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  1. Hope the bat gets the echolocation ability to track dino's like the radar-stryder and/or your tames. It wasn't high on my list, but I think it'll be a good one. Also love the whining of people unironically thinking a Carchadontosaurus is boring and a cow isn't. Please keep complaining, it's very entertaining.
  2. Well... Tried normally at 12:00 EST, -NewYearsEvent in the steam launch options and in the advanced tab: no event. After a look in the patch notes I suspect it's indeed impossible to get this on SP, as the 341.56 New Years update is only for servers, clients still run 341.36 Wish you all a great 2022.
  3. Ragnarok next to the Green Obelisk is the biggest flat spot on ARK I think, ~57|36.
  4. This is a pretty good explanation video for the event from last year, and in the comments, the creator states that the event starts in SP but you can't change the time. So I'm gonna try start my SP at local equivalent to 12 PM EST (a few minutes before), and see what happens. All other events work on SP, so why shouldn't this one?
  5. For the New Years Event on Singleplayer: do I have to enable it via command, or does it work automatically like Winter Wonderland and other events?Does it work at all in Singleplayer? Didn't check last year.
  6. Maybe there's a mod that does that, but there's no way to turn that off right now.
  7. Has been like that for a long time. But wait till you go to the caves: they have even worse graphics making the impossible on Linux. Try using the proton version (left-click ark in your steam-library, properties, compatibility), it has official support since lately and works much better. They've even announced that they want to make the proton version the default in the future.
  8. Is it just me or is the Baryonyx the perfect mount in the Gen II space biome? It is fast and can sprint, you can use weapons on it's back and it has decent stats. It even can use it's tailspin to stun these pesky Voidwyrms! Only disadvantage is that you'll need to pack some fish-meat because it can't get that in space and it won't eat regular meat. So if you want to search for high level space creatures, take a Baryonyx.
  9. Wow, that's awesome news! Proton was already the go to on Linux, because on native Linux the graphics are horrible, but with support it's even better. Good decission to make Proton default for Linux!
  10. I've had a few event drops on SP, they just seem rare because they despawn but the normal drops don't. So if you loot the normal ones, they should spawn.
  11. WC is on the US-East-Coast, so it'll be quit a few hours probably.
  12. QOL suggestion for Dedi's: Maybe the standard interaction (e on pc) could be changed from "deposit all stacks" to "withdraw one stack"? Being that you can use a Stryder to deposit ans sort resources to all your dedicated storage's, I rarely deposit stuff directly into my dedi's.
  13. I don't think you can without editing your game files, sorry.
  14. Yeah, its awesome. Love #9 and #10 especially, I'd love to build a vacuum compartment base on a Mosa with these changes.
  15. zsenden


    That's one good looking base!
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