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  1. Rework servers save system Completely rework servers save system to avoid save lag
  2. Completely rework servers save system to avoid save lag
  3. 1 Old rare bug (almost from the moment of their appearance) 2 No such problems
  4. Thats Steam token system
  5. Even PCIE2.0 GTX650-660 work perfect on ark
  6. Then why is this problem only for other languages ?
  7. Yeah this bug from the moment they were added, and it seems that they’re not going to fix it
  8. При подключении к серверам? После последнего патча есть баг что при подключении к серверам игра падает нужно перезапускать несколько раз. Ждем исправления. Ну и поподробнее описание бы ошибки и когда возникает
  9. Some Origami By Seba Naranjo Seba Naranjo ©
  10. We use 5 with 800-1008 dmg and kill it fast and easy
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