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  1. PreshusRoze

    Mantis Issues After Update

    Our mantis still was (visually) holding the picks from yesterday when I was harvesting (on PC). But there was nothing in the "hands" slot and I could not get the picks from its hands nor could I place another pick into it's grip. I had to cryo it to get the pick back from its hands. I submitted a bug ticket. But no fix in place yet.
  2. I agree with the idea of ACCOUNT Loyal. At least that way the other toons/characters I have on my other maps can come over for a boss run and not have to have raised something more on another server & bring it over. And if I lost my toon, on say Island, I know that I can create a new toon on MY account - get it in the tribe - and it can ride and get the bonuses of imprint no matter the map or tribe I'm part of - as long as one of MY toons imprinted it. Tribe loyal would be too tricky for most. I'm not in a tribe, on each map, with all the same people. Why should they get the bonus of my work that they might get killed - then I'm out of that dino?? And Vice versa. I don't like using other people's stuff and risk having the game go sideways on me. I'm mad as it is when I end up losing my stuff. I'd rather have my dino and my bonus and they theirs. Thankfully they feel the same way. Then, the biggest headache for solo players would be getting the new/alternate toon into the tribe w/o some trusted help from an ally - BEFORE something went sideways.
  3. PreshusRoze

    Server went down at 1230am EST and is still gone

    It came back online @Elof - about 5-10 mins ago! Hope a tribemate can get them picked up for you
  4. PreshusRoze

    Desert Titan Dermis issue on Taxidermy Base.

    Can also confirm this for Island map. And forest Titan never has it's arms (no matter when you dermis it [dead or tamed]. And let's not talk about a giga dermis, on a medium stand.. and then you add the bionic skin to it.
  5. Is there somewhere that posts, automatically, when servers go down for more than say, 10-15 minutes? The forum post that @lilpanda has is not automatically updated and shows there are NO servers down. (probably because it is manually updated, so that makes sense.. ) But yet, our server has been down since 12:25am ET and it did so w/o warning. YES.. several of us have submitted the SERVER OUTAGE form Is there any other place to post or get help with this? IS anyone else's server suddenly effected tonight by a similar circumstance? *frustrated* NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland49 - been laggy as heck since last week's rollback - roll forward situation and now this.
  6. PreshusRoze

    URGENT dinos starving in CRYOPODS after update

    Nothing specific. Sabers, basilos, argents, and others. A friend on another map popped out his pigs (all in the same fridge) and they were starving. He went through 4 tek troughs to get them fed up. And another fridge of his that held Wyverns - all the pods were having charge issues (not at a full charge when they should have been) - but the wyverns were not hungry. And fridges he had on another server didn't have any issues. SO - it's random and it's effects are random as well.
  7. PreshusRoze

    URGENT dinos starving in CRYOPODS after update

    If you have dinos that are in cryo pods - and ESPECIALLY if they are not displaying the stats - they risk starving to death. If you unpod then repod them that seems to fix the issue This is something since the last patch Their deaths are not showing up in tribe logs because they are podded - you just don't find them any more, when you KNOW you had them. We just had an ally lose 3 dinos - in cryos - as he was walking them to pop them. Another ally has found cryos (fridge was powered) - that do NOT display the CHARGE indicator on the POD - while other pods did. But he did not think to check if there was a charge timer on it.
  8. Have you reported the issue? https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform If not - do. Tell the other server players to do the same (Discord) If you have - reach out to Adam @thelilpanda on Twitter and let him know - with either a public or private message - that you've filed the ticket and it been 25+ hours w/o a working server. This is what he and his team work on - among other things. Or - are you one of the affected PC servers mentioned in the picture I'm attaching?
  9. PreshusRoze

    Are We Getting A St.Patties event???????

    Just wait until May 5th. More non-Mexican Americans 'celebrate' Cinco de Mayo than the Mexican-Americans. Of course, by 'celebrate' I mean: drinking until they are oblivious to the world around them.
  10. PreshusRoze

    Change fish and raw meat priority for meat eaters

    I really understand your frustration on this!!! If they won't or can't rework the fish verses meat preference - then maybe they could make it so you can direct or exclude dinos from eating from specific troughs. My water dinos are near my other dinos - because we don't want separate bases for this. I'm really tired of wondering if my water dinos are being made to be hungry because every other meat eater loves to snack on the fish first.
  11. PreshusRoze

    PLEASE allow global chat ignore option.

    I would LOVE to see tabbed chat that you can STAY IN (similar to Diablo III where you can have Party, Global, Clan, Looking For Group) and only chat that happens in that channel come through until you change out to another chat). Help limit those mistypes into global when you don't want to deal with the trolls.
  12. I really would love to be able to transfer the trophies earned on bosses to be able to be transferred to other servers so me and my tribe-mates can display our accomplishments. - We can transfer Rockwell & Manticore trophy heads to other servers - but not the Island boss trophies. - Why? - "They are used in Ascension." And? It's not like we can use them for anything else, on any other server, other than displays of our accomplishments. PLEASE REMOVE this restriction! I would also love to be able to take the dermis of a boss and be able to display it on another server. (It will not display on the taxidermy bases on other servers.) - It's just to display what me and my tribe-mates have accomplished - So why are they restricted to only display on the server it's killed/collected on? - You can't do anything special with it other than display it. I can take any other dino dermis to another server and it will display on the taxidermy base on the new server. - So why are boss dermis restricted? PLEASE REMOVE this restriction! I would love to have the Boss Flags - which CAN go to any other server - to be different per level. Ideas/Examples: - Gamma be as the flags are now OR trim/decorate them with copper - Beta trimmed/decorated with silver - Alpha trimmed/decorated with gold Please do something to distinguish the levels they were earned at. Plus - it adds to the decoration factor so many enjoy.
  13. PreshusRoze

    dedicated storage bugged!!

    I will guess that the reason the Gacha crystals were (effectively) emptied by the dedicated storage is because the crystals only say "Gacha Crystal" on them. There is no distinct title on ANY Crystal except for "Primitive/Ramshackle/Apprentice". Nothing in the title that tells you what the Crystal contains. So it stores exactly that - Gacha Crystal. I'm confused as to why youd store element dust, still in the crystal, since it doesn't decay - like organic poly does and most ele-dust counts are 150-180 And ~1 stack of dust = 5-7 crystals To each their own though. Just PINCODE the dedicated storage as they are BUGGED and anyone can add/remove from the boxes OUTSIDE of your tribe using the radial choices.
  14. PreshusRoze

    Are We Getting A St.Patties event???????

    In America - (nearly) everyone becomes 'Irish' for St Patrick's Day! Boston, MA and Savannah, GA are 2 of the biggest (East coast) areas to 'Show Your Irish' (not a typo, btw). Lol And no - next color event is going to be Easter, in late April this year.
  15. PreshusRoze

    Please FIX BeeHive

    Your solution does not work on Official servers since there are NO Admins to do such a process.