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    Let me translate it for everybody: Fortunately, the current situation in the US serves as the perfect excuse to postpone this update. I cannot remember a single early access update delivered on time. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate all those delays during the last 5 years.
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    Given the situation in the US, and the rest of the world right now, we will be rescheduling the ARK in-game celebration until Thursday, June 11. We understand that our community has much anticipated the ARK in-game party and the launch of Crystal Isles, and we're looking forward to sharing all we have prepared for you next week. We felt it would be inappropriate to celebrate milestones during the present time as there are bigger things afoot, and that outweighs any plans we otherwise had. We believe now is the time to be respectful and hear the voices of others. Studio Wildcard
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    Typical Americans. Not everyone lives in the U.S. But yeah, let's make the world wait and watch while we deal with our problems.
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    Introducing Summer Bash 2020 Break out your shades and catch some rays in the 2020 Summer Bash event. If you ever needed an excuse to celebrate summer and soak in some sun, we've got you covered. From June 25th to July 14th the second Summer Bash event will be underway. Spend your time relaxing by the beach in the new Hawaiian shirts or have a fight your tribe using the new water-gun skin. However you choose to spend your summer in ARK, Summer Bash is bound to cook up a lot of entertainment. Rate Boosts 3X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation) 4X Player XP 4X Harvesting 4X Taming New Emotes Guitar Riff Drum Solo Head Banger New Skins 4 new Hawaiian-style shirt Skins 3 new Swimsuit Skins BBQ-themed Grilling Spatula (Club Skin) Frisbee Skin (Boomerang) 1 Sunglasses Skin w/ customizable lenses Super Soaker style Squirt Gun Skin (Flamethrower) New Chibi Pets Manta Ammonite Cnidaria Plesiosaur Astrocetus Event-Colored Wild Creatures Dino Dark Blue Red White Dino Sky Blue Dark Red Blue Light Grey Cream Cammo Orange MediumTeal DarkBlue LemonLime Peach Coral We at Studio Wildcard wish everyone a sun-filled summer with tons of fun. Until next time! Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark
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    I stand in solidarity with black people. Ark players are primarily white and it's about time we experience some dissapointments, setbacks and letdowns so we can feel the pain experienced by African Americans. I support the event/new map being postponed until racial disparity is 100% solved in the US and abroad. Black Lives Matter
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    u know saying black lives matter is kinda racist touching this to kids would make them think other races dont matter how about all lives matter
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    Just in time as always... Less than 1 day left and wildcard msg us...
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    This is such a BS excuse. Delaying this release has absolutely nothing to do with what is going on in the US at the moment. This is utter BS excuse
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    Half these pansies don’t know about 24 hour theri tames or sitting in your quetz trap floating in the air for four hours . Had it easy I say
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    I am so disappointed by everyone. There are literally people being murdered. Abused. Sentenced to jail because we are trying to change our country for the betterment of a race. So what they're not prepared to handle an event and also the release of a new map. Yeah, i get it. they're not on time like always. But take a look around in the world. Please. Can you not put yourself into someone else's shoes and have a little bit of faith? I guarantee you a lot of people would be saying the complete opposite if these things were supposed to be released on time. "how dare they when innocent people are rioting and being beaten" This is an American based game. Ced is fighting the long fight. We are all ready for change. Get your heads out of your butts for just enough time to see that they're trying to be considerate. Everyone's lives matter right now. You guys should be angry, but this is not the time or place to be.
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    It is known people use the Ob's for the boss. It is also against the CoC. In this particular case they asked them in chat and were told to F off. If you don't take action at that point you aren't being peaceful or non toxic, you're inviting everybody to use you as a door mat. I have a strict ask once in chat policy. I'll send everything in even on Rag. You do it enough, people learn.
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    It was called Summer Bash last year, which means it hasn't been called 4th July event for at least 2 years now. Also, this is a much longer event that spans a much wider length of time than 4th July. Rather than make a fuss about it just be happy, because there's been absolutely NO signs that anyone in this community cried about it being 4th July before, therefore that means that YOU are the only one that crying over the situation, a situation that didn't exist in the first place.
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    Imagine thinking bugs in a game are anywhere near on the level of systemic social injustice.......
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    Given the situation All over the world, we will postponed it to infinity and beyond
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    Innocent people rioting? Those that are being arrested, deserve to be arrested for the BS. They're pulling right now. Protest, I think it's great but when you're rioting, you're hurting your cause. Near where I live these innocent rioters you're taking about, blocked traffic, when an uber driver tried to back out and get away, they got her out of her vehicle, best the crap out of her so bad she was hospitalized and they destroyed her vehicle, her way of making money and supporting her family. I'm going to assume, since you believe these scum bag rioters are innocent, that she probably deserved it. Most white people are not racist, most cops aren't racist. Most people are good, you just have a few bad apples making things worse for everyone, like that sausage head cop. Anyone rioting deserves to have the sht beat out of them, maybe then they'll realize burning down your local businesses is about as stupid as it gets. Like, how stupid are some people, thinking destroying people's livelihoods, businesses that employ a lot of these communities. Here's a thank you for being a part of the community and supplying jobs, ima burn down your building.... Give me a break scum bags, I hope they bring in the military to handle it, most good Americans would support that, hell they'd probably jump in and help... I know I would.
