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  1. Toggle roof skin for ceilings I think it would make a huge difference for builders if we could toggle ceilings to either have a ceiling (default) skin or a room style skin, most noticeable on Tek tier is that the sloped roof has a hexagonal pattern, when we place sloped roof and ceilings for roofs on our buildings I feel it would really tie Tek builds together if we could set the ceiling skins manually to have the hexagonal pattern; Like how we can toggle between stairs and ramps on the homestead stairs and we can switch between default and block view on foundations. Disclosure: I play on console Xbox and on official PvE servers so mods are not an option to enable this functionality
  2. I'm aware that one of the mods lets you run cables and water in the walls but as a console and official player, I'll never see that in practice
  3. thanks for the reply, what i was suggesting was a way of the game handling the cables inside the structures to reduce the structure count, this reduces server and client load as the cables would not be separate entities so would improve loading times, also we have the issue with your method that a vertical electrical cable or water pipe is not the same height as a single wall which my suggestion overcomes by making the wall act as a powered or watered item, we also still have the issue that sloped electrical and water do not follow the same slope as sloped ceilings or roofs, id love to hear back from you to see if you understand more clearly the point im trying to get at as that helps me know if others reading this post also understand what i mean
  4. allow us to set consumable per tek trough we were given tek dedicated storage with teh ability to press interact to deposit only 1 resource into a box at the press of a button. what i suggest is that we can set tek troughs in a similar way, set a tek trough to berries and then press interact and only berries get deposited, set it more precise then that, set a tek trough to "raw meat" only and when you do a meat run to feed your 60 baby giga's you press interact and only the raw meat gets added, leaving all the spoiled, fish, prime, berries, stone, chitin and keratin in your inventory, it will save a lot of time as you are not accessing inventory> transfer all> close inventory> access next inventory, you just walk upto the tek troughs and press interact to deposit all of that resource for all the people who like how it works now, i suggest an UNSORTED option for the tek trough so they work as they currently do and just take everything but with the added speed of a single button pres of the interact button to deposit all disclosure: i play Xbox and on xbox we have the Y button to interact and the X button to open inventory so for troughs as it stands right now, BOTH X AND Y do the same function on tek troughs for opening their inventory, i'm aware that PS4 and Switch have the same functionaility with different button names but i am unaware if PC has a button specifically for opening remote inventories, so what i'm suggesting would still allow for one button press of opening inventory without going into a radial menu any critique, suggestions, revisions or improvements are greatfully received
  5. Be able to place & snap water and electrical into walls, ceiling and foundations This has been suggested many times before but not in this format. Give a structure(wall, ceiling, foundation, sloped ceiling) 2 item slots. 1 for electrical cables 1 for water pipes If you place a horizontal then they snap inside half way up, if you place a veritcle it snaps in the center, cross pieces like wise can be placed inside and automatically comply with the plain of the structure so auto rotate for walls and sloped ceilings. This also gets around the issue of verticles not being the same hight as walls as they become effectively invisible Add 8n a small rework to generators to allow them to snap to the center of a foundation or ceiling that has an electrical cable inside it Could also add new snap points for taps and electrical outlets in the middle of the structure too With flexible cables and pipes being in vanilla ark, I think this would be a massive improvement
  6. All the oranges but no dragongreen 3 love you for giving me more oranges
  7. Structure saver 2 looks like such a great idea for anyone that loves building and creating amazing structures. I'd love to know if it has the ability for us to build something in creative on singleplayer then head over to a server that doesn't allow transfers in (I'd say official but I know this is a mod so it won't be on official any time soon if at all which saddens so many console players hearts) so we can practice build with creative mode then put up the finished piece on a different server or map Also I feel this is something that console players would love to see. Side note id love for ark2 when you get around to it in 5 years, to have a system that allows mods on consoles without at sort of huge long verification process
  8. I can agree trading is not essential to ark nor is taming nor building nor beating bosses, it's an open world survival Jane the essential aspect is freedom of movement and survival I didn't think that a person tasked with bug fixing would be deployed onto adding new features from the "suggestions" section of the forum yet we could respond to every single post in the suggestions forum saying, it sounds like a lot of coding and I'd rather them fix existing issues and add new X,y or z instead but thanks for your input, it may sound like I'm shooting you down, that's not my intension just the style of writing Edit: what would you class as game based? From how I understand you, taming, raising and building are all user based so I'm not sure what would fall under game based
  9. QoL trading menu and trading system Trading has become such a huge part of ark, many who have traded have lost things or received things they did not expect in a trade. I propose a trade menu, I threw together a mock up of what I'd thing it would look like Being able to see what the other person is offering and inspect the items but not take them is important so that's what the their offer screen allows for Being able to type in a personal private chat that only you and the other trader can see is very convenient so there is a private trade channel and text box there too. Reject trade button to cancel the trade Accept trade waits until both parties have clicked the button then carries out the trade simultaneously so nobody has to go first or last, no more will anyone go first to receive nothing in return. This also has the advantage of trades being able to be logged by the server should you wish wildcard to keep track of duplicated item trades, (of course items could still be dropped on the floor or transfered through inventories should people wish) There is a your inventory tab and also a trade offer tab so you can see exactly what you are offering up for trade too I think I covered everything, changed text on screen to represent a full mockup Let me know what you think please
  10. Yes a level 1 isn't high enough to leaN bed, and depends what spawn they pick some have easier fur or pelt then hide
  11. How so? Some things in ark have multiple options, you must havemis understood, I'm not asking for the hide requirement to be taken away, but to be changed to hide or pelt or fur or hair, not hide and pelt and fur and hair So if you had 5 hide 5 pelt 5 fur and 5 hair you'd have 40 total and not just 5 hide
  12. Change Simple bed craft requirement I suggest changing the simple bed hide requirement to hide/pelt/fur/hair as on some spawns and on some maps like we have seen with Valguero, some spawns lack and easily killable hide Dino's but a mass of sheep or deer that drop primarily pelt
  13. Parasaurs ability will counter and scare away pirana also second lowest level saddle in the game and doesn't need a saddle to use ability
  14. Flip corner sloped ceiling left/right upside down So we know the sloped ceiling end prices, the left and the right. Well if we could flip them upside down or invert them so the instead of the horizontal line being at the bottom, it was instead at the top of the structure. This would open up more options for creative design of sloped buildings, like underhand of a structure being sloped and crisp and sharp instead of currently needing to either leave gaps or use walls which leave a jagged stepped edge Also suggestion is for console players who do not have the option of loading mods that may already have this functionality
  15. Can you explain more why you do not want GFI and instead summon? Also how does a summon command work for a structure?
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