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  1. My understanding of this one, is that the Griffin's hitboxes are about one Griffin height below the Griffin's visuals as you can experience when attacking anything and hovering, that might have something to do with it
  2. All the new items are fine until you take them away at the end of the event, making the desire to use them in buildings very small
  3. Yes I agree, that was a small part of the whole event though
  4. I'm curious if you think 2x taming and coloured Dino's encourages toxic people, people able to place Christmas presents and trees and decorate your base created toxicity? Can you be a bit more specific as I highly doubt you think that every aspect of it, like 3 weeks of 2x taming and XP and harvesting and taming causes toxicity?
  5. When reading replies that say that the raptorclaus presents promoted fighting or the free for all aspect and discouraged sharing and friendliness, consider that these replies are most likely from the PvE community as it seems clear that promoting fighting is a good thing on PvP but is not seen as a good thing to the majority of PvE players, who see the game more of a all players landing together against the environment type of deal. This might change the way you read certain comments, also @complexminded it might be an idea when asking for feedback in future to either have seperate threads for PvE and PvP or get a system implemented where each reply must specify by way of required field wether they are PvP or PvE, even if that is only visible to the Dev team for the sake of understanding viewpoints in regard to feedback better. As it seems rather clear that some of this feedback reads very differently if you make the assumption the person making it is on a hostile/friendly PvP server compared to a hostile/friendly PvE server
  6. Agreed decorations would be amazing if they stayed all year round, when the event started, my Halloween gravekard dissapeared completely which made me a little sad
  7. Pro, a really good way to get blueprints and gear for new and long time players The conversion of the island map to full snow is a gorgeous thing to look at The new skins for Bola and slingshot, which we haven't seen before are wonderful The addition of chibis to earn extra levels is wonderful and amazing and they look cute and cool for the most part It's nice that blueprints dropped in this event but it would have been nice to see metal pick or hatchet blueprints and not just sickles and Lance's in the weapons and tool front Cons The random drops that only drop upto a maximum of 8 drops every 1 hour on official servers (excluding abberation) On servers that can hold 72 people max And then randomising 54 different ones inside those 8, is bad implementation it has to be apparent to you now that through no fault of any of the Dev team or company, ark has a huge portion of the player base that have serious case of FOMO or borderline or actual gambling addiction issues, and adding in new shiny things so heavily hidden behind randomised systems ontop of randomised systems to try and collect them all, is a bad design choice Allowing us to directly craft the one we want is best case for players but worst case for devs, I get that But grouping them into rarities and allowing us to craft a rarity …crystal, totally like loot boxes. So a journeyman crystal costs 2x more then a apprentice crystal but has an increase chance at the rare mastercraft or ascendant chibis, also increased chance of getting more then 1 chibi the higher up in tier you get crystals…ascendant crystals gaurunteed ASC chibi with chance at 2nd ASC chibi, costs a lot of coal and miseltoe, crafteable in cooking pot or from gacha Claus to make that still relevant Then I wouldn't have felt like I wasted 500 miseltoe and coal on 1 gachaclaus &…still not cherufe or snow owl chibi. The system in place seemed /appeared to take into account the loot tables for supply drops on those servers as to what rarity you get from gachaclaus, which seemed broken and yes I used 500 coal and miseltoe 1 at a time. Pont 2 Thefighting and hostility caused by having only 8 raptor presents drop on PvE servers when the player count was at 30-40 or higher was not what players have come to expect from a game mode that is more about friendships and family and kindness, it caused a whole new wave of bitterness and arguments 3 the absolute rareness of some of the chibis is beyond crazy, nobody on the official island server I play on saw a cherufe or snow owl on that server, the percentage drop rate for them seemed to be way to low for island servers Edit: would love to see a system where by we can turn a taxidermy into a chibi down the line then we could go further and have a system whereby we can put cryopods in a visualiser and see a hologram projection of that creature, gosh I know if my man Chris still worked there he would be behind this idea
  8. Rainy yes they'll go by the timestamps and confirm in the order of first to claim, I thought it said this in the initial post,
  9. Dang only need 7 on PvE Can't even find people to loan them to me to end this blasted competition
  10. As far as I'm aware yes, the only place that matters
  11. Nobody has claimed PvE in this thread yet, unless they edited there post to say they have it, which would mess up time stamps as to who claimed first
  12. A lot of them still use that tribe war and ally war system that was not removed
  13. Not on this forum thread which is the only place that matters
  14. They inadvertantly creating a situation that triggers the gambling and addiction sufferers to try and get every gift and feed gachas. Encouraging fighting and bickering and people freezing others on PvE with snow owls so only the one with the snow owl gets the stuff There really needs to be a quick patch to prevent snow owls from freezing non allied player Dino's and players in PvE, also chibis should either be craftable or earned over time, not race to and fight over 6 drops an hour on PvE Yea I get PvP and the need to encourage pvp, it's why people play PvP I guess
  15. Some of them are so cute, some are goofy and will cute
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