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    *heavy sarcasm and jokes incoming, please dont take it seriously and have a laugh* Wildcard team wants to fulfill our wishes. They are out there for a week now, rioting with others, just because they want to loot that brand new hardware to improve server stability. Ofc they didnt have time to finish new map when they have to fight off hundreds of people looting the store. They gonna grab those expensive graphic cards and full HD or 4k monitors so they can provide us with dope screenshots and gameplay videos. Idk how can you not see this. We will get a 5x rates to loot and stash all resources from the map and the dinos will be in black and white colors, dont you worry. Now on a serious note: Wildcard isnt the only company announcing this. I guess they hopped on the solidarity train and do as other game studios have done - so no-one can point a finger on them for ignoring whats happening. Why are you so impatient, just so you can have some new bugs and glitches to whine about and spam how incompetent they are? Cyberpunk was delayed by 6 months this year and no-one bats an eye. Wildcard pushes back the release of a FREE map for a week and everybody looses their minds. For me - yea sure, I dont mind. Whats the difference? I dont really care if I get the map this or the next week, I got plenty of things to do in ark even without it.
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    stfu, stupid pointless post by some wc employee. you suck, your game is broke. fix it if you want someone to cut you a break. they are dealing with pc/console/mobile? they are getting paid by pc/console/mobile? for broken poop. you can remove this post im sure, like you do so many others. your game still broke.
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    IF they leave them there, it's fair game, they don't have to leave them on the obelisk. You don't have to give a warning, just send them to a gamma brood and walk away. Players need to learn how to share the space.
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    It’s been five exciting years since ARK: Survival Evolved opened the way to the ARK and survivors around the world set out on half a decade’s worth of adventure. In this Crunch, we’ll be covering the unique, real-world dinosaur, the Tropeognathus, the much anticipated Crystal Isles launch, our fun Anniversary Event, and a blast from the past by way of Timecapsule Servers. Crystal Isles Launch If you’ve been following the mod community, you’re probably familiar with Crystal Isles. Its supernatural beauty won the hearts of the ARK community since its debut as a mod in 2016. For four years it has grown to over 240K subscriptions and has called for many requests for the community to make it an official map. We’ve decided to give it a new coat of polish to bring out its true shine. The newly updated Crystal Isles launches with a 150 sq km map with a wide variety of awe-inspiring biomes teeming with life. Whether you think you know Crystal Isles or plan to explore this map for the first time, be prepared for new breathtaking discoveries. Build your bases high in rainforest canopies or mysterious floating islands, then dive deep into undersea caverns in search of resources. The Great Valley, a rainforest with bogs and towering tree limbs, lends new options for base-building and traversal. Eldritch Isle, an eerie and challenging realm, will be worth braving for its valuable resources like element and oil. Emberfall, a fantastic region of vibrant foliage and volcanic danger, will reward those who chose to explore in the region. Perhaps most awe-inspiring, Apotheosis, a cluster of floating islands tangled with vines and roots, shot through with cavernous pockets and spilling over with waterfalls. With three types of crystal wyvern for you to tame and breed and a new custom boss arena, Crystal Isles is sure to keep you busy. Celebrate ARK’s anniversary with an updated Crystal Isles map and a new real-world dinosaur for you to tame on ARK’s PC Official Server networks! And of course, with a new map, comes new servers! Please remember that transfers into these servers will only be enabled for characters and not creatures or items. We'll be opening those up at a later date, however, transfers out are enabled for characters, items, and creatures. Crystal Isles - ARK Expansion Map on Steam Unofficials can host the map themselves using the following map name: CrystalIsles Protip: Adjust your map filter to CrystalIsles to find them quicker! EU-OfflineRaidProtection-CrystalIsles-CrossArk5 EU-PVP-CrystalIsles-CrossArk1 EU-PVP-CrystalIsles-CrossArk2 EU-PVP-CrystalIsles-CrossArk11 EU-PVP-CrystalIsles-CrossArk13 NA-OfflineRaidProtection-CrystalIsles-CrossArk6 NA-PVP-CrystalIsles-CrossArk8 NA-PVP-CrystalIsles-CrossArk12 NA-PVP-CrystalIsles-CrossArk9 NA-PVP-CrystalIsles-CrossArk10 NA-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles-SmallTribes112 NA-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles-SmallTribes113 EU-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles-SmallTribes114 EU-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles-SmallTribes115 EU-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles-Conquest33 EU-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles-Conquest34 NA-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles-Conquest35 NA-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles-Conquest36 NA-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles803 NA-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles804 NA-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles805 NA-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles806 NA-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles807 NA-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles808 NA-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles809 NA-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles810 NA-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles811 NA-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles812 NA-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles813 NA-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles814 EU-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles815 EU-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles816 EU-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles817 EU-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles818 EU-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles819 EU-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles820 EU-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles821 EU-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles822 EU-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles823 EU-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles824 