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    Rest in Peace SMO ALCON, Ark Devs, and Ark Social Media, I have reached out to Wild Card a few times over email and messenger, but my requests turned up nothing so far and no responses so I figured I would try the forums. My tribe mate of 3+ years and nearly 5,000 hours has passed away from Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. He was only 17 years old when he passed. We are on Island Server 46 Official PVE. We have been setup there since the server opened 3 years ago. One of his last requests was for a Laptop so he could play games like Ark while hospitalized. We setup a GoFundMe server wide and reached enough people to get him the funds to do so. Unfortunately, he passed away a couple weeks ago. Pictures of his character sleeping in a bunk bed in front of a transmitter were even used at his funeral as seen in the attached image. SMO was his character name and he loved Gigas. I have fridges full of his podded Gigas of all colors. He even named the base GigaCity. He was an amazing guy and some of you may even have interacted with him as he was a heavy trader on the forums. We on server 46 would like to host a Giga March in his memory where we will run around the entire server with his Gigas following us on ours. All that I ask from the people of Ark or Wild Card is assistance in locating a means to let this Giga March lead to something greater. Maybe a non-profit organization donation, Cancer foundation donation or children cancer hospital donation of some kind. We could have multiple servers run Giga Marches and twitch stream them. I am open to anything and anyway to try and make a difference for future cancer patients. They could be gamers just like the rest of us, but struck down so young by a terrible disease. Please any ideas, mediums or ways to let this turn into something greater would be greatly appreciated. We will miss you SMO.
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    ARK: Community QOL Catalog ARK: Community QOL Catalog The ARK community catalog is a list of proposed changes from the community and the design team. It's an universal list that the design team will work off of when prioritizing work. This is not meant to indicate that the items listed will go into the game. What is a quality of life request? It's generally considered a minor tweak to something that will result in a major convenience. What's the point of this list? Being a gamer, I realize it's hard to realize what the development team have and haven't seen. This isn't meant to replace our traditional methods of raising concerns and requesting changes to the game. This is a visibility and awareness initiative. If something isn't on this list, it's very likely it's not on a radar. I believe there's some value in knowing that as a gamer. What about bugs and requesting new content? This list is meant to encompass quality of life requests. While that term may be subjective, this isn't a list that's meant to contain new game additions IE: Add 3 Man servers. It's also not meant to be a bug list IE: Fix Manticore landing. While we may benefit from a list that's dedicated to those things, that's not what this list is meant for. What should I expect to happen? What I'd like to do next is have a session with the design team and begin indicating things we aren't going to do. That will leave us with a list of things we'd actually work on. From there, I'd like to indicate when we begin working on an item off of this list Will you keep adding to this list? Yes. I'll only be adding new quality of life requests to this sheet though. There's no update frequency at this moment. What are the statuses? Complete: We've completed and deployed the line item Archived: It's an item that has been seen/discussed with the design and development team New: It has not been seen by the design and development team Queued: The development team likes the idea and will prioritize it to be included in the future. Not Considering: The design and development team has seen the line item but will not be adding it. Why Google Sheets? We have internal systems that we use for project management, and rather than adding another system for them to manage (Trello, etc), I'd rather keep it simple and straightforward for the moment. In addition, we have a forum that I'd prefer to utilize over Trello. If this is something that is sustainable, we'll look at different ways of integrating this into the forum. What do I do if my request isn't on here? If your request is a bug, a new addition to the game, or not generally considered to be a quality of life request, it won't make it on this list. If it is and it's not listed, it'll get added in time. Ok, enough.. Where is it? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oMHjs3UiR2OwvUn0V6QQogL4uT0XRtxrua8Gs6mFa5M/edit#gid=0
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    New Players - A little advice. Greetings new survivors, It's my sincere hope that I can convey a positive message to help you as a new player, enjoy your Ark experience when joining the Official Servers. Thus, i'm up at 4:41am EST, writing this article in hopes that you'll take the time to read a few things and consider my words before you click that join button. Normally, I'd have 3 or 4 pages of things to say, but I'll keep this brief and spare everyone from a lengthy read. The General Rule (Atleast in PvE): 1. Don't just join the server without naming your survivor, the quickest way to spike suspicion and distrust is to log in as ""Human" or "Survivor." 2. Never join an official server and ask to immediately join a tribe, this is a big red flag and you'll immediately be shunned and cast the light of an "insider" on yourself. 3. Establish yourself, show that you are willing to struggle like others have. Build a base, attempt to tame a few dinos. 4. Show courtesy and respect if you want to receive courtesy and respect. Nothing ticks players off more than a shady/sketchy player stealing eggs or trying to get into their base without permission. 5. Try and keep trying, make an honest attempt to achieve goals before asking for help. Nobody enjoys people begging for help nonstop. 6. Respect the time each player puts into their bases, dinos and in the community. Nothing is more irritating than someone immediately asking for a Wyvern or Rex because they want to use an "I win" button. Dinos and resources take anywhere from hours to days, or days to weeks to raise. This is an investment of a player's time, and it's insulting when someone joins and immediately asks for someone else's time investment. In truth, you have to understand that ARK isn't an instant gratification type of game, everything takes time to obtain, tames, resources, etc. People put a ton of time into the game and for someone to tread all over those efforts is considered disrespectful by most players. Most good communities will help, they'll offer guidance, toss you some good things to start with, and will treat you respectfully if you show the community you aren't another freeloader. You also need to understand, that trust isn't something easily given. There is a risk if things aren't set up perfectly for someone with 6k hours of game play time logged to end up losing months if not years of work and progress. I'm particularly guilty of paranoia having had things taken without permission after being a good person and sharing access to my tribe/base and dinos. The moral of this post is to say, "Don't be a scrub." Play the game, learn the game, and get to know those you share a server with, it'll make your experience much easier. If you do like some of the more recent people on our servers and come in looking for immediate handouts and for us to play the game for you, you'll be sadly disappointed.
