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  1. Thats hell too much lags on most of the official servers
  2. Replace [OFFLINE] to last login time [DD.MM.YY] For additional control of TM, I would like to see when they last visited the server.
  3. "burning away 20% of their max health over 10 seconds"
  4. It's shows you fps at game screen
  5. So its same as "stat fps" and you don't need to pause game
  6. All same way as it now when you prees esc in game ping is there. and when ping not changing thats = server lag
  7. When ping stops = server lag This will be very helpful in many situations, especially in lava caves.
  8. CyberHunter

    stat ping

    stat ping Add "stat ping" command to screen
  9. PVE CORE Environment loading On PVE first of all the buildings should be displayed (loaded) directly around the character itself and not behind or even another's tribes. Situation when you go to the server and first of all, someone else’s base is loaded nearby and then yours is unacceptable.
  10. Move Wires to metal tier. For now they in wood tier with 8 days to decay.
  11. lags as hell
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