EU-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles825 EU-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles826 OC-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles827 OC-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles828 OC-PVP-Official-CrystalIsles829 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles830 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles831 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles832 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles833 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles834 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles835 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles836 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles837 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles838 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles839 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles840 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles841 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles842 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles843 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles844 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles845 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles846 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles847 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles848 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles849 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles850 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles851 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles852 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles853 NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles854 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles855 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles856 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles857 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles858 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles859 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles860 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles861 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles862 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles863 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles864 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles865 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles866 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles867 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles868 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles869 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles870 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles871 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles872 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles873 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles874 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles875 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles876 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles877 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles878 EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles879 OC-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles880 OC-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles881 OC-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles882 OC-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles883 OC-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles884 Anniversary Event We couldn’t let our fifth anniversary pass without an in-game event to accompany it! Bring out your party hats, because from June 11th to June 24th, ARK will be celebrating the memories we’ve made along the way. In addition to Tropeognathus making its grand debut, we’ll be introducing 5 new chibi’s to collect. Looking to complete your chibi collection? A brand new feature for this event allows you to trade 4 for a new one in the forge. Throw a surprise party for your tribe-mates with the new pop-out birthday cake structure and have a get-together with your tribe wearing party hat skins from prior events! Event Details This event can be manually activated with the server arg parameter: -activeevent=birthday Dates: June 11th to June 24th Rates: 3X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation) 4X Player XP 4X Harvesting 4X Taming Creatures: 5 New Chibi pets Party Dodo (Harvested to get cake slices for event content) Content: Pop Out Birthday Cake Structure Epic Games Store Launch We’re hyped to welcome more Survivors to the ARK via our upcoming launch in the Epic Games store. For one week, players will be able to download a FREE copy of ARK for their personal library from the Epic Games launcher. Unlike “free weekends” the game will remain in your library for as long as you choose! Begin your journey on the island and see where the mysteries of ARK take you. Other than modding, the Epic Store version of the game will operate like the Steam PC version and will be updated in full parity with our Steam updates. Both platforms will support crossplay, which will be enabled on our Official Servers between Steam and Epic Games and Unofficial Servers can choose to opt-into enabling crossplay or not. Modding will not be supported at launch but we fully intend to have modding support enabled when the Epic Games Store supports it. For now, any servers that are set up to use mods will not display in the EGS version of ARK. Now is the time to dive into the expansive world of ARK and begin an epic journey! For those of you running dedicated servers, here's some info you need to know: When running a Crossplay or Epic Game Store server, the VOIP software will be default to use the Vivox, an alternative VOIP plugin. For those using Steam only, you can continue to use Steam VOIP (default) or alternatively opt into Vivox. Necessary Server Args: -crossplay (enables Crossplay on Dedicated Server) -epiconly (enables Epic Game Store only players to connect to the Dedicated Server) -UseVivox (enables Vivox on Steam only servers) Running a server with mods or without -epiconly or -crossplay will mean that the server will only accept player connections from Steam and not EGS. Download ARK on Epic Games Store And for the next week, ARK: Survival Evolved content on the Epic Games store is deeply discounted: Scorched Earth (50% off), Aberration (50% off), Extinction (50% off), and ARK Season Pass (50% off)! New Servers (Protip: Search for * in the session name filter to quickly identify them *NA-PVE-Official-Aberration729 *NA-PVE-Official-Extinction730 *NA-PVE-Official-GenOne731 *NA-PVE-Official-ScorchedEarth732 *NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland733 *NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland734 *NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland735 *NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland736 *NA-PVE-Official-Ragnarok737 *NA-PVE-Official-Ragnarok738 *NA-PVE-Official-Ragnarok739 *NA-PVE-Official-Valguero740 *NA-PVE-Official-Valguero741 *NA-PVE-Official-TheCenter742 *NA-PVE-Official-TheCenter743 *EU-PVE-Official-Aberration744 *EU-PVE-Official-Extinction745 *EU-PVE-Official-GenOne746 *EU-PVE-Official-ScorchedEarth747 *EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland748 *EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland749 *EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland750 *EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland751 *EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok752 *EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok753 *EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok754 *EU-PVE-Official-Valguero755 *EU-PVE-Official-Valguero756 *EU-PVE-Official-TheCenter757 *EU-PVE-Official-TheCenter758 *OC-PVE-Official-Aberration759 *OC-PVE-Official-Extinction760 *OC-PVE-Official-GenOne761 *OC-PVE-Official-ScorchedEarth762 *OC-PVE-Official-TheIsland763 *OC-PVE-Official-TheIsland764 *OC-PVE-Official-Ragnarok765 *OC-PVE-Official-Ragnarok766 *OC-PVE-Official-Ragnarok767 *NA-PVP-Official-Aberration768 *NA-PVP-Official-Extinction769 *NA-PVP-Official-GenOne770 *NA-PVP-Official-ScorchedEarth771 *NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland772 *NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland773 *NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland774 *NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok775 *NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok776 *NA-PVP-Official-Valguero777 *NA-PVP-Official-Valguero778 *NA-PVP-Official-TheCenter779 *NA-PVP-Official-TheCenter780 *EU-PVP-Official-Aberration781 *EU-PVP-Official-Extinction782 *EU-PVP-Official-GenOne783 *EU-PVP-Official-ScorchedEarth784 *EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland785 *EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland786 *EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland787 *EU-PVP-Official-Ragnarok788 *EU-PVP-Official-Ragnarok789 *EU-PVP-Official-Valguero790 *EU-PVP-Official-Valguero791 *EU-PVP-Official-TheCenter792 *EU-PVP-Official-TheCenter793 *OC-PVP-Official-Aberration794 *OC-PVP-Official-Extinction795 *OC-PVP-Official-GenOne796 *OC-PVP-Official-ScorchedEarth797 *OC-PVP-Official-TheIsland798 *OC-PVP-Official-TheIsland799 *OC-PVP-Official-Ragnarok800 *OC-PVP-Official-Valguero801 *OC-PVP-Official-TheCenter802 *EU-PVP-Official-Aberration-SmallTribes116 *EU-PVP-Official-Extinction-SmallTribes117 *EU-PVP-Official-GenOne-SmallTribes118 *EU-PVP-Official-ScorchedEarth-SmallTribes119 *EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland-SmallTribes120 *EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland-SmallTribes121 *EU-PVP-Official-Ragnarok-SmallTribes122 *EU-PVP-Official-Valguero-SmallTribes123 *EU-PVP-Official-TheCenter-SmallTribes124 *NA-PVP-Official-Aberration-SmallTribes125 *NA-PVP-Official-Extinction-SmallTribes126 *NA-PVP-Official-GenOne-SmallTribes127 *NA-PVP-Official-ScorchedEarth-SmallTribes128 *NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland-SmallTribes129 *NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland-SmallTribes130 *NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok-SmallTribes131 *NA-PVP-Official-Valguero-SmallTribes132 *NA-PVP-Official-TheCenter-SmallTribes133 *NA-PVP-TheIsland-CrossArk14 *NA-PVP-TheCenter-CrossArk14 *NA-PVP-ScorchedEarth-CrossArk14 *NA-PVP-Ragnarok-CrossArk14 *NA-PVP-Aberration-CrossArk14 *NA-PVP-Extinction-CrossArk14 *NA-PVP-Valguero-CrossArk14 *NA-PVP-CrystalIsles-CrossArk14 Tropeognathus Tame and saddle up your own Tropeognathus—ARK’s newest pterosaur—for a dizzying jet-fuel-powered ride into aerial combat, complete with powerful mounted flak cannon! This large pterosaur from the Cretaceous period can quickly gnash victims’ armor into bits, and when outfitted with a saddle containing a jetpack, its speed and maneuverability are second-to-none. Also providing a built-in flak cannon available to the pilot, this terror of the skies can engage in aerial combat with extreme deadliness. Tropeognathus makes its debut on the ARK with the introduction of our anniversary event! The creature can be found exclusively on Crystal Isles when playing on PC, and on console the flying terror can be encountered as a rare spawn on the following maps: The Island, The Center, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, and Valguero. Timecapsule Servers Before TEK suits and replicators, survivors experienced the Island in a much different way. Traversing the landscape provided unique challenges without many of the creatures we know and love. It might be hard to imagine The Island without the Redwoods biome or the numerous caves that have been added but earlier survivors will have distinct memories of this era in ARK’s history. Many of the latest creatures that serve as companions, utility, and defense in ARK’s modern era weren’t a concept yet. Time capsule servers will offer a unique perspective and highlight the progression of ARK’s content, lore, and community when compared to the current day. While we’re happy to take this trip down memory lane it’s important to remember that Timecapsule servers are a snapshot of a moment in time. They won’t receive any customer service support or future updates. The Timecapsule Experience Here are a few notable features of the 2015 Timecapsule build: No TEK Engrams No fabricated snipers, compound bows, pump action shotguns or longneck rifles Flyer speed can be increased If you'd like to take a look at ARK in its most primitive days, you'll need to opt into our special branch in your steam ARK configuration. You can do so by following the steps below: 1) Right-click on the ARK game in your Steam library and select "properties" 2) Select the "Beta" tab 3) Locate "timecapsule" in the drop-down menu and select that. 4) Select close, patch ARK, and start punching trees! EVO Event While the Anniversary event is active, there will be no special EVO rates. The event rates for Official servers: 2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation) 4X Player XP 4X Harvesting 4X Taming Thank You! We’d like to thank the community once more, as we truly appreciate all the passion and support you’ve shown the game. While we couldn’t have foreseen quite how the last 5 years would play out, from primitive dwellings to hyperspace whales, our vision for the ARK franchise is as strong as ever. So stick with us on this rollercoaster ride into the future, as we look forward with you to tremendously exciting years ahead for ARK, where the very definition of survival continues to evolve. With gratitude, The Studio Wildcard team!
