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  1. Maybe you can cryo the bee and trow it out with cryo-sickness on the clone-chamber?
  2. You can buy it on Steam, then you get the game for Linux. As a Linux user myself, I recommend you try using the windows version through Proton first though, it has way better graphics then the Linux version. If it won't work, install the normal Linux version.
  3. Maybe you still need the extinction and genesis notes? You seem to need both DLC for that though, but here are the coords (in german, but should still be readable) : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1930801156&searchtext=Perfect+Explorer
  4. Yeah on Linux you can only play the Island map right now. All the other maps crash, sometimes with this report: most times it crashes without any report. Posted a bug report two weeks ago, no reaction yet. But hey: the last three updates the Linux version didn't even launch at all for at least a week, so I'm glad to at least be able to play on the Island. So be happy and play on the Island, and hope today's update won't break the game.
  5. Got the same crash again in 311.72:
  6. This is not funny ... I was to slow. Why do patches never get tested at all before they get launched?
  7. Hotkey for Shoulder Mount It would be really useful if one could access your shoulder mount's inventory via a hotkey.
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