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    Hoping upcoming QOL improvements including activating Tek Helmet by different button not "E" And damn manticore landing issue.now facing with it in 3 maps by adding valguero official clusters.
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    Made quite a lot of progress in the dev kit, regarding the ice-themed test map. All creature spawns for the main land as well as icebergs are 100% complete. Tonight, I also finished all my custom loot tables for the supply crates. However, drops placement needs to be completed. I'll finish them up and place player spawns in a day or two. Map should be out for testing by friends/familly in a few days. My TODO list before public test release : - Add SFX. - Fully create/implement my snow structures tier (Resources already in the map). - Lower ocean floor in order to spawn dunkleosteus, plesios, etc. - Add ocean floor meshes. (I already have a trench concept for resources). - Get started on the inland caves network. (Which also acts as the entrance/proving grounds towards the mini-Ab zone.) - Get started on said mini-Ab zone. Still debating if I'll go heavy swamp or ice cave themed on that one... Let's go nuts and make it a frozen Aberration according to my map theme!
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    Finally, the Linux version of ARK client was updated and for the last couple of days I have been trying to build a safe place in PvP Valguero. I estimate 20-30 deaths per day, but now I can find my way back to my stronghold blindfolded from any spawn point. I discovered that you can drop any amount of distance into water as long as you miss rocks. About half my paths back home included diving off of the White Cliffs. I built a 1x1x1 stone cube in which to respawn, but I died before I could build a bed for it. The rest of the day was spent respawning and trying to make it back to my cube. I gave up on day 2 and cowered in place for a while. There are a lot of box canyons in the White Cliffs and some are narrow enough to build a wall across them with only a few walls. There were some rocks at the back of the canyon in which I was cowering behind which to hide and none of the carnivores seemed to wander too close. I built a foundation , a bed, and a storage box behind the rocks and called it my hideaway. I spent the rest of day 2 gathering resources for my walls. I would peek out from behind the rocks. If the Allosaurs, Raptors, and Dienonychus (ARD) were far enough away, I would run like mad for a tree or rock, gather some resources, and return. I would deposit everything in the box and run out again. If ARD caught me while I was out, I was only down a pick and a hatchet. I decided to use stone fence supports to make the fence level. While I was putting up the last few fence supports, an Anky wandered into my area and so I just trapped him in there. I will tame him later and he is not really bothering anything. I built a stone dino gate and built up two rows of stone walls. At last I had some breathing room. I built a forge and am still working on getting the resources for a smithy so that i can use the metal that I have gathered along with the rocks and flint. An Allo came over my two-high wall, but he just chewed on my trapped Anky and then left without bothering me. I really need the third and fourth course of rock to keep out bigger dinos. I wonder how high Dienonys can jump? Wild dinos keep falling off the cliff above my base into my base. Fortunately, they have all been nonagressive herbivores, but I am not set up yet to keep them after taming. They all seem to despawn in a few game days except for the original Anky which has been around for a couple of real days so far. I should be able to use this to safely tame a few dinos without having to guard them outside. I have had the following drop into my base: Sheep, horses, lots of kangaroos, and an armadillo. The next canyon over is walled off with a giant dino gate and I have not seen any movement from them since I got here a few days ago. I do not know if they are AWOL or just infrequent. I hope they do not take offense to my closeness and trash my base. Although I have defenses against dinos, people can get in easily by going up a little trail and jumping. The thing that I like the most about Valguero is that everyone is so busy trying to survive the tremendously aggressive and numerous carnivores that there is hardly any time to snipe each other or destroy bases. Ironically after I started wandering a bit further from my base as I gained confidence, I discovered thay my original 1x1x1 stone cube was almost in sight from my dino gate. I had almost made it home before I gave up, but it resulted in a much better home.
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    PVE does not want the snow owl 10 second immunity or the 2.6 second freeze ramp-up. It makes it much harder for people to tame Manas, Quetzes and other tames. It also makes purple OSD healing even more tedious and take longer. The no dismount on freeze thing is awesome though. That can stay. TLDR: Split PVP balances from PVE. Thank you.
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    Dear Mrs Parasaur Butcher, I regret to inform you that your son has died in the line of duty. The cause of death has been recorded as: Sacrificed self to save superior officer [ ] Heroic last stand in face of overwhelming odds [ ] Collateral damage in routine mining operation [X] Shot self in back of head (bullet) [ ] Shot self in back of head (arrow) [ ] Shot self in back of head (rock or bludgeoning instrument) [ ] "Food shortage" [ ] Miscellaneous [ ] As a token of our appreciation for his service, Private Butcher has been posthumously awarded the not applicable. Yrs etc, and could you get that out for the lunchtime post please, thank you Margaret.
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    Couldn't help myself and spent some time again in the dev kit on the test map... Here is the current progress : Next step, custom dino spawns & drops! Land creatures of the starter region will include (Creatures not seen here will be part of the harder regions of the main map) : + jerboas
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    Took some time away from the dev kit to work on my solo series (on a server, not in SP). Saturday, I leveled and tested out the gamma overseer crew on the beta/alpha megapithecus and succeeded. So I decided to prep up for the actual tek cave + overseer fight on sunday. Sunday, moved the crew at the entrance of said cave. Went in with 16 rexes (20k hp/550% dmg, 80 saddles), 3 theriz (same stats as the rexes) and 1 yuti. Took me about 45 mins to clear it (3/4 of the stuff can be sniped and dragged into the lava). Lost a single rex to the lava... stupid pathing IA. The actual fight was surprisingly easier than expected (despite losing 14 dinos). Here is what you should know if you ever want to do it solo as I did : - Ignore the defense units, unless your dinos are stuck in them. - Ignore the drones, they hardly do any damage at all. - Level your dinos into damage more than hp. The dragon phase will still take its toll no matter the hp of your creatures. Beta overseer is next!
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    Today i will breeding argy and ptera eggs, it´s my frist babies!!!!
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    So sorry to hear about this . I've passed it along to the team.