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    Npc' calling me a fat loser? Hey! Im new to the game, and is currently playing a non dedicated server with a friend.. Then suddenly i find a sign near my base saying fat loser. This have to be a npc right? Or do other people have access to my server?
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    100% this. A pregnant BLACK woman, by the way.
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    Preview 39 now available. http://www.miragesoftware.co.uk/ARK/Apps/ARKViewer_Preview39.zip Added command line export options. Use: Specified input save file ARKViewer.exe option "C:\Test\output.json" "C:\server\saves\TheIsland.ark" Configured save file but specified output file: ARKViewer.exe option "C:\Test\output.json" Configured save file exported to your documents folder ARKViewer.exe option When using saved config the output filename is optional and if not provided it will default to using your Documents\ARKViewer_Option.json Options: wild - exports all wild data in json format using the columns, and any background Id's, used by the viewer grid on the "Wild Creatures" tab. tamed - exports all tamed data in json format using the columns, and any background Id's, used by the viewer grid on "Tamed Creatures" tab. structures - exports all player structure data in json format using the columns, and any background Id's, used by the viewer grid on "Player Structures" tab. tribes - exports all tribe summary data in json format using the columns, and any background Id's, used by the viewer grid on "Tribes" tab. players - exports all player data in json format using the columns, and any background Id's, used by the viewer grid on "Players" tab.
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    Lol bro your plain racist
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    Something definitely looks unequal here...
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    And who is to say, next week will be better than this week?
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    1 day before.Ppl probably set plans at start of week for days off.this is not acceptable.there needs a given time for issues like this so that you dont fail the community
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    The Center : Needs updates or good as is? Hello everyone, there is a really old discussion thread that you can access here, and that is the main basis behind this post. That thread has since died out, so I thought I'd try to revive it with this new thread, which will continue on that old one. The 2 threads will be very similar, and that is for good reason. So a shoutout goes to @SirPeter, the creator of that original post. So The Center was the second map added to ARK: Survival Evolved, and it is a great one, but that is mainly in the aesthetics. Once you get past all of the terrific views, the map starts to get stale and all of the problems start to be noticed. Don't get me wrong, I still love the map, and I even find myself playing it to this day, but it still needs fixes and improvements to become a fan favourite. This thread will outline all of the issues, bugs and things wrong with The Center, and it will also try to brainstorm new things that could be added. This post is a discussion thread so feel free to add your thoughts and ideas down below. I will add all of your comments to this post, as well as credit you. First, let's talk about things which is the map is missing, issues with the map and the bugs associated with it. Issues and Bugs The Center has many holes to get under the map, as well as areas where you can mesh through the map. The Center has many meshing spots and map holes. This makes it really difficult for the average PvP player to play without getting trolled, raided, or falling through the map. There are areas in the Cliffside Cavern and The Center (floating island) where you are able to reach normally unaccessible areas and build in them. I recall there once being, possibly still there, an area where you can build under the map that even has Kairiku spawns. Anyways, the terrain needs to be fixed to prevent meshing and kill barriers need to be put underneath the map to prevent people from purposely trying to go there. Many of the resources on the map you are unable to harvest. This is one of the problems I find with the map, and although some may not think it is that serious, it downgrades the maps quality far below others like Ragnarok and Valguero (both of which have custom resource harvestables). A few examples of unharvestable resources I can think of on The Center are mushrooms in the Redwood Forest (which in my opinion should give Rare Mushrooms) and a lot of the bushes and reeds in the Swamp. The map does not receive updates. Studio Wildcard is constantly coming up with new maps and updating old ones, but apart from the Redwood Update, The Center has barely seen any updates, ever. Personally, I think the map should get some more love from the developers, and we will also be brainstorming ideas for a potential new update later in this post. The map has no unique features. The Center does not have anything unique associated with it apart from the map itself. It is just that a map. It has no unique items, structures, weapons, resources, creatures or anything else that fits inbetween. Heck, even Ragnarok has unique harvesting nodes and creature variants, even new mini-bosses. The map has no lore or story associated with it. Personally, with a map as beautifully crafted as The Center is, I found it a real shame that there was no lore associated with it. Don't get me wrong, Ragnarok and Valguero are just as deserving for lore, but this is Center specific map so I won't get into detail on those maps (both of which deserve lore as well). Parts of the map (mainly rocks) strangely become invisible and visible depending on where you are. The height limit is too low to the ground. Grass goes through the floor when building in areas with high vegetation. Caves have tremendous overspawning which ruins