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  1. My understanding of this one, is that the Griffin's hitboxes are about one Griffin height below the Griffin's visuals as you can experience when attacking anything and hovering, that might have something to do with it
  2. All the new items are fine until you take them away at the end of the event, making the desire to use them in buildings very small
  3. All the oranges but no dragongreen 3 love you for giving me more oranges
  4. Structure saver 2 looks like such a great idea for anyone that loves building and creating amazing structures. I'd love to know if it has the ability for us to build something in creative on singleplayer then head over to a server that doesn't allow transfers in (I'd say official but I know this is a mod so it won't be on official any time soon if at all which saddens so many console players hearts) so we can practice build with creative mode then put up the finished piece on a different server or map Also I feel this is something that console players would love to see. Side n
  5. Thread predates this one and same topic and marginally more votes Thread also predates this one, has an either or for teleporter or transmitter and has more votes
  6. Besides my personal opinion that a teleporter makes more sense as it has the same terminal as found at an obelisk and also that the teleporter pad lays out the ring that creatures will be teleported in similar to how on an obelisk you have the outer metal ring of the obelisk foot pad as a marker for the range of the ring, you also have the transmitter taking up a sizeable chunk in the middle of the teleport circle Then how does the game calculate what goes into the boss fight, at an obelisk only things that are touching the floor go in, but at a transmitter does everything go in or
  7. there is already a thread for this
  8. If implemented I'd expect a 1.8x the health of 4 individual structures like the large walls have. There aren't many complaining about that balance point
  9. On PvE there are behemoth gate huge bases everywhere blocking paths and spawns and drops
  10. If you have played in creative mode and use the what's it called, blast rifle, in inspect mode it shows the xyz cords and the rotation of whatever you point it at, so it is more then capable of reporting those cords on the press of a report button, even if, it does not kill you but just boosts the character over a short amount in the xy or z axis, with a confirmation, yes I'm free, no still stuck, in which case it boosts you more or in a diff axis
  11. This is a good idea although a Tek trough has the same spoil timer as a regular fridge (100x) at the moment so a refrigerated trough would need to have less then a fridge but more then a hyaeana and meatpack with salt (16x) to make it a viable option. I feel anything less then 60x would rarely be utilised other then by tribes progressing towards endgame, but then that type of player would probably take 32x spoil time over regular troughs
  12. I know I voted for this ages ago but I thought I'd comment, I just loaded up prim+ for the first time properly, to see what it had to offer in the 2 years since I last played it properly, (I usually use it for building as lumber looks so nice, but didn't check anything else out) and oh my, so many varieties of storage boxes, so many unique and amazing structures to make a village feel alive and not just more of the same repeated boxes and decorations This would bring new life to PvE and RP if the structures where added, the yurt, the pontoon, so many amazing structures. I'd lov
  13. There were 3 categories for the eggsellent eggventure paint an egg, pc, console and real life and all 3 winners came from real life? There will be three competitions with a prize to the winner of $100! PC Egg Painting Console Egg Painting Real-life Egg Painting
  14. The life cycle of arthropods is very different to that which is already in the game, this is explained a long time a go as the reasons arthropods are not breedable
  15. The large walls are amazing for when our bases hit structure cap. Is it possible to have 2*2 foundations and ceilings added, large, 4 high pillars and extra large base perimeter walls, 4 high 4 wide
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