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  1. Use a bench.. and a few tombstones - and you'll have a couch/sofa. I've seen someone use a chair the same way.
  2. LG V10 And I'm using the Google keyboard option so I get a decimal for other things I use the keypad for - just not this.
  3. To share means they could get into trouble for using a possible exploit. And you using it means you get into trouble too. Do you like rabbit holes? Because that is a rabbit hole you might not want to go into.
  4. Love this! I tried using it on my Android phone (as a quick test) but the numerical keypad that pops up does not have a decimal. I can't alter the keypad or tap something to select the decimal as there is no option to do so.
  5. I can't say for certain. Judging from past complaints on Island players: Dinos on the Obelisk land get moved from where they were parked. But I wonder if it's more of - things got moved/pushed before the ORP fully kicked in after the person logged off, or as they were logging in (because that ORP lifts as you log in, even before your toon 'sees' it's surroundings). I hear our turrets go off when I log in, quite often, but still can't see a thing. Several times we have found peoples tames just chilling in the water beneath green & red Obelisk on Island.
  6. Flyers can't go into all the Boss arenas so flyers just take up floor space on the Obelisk teleport pad and you can't clear the pad by running a losing boss run, sadly. But now they can, eventually, get into trouble with WC for restricting the gameplay of others.
  7. Generally, as a rule of thumb: If your tame is on or near the teleportation ring of an Obelisk - you need to move it. If you parked it outside of the ring but it can be pushed/struck until it gets into the ring - you shouldn't park it there. For example: On SE the teleportation rings have very little land around them and lots of other wild dinos willing to come and make them into a snack - thus shoving them onto the pad. This now blocks people from being able to reach the terminal (in some cases) and/or they can't take all their dinos into the Boss Arena because those on the teleport pad count towards the allowed dino count going INTO a boss arena (including flyers). And if you are confident with your 20 dinos, and can now only take 10 or 15 (due to the allowed dino count of 20 or lack of space to fit them in) - are you going to still go in and risk losing everything all because someone was inconsiderate/lazy or being 'a Richard'?
  8. I LOVE this idea! I also like the idea of an electrically powered trough that is mid-range of the standard (60 slots) and tek troughs (100 slots & much slower decay rate when powered). So create a refrigerated metal one that holds 80 slots, powered by a regular generator or wind turbine, and it's decay rate is slightly slower than the standard troughs but slightly faster than tek troughs.
  9. Imprints are rounded for gigas and probably other dinos as well. This is what I was told - and it's accurate: "The number that is displayed when you complete the imprint is rounded. So if you got 2.7% twice and 2.8% twice that adds up to 11% instead of the 12% that it would be without the rounded values." Bottom line: be there for each binkie/paci pop & get it taken care of quickly; try not to panic when it looks like you're behind & don't get smug when it looks like you're ahead. Because: ARK lol
  10. If the server you are downloading to is server tame capped you cannot download dinos the traditional way. Its a mechanic put into place to help prevent over-capping a server. You will need cryo pods and go to another server - not Ragnarok (most are constantly capped - download your dinos there, cryo them, and then upload the cryos. You'll be able to download the cryos.
  11. Pincode them to keep non-tribe from being able to access them. Tribe Rank will NOT keep tribe members of lower rank from withdrawing either. Tested this out this past weekend. Only safe place is in a room behind an Admin Only locked door.
  12. Yes, but it doesn't STAY. I don't always feeling like peopling and when I accidentally tap the wrong chat.. then I have to people.
  13. 1. You must play alone and apparently on a sever where people can not - or do not want to - use cryo pods 2. Tribe cap has been reduced from unlimited to 1k to 500 per tribe over the years. 3. As someone else stated: All tribe limiting further would do is cause the tribes to break up into smaller tribes and the dino cap would be the same issue. Before cryo-pods, that is how some of the biggest PvE tribes - (that duped or bred then sold for IRL $ as well as ingame trade) dinos did it. They made other servers their parking lots. Including SE when it was still at 90% decay rates. The caretakers would come by once a week, feed & render and leave. And thus the beginning of all the server cap issues. I know of at least 1 Rag server that regularly has tame cap 'wars' because the larger tribes aren't friends w/each other. So they uncryo stuff to keep the server cap up. All that does is screw the little guy - but people. Ya know?
  14. I hate the filter change they have done. I used to type "raw m" to get the raw meat so I could fill troughs quickly - and I'd type 'f' for fish -'pri' for prime to put on the grill
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