them. The overspawning of the cave creatures makes the map extremely laggy. The game thinks that the underwater bubbles are still part of the water. Basilosaurus dies in the lake under the floating island and in the underworld, because the game still thinks that it is deep underwater. New Ideas Fix all of the previously mentioned issues. Make creatures spawn in the Underwater Bubbles. Currently, no creatures spawn in the underwater bubbles. I think that spawns for certain creatures in them should be added. Make Achatina spawn in the ruins. Add more creative ruins instead of the normal, overused ones currently on The Center. Similar to how Ragnarok has dungeons, traps, buttons, castles and harvestable wreckage, I think The Center should have more unique ruins. New Aberration biomes, on caves (and maybe above ground as well?). Add in Aberration Spawns into their deserving caves. Ragnarok has Scorched Earth. Valguero has Scorched Earth and Aberration. The Center needs Aberration. Make the animals in the Underground World Aberrant variants. They are literally found underground. Improve on the spider nest cave. Maybe make it so if you shoot the eggs they explode and thousands of baby spiders pop out and attack you. The nests should also give Silk. The Spider Nest has the potential to be an extremely unique area. I'd hate to see the idea be wasted. Add Griffin spawns on the Floating Island. It makes sense that Griffins should spawn up there. It would also give more of an urge to actually go there. Add passive creature spawns in the Lava Oasis Cave (formerly West Lava Cave). The gave is filled with grass, flowers, mushrooms, and pools of water. This would be a great area if passive mobs spawned here. Add Icthyornis spawns on the Iceberg. It really does make sense. Ragnarok has some huge trees in some of the jungle lakes which you can build Redwood Tree Platforms on. Valguero has some of these as well. It's about time these come to The Center's Swamp Biome. Maybe a new floating archipelago biome? Perhaps this could be placed over the edge of the world? I already said that the height barrier of the map should be increased, so maybe this could be found really high up? Maybe not a Scorched Earth biome, but definitely Scorched Earth resources (salt, silk, ect.....). Make the thunderstorms less common. Add new Rough Waves weather event. Add a tides mechanic to all of the water-land areas. Improve the Redwood Mountains Biome. Add more underwater biomes and add underwater engrams. Fire Wyvern spawns on Lava Island. (Bruvas78) Sulfur spawns on Lava Island. (Bruvas78) Mantis spawns on Lava Island. (Bruvas78) Death Worms on Half-Burnt Island. (Bruvas78) Ice Wyverns on the ice mountains. (Bruvas78)
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    Finally got lucky..... i'm sure this may not impress the veteran ARK players, but, since i play solo and still new to the game I've constantly wondered how the heck I would ever tame either a Tapejara or an Argentavis by myself. Do i build a trap of sorts, if so how, how do get a Tapejara from it's sky high circling alone? How do I lock down an argentavis? While meandering around the western side of The Island, I found a lvl 20 Tape on the ground stuck in the trees, so jumping down, then being put to sleep by a couple troodons, I tranq''d it and started taming it. Then 2 Argentavis were hanging around uncomfortably close. Since they are carrion feeders I didn't know if they viewed the Tape as a meal. The orange and black lvl 16 argentavis circled then moved away. A second lvl 6 Arg landed in front of me, I got scared and panick-shot it in the head from a crossbow, then it got stuck in a couple trees. So by the 4th shot it started flying away, dropped out of sight unconscious, only to be 30 feet from me. So i was able to get that at the same time. Of all the times I curse the piss-poor pathing of tamed creatures, this is one time said pathing helped.
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    Newcomers story Hi all, I suppose those who are reading the forums have played for a long time, but I felt like telling a newcomers story might be fun for some of you guys. I'm completely new to the game, downloaded it perhaps a week ago and decided I'd start playing local to find out which buttons to press and what to do to survive. I suppose there's always something left to learn, but to get started it was probably a good idea. And while I did die a few times, the recent story of a survival might be much more interesting. Ok, so I started out alone on that island (well it felt like an island - I haven't been around it, yet) and started learning. I crafted some clothes, basic tools, built a first hut, a campfire. Good. Things started to work. I started taming a few dinos. Things seemed easy. There were plenty of berries everywhere - so I never felt short on food. Stone and wood were a plenty. The only shortage was on hide, so I could never come up with a saddle or a workbench or anything that requires large amounts of hide. Creating a hide-set or armor was a major undertaking, but I did it and the dinos supplied me with plenty of carrying capacity, albeit not riding possibility. My little family had grown to consist of a stegosaurus, a trike, a friendly parasaurus and 2 friendly little Lystrosaurus, a pair to be precise. I have set them to breeding, but nothing has happened, yet. I started to feel confident, despite some unfortunate deaths. I was still lacking hide and I desired to saddle at least one of my dinos. So I eventually decided to explore a nearby swamp. I had noticed this area to be more dangerous for several reasons. One of which was I had died to a Titanoboa when I had got lost a few days earlier. However I had also seen instructions on how to get a lot of hide from these animals and I was willing to take up on them. This time knowing what to expect and being prepared (with stimulants and weapons and tactics and most of all my trike, who had proven a capable fighter when attacked by a raptor on the beach). So I took my usual exploration team (Trike + Para) and went out into the swamp, as usual collecting some stuff along the way. I was amazed when I stumbled upon those huge Paraceratherium, that felt very peaceful there. So I slowly made my way forward into the swamp. Everything seemed fine, but my prey (the Titanoboa) was nowhere to be seen. Then, suddenly everything changed. I literally stumbled upon a Sarcosuchus. It was suddenly in front of me and attacked. I immediately retreated trying to find a tactical position, but my trike attacked selflessly while my parasaur (though set to flee and follow at distance) seemed to hug me in fear. It was permanently in my way not allowing me to fight. I had no idea how the trike and sarco would match up. Despite the fact that it had proven it's fighting ability this was certainly an enemy of a class I had never matched up again. I was not willing to run - I liked my creatures and I had spent some effort taming them. Besides they were stuffed with goods. I started shooting the sarco with arrows. Despite many words here, these events didn't take very long and soon my trike went down. The victorious Sarco however ran around the body of my trike and I kept shooting. Then I didn't trust my eyes as the Sarco stopped moving. I was expecting it to be unconscious, since I thought I was shooting paralyzing arrows. It was quite a while later that I realized I had switched to stone-heads (since the paralyzers are useless against the boa anyways). In the inventory of the Sarco I found a full leather suit and some other stuff, indicating that it had fed on another non-survivor earlier. Well - my Trike gone and probably my para, too (or maybe the para died in the oncoming events, I don't remember exactly) I was panting. That's been way too exciting for me. Well - I was alive and I had a dead Sarco and a dead trike in front of me - so make the best of it and harvest them. When I pulled out my axe, the boa attacked. The most unfortunate moment. I was poisoned immediately. I switched to spear and stupidly opened my inventory, since I thought I had the stimulants packed there. I then realized I had put them in the quick-access for convenient access. Well - things you do when you get rushed. Second time within a few minutes. I was nervous as hell. But after activating my stimulant, I switched weapon to spear and applied the tactics I had learned before. Move backwards and keep stabbing. It worked. I was drained (from the stimulant), panting and felt exhausted even from directing events here at my keyboard. But I was still alive. The poison had vanished, the Boa was dead, too, and I was alive. Oh well. The family had lost two of it's most reliable fellows, though. But I was still in the swamp. So I harvested the boa and tried to find my way out, keeping away from areas that looked even remotely dangerous. Without a suitable transport, the valuable prime-meat perished on my way home. I hadn't had any before and now it went to waste. But I made my way home. There I was ... trusted stone walls and inventory intact (except for the stuff on my two dinos) I was home. Now I have to mourn my two fellows. Oh... and get new ones, of course. And hopefully, finally get a saddle. So that's been my first days on Ark. What do you think? Should I abandon my local play and join a server? I like to coop.... and there's soooo much to learn, still. Anyways - I hope you guys had some fun reading. Regards, Eleusius.
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    If you take it, keep it in PVE please, best way to take dino selfies.
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    well considering almost every complaint on the forums is official only problems it's hard for that to not be the answer to most problems.
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    i dont see why u doing a 2x breeding considering we already got 2x breeding why not match it 4x with all the other stats because if not the event is not even worth it
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    Today I got another high level Rex at Carno island. Was having fun farming the island for a good bit and got lucky on a 145 Rex. I decided to bring it home and build a big raft made of stone to snuck him in there. I thought things were going as planned, well until I got attacked.... AGAIN. I didn't know this creatures existed and now im reminded of them, LEEDSICHTHYS. I knew i was in trouble when i was seeing big damage numbers on the raft that i built, so i tried as hard as i could to get as close to land as possible and it worked out for me somehow. 200+ hrs in and I still don't know that there are creatures like this in the game lol.
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    Today was such a great day on the island. Was able to finally craft the chemistry bench and industrial cooker. However all of that was overshadowed by despair... While i was flying on my Argentavis a rare sighting... UNICORN. It was all perfect timing i could bring it to my argentavis' claws and bring it to my home taming pen. As I put it down, I missed so i had to return and bring it back (keep in mind i also have my first otter tame on the beak of my argent. 2 for 1). I turned and went to take it on my claws again, and finally i was able to shoot it on my taming pen. Little did I know... DESPAIR was approaching... As i turned a pack of 4 raptors came sprinting... I tried to stop them but they were too many. Two of them managed to get up the ramp and into the taming pen were the unicorn was trapped.. I tried to help it with all my might but to no avail. Due to the ongoing chaos I dropped the Otter and he got munched on by the raptors... As I realized what had just happened, only one feeling came cruising over my body... RAGE At this moment I never felt bloodlust so powerful that even in death of the raptors, I was hitting air just to prove not a speck of them was left. From this day forth, every raptor I come across... MUST DIE EDIT: I love Ark so much lol, here's the 2 Otters I tamed right after all that happened. Tit for Tat I guess.
