, right now they are in open beta phase