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    Hope you guys find this Crunch informative as Jat and I dusted off our CM hats.
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    no one forces you to use a giga for it. You are the only one ruining your own challenging experience. Your fun in the game is too deeply connected to others on PVE, don't let them ruin it for you and play your way, make it hard for yourself not for others.
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    To those who are BITCHING ABOUT GIGAS dude NOBODY FORCING YOU TO USE YOURS!!! Saying "bye to the challenge"? Unless you use a giga there's still a challenge for YOU like seriously stop just dont play the missions with people using gigas THAT FREAKING SIMPLE!
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    Shame that Giga's will be allowed through, worked really hard to run some of these alpha missions and I feel that effort has been undermined by just letting all the OP Giga lines in, but it is what it is I guess.
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    Is this some sort of torture ? What do you mean I can only pick one ?
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    I'm actually happy that they allow Giga's on Genesis, we aren't all try hards with all the time in the world to breed a decent Rex army.
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    Thank you for enabling transfers. The people who are complaining are just mad that they spent all those hours grinding in the game and think the same should happen to everyone else. That's dumb if you ask me. The same people here who complain with supposedly thousands of hours in the game should have known transfers always happen for every new map. Why are you so surprised? If you don't like what WC does then just quit the game or don't play official.
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    Why? You don't need to use it if you don't want.
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    It is true that no one forces a person to use a giga, but that isn't the main point. The term "temptation" comes into mind here, and most of us just sucks at resisting the temptation of using a giga to ruin the challenge (me included). Barring of Giga transfers would actually be a huge blockade, but that will never happen.
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    Not true. Nobody forcing you to use gigas lol just do missions how YOU LIKE and theres YOUR challenge. NOBODY is forced to use or not use a certain dino so use whatever you want but dont try n force everyone else to not be able to play how they like you need to see both sides not just yours lol
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    Just dont use a giga use what you're breeding that simple lol
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    Great, wildcard knows exactly how a DLC makes it uninteresting ... The transfere are open too early and in this case even meaningless ... This will make the missions easier and the game for most gamers faster uninteresting ...
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    for all of you saying this, you realize you dont have to use a giga right ??
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    THANK YOU WC! I am SO SO happy with this crunch. I love genesis and I've been waiting for the transfers! I personally am THRILLED Gigas will be allowed, they are my all time favorite dino. Thank you for all of the hard work and time you are putting into this game. And thank you for the x2 to keep us occupied
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    Why would you allow gigas? Or anything else OP? I thought Genesis was supposed to be a challenge. You're catering to the carebears.
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    they should do a event like with life one they do. community donate x amount and rate gop up x amout. make it amoth long event. all money gos to hospital or reacher on a cure to the virus. that could be cool
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    Will we ever see the day when upload timers are removed?
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    Gigas coming to an Official Genesis server near you! Big fat F to any challenge now. Run every Alpha mission with 1 giga and call it a day. Time to wait for the next map! I Hope Crystal Isles releases well after Wildcard gets their hands in it.
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    ARK has become a pay-to-win game because of the ARK blackmarket there is a ARK blackmarket out there where you can buy OP dinos and without those you have no chance to win, therefore ARK has become a pay-to-win game time to open your eyes WILDCARD, and end all server transfer + global wipe on official I know the black market guys are going to attack me like savages because they're going to fear for their wallet, all I have to say is bring it on, you don't scare me
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    I m old primitive player I didnt play in technological servers just I played primitive and primitive+ I dont like other mods. And you know ARK Devs deleted primitive servers. One of was my server too. Now I m playing in primitive+ and too easy to raid someone here. Thanks for read this.
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    It's not part of the game at all.
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    In my opinion it is difficult to get started in the ocean and with a Megalodon TLC it could be easier to get started and more comfortable. The Plesiosaur need a TLC the most but I dont like it, because it looks bad, I don't like the Plesiosaur at all . This has nothing to do with Wildcard, there is nothing they can do to make a Plesi look good They also should buff the Dunkleosteus. how about more Metal nodes in the ocean?