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    Still pottering around the Island base snd setting it up. With the Rag server on its last legs and the Valguero server looking a bit dodgey atm I am tempted to make it my main base of operation for the time being. Maybe work on some boss teams of various makes ups, maybe even think about solo dragon fighting. Overall I am pleased with how the Main Island base overhaul has come along.
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    PS4 Single Player Done a bit in the last few days. Took the Argy's over to the island but of course they disappeared when I tried to download them. I spawned a 135 and 140 to replace them. Didn't get the high melee but got better stam. I'll take it. Raised 2 up. One for battle, one to farm. I took the battle one out first. Grabbed 5 notes and started killing stuff. Came across a 140 Anky so I farmed up a quick trap and KO'd it. Might be the worse 140 I ever knocked but anything is better than a prim pick. After that was done, I grabbed the farmer and hit some more notes to get it levels. I decided I wanted a better pair of Anky's so I decided to head to Valguero. I made up some structures to build a spawn in point, loaded up my gear and the battle Argy. Spawned in and made my way to Green Ob which is the safest ob. Only had to outrun one set of Raptors and a Rex so not a bad trek. Decided to place my spawn in right at green. Then I remembered the poly dolphins so farmed up some mats to make cryo's for safer transport. Eyeballed some Anky's by green but all were lower level so I headed over to Chalk Hills. Looked for Deino eggs but found no nests at the usual spots. Spotted a 145 Anky so placed a trap and KO'd that. That one tamed out with 351 melee so acceptable. Then I found a 140 Female Anky so tamed her up. She had 340 something melee. Perfect pair for my needs. Loaded them up and back to the island. I bred them and got myself a baby for the imprint. More to follow in a bit...
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    I've been breeding Managarmr since I introduced them to my server. Had a selection of coloured ones I'd picked up but oddly after breeding a few generations I decided I liked the White/Grey ones best. Especially after I was able to breed out that horrible pink sheen they usually get on their sides. Got a baby without it and boy oh boy did he get put to good use with the ladies haha If only there was a way to breed out their corrupted tummys and tails. I really think the model would look better without it but oh well I just wish their damn speed didn't go up so much once bred. Moving them around the pen is so annoying when they run at 3 gazillion miles an hour Oh and I had this moment when Viserion decided he'd rather have a nap than give me a lift home. He looked so peaceful I just had to snap a photo
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    Not after the wipe they wont.
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    The not building in artifact caves has to be on every server not just classic. That is what all want!!!
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    I can understand you are frustrated by the situation but there is absolutely no reason to take your rage on someone that was just trying to offer insight on the update schedule. If you cannot handle others' comments then perhaps you should not be posting on a public forums.
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    SP Valguero (Foreword: The foundation in the cave is finished, and walls have sprung up out of the simple necessity to support the many AA::OCD Vaults needed to contain all the Phat Lewtz! Lights buzz and perhaps flicker from time to time in the base, especially when Goner is charging his Hagenuk MT-2000. But lately, thoughts have turned to assembling a cadre of Deinos...) We've got this down to a "T," or is it down to a "Tee?" "Hey, HLN-A, is the common expression down to a 'T' or down to a 'Tee?'" "Seriously?" she inquires. "Hmm, so I'm not going to be able to order groceries through you either?" "Funny. Have you ever thought about hugging a Kentrosaurus? I've heard they bring good luck." "Heh, not really," I concede. But we really do have this down to a T. And by this, I mean stealing Deino eggs. I've spotted another Deino nest in the White Cliffs area, which is of course surrounded by a bunch of the murder chickens. Knowing the routine, Triton maintains an altitude of angels two and flaps about a hundred meters away. At this point, it's all up to Appy. Oh, by the way, Appy is a new addition to the crew. She's a peach and charcoal colored jerboa with no fear, wearing a set of aviator goggles, a parachute, and carrying a small accordion. When we reach the jump-off point, she gives me a little salute and launches herself from my shoulder. A second later, her canopy opens, and Triton spirals downward back toward the nest. As Appy passes through the thousand foot mark, she starts playing the, "Beer Barrel Polka," on her accordion. It takes a second or two, but the Deinos soon notice and charge toward her descending form, necks craned upward. And as they're all hopping around below her, expecting a snack, Triton and I land, grab the egg, and launch skyward again. I look down as the Deinos charge angrily back, but they're too late. After that, Triton wings his way toward Appy, deftly catching her parachute in his talons (Sometimes closer to the ground than others), and heads toward safety. Aside from all the low level eggs we've recovered (Stolen) which will be used for kibble, we managed to nab two 150's and one 140. The two 150s have been hatched (Male and Female) and are maturing now. Unfortunately, I didn't bump the maturation level up high enough after the snow owl debacle a while back, so they should be fully grown in three or four years. Sigh.... (Edit by HLN-A: #ServesYouRight)
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    Console Halloween Event I'd like to see the Fear Evolved Halloween event return to console. It was by far the best event I've experienced in this game. Zombi wyverns, zombi dodos, grave yards, and entire server fighting the Dodowyvern; it was freaking great.
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    does that say pubic? instead of public tf
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    A productful day on Ark. Started off pottering around base before hoping across to Extinction to hit up a few Element Veins for dust to transfer across to Valguero to craft up element, wanted to craft up a Tek Replicator. After a brief panic search for my prized gigas (turns out they were on Ragnarok) I grabed a cryoed giga and went out in search for an vein on my managarmr. I ended up taking on two 10k element veins, an absolute breeze on my giga. It was just a bit of a drag, each wave took forever. The corrupted creatures had a habit of getting lost. But I completed them both and got the element. A quick conversion of the element into dust at the city terminals before transferring most of the dust to Valguero. Returned to Valguero and grabed a basilo and went hunting for black pearls in the deep under water cave. Success, came out with more than enough. Gathered all the resources for a replicator into a ravager, just in time for a beacon to come down near by our base. Got to the beacon and crafted up the replicator. Went back to base and installed the replicator. We have now official hit Tek Tier., I cant wait to start crafting up tek gennys and teleporters.
