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  1. QOL suggestion for Dedi's: Maybe the standard interaction (e on pc) could be changed from "deposit all stacks" to "withdraw one stack"? Being that you can use a Stryder to deposit ans sort resources to all your dedicated storage's, I rarely deposit stuff directly into my dedi's.
  2. I don't think you can without editing your game files, sorry.
  3. Yeah, its awesome. Love #9 and #10 especially, I'd love to build a vacuum compartment base on a Mosa with these changes.
  4. zsenden


    That's one good looking base!
  5. Astrodelphis and Therizino are awesome, but the Baryonyx ist the best.
  6. Not sure if anyone reads this, but reacting on Ced's tweed (What's on your #ARKBuildingTLC?) without having twitter: I'd love to see upside down wall triangles, thek giant hatchframe and railings being sloped on stairs/ramps/ceilings like in s+.
  7. zsenden


    I'd absolutely love to see X-Therizino's in Genesis 2.
  8. Well given that they haven't learned not to release unfinished untested content for over 6 years, I think a bit of pessimism isn't too unwise. I sure won't and won't recommend anyone to buy anything, including Genesis, in early access or pre-order.
  9. As is tradition, the latest update once again completely broke the game for Linux. So if you use Linux you might want to disable anto-update on steam and play offline. That was fixed fast! Thx
  10. Just reinstalled yesterday, does this still work for anyone? Because I don't have the 'Shootergame.app' in my Ark directory, only the 'ShooterGame' one. Files are verified and all DLC are checked in Properties on Steam.
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