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  1. Transfer Genesis creatures to Genesis? So I know we can't take stuff to Genesis that came from the previously existing maps/servers... I'm wondering if we can take say, a bloodstalkers I picked up from Genesis and took to valguero.. can I take it back to Genesis? Tried to search around and couldn't find an answer.
  2. So no reducing rates on breeding intervals or baby dino food consumption? Otherwise I'm excited!
  3. Ragnarok Prim+ PVE Xbox Location "Lower Wyvern Scar" in Highlands biome I got pushed out from scar landing my wyvern on an egg nest on South Wall near floor. Didn't get coords as didn't want wyvern getting murdered.
  4. Prim+ sticky bombs pve Is use of sticky bomb explosives (prim+ edition of c4) against another tribe on pve mode considered griefing or frowned upon by wildcard?
  5. Pros: Colored dino variations seemed to be more wide in terms of patterns outside of blinding green and red. Accessable blueprints and high tier gear on prim+ Cons: lack of Gacha Claus, chibis, or way to cash in mistletoe and coal on prim+.
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