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    EU-PVP-Official-[REDACTED] It's been a quiet week on the mountain. Raiders tried their luck a couple of times, but losses were minimal. I'm satisfied that my base designs are at least up to the job of fending off the dumb ones, so now all I have to worry about are the smart, well-prepared, technologically superior attackers. Hmm. Currently working on a second backup base in the snow biome. The snow is my white whale, and by thunder it will be tamed like a whale. Celebration mid-week when Kimiko the Sabertooth reached her 24-hour anniversary, becoming the longest serving dino in the squad! The old girl eventually bought the farm at 26/27 hours, and will be remembered as a shining inspiration by future generations of cannon fodder.
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    Recovered from last nights antic. Crafted up a new set of equipment and bred up a new otter, Buizel II. Hatched up some more high level Deinonychus in an attempt to find higher stats, the 150 egg hatched up with our new higest hp stat. Need to work that into our current bloodline. Did a bit of exploring and some more hunting for stone bps, I think I have the main bps now. Finished up the night in a bit of a pickle. Off exploring the white cliffs for some more deino eggs with my thyla, I ended up becoming trapped in the big fortress creavas with the lake in the middle. The walls were at an incline and the tunnel exit was to small for thylas. I had send out an SOS and get an alliance member to give me a lift out with a wyvern. How embarrassing lol.
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    What else did I do today? I discovered, after 18 months of playing ark, that you can place markers on the map to record locations..... How did i never know this before? Hahah
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    Raised my new 170 Wyvern. Added a new layer and sloped roof to my Tower Tamed a Doed with my lil boy and added a new staircase to the repaired ruined Fort. I really wish Rock Drakes were in Valguero =(
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    This is definitely how you hold a crossbow. I have perfect form. I have returned to Ark to seek the vengeance that has been denied me for lo these countless days*. Let they who have wronged me know that my wrath is vast and all-consuming. Here I am playing Caveman Barbies with a skin taken from the mangled corpse of a raider who I bludgeoned to death and ate. It's all gone a bit Colonel Kurtz here on the mountain. *Eleven.
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    Above and beyond the call of duty, consider my fie thoroughly retracted. I shall raise my nightly glass of cod liver oil and cooking sherry in your honour. Watch out for this fella, there's something about him I just don't trust.
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    I didn’t lmao, thanks for mentioning it. It took me a bit of time to find them, but at least I don’t have to worry about an angry tribemate, who wonders where his Ptera is hiding
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    Official Valguero, PvP (then PvE), all by myself I got to the point where I was ready to tame larger dinos. However, this will be an all-day affair without at least Regular Kibble. I have a female stego, but this also requires crops which requires crop plots which I am not very sure how long they would last in a PvP environment. There is no way to protect the crops form pillaging or just vandalism. Greenhouse walls are breakable by just about anything and putting crops inside of anything else just does not work. This was the bit that finally convinced me to go to PvE. I created a new survivor (since survivors are not allowed to travel from PvP to PVE or vice-versa on offical servers) on a PvE offical Valguero server. I decided to stick with Valguero since I have become familar with several locations and it is more interesting to me than The Island. My initial spawn point was right next to a huge brightly-lit castle that covered most of the Small Islands with dragons and elementals sitting around everywhere. I expected the alarms to start going off and dinos to swarm me, but everything was passive and calm. I swam away as my heart rate went back to normal and I decided that I would need a while to readjust to a non-PvP atmosphere. I built a raft and started a superstructure, but I may wait to complete it until I can do it in stone. All the fancy buildings in PvE make me hesitant to build a mere square wooden box. The neighbors will laugh at me. There are pillars all over the area where I am at. I am not trying to build any kind of permanent structure until I get enough levels to build with stone. I am just building lots of foundations (first thatch, then wood) and throwing them away for the leveling exp. I made it to 23 last night and will probably make it to stone tonight. With all of the pillars around, my first "permanent" location will probably be a raft. I have built large (5x7 with superstructure) rafts before, but not with the intent to live aboard them. I have seen some good designs with dino traps built-in. After I make a decent raft, I will start wandering around looking for a good place for a base that is not covered in pillars (or covered in Allosaur packs).
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    Structure saver sounds like the best one up there, I thought about it myself from time to time. I think itll very convenient
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    Managed to get on for half hour or so in the end last night. Found this guy right by my base so dropped a quick trap down and grabbed him. image hosting
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    Somehow my White Mana mum and Grey Mana Dad managed to spawn this eyesore But hey. Another colour to add to my inventory should I ever want to breed bring pink things haha
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    Started my first online adventure yesterday and on PVP no less! Found a server with as few people possible on Scorched earth and began building up with my friend. Eventually we made contact with the only other 2 people on the server and found that they had just started as well so now we are all in a tribe together. I'm super excited about having outside input about the game that I cannot get from playing singleplayer. Already learning tons about PVP and how to not piss off the Alpha Tribe as best you can (I'm still not convinced there even is an Alpha tribe on the server, it looks pretty desolate). We have a morellatops, raptor and doed tamed so far (with lots of parasaurs that have laid down their lives for our cause) and are next to a great little mountain with crystal, metal, salt, obsidian and most important of all... Argie's.
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    Operation Aberration was quite the success, I tamed a low level bulb dog and managed to tame 2 ravagers, male and female, both of which tamed out at level 201. I hadn't planned on taming ravagers but it seemed fated and I have played long enough to know that when the ark giveth we taketh, because when you WANT it you won't find it. I also built a little resupply shack near the entrance to top up narcotics stocks and eventually tamed a 145 aberrant spino. I left the tames by the shack and ran to the entrance to catch a taxi (argy) back to base, grabbed the stuff to make a cryofridge and some pods. I wired up the cryofridge next to the chembench and raced off to retrive my new housemates. My next plan is to finish working on the base, I have had 2 lucky dino hunt days in a row and don't want to push my luck.