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    Also please make flyable creatures speed to put points into it and make a certain speed limit on them.say you have a quetz it's base speed is 100 maxed out speed should be 250 or anything that you want just make there speed upgradable.I would really like to see that coming.im pretty sure others would too.
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    I agree with this it also should be able to climb too
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    Titanoboa needs update.Personally think we need a way to ride it.also wild card, can you make a setting to where there is an auto unlock engrams setting. I get very annoyed with not being able to get everything on the list.I know I can just turn creative on then off but me and my brother don't really like doing that.so please make an auto unlock setting.anyone else who agrees with this like it so wild card sees it.
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    From a PvP perspective I would say it would be a bit unfair, but who cares if someone does alpha missions with a Giga? Really nobody cares about rankings except of those who are on top of them and why should I care when some soloplayer can do alpha missions now? It´s good that they have the opportunity to complete the map on their own now (if it´s really as simple with a Giga as people think)...
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    Roger that , in the past we still recived content just no access to tek tier . Valguero was a head scratcher as to why we did not get it. Same with the Center. I get extinction and genesis but still think we could get the maps just no Tek options . Wildcard also never communicates that the No Tek servers are being passed over . After Genisis I wont be purchasing further expansions until they launch and we know if our server cluster is being supported. At this point I'd be happy if they let us migrate off to other officials.
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    None of the above. I want the Leeds to get a rework. Remove the raft aggro and attack mechanics and make it a tamable creature that has some sort of a group heal mechanic. Like an owl/pig for aquatic tames.
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    NICE! this is probably the best community crunch in a number of weeks! We have been having a helluva time on crossplay servers center, scorched earth and the island. I’m definitely excited to see what is in store for the quality of life. The base game itself is a ton of fun, especially when it’s running smoothly and as designed. This is awesome guys keep up the good work! This is what most of the community has been wanting! Keep us updated, would love to see some awesome QOL implements and how about some fixing of mistakes made in regards to nerfs? Since the cheating enforcement is fully underway and doing it’s job, can we get transfer timers removed in pve? Please? Especially since they were instituted to deter cheating and failed miserably. Repeal of flyer nerf on pve? Maybe? Thanks for the good work guys, keep the communication coming!
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    Ahahahaha. Gigas will autoenrage on the 3rd or 4th hit from any alpha hunt bar the megaloceros and kill you. They are highly unsuitable for most if not all alpha missions unless carefully managed. Yes they may decimate the gamma/beta fights, but its not like tribes endgame cant the do same anyway.
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    You're absolutely right, I should expect nothing less then to have people who are level 100+ with gigas, manas and dragons to come destroy my 2x2 stone huthut. They obviously needed my thatch and flint. Next time I'll just leave the door open with a sign up that says "Don't destroy. Just take." There's no competition when you bring a gun to a fist fight. Hence why I'll be staying on my official pve or some unofficials my friends have until I can purchase my own server.
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    @Vaculityjust because all your friends smoke, doesn't mean that you should... Also the missions are extremely tideous they don't get better with every new time you do them. Did anyone really do them and think ''oh damn, I can't wait to do this mission for the 20th time, oh boy oh boy. LET'S GO'' if you are like that I really envy you that you can have fun so easily. And if you say that you are concerned about new players being robbed of their experience, please don't pretend that you care about bob on the beach doing his first Genesis mission.
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    I run three maps clustered on a 7 year old laptop with 12Gb of ram ...... OK not a huge player base, but it all runs smoothly. The MAIN ingredient for an Ark server is RAM - the more you got the better you will do. I rule of thumb figure on roughly 4 gigs per active map. GPU/Graphics is totally irrelevant, and pretty much any old abacus that can add 1 and 1 to get 2 will suffice. Fast disks and CPU will influence start up times and maybe introduce a bit of lag on a server with a high population of players - but once again RAM is the thing!
