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  1. Can you add an option in the contextual menu to switch visuals of ceilings to either ceiling (default) or flat roof (copying the features for slopped ceilings especially in the case of Tek ceilings)
  2. Abput 2 weeks after pc gets the features officialy added, right now they are in open beta phase
  3. I agree with this and add, we should be allowed to mindwipe based on time passed not based on level, when you gamut max level and can never mindwipe, It should be once a month, once every 14 days, once per completion of Tek cave/Rockwell/killing an extinction titan, on reflections probably timer based as not everyone is able to do the endgame tasks
  4. Don't forget that basilsiks lay eggs and don't have any use in the game, also not sure if you included compy in the list
  5. In the current build, on the island map when imprinting, it still asks for the old kibble list of 15 eggs Will you make the imprinting like this If it asks for a some kibble Say simple kibble, Can we be able to imprint it with either simple kibble or any of the eggs specific kibble that we still have lying around that make up the egg list for simple kibble, so dodo kibble can be used to imprint please, as many of us have 100,200 or more pre.ade kibble just for imprinting Dino's and that is going to be a big hit if that kibble no longer works for imprinting
  6. They are reworking the kibble try, why do you need to convert all your eggs into old kibble, dodo kibble takes 3 things but after a kibble rework it will be used to make simple augmented kibble that will likely be able to tame 15 to 20 things, making it more usable, also they will most likely change the requested kibble on imprints to the new list too
  7. For the kibble tree rework Please make artifacts grindable to get element dust on any map I hope you add the green gems, red and blue sap to the cave systems of every map and fungal wood either in cares or swamp and I hope the simple kibble takes organic polymer or corrupt nodules or the new kibbles will not be able to be made unless you own extinction Also will we be able to mix old pre made kibble into new kibble types adding maybe one or two ingredients? A large amount of us have 300+ of each imprint kibble already crafted that could become next to useless unless we can mix or convert dodo kibble into simple kibble by adding in the missing new reaource
  8. I was thinking this too, I was frustrated at the vagueness/lack of detail about it
  9. Going from prone to crouched seems bugged or not in this version Doesn't appear to be a way to change the me marker on the minimap contrary to patch notes Unable to equip all armor inside a folder contrary to patch notes, the only buttons not being used in inventory are X RT and Right stick click when in an inventory Patch notes read increased imprinting bonus when baby is in Procopius pouch but it doesn't clarify male or female, it does NOT work in a non mate boosted males pouch The use last pin option is nice but it would be better if it defaulted to that instead of defaulting to the number 1 on that screen The toggle extended his feature, this is amazing, when enabled, every creature in that whistle group shows up as a green arrow (or yellow for ones set to ignore group whistles) this is an amazing feature for finding lost Dino's as it shows up through structures and further then names do so I'd love this keeping in as a separate feature, it's also useful for counting how many Dino's you have before you go into a boss fight without trying to look through the selector wheel Nice to see you can snap metal hatchframes to vaccum champers but what about Tek ones? On Xbox we still don't have an option to turn of "auto-hide chatbox" only for the chat box to never appear, I know this wasn't in the patch notes but I'd love to see it Feel tlfreento discuss, mainly put it hear as I've heard Jat and Jesse say they try to read as much as the forum as possible so hope it gets to the people who fix things
  10. If the direbear can gather honey, will you be adding the ability for tamed direbears to climb up redwood trees and gather honey? Just a simple climb up, and slide down like the thylacleo without the turn around look upside down part
  11. Experienced my first DC while opening a drop today, well first one in about 6 months, although my game was rendering in 3 big bases build tight next to each other so it could have been that for me
  12. Lowly

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    When will you remove box quetz and fortress quetz design/glitch? Adding a no build area around the wings,neck and feet, could do the trick, as the quetz needs to be able to flap its wings, and land, and turns its head
  13. Lowly

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Please say the nueter/spay option can only be done to your tames, I would hate for someone to be able to walk upto or ko my dino and then it's not breadeable
  14. Lowly

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    With the reversal of structure destruction showing up in tribe logs, will we see trip wire and bear trap showing up in tribe log on xbox, I am aware that steam has that email alert function but xbox does not. Perhaps some specific structures we can place down that will trigger in tribe logs? Like plant y traps or some new item?
  15. Lowly

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    8 is coming, its in every patch not, "amphibian mating life cycle" 2 is coming (initial trial) v248 7 is coming fear evolved 2 5 October