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    today i set out to make some organic poly from my gacha for the trade deal i had worked out, so I pulled out a iguanodon i had tamed in abberation who i had named "Fingers", he wasn't the highest level guy but at the time he worked for berries. I parked fingers over by the gacha and hopped atop the bronto, I didn't care what berries I got just as long as I got alot of them, and just a few minutes later, 3k of bronto weight filled with berries, a little thatch n' wood. I started pulling the berries off the bronto and using fingers masterful skills had him turn all the berries into seeds. I shoved the seeds into the Gacha who already were half full with owl pellets, and they promptly started chomping away and making me crystals. By the time all was said and done, i had 400 crystals, at 30 poly per crystal, i was sure that was more then enough. A Tribe said they were going to do the alpha tek cave and invited anyone who wanted to come, I decided to join them but not before breeding the rex that I was going to take with me. I grabbed a set of armor my gacha had given me earlier while making poly, and 200 medi brew just to be safe. and flew off to the tek cave to meet up with the tribe. they were doing a little prep work before they headed in and i just followed the lead, as I had never done the tek cave before. As we got to through the first part, everything seemed to be going pretty good, didn't seem as tough as what people were saying it was, and only 3 giga were encountered on the way in. we got to the teleporter, and headed in to the main arena, everything looked like it was going great. one inside they led us to the eplorers note in the chamber then shortly after the battle started. Not knowing what I was to do, i just followed what everyone else was doing and defended the yuty so it could keep the rexs buffed. It seemed to be going okay, but, i was watching the timer, and not enough damage was being done to the boss in corilation to how much time was left. when it rolled down to the last 5 minutes, most of the other players rex were dead, and when it hit the end of the counter, everyone was dead and all the dinos, except me and my rex, the counter went to -10 then vanished, I was still inside, and so was my rex, but he was almost dead, i knew he was lost, so I hopped off the seat, whistled attack my target and ran behind a pillar. The rex battled bravely to its last breath, but... i was still alive... and alone... with the boss... for about 5 minutes, i wasn't taking any damage, what was going on? I tried to find a way out but at lass, there wasn't any, and after that 5 minutes passed, i started taking damage again.. so I promptly ran up to the boss and started punching him, i knew i was a goner but by god i was gonna get a few good blows in. and then... i died. I'm guessing they didn't have rexes with high enough melee for the boss, its the only thing i could think of that caused the loss of the battle. there at the end i did a good 1/4th damage to the dragon form of it, so it really was the only thing i could think of. I'm going to watch some videos of the tek cave, hopefully i can find some legit official battles and not ones where people have cheats enabled in order to beat it. After i was out, i thanked the other tribe for the experience then left the temp alliance they made to get everyone in, and headed home. once back home, i sorted abit of stuff, and looked in my armor chest thinking 'im glad i took some stuff the gacha gave me today'. I fed all the rexs and then carted 4 off across the river to breed them with the neighboring tribe, perhaps i'll get some even higher melee rexs out of it. Put the eggs away, did one more meat run, and cooked up some meat as my fridge was almost empty, then made some more medi brew while i waited for that to cook up. One of my friends who is a tribe member on Valguero called out to me asking for some help to retrieve some dino's from the ice cave up in the north west corner, I grabbed some gear, and 1/2 the medi brew i had just cooked up and headed over to his base taking a shortcut with the teleporter. He loaned me a rex to use while we headed in, and told me what to expect as we went in, saying "well probably die if we get hit". Keeping a watchful eye as we headed in I could see there were alot of perlovia in there, i hate those guys, always leaping and knocking you off your dino... didn't know they had a 'daze' feature now when they knock you off though. for the most part we did really well heading in, neather of us got knocked off, and took hardly any damage, we came to a spot where we had to put the rex away, and go on foot, and thats when a theri came running up, freaked me out but luckly, it was my friends! one down, 5 to go, the next dino we found was his other theri, then his snow owl which he healed everyone up with. by the time we go to where his rexs were they had gone poof... rip rexs. we rode the theri out most of the way only needing to cryo them once. I got knocked off twice, one time i thought for sure i was dead, but managed to get back on the theri with a sliver of health left and promptly drank a bunch of medi brew, the second time wasn't so bad as the theri had the perlovia blocked from hitting me. my friend got knocked off his once, i tried to warn him before it leeped but i was too slow of a typer. we made it out safely. As a reward for helping him get his dino's back he let me keep the loaner rex, a nice black and gold tek rex. i was happy to keep it, he also let me keep a sniper rifle and the bullets, and gave me a bit of loot from the cave. that was a fun adventure. not all days are totally productive, but all days are learning experiences. Its been a long day, and I headed back up to my bed and decided to call it a day, laying back thinking on the days events.
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    Took the week off from the dev kit, while trying to get anwsers to the issues I faced with my concept. Did some major progress in my solo series as I finally defeated the alpha dragon & alpha overseer. Started on SE, which I haven't played in 3 years... jeez the memories. First 3-4 hours : - Tamed a 125 argentavis. - Tamed a pathetic lvl 5 rex as a "meat farmer". - Tamed a 120 anky + 20 doed. Over the week : - Found a decent plateau high up the mountains left of blue ob. - Built a miserable 4x3 adobe base as well as a dino gate wall to prevent further carno infestation. - Got a cryofridge yesterday! - Kibble tamed a 150 wolf (340 dmg) and a 145 female rex, which ended with 9.5k hp. I'll most likely tame the first male rex I see and start breeding them while also looking for a decent saddle BP. Might as well skip wyverns entirely on this map as they are not required to defeat the alpha manticore...
