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  1. EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland346 -127700 283995 -16351 -42.54 -15.30
  2. Most part of my water base on pillars
  3. AntiMesh = RIP bases Well thankYOU for another hard work with destroing people game play Part of my base which I built a year ago successfully destroyed .... New system working super perfect I hope you enjoy the pain of the players
  4. Just some your game files was corrupted and redownloaded
  5. Yeah how about they update them on steam Latest version there only Patch Notes: Client 303.21 - Server: 303.22
  6. All tribe members became invisible On all servers all of our TM can't see each other.... DILO.... Everything was fine yesterday
  7. They will always reset if it equip while server restart Take chibi off evry time you exit game
  8. 600+ chibi and no Wyvern, Phoenix, Gigant
  9. Fuuuuu back from level 3 to 1
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