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    ARK PVP is a RTS game, you build bases, collect resources, produce units (dinos) and attack other faction bases. It is a slow paced RTS game played across timescales of days and weeks rather than minutes or hours like most RTSes. The grind is part of that RTS experience and it does not feel like a grind but part of PVP experience. So for example when farming meat you have fortified teleporters in swamp area. You tribe mates are constantly patrolling the map looking for griefers. And there are griefers are lying in the bushes with a cryod rhino so they can rage and kill your meat farm giga. Then you have your metal outposts on Abberation. And these come under attack frequently, if you lose them its a heavy blow to your tribes industrial capability. During a metal run in the blue zone your karinos crews can come under attacks from manas and teksuits and someone needs to be on stand by to respond and rescue them. PVP is more about the journey than the destination. The unexpected is always around the corner. Its not about the big base or dinos you accumulate, it all gets wiped one day anyway, but experience of getting there while thriving and growing as a tribe in an unforgiving sandbox. One of most exciting things on PVP is farming element veins or doing OSD on Extinction servers. This is a high stakes game of high risk and high reward. OSDs are frequent target for gankers that show up on manas, owls and tek suits and try to kill your dinos and yoink your OSD loot. They deploy rhinos and gigas, and within seconds a peaceful farm session turn into a pitched fight for your lives. When doing OSDs you need to go armed to the teeth and need your squad ready for anything to defend the OSD, secure the loot and safely extract. Some of most exciting PVP on ARK happen around random encounters while doing Extinction drops.
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    I had a look at this as my TV is quite new and 4K etc, there's a game mode and multiple colour/brightness options but nothing seems to help it. Thank you for your help though!
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    Thank you thank you thank you. THIS is what a community Crunch should be. Everything informative and straight to the point with clear information given out. I love this one so much. Thank you for the time it took for you to get all the information together and lay it out in a clean and efficient way. So glad dinos that can be tamed off server are able to be brought over to genesis.
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    My condolences go to the new players who have been playing on the Official PvP new servers who are about to feel the full force of capped Dino lines coming to smash into their base on June 4th.
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    I have two concerns at the moment, that would be amazing if you could address in the near future!: 1) Character loss, since its more frequent than i'd like to believe. 2) Support for character loss on genesis.
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    I remember tranqing my first bronto. He spawned next to my little thatch box and trampled all the trees in the area (which don’t respawn cuz singleplayer). Once I learned tranq arrows I went to take him on. It was an intense battle but I won. Named the fella chad. I unfortunately deleted the save but I actually kinda felt attached to this bronto
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    Single Player, The Island, Saturday April 25, Started fresh on the island and immediately got to work in leveling up so i could get raft to go to herbivore island, tamed a dodo and parasaur, and then was taming a 2nd parasaur when i got attacked by a few dilos my 1st parasaur scared em, then my second one and I fought em off. I died and so did my para but i killed em in the end. Then got set to work on a houseboat, with the basic supplies, smithy forge, storage etc. Then I loaded up my dinos and set sail, got half way when i got attacked by a leed, had to hit the shore for repairs,when i got here i noticed the leed had knocked my para off, what i did not realize is that it was carrying everything. Sunday April 26, Counted my losses and set sail and made it to herbivore island with no bumps, Explored and scouted out the island and set to clearing a base spot, once I had a spot I made a little stone base and set to work on getting it furnished . Then I set out to get a couple of tames. By the end of the day I had flak, metal shield, a 219 ptera, and a 209, stego, and was level 79.
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    This is a joke right? Buy a game to play so you can have other people tell you how you should play it ? Just stop please LOL C'Mon
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    RMT happens in PvE too and it's a fairly large market (not PvP large but big) so all servers PvE wouldn't eliminate it completely.
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    yes, it is the plesiosaur mission (hunt). Just be wary because the brute x megalodons it spawns with in the last fight are no joke in the harder dificullties.
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