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    Single Player - Island I wiped all my single player maps and started a fresh character because I have A.D...a bike. I don't know the plan but the beginning struggle is fun. So I started by getting some explorer notes. Raptors suck. Lol. Every time I'd get like 3 or 4 notes and 1500 seconds, they'd appear and waste that time. I handled them alright on the respawn but I just can't get the dodge down from their initial attack. Getting the notes up in West Zone 3, I spot an Alpha Raptor. So I farm up a simple 2 x 2 trap for it, give myself a spawn point near it, and set out to get that sweet, sweet xp. When I get to the area it was, I don't see the tell tale glow. I do run into a Carno so I run from it. I get it stuck on a few rocks when I hear a super speed raptor approaching from behind. "There's the Alpha" I say to myself as I never see it before I'm dead, just the glow of its fury. I spawn back in, grab my back up gear and head back. The Alpha bug continues as it attempts to harvest my corpse. It notices me, so I lead it from my first bag which has the trap mats in it. I respawn at my last sleeping bag near there. Grab my bag, set the trap, lay another sleeping bag and storage box of killing items and get the Alpha in the trap. I respawn and three crossbows later, finally get the kill. I really do like the early grind. After a few hours break, I pop on and decide to start taming. I have been saving a 125 Trike near my spot and get my supplies ready. I'm hunting the Trike when a 135 Ptera lands. Change of plans. I KO the Ptera and hunt for some prime. Not an easy task in the SW zone but I get lucky and find 2 Sarcos. I harvest their prime. Kill a few trilobites for Chitin, tame up the Ptera, and now I'm sky bound. Ptera tamed out with 507 (506?) stam and 201 wt. Perfect for my needs from it. I hit a few notes with it and get him up to 1025 stam and 250 wt. Back at base, I head back out and grab that 125 Trike too. Once the Trikes done, I get my narco harvest on. Farm up enough to make 200 narcotics. Turn half of those into tranq arrows. Time to get an Argy. I decide to hunt the Argy's on Rag so I farm out my trap and a small 1 x 1 for future Rag trips, load everything up, and head over. Rag is being finicky today. I see like 12 Argy's up in the jungle. 20, 55, 80, 90, 20, 15 but finally spot a 130. Not ideal but first bird, it'll do. Set my trap, get it caught, and KO it. 2.4k hp and 656 wt on knock down. Not too bad. Kill some of the low level Argy's for prime and tame it up. Ark boned that weight (thanks for the 3 levels in it putting it up to 680) but the hp rolled to 3.5k so I'll take it. I scan once more and hey, a 140 has appeared. I kite that to my trap but it's not cooperating. Losing aggro and flying back out before I can shut the door. I eventually get it trapped and KO it. Goes down with 270 melee. Very nice. I kill a few more Argy's for prime (I have 10x taming so prime still gives my 99% TE) and tame up this Argy. Sigh. 360 melee. It's not bad but I expect 400+ if it's got 270 on knock down. Bonus, these are a breeding pair so I'll have to get a couple imprinted to me once I got cryo's or kibble. I am happy with my progress today (level 72 at days end) and call it a night. I have put my unofficial Valguero map on the back burner because I was a bit tired of breeding, which is really all there is to do at this point, but I have some real nice lines going. I have the Deino's at 19 mutes and hatching 1740hp, 700+ stam, and 384 melee. I want to lock up a side there and then raise an Army for the fight. I got my Anky's at 484 melee. I started on Rhino's and got them currently at 6100 hp, 700+ stam, and 450+ melee. I also just started on Daeodon's after taming up 16.4k food. I needed a break though so we'll see when I go back. My friends are still enjoying it though and we paid through December in anticipation of Genesis. Until next time.
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    Official Valguero - Today I after getting on i launched the second pc and added that character to the tribe, sitting them in front of the grinder and chem station making flint, thatch, and narco, getting them all the way to level 45 before stopping with them. It'll be a crafting character for the tribe, that way we won't have to do mind wipes anymore. Going to take advantage of this 2x weekend with it and see if i can't get it all the way up to 90. While that one was busy at the grinder and chem station, i set off on the main valguero character to collect more stone and wood with the rock elemental, as its pretty easy in the chalk hills with him. afterwards I headed to the swamp and gathered more berries, was mainly after narco but brought back the other berries to top off the feeding bins for all the berry eaters who promptly returned the favor with a nice pile of eggs. After gathering meat for the rest of the dinos, I decide to do a little building, and one of my tribe members headed off to the scar to get some milk. shortly after he arrived there I heard across the radio "Fire wyverns are back!" and about 20 minutes later "I'm Dead!" I noticed he was out on his wyvern and asked if it was okay, "its got 200 health left!". it seems he got chased by 5 firewyvern from the scar, and after losing them he landed only to have a giga rundown on him and a rock golem pop up, not being able to take off due to stam, he was sure he was dead, but they managed to get back home. Were raising two wyverns at the moment, a 190 and a 185, the 185 came out almost all white, with a little grey on it, the 190 is white with light blue spikes and top of head, its so pretty, were hoping these ones don't vanish like the previous two babies did, a 150 and 155. I put them away after imprinting, and feeding them the last bit of milk. They seem happy, after all, they wanted cuddles. Afterwards, i headed to the island for abit, sat just feeding the gacha to make element for the tek geny to keep the feeding troughs there going, 40 element later all was good. topped off the feeding troughs and cryoed up the dinos at the outpost bringing them back to the main base to make feeding a bit simpler. I did abit of sorting of mats in containers to make it a little easier to craft some new structure pieces for building at valguero once transfers open up. I'm going to need a lot more pieces to finish off the base there. Sat at the steam page thinking about about purchasing Genesis for the second computer as well, thinking it may be nice to have a crafting character there too ready to use when the tribe needs it. Still debating.
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    SP Valguero (Just a quick update) The two Deinos, Shaya and Phoenix, are finally done maturing! "Woo Hoo!" And they've now given birth to a male offspring (Eagle) with one mutation, who is raising now. However, I doubled my maturation rate, and this one shouldn't take three days. Whew.... I also returned from gathering mats to find Appy painting Goner's talons, shocking orange. Cool by me, but as I got closer, I realized Goner is now female. This of course begs the question, was Goner always female? (Sometimes I drink beer while playing Ark, so things might be missed.) However, I've had two dilos in the past swap gender, so.... Either way, I said, "Looking good, Goner," and she replied with a happy trill. And now to the bad news, a family of brontos has moved in above the cave, and the noise is driving me freaking CRAZY! "Might I suggest crafting that ascendant compound bow we found the BP for?" HLN-A asks.