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    Aight today started with the joys and hopes and dreams from my last play period... and ended with death and sadness. I started my day full of good spirit and a plan. I spent about 10-15 mins grinding out a trap and tranqs. The trap was from syntac’s ultimate ark aberration videos. I had realized that because my last ravager was dead I still had no battle mount. About 20mins later and no high lvl ravagers I spotted a drop. Now I had been hitting up drops ever since I had gotten my glider suit. This is when the real fun started I looked into the drop and what do I see.. nothing but a asc ravager saddle!! Now it wasn’t a bp but if I did tame a ravager this would make it my battle mount and a good one at that. I had begun to glide back home and forgot I was holding shift. I was looking at the tree ceiling and suddenly began to fall into the water. Now no biggie I’ll just swim back to shore and walk back I wasn’t far. Didn’t even make it back to shore. You were killed by piranhas(100001) or something. Ok I’ll walk back. 2 feet from the beach and I got the message you were killed by a lvl 219 basilisk..... aight I’ll come from the cliff coming down a, carno killed me. A little frustrated I tried again, nearly got to my stuff when a spino and karkinos rolled up like family on a holiday. Dead again. Now the area around my stuff was littered with little green lights. I’ll spare the details but before I got my stuff back there were many many more green lights. Ugh. I headed back to base and logged. The asc saddle was nice but the death was not. Wasted my entire playtime just getting killed... hope you guys have better stories here is a screenshot of my dinky little base i cant seem to add a gliding screenshot...
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    I started on the Centre not long after release, then moved servers when my original was deemed legacy. I've only just (in the last 6 months) moved to Ragnarok due to immense server lag, server down time and disconnects. I love the Centre, but it's only since I moved that I've realised that it lacks on so many Dino's. For such a large map, I don't see any reason why spawns can't be implemented. Griffin's on the floating island is a great idea for one. Fire Wyverns spawning over burnt Island with sulphur nodes. Ice Wyverns over one of the snowy mountains. Mantis on Lava. The chance for a Death Worm on the burnt side of half burnt Island. Cliff platforms should be an unlockable engram too. The jungle isles were built for them!
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    How do you know ARK players are primarily white? Are you saying that black people dont or shouldn't play ARK? Thats pretty condescending assuming that. There is no possible way to measure the demographics of ARK players.
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    You are only making this situation worse. I have never been racist, nor my wife, nor the vast majority of people alive today. Your statement would erase all the changes made in the past hundred years of human rights. Is there racist people? Yes. Is it just 1 group? NO. Most people treat each other with respect and dignity. Have you rallied behind the cause of native Americans, Chinese citizens, women in Sharia law areas, or any other group? This whole "black lives matter" . How are these protests actually effective? When you say " black lives matter" you tell every other group that they shouldn't matter, this is not the days of wide spread racism. There is a small group of people of Every race who hates other races. Those people are nut jobs, whacks and dare I say backward thinkers.
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    I'm appalled at the hate thrown in the direction of Wildcard for doing this. Please allow me to point out a few things for those in the back who can't hear properly. 1. The United States of America is at a pivitol moment of crises. Wildcard, being based in the United States, has every right to take a step back to support the voices that need to be heard. To allow them to tell their story just as so many other forms of media are doing right now. I for one respect that, shouldn't you? 2. While yes the grass roots of this is Minneapolis (The U.S.) racism is NOT exclusive to that area nor our country. Protests are happening all over the world. 3. Yes, all lives matter, but not all lives are treated equal, fair, or just and that is what #blacklivesmatter is about. You cannot say ALL lives matter when there are so many still being persecuted and treated unequally just for the color of their skin. 4. Ark is a GAME. Although a game that I dearly love and have spent more hours than I truly care to admit playing it is just that, a game. It is not real life so please don't make fantasy a greater deal than reality. The reality of the world around us right now. 5. Many games have setbacks, push backs, glitches, broken elements, etc. Being passionate about a game you love as we do ARK is good but negativity and hostility to those who make that game available to us is rather reduntant not to mention rude. If you honestly have so much distaste for Wildcard then why are you still here? Instead of acting out like a child who cannot handle being disappointed once in a while may I suggest you grow up, get educated, and learn some compassion as well as understanding. It might just make your life more bearable. To @complexminded and the entirity of the team at Wildcard: I am proud of what you have built within this gaming community with ARK. Be proud of what you've done and what you continue to. You deserve it! I applaud you for this decision in holding of until the 11th. A few more days of waiting is well worth showing solidarity for those who deserve it around the world right now. You have my gratitude, support, and admiration!!
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    All lives matter. You idiot. Your helping the division..
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    Haha, they are actually using the protests and riots to cover up their delay. I can't believe I gave this company my $. Disgusting.
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    Fully support your decision. As all other games are doing same #blacklivesmatter #staysafe
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    good call sad that we have to wait for longer time for CI and ark anniversary but now is important time to listen
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