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    Bit of a change of pace and scenery this evening. I am a bit worried about the longevity of our Valguero server so I thought I would do a bit of contingency planning just in case the server nukes itself or something. Got a selection of deino eggs and any stock breeders I had over there as well as some select bps and moved them all to our central base on the Center. Am probably jumping the gun by a long shot, but best to be safe. I had also been thinking of firing up our Island base again for a while now so now seems like a good time to do that. Hoped across to check what creatures we have across there, thankfully all the essentials so no transfers needed atm. I definitely think the place could do with a spruce up do I started mass crafting stone structures and greenhouse peices. Am thinking of redesigning the main hub including making it more open. I am a sucker for using alot of greenhouse peices in builds at the moment, it really opens the builds right up and allows for viewing of the map in general. Enclosed stone builds just get claustrophobic after a while. Definitely going to redesign or even move the breeding barn, again open it up a bit, its kinda stuck in the corner in the dark.
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    Raised my new icey wyvern. Also raised a lovely red and black fire wyv that I gifted to a chap who is solo on my map
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    PS4 - UNofficial Cluster Was not able to play as much this weekend due to IRL engagements. But I did get some hours in on Sunday. A couple of the maps had been offline for a few days due to some technical issue, so I went to those maps when they came back up on Sunday. Refreshed everything and fed all the dinos (On Abb, Island and Scorched, I have onyl a couple dinos each, with a few more cryo'd.) They are running the Easter event on Scorched currently, and I really want a colored phoenix. (actually I just want a phoenix period!) So I brought a few dinos over to assist, then of course I needed a better base than my 2x2 cubby hole., I luckily found a spot very close and still near Green Ob, and constructed a new base. Went thru 3 heatwaves, but never found a Phoenix. Grrrr Spent the rest of the time on Extinction and Valguerro. My buddy finally built his base near me, and there is still a ton of land left over between us. I almost feel guilty, but its such a big map, I'll get over it. I also did a 3-4 Element veins and a couple red drops on Extinction. My battle Quetz worked perfectly!
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    Thank you wildcard Most of my posts I talk about issues with games or things i would like to see in games. But honestly I just wanted to make a post thanking wildcard for the way they have run their company and worked on Ark. In today's gaming world of extremely expensive microtransactions and failing to fix bugs because development time is spent on microtransaction content, wildcard has done a stand up job at fixing issues as best they can and as fast as they can and they have continued to develop new quality content at extremely reasonable prices. So from a long time and sincere fan of not only Ark but of Wildcard itself. Thank you.
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    Extinction, Singleplayer, PS4 Built a greenhouse and started growing veggies. Made a trip to the sunken forest to tame Gachas. 2 of the 3 I tamed produce oil, so my oil shortage problem is now solved. 1 of them also produce black pearls, which will be useful later. Also made my first real journey in the waste by flying around the southwest corner of the map in search of a dung beetle. My fire wyvern, Reckoning, had no trouble dealing with the mobs of corrupted dinos, but the heat was slowly killing my character. So I jumped over to the desert biome for silk. Now I have a full set of desert gear.
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    I can assure you that you were not a factor in the decision about the changes to longnecks. You're incoherent. Nothing you say makes any sense.
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    PS4 - Unofficial cluster Well last night the 2nd in command Admin on the cluster retired. I'm feeling more guilty about saying no to the admin offer, but I will just make sure to set a good example by being a patient and helpful player, and assist noobs when the admins aren't on. This weekend was a Easter color event on Extinction and Valentines on Island. So naturally I spent most of Saturday taming owls in the snow biome. I know it is kind of cheating, but I tamed up a event owl that had the last Cyan zone that I had been missing for a month. Was able to breed that zone in on Sunday, and now have a breeding pair of solid Cyan owls. On Saturday evening, the admins had a paint party on Ragnarok. Every paint party I've attended before on servers, the dinos had to be either unbreedable (wyverns/Griffins) or neutured/spayed. But that wasn't a rule this time. So I took a breeding pair of my identical max level owls, and had them painted all albino white in every zone. I figured with all white breeders going forward, the color mutations will really stand out when hatched. (My current max level breeders all have brown shoulders, grey wings and white chest and stripes.) Not wanting to take the fun out of breeding for colors in the future with other dinos, I only had a wyvern and a Griffin painted beside the breeder owls. I had my fire wyvern painted black in the body and then blaze orange in the wings and belly. Looks AWESOME. I also had a Griffin painted black body with neon green wings and chest. My buddy who already had the vast majority of Gigas in color mutations, had them make him an all black giga, and then he spent the weekend breeding up color mixes on the Island taking advantage of the event timer bonus. I managed to tame a event owl that is Chocolate brown everywhere but the chest, which is more of a caramel brown. I think I have a chocolate chest owl in cryo, so I should be able to make a solid chocolate soon. I tamed an owl that had a slightly different red (watermelon) in its chest, and a lighter yellow wings than my yellow solid, so looks like I have more colors to breed to all solid. I then spent most of my ARK time on Sunday building the main house base on Valguerro in my new location, and then moving supplies/dinos from the old base location to the new one. Thankfully the distance between the two is not far, but it is over water, so I had to cryo all the dinos for transport. So for most of the evening, I had about 50 sleeping rexs, allos, yutys, wyverns, manas and Rock Drake. It was a weird sound to try and build with a constant barrage of "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" ringing thruout my base. I still have to build a breeding/storage barn or two for the larger dinos, but the main house is done, and 85% of the supplies & items transferred over from old base. I sure hope that there are some event dinos still alive on Extinction tonight, as I want a few more color options, and I need to find a high level colored MegaSloth to breed to my max level brown female. My buddy wants to try them in a cave with a lot of Arthos. By the way, my new buddy that got hooked on Owls had to crypod a bunch on Sunday, as he reached his tame limit, and it is 99% just owls. LOL, he is addicted just like me.
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    The game exploit is simple: The blame lays at the hands of "Tribe of GurL" a tribe of professional female Ark assassins that are RIGHT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE'S EYES, but no one can see them. It always begins the same way: Usually a "Pro Flak Fred" takes a mommy giga and a daddy giga and sets their settings to "enable mating"(out in the open, cause he's a pro). Then the mommy giga and the daddy giga do some grown up stuff(off screen). While "Tribe of Bobbers" lurks in wait. After a short time the stork brings the mommy giga a present, a big fat egg. "Egg Stealer Steve" then swoops in from the brush steals the egg and runs back down to the shore and him and "Beach Bob Billy" hatch and raise the precious stork gift . Then he puts shiny new clothes on it that he found in the body of "Tek Suit Tom" who KNOWS to stop leaving his body laying around, but does it anyways. Then "Pro Flak Fred" bitches and complains to "Tek Suit Tom" back and forth about the nEwBs in local chat and they decide it's time to pillar off the entire map to keep the "bobs" out. Tom still can't figure out why he keeps losing his gear, Fred is too dumb to build a building to hatch eggs in, meanwhile Tribe of GurL(name unknown, we will call her "Jane") adds another color to her breeding line that she got from her ALT account Steve. Jane then trades a similar version of the same egg back to "Pro Flak Fred" for 5k poly. Fred and Tom both join an "alliance" with Tribe of GurL because she is such a "trusted trader". Jane then does a few more "successful trades" with both tribes, earns their trust, and eventually joins the "Tribe of Fred". Now that Jane has infiltrated the "Tribe of Fred" she then scatters some tames around in the water as she watches them sink to their untimely death. Jane tells Fred she saw Tom "gasbagging" their dinos and tried to get Tom to stop. "He just wouldn't stop" "Tom said this was his server Fred", she exclaimed. Jane and Fred team up on Tom and declare war, Tom submits in defeat after losing all his stuff, "Fook Ark" he says to everyone in the Facebook trading pages "I'm going back to Call of Duty". Then Jane insides Fred and then she completely owns the server. and that is how you copy and paste gigas.* *or they buy them with paypal
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    (SP Extinction?) The metal base on the roof above the City Terminal is complete. Still trying to decide if I want to add turrets, but I don't think I'll really need them. Anyway, after wandering around almost got me killed last time, I decided to change things up. It's time to take a trip to Valguero. I put Mortley and Myrtle in charge of the base while I'm gone (crosses fingers), grabbed my pteranodon (Triton), and flew down to the City Terminal below. Things started off well, like finding an old Lotto ticket in the pocket of your winter coat that turns out to be a winner well. I opened the terminal, and even though I had cleared my SP save data at the start of this play through, I had a bunch of rexes and saddles in there from a previous SP character. Woot! I proceeded to load Triton and the rest of my equipment into it before uploading my survivor (Slynn), and we were off. Of course, I picked the islands area to spawn in, since I know it's safe. I constructed a small stone base, containing the essentials, tamed a female phiomia named, "Fridgina," to hold meat and berries, and then realized I still had my HLN-A skin on me. She popped into existence a few moments later. After looking around, she focused on me and said, "We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto." "Hmm. So, I'm a little dog?" "Oh no, Dearie," she started, "He was much smarter than you." "Okay, thanks." Tick... Tock.... Tick... Tock... Tick... "WTH?" Anyway, with a static place to re-spawn, I was ready to retrieve my stuff from an obelisk. After careful consideration, the fact that journeying to red obelisk was a purlovia risk, and journeying to blue obelisk was a yuty risk, led me to decide on Green! It was my favorite color when I was younger, after all, seeing as our currency is green. (Seriously, though, I was just trying to be cool when I told my parents this.) I swam from the island to the closest shore and began making my way in that direction. I tried crossing the water a couple times toward green obi (Hindsight roll: Nat 20. "Doh! Why didn't I make a raft?") but was forced back to shore by sharks, piranhas, and what looked to be some type of jellyfish rave. (I'm pretty sure that's what's happening at my base on Extinction right now. But instead of jellyfish, it's owls and otters.) I entered the White Cliffs area with some trepidation and soon ran across a dilo. Deciding that I may have need of a distraction, I punched him senseless, and named him, "Goner". We traveled along the beach, eventually making it to a spot that looked safe to cross. Well, it was sort of safe. I was only attacked by one shark as I was nearing the opposite shore. Goner and I both made it. "I really didn't think you were going to make it this far," HLN-A said, before dialing her bookie. "Um..." Goner and I said looking at each other. Or at least, that's what I imagined him saying. We followed a switchback, leading upward, the giant green obelisk hovering in the background. I ran afoul of a raptor shortly after reaching the top, but managed to defeat it. Unfortunately, Goner, perhaps living up to his name, was nowhere to be found afterward. I pressed on, swimming through the lake with all the beavers. It was nearing 5:00pm by the time I left them behind and emerged on the opposite shore. Spear at the ready, I made my way to the obelisk. A raptor charged me as I was descending to the platform with the transmitter. Fumbling, I was actually able to change over to my bola and stop him before I was pounced. More hide was added to my supply, and then we were there. The first thing I did was remove, "Rexy," and put a saddle on her for protection. That was a good choice, too, seeing as I was attacked three separate times while getting Triton and my equipment out of there. "I just can't win a bet for anything today," HLN-A commented after that last carno dropped. (So I ended up stumbling across a cave that is atop one of the nearby waterfalls and am in the process of making that my main base on Val. While doing so, I retraced my path and ran into Goner. Wagging his tail, he sprinted toward me, and it was a happy re-union. I might have to change his name, now, though. Any suggestions?)
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    I did the sugar glider!
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